America’s ‘Official Language’ Is Going To Be SPANISH Thanks To Joe Biden Granting Citizenship To 11 Million Illegals

While on a Zoom call with so-called, ‘civil rights leaders’, Joe Biden had this to say,

“By 2040, this country is going to be minority white European, you hear me???!!! Minority white European, and you guys are going to have to start working with Hispanics, who’ll make up a larger portion of the population than y’all do.” – Joe Biden

So, white folks, Joe Biden was talking to you too because you will also need to learn SPANISH, real quick.

Joe Biden Unveils ‘Roadmap to Citizenship’ for 11 Million Illegals

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has unveiled his new immigration plan which offers a “roadmap to citizenship” for over 11 million illegal aliens currently living in America.

The 2020 candidate’s extreme plan also promises to send $4 billion in taxpayer-funded aid to Central American countries.

Biden released his immigration plan on Wednesday and it does not include any funding for the border wall promised by President Trump.

So in other words, those of us who speak ENGLISH will have to quickly learn SPANISH and so hit Amazon up and order your Rosetta Stone and get busy learning SPANISH because America is going to finally get an ‘official language’, SPANISH. Muy Bien, eh??!!!

Fuck no!!!!

Why are LEGAL Americans arrested for supposedly ‘breaking the law’ while MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS ARE BREAKING THE LAW AS I TYPE THIS AND NOTHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT THAT???!!! And what’s more, when Joe Biden is sworn in on the 20th, according to a statement made by him when he was on the campaign trail, one of the very FIRST things that he was going to accomplish was to pave the way for over ELEVEN MILLION ILLEGALS to become citizens. He will not support a border wall and will in fact, encourage even more illegals to come here and take jobs and benefits from LEGAL Americans and since those illegals breed like rabbits since they’re Catholic, that is why Joe Biden said,

“By 2040, this country is going to be minority white European, you hear me???!!! Minority white European, and you guys are going to have to start working with Hispanics, who’ll make up a larger portion of the population than y’all do.” – Joe Biden

Those of you who are descendants of white Europeans, Joe Biden is already telling you that you are going to be outnumbered thanks to his plan of over running this shithole with ILLEGALS. Sweet, ain’t it? Damn right it is, IF you’re an ILLEGAL.

Donald Trump was having none of that shit, hence why he was ALL for building a border wall to keep those illegals out and believe me, he had the right idea. Those Mexican gangs, dragging their drugs here, have been wreaking havoc on America. Not to mention the fact that those south of the border have no idea what the word, “hygiene” means and that is why we are eyeball deep in bed bugs, E coli and some more nasty shit.

Have any of you ever been to a hotel and your room was not properly cleaned? Well guess who ‘cleaned’ it? Some illegal from south of the border who don’t have a clue what ‘clean’ means. And even one of Trump’s hotels was caught up in this mess.


During a whole PLANDEMIC, hotel executives have been screeching about the fact that no one has been able to stay at their hotels and that they need a bailout. Clean that shit up and maybe people would feel comfortable staying at YOUR accommodations. Get Rosarita Garcia’s ass up out of there and put someone in housekeeping who actually knows what real housekeeping looks like. But as long as those hotels keep hiring illegals, thanks to the fact that they can get away with paying them pesos, shit is going to continue to decline into third world like conditions because Maria Gonzalez does not have a clue about what ‘clean’ really means, hence why we have a serious bedbug problem here. Because if you can think back, you will realize that it wasn’t until those illegals started flooding this country with their nastiness, that we started seeing bedbugs and E coli. In fact, Chipotle, which hires so many illegals, it ain’t even funny, can barely stay out of the news thanks to giving their customers, E coli.

Fired Illegals Say Chipotle Was Soft on Immigration


The hundreds of illegal immigrants recently fired from fast-growing burrito chain Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc had a pretty good run when it came to job security.

