So, You’re Calling Me An “Anti-vaxxer,” When Really I Am “Anti-Guinea Pig!” The Biden Administration Fails To Convince Black People To Take The Vaccine!

For those of you who want to screech and wail about folks like me who refuse to take ANY Covid vaccine, shut the fuck up! If your ass is so convinced that those Covid vaccines work, then why the fuck are you still screeching at me that I need to take the vaccine to keep your vaccinated ass, safe? MAKE.IT.MAKE.SENSE. Either your asses are covered because you stood in line like the good little sheep you are and took that experimental bullshit or your ass is not covered and guess the fuck what? Your ass is NOT covered because if you actually believed you were, you wouldn’t be screeching and wailing for me to take that bullshit Covid vaccine. Why worry about those of us who refuse to take it if your asses are good; those of you who took the vaccine, that is?

Why the fuck are you still pissing and moaning because I refuse to take the vaccine? What’s my not taking the vaccine got to do with you? If you believe that your asses are covered because you took the vaccine, then what’s YOUR problem with me? Take your goddamn mask off, sit in any restaurant and bar that’s open and enjoy your goddamn self, but don’t keep running off at the goddamn mouth about how us “anti-vaxxers” are spoiling shit for you. How the fuck so???!!!

Furthermore, I’m not an “anti-vaxxer!” I’m goddamn ANTI-GUINEA PIG! Don’t get the shit twisted. Those white shits who look like most of you who are droning on and on about people like me, who refuse to take the vaccine, did not have YOUR fucking ancestors dragged to this racist shithole! Your fucking ancestors were not the unwitting victims of experimentation by you slimy, pasty-faced, parasitic, bottom feeding slugs. The history of this racist shithole proves that you goddamn slimy, pasty-faced, parasitic, bottom feeding slugs have never done ANY goddamn thing that was for the benefit of Black-assed people like me; au contraire. So don’t even fucking go there with me about those goddamn fake ass Covid vaccines because they are just that; fake assed. You’re lured into believing the bullshit that you are fully protected if you’ll only line up and take your two doses of anti-Covid jabs and for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, take your blood clot inducing jab, die already and as far as the scientists are concerned, the shit is ALL good.

When one of y’all slimy, pasty-faced parasitic, bottom feeding slugs comes at me about taking a vaccine for Covid, one word is going to come out of my mouth, “TUSKEGEE!” You fucking got that???!! So you can tell me that I can’t hop on a plane, or a train or a bus or go into a restaurant or a grocery store because I ain’t been vaccinated and to that I say, “Fucking good!” I won’t be spending no goddamn money! And when you stupid fuckers start dropping dead, it’ll really be due to that vaccine your stupid ass took, but they’ll make sure to label your death, suicide, underlying health conditions and some more shit, but never will they list the cause of death as ” death by Covid vaccine.” And why the fuck would you take something that the pharmaceutical companies cannot be sued over if you suffer adverse events as a result? You didn’t think that that shit was worth looking into? Oh that’s right! They told you that you couldn’t be with your family and friends because Covid was so terrible. They had you trembling and shaking over a virus that has a 99% recovery rate, damn near for ALL age groups. But now, Black people have been deemed the target for those bullshit vaccines because, apparently, enough of us have not come forward, rolled up our sleeves and consented to take those “poison darts.” No amount of assurances has been able to do the job or so this article states.

Biden’s vaccine push fails to gain traction with African Americans

Less than a quarter of Black Americans had received their first Covid-19 shot as of June 7 based on available federal data, amid a weekslong stagnation that has defied the government’s ramped-up effort to accelerate vaccinations and reach the nation’s most vulnerable communities.

And those of us who forget NOTHING will continue to defy “the government’s ramped-up effort to accelerate vaccinations.” We are NOT stupid. You’re not lining us up again, talking about, “This shit is for our benefit.” Fuck if it is. Ask the Indians if Smallpox blankets were for their benefit. Ask the Indians if liquor was for their benefit. Ask the Indians if your white asses dripping syphilis over here was for their benefit. Ask the Indians if stealing their land after having killed millions of them off was for their benefit and yet you pasty-faced parasites, all of a sudden, want those of us who have been fucked up by you and are, to this very day, continuing to be fucked up by you, to now believe that you’ve got our best interests at heart? Are you filthy parasitic fucks for real???!!! Miss me with your bullshit!

