I Stand With Trump!




Call me a conspiracy theorist; a whack job, I don’t care. Donald Trump won the election, hands down, but this election is just what he has claimed; a stolen election, a fraudulent election. There has been nothing but coverup after coverup of election fraud and just because the sheep are blind, for the most part, does not mean that all of us are. And I for one, am NOT blind. I saw this coming a mile off. The deep state has been trying to eject Donald Trump from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from the moment he sat inside the Oval Office and so they upped the ante, waited until the next election cycle and unleashed a bio-weapon and since Americans were scared of their own shadow, mail-in ballots were touted as the way to go forward with an election through calls for staying home and social distancing ourselves. Hence, this opened the door to wide spread voter fraud by way of mail in ballots and that is exactly what happened.

Those people who descended on Washington, D.C. on the 6th of January are quite well aware that Trump did not lose this election; it was stolen from him. And for those of you who are listening to the blatant lies put out by the fake news media, you are a lost fucking cause and you will regret that because what Biden/Harris has in store for this country is some shit you’ve never seen the like and you’ll wish you hadn’t when you do.

One thing about Donald Trump, Trump is a nationalist and by that I mean, Trump is FOR America. He is not for that bullshit about being a globalist which is why we don’t have ANY American made products anymore. Trump was FOR bringing jobs back to America. Trump was FOR getting rid of illegals so that all LEGAL Americans who wanted to work, could find a job. Trump knew what was needed to keep Main Street and Wall Street up and running at the same damn time. And during a whole PLANDEMIC, Trump did NOT hesitate to sign the stimulus bill for Americans to receive $1,200 in stimulus checks. In fact, he asked that the next round of stimulus checks include more in stimulus money for desperate, broke and jobless Americans, but because of congressional fighting, this was not accomplished.

Not to mention, Trump was trying to draw down our troops numbers in Afghanistan and Iraq. He did not start any new wars. In fact, North Korea was silent as was Iran. Trump merely ignored the bombast from North Korea’s leader and America only had one slight issue with Iran, but each were too busy with COVID-19 to come to blows. But all of that is about to change. Not to mention, Trump would have been against mask mandates and forced vaccination especially since neither works. Biden will be FOR that and you can take that to the bank along with your paltry $600 stimulus check. In fact, the Democrats are already showing you what’s in store for you because Biden is screeching about $2,000 stimulus checks when a DEMOCRAT has already stepped forward and said that he is against it. So that absolves Biden from carrying through with that half-assed thought.

And when Biden gets through making this entire shithole, a sanctuary country for over ELEVEN MILLION BROKE ASS ILLEGALS, what the fuck do you think is going to become of those of us who are Black assed? Go outside on ANY given day of the damn week and see tent after tent after tent and don’t even think that a tent will miss your ass because even whites are sitting up in tents, but I guess Biden is going to find decent, safe, sanitary housing for those ELEVEN MILLION ILLEGALS and you stupid fuckers cannot understand why folks would storm the goddamn capitol building??!!! Are you stupid fucks for real???!!!!

The fake news media can paint those people with whatever brush they choose because they know that the brain dead sheeple will listen to their lies, but I know better. Were there racists protesting? Of course! We ALL know what this shithole was founded on, but be that as it may, I am not at all upset at what those people did because people who know the truth and who refuse to listen to mainstream media’s lies are not going to simply sit somewhere and wail and moan over what they know is coming.

Don’t NO damn body with more than two brain cells connecting and working want Biden’s ass along with that Hindu whore inside the White House fucking our asses up while propping up ILLEGALS! And that shit is exactly what is going to happen. We don’t have the funds to feed and house and provide medical care to the poverty stricken that’s shitting hookworm out their ass in tents now, but yet Biden wants us to understand that we’ve got the means to support over ELEVEN MILLION ILLEGALS???!!! Hell the fuck if we do!!!! Donald Trump was not about to allow the ILLEGALS to take over this country and bleed it the fuck, dry! And Trump was not backing down from anything he said. He said what he meant and he meant what he said and he was not a typical politician like all the other shits that’s slithering and crawling around Washington, DC.