Not only did some get jobs with fake Social Security numbers and few questions about their immigration status, in some cases they actually told managers point-blank their papers were no good. And they often stayed on for years.
. . .
The 26,500-strong company says it takes the audits, the outcomes and the law very seriously. But Reuters has interviewed eight former employees, most of whom speak fondly of their time at the company, who say Chipotle’s management ignored signs that called workers’ immigration status into question.
. . .
Miguel Bravo, a 29-year-old from El Salvador, was fired [after a recent ICE audit in Washington, D.C.] and he says Chipotle has dismissed about 70 workers in the capital, where the chain has eight restaurants.

The companies that hire illegals do so with full knowledge that they are illegals, but while the Klan kops are busy arresting Black people for breathing while Black, illegals are allowed to continue on with their illegal activities and actually get paid to do so and then people have the nerve to wonder why I carry on so about illegals? Are you fucking serious?! Read that shit and tell me that it’s fair that people who are descendants of people who were dragged here are locked up by the millions while Joe Biden is about to make some people who have been breaking the law for years, get legal status in this country and not one day in jail will they spend for having lived here for years, some stealing the identity of legal Americans, which is a crime in and of itself, and even the word “ILLEGAL” should speak for itself.

I am damn tired of white politicians continuously getting to pick and choose who can come here and live off my goddamn dime while dragging this country down at the same time by making those who look like me, live in tents in every city in this shithole filled with illegals dripping bedbugs and E coli and some more shit.

And so, AGAIN, I say for the motherfuckers in the back row, I don’t blame whites for going the fuck off because they see the writing on the wall and they are not standing still for this shit! They know which way the wind is blowing and if they didn’t, Joe Biden has assured us all that the ILLEGALS ARE THE FUTURE OF AMERICA! According to Joe Biden, LEGAL American citizens are to understand that we need to step aside and make way for over ELEVEN MILLION ILLEGALS to be made legal and we need to learn to speak Spanish or otherwise, shut the fuck up and take it up the ass.

Also, to give you a heads up on what’s coming, when I lived in Baltimore, the Comcast technician who came out and hooked my shit up told me point blank that if I was Hispanic, I would receive an AUTOMATIC DISCOUNT JUST FOR BEING HISPANIC. To say that I was outraged and enraged would be an understatement. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and my cousin tells me that every channel on the TV is in Spanish. In fact, he said that Queen Latifah was speaking in Spanish and we ALL know that Queen Latifah ain’t fucking Hispanic. Now, I do know that there are some Spanish channels on TV, but not ALL channels should be speaking that shit. I called the cable company and the automated system message stated, “There have been improvements made in your area, we thank you for your patience.” I got on the phone with a representative of the cable company and the conversation devolved into my becoming enraged to the point whereas my cussing shitstorm erupted so bad that my cousin had to take the phone away from me in order for the cable representative to tell him how to get that Spanish speaking shit off the fucking TV. Now, I don’t even watch TV, I was just incensed at the very idea that we are soon going to be bombarded with that Spanish speaking shit to the point whereas there will be no turning back and I’m not about to learn fucking Spanish. It was bad enough when I lived in Minnesota to look up at the signs in the aisle at Cub Foods grocery store, and on one side, the signs were in English and on the other, the signs were in Spanish. I guess that’s about to change to ALL SPANISH. Folks, you’d better wake the fuck up and recognize where we are headed and where we are headed does not bode well for those of us who can state with a certainty that we are legal, English speaking citizens of this country.

And Black folks, I don’t even want to hear no shit from you because you voted for the piece of shit that is going to make your lives even worse off than they already are. Illegals are not sitting up in tent cities. Illegals are not the faces of the school-to-prison pipeline, nor are they the faces of the mass incarcerated; we are. You backed the wrong horse, as usual. You never fucking learn. Giving ELEVEN MILLION ILLEGALS CITIZENSHIP STATUS IS NOT FOR OUR BENEFIT! The Democratic party wants to make sure that they have a base that they can count on and if they can show the illegals from south of the border that they are on their side, then who are they going to vote for? Democrats. And you know why the Democrats are propping up illegals over you? It is because you fucked their shit up in 2016 by refusing to vote for that war whore, Hillary Clinton. They’ve not forgotten, nor have they forgiven you for fucking their well laid plans up. The Democrats are NOT our friends and why you don’t know that shit by now, is a complete and utter mystery to me. Also a mystery to me is how in the hell did you stand your ass somewhere and vote for the motherfucker that is the MAIN reason why your son, father, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew and grandfather is sitting up in prison on some bullshit minor drug charges, that’s what the fuck I can’t wrap my head around, but you did the damn thing. You are going to regret that shit! Believe me, Joe Biden and that Hindu whore are going to see to it! Mark my fucking words, damn dumb asses!