“We still have some places where the past history of bias, discrimination and hate has just caused such an ingrained mistrust of political and social structures that it’s hard to break through that,” said James Hildreth, CEO of Meharry Medical College and a task force member. “We need to make a stronger effort to bring the vaccine to the communities, rather than relying on the communities to come to vaccination centers.”

What the fuck? “past history of bias, discrimination and hate?” I know goddamn well that fool did not go there. There is no such thing as “bias, discrimination and hate” being in the past.” That shit is just as prevalent today as it was when my ancestors were dragged the fuck over here against their will to be used as slaves and guinea pigs by you loathsome parasites and if you think for one goddamn second that I’m about to forget THAT vile ass shit, then who dropped you on your fucking head???!!!

It is a known fact that American descendants of slavery, to this day, continue to receive racist medical ‘care’. We are the poster children for racist medical experimentation and you pasty fuckers want us to forget about ALL of that and get with the program that it is in our best interest to believe you when you say, “This is for your own good?” Fuck no! If vaccine passports are coming, fucking do it, because if I have to be homeless, starving and lacking medical care, I don’t give a fuck, but you will NOT force me to put something inside my body that was rushed, untested and is some strange ass shit right out the gate. And for those of you who took it, you’ll eventually find out the ugly truth as to why your dumb asses should not have taken that toxic shit!

The administration and public health experts continue to believe many members of the groups aren’t openly hostile to vaccines, but need reassurance and prodding to get the shots.

You are goddamn right! I am “openly hostile to vaccines,” but no amount of your reassurance is going to “prod me into getting those poison darts.” Not fucking ever! And you can come up with lotteries, free shit and some more shit as an inducement and, still, you will NOT be able to convince me to take that shit. And why the fuck are government officials actually conducting lotteries and some more shit of the like to prod people into taking those shots? The inducements they are using are unprecedented. Never before have I ever heard of them using giveaways, lotteries and I even heard that West Virginia is giving away guns and trucks to induce people to take those jabs. That’s not suspicious to you SHEEP??!!!

The White House has intensified the equity push in the past month in particular, as it races to hit President Joe Biden’s July 4 deadline for getting 70 percent of U.S. adults to take at least one dose of a Covid vaccine


If the lying government officials have been stating that people need both shots, then why would they be impressed if people only took one? And it is my understanding that the reason so many millions who stood in line and took the first shot, never returned to take the second one is due to the serious side effects that put them on their ass for some length of time. If a vaccine is laying your ass low, then that should tell you something. And I don’t want to hear no lies about how “that means that your immune system is being activated against COVID-19.” That’s just the excuse they are giving you, but why are you really feeling like that? It is because some poisonous shit has been introduced into your body and your body is fighting against it, but unfortunately for your body, this is some new, made up shit to fuck your body up and fuck it up good. And now, they’re ramping shit up by putting out touchy feely commercials showing people running out in the streets, hugging each other and some more shit when what’s really going on is that people are out in the streets, killing each other in ever more record breaking numbers. Seen the crime reports out of ever city in every state in this shithole? Yeah? No? Take a look. It’ll knock your socks off. So keep believing that everytime the government comes up with some killer virus and some killer virus cure, you need to stand somewhere and take it and your ass won’t have to worry about seeing your so-called “loved ones,” because neither of you will be in the mood for love since it looks like your asses will be in the mood for killing and some more shit of the like. Look the fuck around you. All you see is chaos, pandemonium, bedlam, murder and some more warped and twisted shit!

But let’s take a look at something else for a minute that should tell Black people to continue to refuse to take those POISON DARTS!