No, you don’t have to like Donald Trump. But one thing I can give him is the fact that he was ALL about putting America FIRST. The rest of these dogs want us last while putting ILLEGALS over us. That shit ain’t fucking kosher AT.ALL. And I don’t give a damn who don’t like this post, the truth is the truth. Donald Trump knows that the election was stolen from him. Those who voted for him know that the election was stolen from him and those of you who claim that there was not hide nor hair of voter fraud in this election, are you fucking serious????!!!! This election was the PERFECT opportunity for massive voter fraud and massive voter fraud occurred, but because the puppet masters want Donald Trump gone because he is not playing along with their shit like Biden/Harris will, they had to go to great lengths to get him out of the White House. And you simple ass sheep think that this fucked up government wouldn’t introduce a bio-weapon in the form of a virus to get what it wants? This fucked up government will stop at nothing and that includes killing millions. You have no idea what is behind the scenes pulling strings and if you did, you’d still not believe the fucking truth because you want to remain clueless, stupid and ignorant because that would mean that you don’t have to think for your damn self.

I don’t give a damn if someone comes and hauls me up out of my chair for saying that I am glad that what went down, went down. I hope they go back and fuck shit up because we are done for either way; Biden/Harris is going to see to that. You dumb as all hell motherfuckers that think everything is going to be honky dory because Biden’s ass has been shoved at us are going to be the ones who will just have to be given a big ole dose of reality and believe me, Biden is going to give you that dose and in more ways than one. And what’s more, you’re not going to have to wait long to get what’s coming to you, you bunch of simple ass motherfuckers. And if they can shut down a sitting president, just what the fuck do you think they are doing to the rest of us? Donald Trump is STILL our president and yet he has been effectively SILENCED. Mike Pence is somewhere shaking in his boots, they’ve put the fear of gawd in his ass so bad. You don’t have a goddamn clue what’s going down. All you know is what some damn yakkkkking mouthpiece is spouting at you day and night from a TV screen or on your fucking smartphone. Think about that shit! A SITTING PRESIDENT HAS BEEN SILENCED! That’s not a damn problem for you???!!! You cannot comprehend the meaning of that??!!! Okay! You will! Believe me, you will!!!!

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people.” – Abraham Lincoln

What a crock of shit because it most definitely does NOT apply!

The video is for the Black-assed motherfuckers who voted for Joe Biden. Joe Biden is on a Zoom conference call with so-called Black civil rights leaders(they’re NO leaders of mine). Make sure to listen at the 3:00 minute mark when Joe Biden says, and I quote:

“By 2040, this country is going to be minority white European, you hear me???!!! Minority white European, and you guys are going to have to start working with Hispanics, who’ll make up a larger portion of the population than y’all do.” – Joe Biden

And folks wonder why those whites were at the capitol, fucking shit up! Black folks don’t have the sense god gave a goat because I told your stupid asses that voting for Biden would be the mistake of your lives and yet you listened to those damn black assed Judas goat sellouts and voted for that stomp down, flaming piece of shit, Biden, who even in the video, you can hear the blatant contempt displayed towards those who ‘encouraged’ Black people to come out in droves to vote for his fucking piece of shit ass! You are going to regret that Biden vote, I fucking promise you! So if you still think that Biden gives a shit about you, then your head is completely, permanently glued up your ass and so to hell with you!


Now celebrate THAT shit! Because if your ass didn’t crawl from across the southern border, shit is ALL that you are going to get from Joe Biden and his Hindu whore, you stupid motherfuckers!!!


10 thoughts on “I Stand With Trump!

  1. It takes a lot of courage to take that stand Shelby and I agree with you. I’ve never seen such a vicious take down of a legitimately elected president. The Democrats tried to take Trump out from day one. You are right Trump did a lot of things that were right and needed to be done. Globalism is destroying our economies and all those endless wars are senseless and devastating. I think Biden and Harris are going to be a real problem.

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    1. Leslie! Thank you for that ENTIRE comment, it made MY day. You know I have ALWAYS been outspoken and I’m not about to slide underneath the bed and cower simply because I know that we don’t have no fucking rights. Hell! I’m Black-assed and so that means that I have NEVER had any rights and yet, that has not stopped me from speaking my mind. The only thing that’s going to stop me is death and they can only kill me once. Fuck the CIA! Fuck the FBI! Fuck Homeland INSECURITY! Fuck them all!!!!!