“By 2040, this country is going to be minority white European, you hear me???!!! Minority white European, and you guys are going to have to start working with Hispanics, who’ll make up a larger portion of the population than y’all do.” – Joe Biden

10 thoughts on “America’s ‘Official Language’ Is Going To Be SPANISH Thanks To Joe Biden Granting Citizenship To 11 Million Illegals

  1. Shelby I know what I will happen in the US in the future.
    I already told DOAN that before wp they will go foreve they will leave their legacy behind.

    They already classify some Hispanic people and othe people colour as whites, wp will leave
    at those people their legacy of white supremacy!
    Black people will deal in the future with these Hispanic people who already show 1000 times how they feel about black people! Most Hispanic people hate black people, and they love so much wp.

    Voting for this asshole was a mistake, but black people like to do dumb decisions so they will deal with bad consequences!

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    1. qnubian, thank you for the comment and for including the link. That Miya Ponsetto bitch is from Puerto Rico and even though that is a U.S. territory, those shits over there don’t like American descendants of slavery any more than those illegals from south of the border. We are hated by EVERYONE! And that is why I cannot comprehend why ADOS even bother to vote because when they do, they are voting AGAINST their own interests because they are voting FOR the worthless shits that are going to make their lives even more of a living hell than it already is.

      And though Hispanics believe that they are white, I do believe “The Proud Boys,” “The Aryan Brotherhood,” “The Ku Klux Klan,” “The American Patriots” are not believing THAT shit. They are really not interested in anyone who is not of European descent. Donald Trump only employs those Mexicans because he can save some pesos by doing so, but the rest of them are not welcome here. But Biden claims that he is going to change ALL of that by making sure that this country is loaded down with those from south of the border. And I am quite sure that Kamala Harris is going to pipe up and say, “But Biden, what about MY folks from India? I want plenty of Indians to be granted citizenship here as well.” It’s not as if there are not enough of those Hindu skanks over here, what with their convenience stores and some more shit making bank off American descendants of slavery. Not to mention those Hindu skanks have already been taking the jobs from real and true American citizens who did not need an H1b visa to drag their asses over here.

      Of course Hispanics have always hated American descendants of slavery and one of those reasons is because we don’t need to be granted citizenship because we are natural born citizens. Our ancestors were dragged here whereas those from south of the border are trying to throw their asses across the border begging to become citizens of this country and have practically taken it the fuck over and if Joe Biden has anything to say about that, they will take it over. Corporations are even now, catering to those illegals. They see the writing on the wall in that white politicians are hell bent on placing illegals over top of us and whites of European descent.

      But, qnubian, know this, word is that the shit is going to hit the fan because the feds are claiming that all out war is being planned. I don’t know if it is going to come about, but I would not be surprised. Keep an eye on the news coming out of this shithole in just a few more days. Get your popcorn ready because it may just be about to pop off.

      qnubian, I thank you again for your comment.

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  2. I think black people thought that with Biden they could avoid a bullet, but that’s not the case.
    Because I don’t think so that white supremacy will die if white Americans already included other ethnicities as whites!

    Shelby, you already know that these ethnicities couldn’t wait to be called white and see as white, and wp gave them
    on the silver plate!
    If black people thought that they could get away with Biden, they are completely wrong!
    At least wp could tell you what you think in English, but when black people will have a Hispanic manager or any Spanish speaker. I don’t know how black people will deal!
    Black people like others, they will start to learn how to speak Spanish. I believe Spanish will be the official language of the US in the future. From being an Anglo-country to be a Latin country. Good luck with that!