      Biden/Harris are going to start some shit up and keep it up and have illegals flooding this fucked up, broke ass shithole of folks who are already eyeball deep in poverty. Evictions are off the charts, the food lines are longer than the lines for a free 100 inch TV on Black Friday and tents are scarce because everyone is fucking looking for one. They are still pretending that everyone who drops dead, died from COVID and that is a lie because even gunshot victims are being listed as “deceased due to COVID,” suicide victims are being listed as “deceased due to COVID,” They want to ramp that shit up so that Biden can come along and make the case for FORCED VACCINATIONS! Fuck that! I’m not taking that shit when the reality is that PEOPLE ARE DYING AFTER HAVING TAKEN THE VACCINE. And with 50 million vaccines out there, how in hell can all of those be effective especially with mutations popping up? But like I said, Biden’s ass is going to make sure that we are forced to roll up our sleeves and take that killer shit. Well, I’m locked and loaded and so if they come MY motherfucking way, it’s on!!!

      And I repeat, I am glad those people did what they did and I hope they go back for more!!! One thing I can say about whites, they refuse to go out without first putting up a fight. Black folks just whimper and get in line and shut the fuck up! Well, that ain’t me!!! Why the hell I’m supposedly ‘Black’ is a complete and utter mystery to me because I don’t belong with THAT lot and that’s for damn sure!

      And yes, it is VICIOUS, what they’ve done to Trump and it is SO DAMN OBVIOUS, the clueless Americans who are still denying that shit are fucking crazy! Can’t nobody say that this election wasn’t stolen. In the entire video whereas Biden is screeching at those Black civil rights leaders, he even states that he did NOT want to run for president and he sure acted like it. And if you listen to him, he is already in the throes of dementia, but he’s the fucking president? Not for long, that’s for damn sure! Kamala Harris is going to have her strings pulled and we are all up shit creek!

      Leslie, again, I thank you for your comment. Bless your heart and stay safe!

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      1. Biden is only a figure head, puppet and we know it. We need more black women like you Shelby. You know what’s going on and so do I. Timing for this Covid-19 is awfully convenient for a world wide financial crisis. I wonder how the .01% plan to gobble up the rest of the worlds assets?

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      2. Leslie, I am going to include the leaked video in its entirety whereas you can hear someone prodding Joe Biden with the words that he’s searching for because his ass is suffering from either dementia, senility or Alzheimer’s, I don’t know which or maybe, he is suffering from them all. But he most definitely is NOT all there. That senile, racist reprobate was the very last thing to win an election especially when he showed himself up as being the clueless, dick he is. He did NOT want to run for this election, he even says so, but I knew that all along. The Democrats had nothing else to throw up against Trump and so propped that senile racist Biden up and partnered him with that Hindu half-breed whore and the election was theirs for the taking because the powers behind the scenes had already planted the weapon that would be used to insure mass voter fraud; COVID PLANDEMIC!

        Even a vegan that I follow on Youtube stated that when he was driving around Chicago trying to mail his vegan books off, each and every single Postal mailbox had been flooded with shit and he didn’t think anything of it at the time, but now he says that he wishes he had tried to pull one of those mailings out to see what it was. It would have been fraudulent ballots, that’s what was being stuffed inside mail boxes ALL across this shithole. And even the other night, I was listening to some piece of shit state that there was no massive voter fraud in their state since only TWO DEAD PEOPLE VOTED! That right there is voter fraud because the fucking dude admitted that TWO DEAD PEOPLE GOT UP OUT OF THEIR GRAVES, FOUND A FUCKING BALLOT AND VOTED! They weren’t the only ones, I know that shit! But let me include the video whereas Biden is talking to those so-called Black assed Judas goat so-called, civil rights leaders like a dog and also where he states that he did NOT want to run for president and also you can hear how his dementia is getting worse.

        Does that shit sound presidential to you? And as always, those Black Judas goat sellouts got black people bamboozled, AGAIN!