    How you said Shelby, black people always remember that in this world only wp hate us not everyone else hates us.
    They like to include colored people as allies when in the reality no one wants to have anything to do with us!
    Wp thought the whole world how to hate us, and like a good flock of sheep, they followed what their masters told them to do!

    I do believe that the black community’s death but if it still exists there are very few people that actually believe it!
    With a lot of colorism, misogynism, and self-hatred going between black people.
    I don’t think they understand that there are other serious problems that will heat harder on them!

    You also right about the illegal immigrant harts more black people than anyone else, chose Biden so accept
    the consequences!

    BW should be aware of your surrender from now on because you decided to march and to voted for Biden, and now
    you are the first target from wp, they will attack you indiscriminately. If you want to take action.
    Get out of from your low self-esteem.
    Get real.
    Accept that you are alone.
    Get a gun.

    They know that you voted for Biden and wp will show more than ever how much resentment they have for you!

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    1. qnubian, Black people are dumb as hell! They are on some “We welcome ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR under our fucking umbrella!” That’s some straight up crazy ass shit right there. Who welcomes their enemy into their fold? Only Black folks. Over here, no Black people are banding together and doing a goddamn thing. Every single group is fighting another group while ALL other groups are fucking us up. Black people DO NOT LIKE OTHER BLACK PEOPLE AND THAT IS A FACT! Hell!! I’m even guilty of that shit!! I despise Black people because they are dumb as shit, stupid as hell, loud as fuck and ain’t got the sense god gave a goat! And all they do when some piece of shit Black man goes and gets himself murdered by Klan kop is take to the streets with a lame ass, 60 year old protest sign, squawking “No justice! No peace! Stop the racist police!” What the fuck is THAT going to do? What the fuck has it done? Not a goddamn thing, nor is it ever. But what do whites do when they’re sick of the shit? They band together, unite and fuck shit up to the point whereas the government is running scared. All talk is about how the government has already called out the National Guard for when Biden gets sworn in. And word is that the chatter among the various white militia groups is seriously, serious. They know Trump won the election and they are not having the lies put out by the lying news media that there was no massive voter fraud when look at how this COVID crisis has been and is being handled. There is not hide nor hair of a smooth flowing scenario from testing to vaccination to treatment to…well…ANYTHING. And yet, we are all supposed to understand and realize that an election was won; fair and square by a senile, demented, touchy feely, stuttering, stammering pedophile that can’t even remember where the hell he is and a Hindu whore that had to drop out of the race early because no one was interested in her Hindu ass, she was broke and her campaign was in chaos???!!! Nobody with more than two brain cells connecting and working is falling for THAT bullshit! Only the truly deranged are falling for it, but the rest of us, know better. And that Hindu whore is already at it. Read this shit!

      Harris teases immigration agenda: Green cards for DACA and TPS recipients, shorter waits for citizenship

      The incoming administration will focus on decreasing wait times to obtain citizenship, granting automatic green cards to protected undocumented immigrants and adding immigration judges to decrease backlogs on court hearings, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris said on Tuesday.

      Speaking with Univision’s Ilia Calderón, Harris teased a sweeping immigration reform bill that her and President-elect Joe Biden’s administration plans to introduce. Harris said their bill would grant green cards immediately to immigrants protected by the Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policies. She added that the administration would also try to decrease the amount of time required to acquire U.S. citizenship to eight years from 13 years by making the naturalization process more efficient.

      “It’s a smarter and much more humane way of approaching immigration,” Harris said of their legislative plans.