        I thank you again for another spot on comment Leslie. And I too, wish that there were more Black women like me, but more’s the pity that there aren’t. I guess after me, they broke the mold. And as for what the .01% is going to “gobble up,” I don’t know because what the hell is left? They got everything. But don’t forget to remember this in a few months when the weather starts to turn and people get even more frustrated with being too poor to piss straight and the wildfires start up and the hurricanes churn and even Hawaii’s volcano is acting up again, only two years after erupting. So, we are in for it and so are those fuckers who want to “gobble up” whatever’s left which will be nothing.

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  2. Biden talk to those black people like they were docile children in the video clip. Biden letting these negroes know you better get use to working with your new master by 2040 because shit on the plantation haven’t change. Now the new master by 2040 will be non black people of color.

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    1. Shanequa, I tried to tell Black people that Biden is worse than Trump. I have never heard Trump talk to Black people like that, but I have heard Biden use that tone before when talking to Black people. That bastard is waaaaaaay more racist than Trump and yet Black people stood somewhere and voted for that demented, senile, racist garbage and even claimed to have heaved sighs of relief that he ‘won’ the election. He didn’t win a goddamn thing. The shit was handed to him thanks to a bio-weapon they named COVID and once that shit was introduced, they knew they could turn the ‘election’ any way they wanted. No one had to mail in a ballot, no one had to stand in line, Joe Biden was going to be declared the winner, REGARDLESS. Whites know the deal because they know what their own kind is capable of and that is why they had no problem showing up in DC to let those motherfuckers know that they know the fucking deal.

      Black people, with their damn needy asses, are always just accepting what they believe are the “lessor of two evils” when one bastard will ALWAYS top another in racism and yet blacks still cannot discern the fucking truth to save their worthless ass lives. They back the wrong fucking horse EVERY SINGLE TIME!

      They fucking heard Biden say that he was going to make this entire goddamn shithole a fucking SANCTUARY CITY FOR ILLEGALS and so what the fuck did black folks think Biden was saying to them? That he had their back? That he felt their pain? HELL FUCKING NO! That bastard was letting black people know that they stand somewhere underneath shit in his opinion and he sure showed those black Judas goats that shit on that Zoom call. And STILL, relaxed curl, puss head Al SharpCON is even now going around talking about how “Biden was very receptive to their ideas.” That bastard knows good and goddamn well that Biden treated his ass like he was his fucking butler and that sellout motherfucker is still trying to save face when there ain’t no saving face. You can hear that shit all on that video. Biden tore those black motherfuckers a new asshole and they just sat and listened to the shit. I would have went the fuck off, called his ass everything but a child of god and shut that shit down, but I would not have sat still for being talked to like I was a slave and that is exactly what Biden did. That is why I hardly blog anymore because black people are the most useless, clueless fucks on this entire goddamn planet and I am SO done with their foolish asses, it ain’t even funny.

      Thank you for your comment.


  3. You make a lot of salient points. Something is off about the election, and folk are too espoused to national mythos to engage reality. I wouldn’t put it past these foxes to even stage Wednesday’s attacks in an attempt to socially hang the Trump administration. These next four years will elucidate the domestic terror of Wednesday in ways that many will continue to deny and ignore. It’s disappointing that many are content with the lies of history. It’s disappointing, but will also be a means to many ends.

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    1. C. Wednesday’s ‘attack’ was staged. I mean, if you look at the videos, it was almost comical. The black cop backing up the stairs, trying to pretend that he was being chased when the white guy was just trying to play his part. If the black cop was so ‘afraid’ that they had him running up the stairs, why didn’t he just pull the gun and point it and get those whites to back down? And what about the fact that someone was behind the black cop taping that staged shit? It was ALL staged and the whites have NEVER had a problem with what they consider to be “collateral damage,” and that’s even if someone actually died because all I keep hearing is how folks are committing suicide, left and right and they all seem to be either ex-cops or military. Yeah, how convenient.

      But for the Democrats to screech and howl for FOUR DAMN years about Russian election interference and yet THIS year, there was NO interference AT.ALL.DURING.A.WHOLE.PANDEMIC.? Make.It.Make.Sense. Those who actually RUN this entire world are behind this because make no mistake, what could make federal judges ALL across this shithole not even glance at Trump’s evidence of massive voter fraud? And those were judges that Trump actually appointed, but they were scared of someTHING, that’s for damn sure. If people really knew what was controlling this entire planet, they’d drop dead from sheer fright, but they really don’t want to know. But what’s happening is that the blinders of many are off and though what’s making our lives a living hell are loathsome, people are not going to continue to sit and do nothing while suffering in every single way. Shit is going to go off just as soon as the weather lets up and the wildfires start, the hurricanes churn and more and more businesses close and more and more people become affected by mass layoffs, mass evictions, mass food insecurity and the list of the like is endless and add to that equation, Joe Biden’s quest for ELEVEN MILLION ILLEGALS to be made citizens while LEGAL citizens starve and sit up in tents is not going to go over very well and that’s putting it, mildly. And like you say, there will be “many ends.” They are indeed, coming.

      C.Thank you for your comment. It is truly appreciated.

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  4. I totally agree with you. I can’t even watch the news these days anymore because I can tell they’re just blatantly lying. I believe the election was definitely stolen from Trump. I’m not a Trump supporter, but I don’t agree with the media trying to paint him as the worst president ever because that’s the furthest from the truth if we take history into consideration. If the government really cared about “bad” presidents, most, if not any, of the presidents this country has ever had would’ve never been president.

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    1. “If the government really cared about “bad” presidents, most, if not any, of the presidents this country has ever had would’ve never been president.”

      And they can start with George Washington; a fucking slave owner and go from there! But all of a sudden, Trump is the worse thing that could have ever slithered inside the Oval Office. Hell! Barack Obama’s ass was worse than Trump!

      Did I vote for Trump? No! But at the same time, I know TRUMP WON THIS ELECTION and the FAKE NEWS shits doth protest too much that he didn’t. Trump was not supposed to win At.All. And so, THIS time around, a concerted effort was made to make sure that he did not fulfill a second term, hence a bio-weapon was released, mail-in ballots were touted as the best way to vote since we are supposedly doing our civic duty by voting while maintaining social distancing. Oh yeah, they planned this well. And then, blame Trump for any outrage that occurs from said stolen election. And the stupid Americans who believe this shit don’t even know the significance in how the puppet masters have SHUT DOWN A SITTING PRESIDENT. The president’s speeches were not even covered by the mainstream media!! What kind of shit is that??!! I’ve never seen such as that! There is no freedom! There is no justice. There is no DEMOCRACY. They get on my nerves talking about how this shithole is a democracy when they know damn well that Americans have NO rights. Donald Trump did NOT stir shit up! Shit was stirred up when people knew that he had won a second term and yet a second term was being denied him. He was not for always getting us into more wars. He was keeping Main Street up and running as well as Wall Street and the economy was coming along. But no, that shit had to change because America doesn’t have all of those weapons to destroy other people with and not fucking get to use them. We have always got to be at war with some country. And Trump was not playing along with that foolishness and was actually drawing down the troops. This country was built on war, stolen land and stolen people and the playbook is to be continued and so Donald Trump had to be gotten out of the way.

      Why do you think the Democrats chose Hillary Clinton the first time around? It was because that war whore would keep the war machine revved up, but Donald Trump surprised their ass because people were sick and tired of business as usual. This time around, the Democrats had NOTHING to throw up against Trump and so Joe Biden was picked even though his ass is ready for nothing but a pasture. He needed to have been put out to pasture over a decade ago because the racist garbage is in the throes of dementia. But what else did they have?

      And furthermore, Donald Trump exposed this shithole for what it really is and no one can shove their head back up their ass and pretend that there is one ounce of decency, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism and some more shit of the like going on all over this shithole. Donald Trump kept the shit real and I give him his props for that because the rest of those shits try and cover the shit up, not Trump. He did not go along with hiding what America truly is and the shits that are really in charge cannot have that. So, Trump had to go! What they didn’t reckon on was that the people who voted Trump in the first time around, was not going to just sit around and take a stolen election and do nothing. I sincerely hope that the shit goes completely off the chain. It needs to.

      mysparkingthoughts, thank you for your comment.

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