      “Smarter and much more humane???” When did that whore care about “smarter and much more humane” when she was busy in California locking up as many Black mothers of children who were truant simply because they were homeless? When did this bitch get a caring attitude when she had been busy locking up Black men by the thousands just because they had on their person, a dime bag of weed? But all of a sudden like, this whorish slut done gone and got care and concern from somewhere over the plight of some damn ILLEGALS. Didn’t nobody ask those motherfuckers to throw their asses across the border, ILLEGALLY and yet, this bitch wants to grant them early citizenship while disregarding the fact that they HAVE BEEN BREAKING THE LAW FOR DECADES!! So as you can see, only the law applies to BLACK people and so we need to be locked up while the REAL criminals, who are fucking ILLEGAL get to skate, as usual. And yet, these dumb ass black motherfuckers stood in line or mailed in ballots for these two stomp down, flaming, racist pieces of pure stinking, filthy shit!

      qnubian, I am too goddamn through!

      Thank you for your comment.

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  3. Whew. I will say so called hispanics are white people. Andy ruiz, canelo alverez, eva longoria etc. They were always white so much so during segregation they went to white schools. The night stalker is a white man that speaks spanish. I dont care how tan they seem, they function as white people.

    I came to say that I am angry that black people came out for biden. We knew this was going to happen and these immigrants are not our allies or friends. I live near quite a few sanctuary cities and they are violently racist. They are old school racist. They make me sick to my stomach, just all around nasty evil people. Working with them is hell. They go from department to department getting rid of all the black people and its not even to put their family or friends in those positions, its simply get rid of black people. Thats why they were created. They are horrible.


  4. Let me also say this, black people are so warped and lost. When immigrants come to black neighborhoods, black people give them their 1st jobs whether it be cleaning or lawn care. Once they get their number up they start to show their violent ways. Whats so hard for black people to stop helping them? Also, when you see them throwing their kids over the fence, they are hoping a black person saves them. They have conversations before they reach the US on black people and how to use black people as tools.


    1. “black people are so warped and lost”

      This is why I don’t blog anymore rumiccarter, because it is pointless. Black America is too far gone down the ‘rabbit hole’ to ever come up and recognize that they are not helping matters any, what with their foolish behavior. Black people are all on some bullshit time while the whites and every other group is fucking us up, while we are also busy fucking us up. I fucking got tired of talking to myself or preaching to the choir and, apparently, most other Black bloggers did as well because they are sure as hell not showing up on my ‘Reader’. Ain’t nobody got time to keep trying to get through to thick headed, dumb as all hell Black folks. I’m done, stick a goddamn fork in me. I am SO fucking done!


      1. I understand. Black people get mad at me when I say collectively we are a dumb group of people and as I type this, there are a group of mexicans and black people outside blasting rap music and yelling N word this N word that, how ironic but yes, black people refuse to act in logic. Black people are lookist and simply exist to look like the worst of other groups and im simply speaking look wise. Imagine getting excited by a a group of people who are normally short in stature, have short limbs and are ill built so you can run to ANTI-CREATE with them to create child that looks just like them but with curly hair. Other groups dont do this but yea, it shows we are the dumbest people on the face of the earth.

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      2. The only thing those nasty ass, short, squat, chubby, pointed toed boot wearing, Sombrero hat sporting, E coli carrying, Spanish speaking motherfuckers can do is stay the fuck out of my face. I would rather mate with a rattlesnake than have any of them touch a hair on my head. But if Black people want to be n****rs, then let them be n****rs all day and all night, that’s what they claim to be any way. And since they claim to be n****rs, then that means they don’t have the sense God gave a goat and so they don’t give a damn that those Mexicans are the enemy; same as the whites and Asians and every goddamn body else. Black people are a dumb bunch of n****rs because you don’t see no other group taking some foul ass shit that the whites handed to them, and running with it, but these Black assed n****rs. So that proves you’re right. Let em fucking get mad, I wouldn’t give two shits about it.

        Keep doing you rumiccarter and say to hell with those n****rs!


  5. I agree and im also at the point where if these blacks want to commit suicide I wont step in, ill let them. These non blacks put them in harms way daily but these black people will take their anger out on other black people. I say let them die because when you think about it, these blacks are so lost and gone that its a good thing. One less idiot to harass you to impress low caste members of other groups. Confused people are worthless.


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