You pasty motherfuckers allow immigrants to come to this country to promptly set up liquor stores, fake ass food takeouts and convenience stores in our few remaining neighborhoods that are aimed to do to us what you did to the Indians and yet you want us to believe that you pasty fuckers care about us? Are your fucking serious? This blog is filled with proof that your asses want anything and everything opposite of what’s in our best interest, but all of a sudden, we are now to understand that things have changed? The Koreans have been in Lexington Market in Baltimore, MD for decades selling pork to Black people and that never caused you pasty motherfuckers to become alarmed about the high blood pressure statistics in Black people since you knew what the Koreans were up to because you put them there. You never cared about the fact that you handed liquor licenses to the Koreans to set up shop in Black neighborhoods and you know what liquor does to the body, but that didn’t bother you enough to close those liquor stores. You know that that Asian fast food shit is bad, but yet Asians are on every corner selling that garbage and you haven’t closed their shit up. You know what is sitting inside convenience stores and that there is not a goddamn thing healthy in them, but yet, you’ve allowed those stores to remain open in Black neighborhoods and so why are we supposed to trust your pasty asses when you tell us to stand in line and take something for our own good because you care about Black people dying from COVID???!!!! Really????!!! CUT.THE.BULLSHIT.!!!!!!! You are fucking our bodies up when we go to your so-called “medical centers,” and yet, you want to HELP US NOW??!!! Fuck if you do! Take whatever the hell you’ve pumped into who the fuck stood somewhere and got pumped full of your killer shit and shove it up your asses, especially YOU, Joe Biden, you senile, racist, demented, slow ass pervert! I said what I said and I fucking mean it! To hell with this bullshit!

7 thoughts on “So, You’re Calling Me An “Anti-vaxxer,” When Really I Am “Anti-Guinea Pig!” The Biden Administration Fails To Convince Black People To Take The Vaccine!

  1. The governments have lost all credibility Shelby. They’ve being lying to us and they say it is all based on science. MY FOOT! It isn’t science at all and you’re right about using us as Guinea Pigs. The amount of advertising they are doing to promote the vaccines tells me there is a lot of resistance to it. The minute they removed all liability from Big Pharma for side effects told me everything. We won’t be getting the vaccine either and I’m not an antivaxxer.
    Hope you keep well.

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    1. Leslie, you are right! They have been lying their asses off this entire time. When have you EVER seen such a concerted effort to get people to take some bullshit vaccine? NEVER! And they are censoring medical professionals who are not onboard with the bullshit! They are censoring the hell out of people who are letting it be known that an agenda is afoot and it is NOT in our best interest to take those vaccines. And get a load of this!

      Israel has found a possible link between Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and myocarditis

      Israel’s Health Ministry said Tuesday it had found a small number of heart inflammation cases among young men who received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, Reuters reports.

      Israel’s Health Ministry said the inflammation cases (called myocarditis) “were likely linked to their vaccination,” according to Reuters.
      Per The Hill, the health ministry said “the cases typically occurred after the second dose, where patients would develop mild illness, chest pains, shortness of breath and rapid heart palpitations.”

      What does Pfizer say?

      Pfizer told Reuters it is aware of the findings and meets regularly to discuss new findings. But no causal link between the vaccine and heart inflammation — which is “an inflammation of the heart muscle, and can occur following certain infections,” according to The New York Times — has been identified.

      Pfizer will NEVER admit to ANY findings that are contrary to the narrative that they have put out in that their vaccines are 100% safe and effective. And not only that, but it has also been stated that the vaccines are no match for the variants and that people are going to need booster shots and no one even knows how often.

      And what about this?

      1 in 5 of these essential workers say they will ‘definitely not’ get the COVID vaccine

      Majorities of essential workers who say they want to wait to get vaccinated, will get the vaccine only if required, or definitely won’t get the vaccine have concerns related to potentially experiencing serious side effects, being required to get the vaccine even against their will, or missing work due to side effects.

      I can only hope they stand firm.

      And what about this?

      UK coronavirus variant develops vaccine-evading mutation

      In a handful of instances, the U.K. coronavirus variant has developed a mutation that may help it evade current vaccines, according to news reports. The variant, called B.1.1.7, was first identified in the U.K. in September 2020 and has since spread around the world, Live Science previously reported. This variant is more contagious than earlier versions of the coronavirus.

      So as you can see, taking those poison darts are THE ANSWER! Hell if they are because those vaccines don’t work. If they work, then why are variants overpowering these so-called vaccines that protect against COVID? This shit is nothing more than playing Russian Roulette. COVID ain’t even thinking about those vaccines. The problem is that CAPITALISM has been ground to an abrupt halt and the CAPITALISTS can’t have that. They want people out there slaving away for nothing while they continue to get richer and richer and the poor get poorer and poorer. But now the tables are turning because the CAPITALISTS can’t get the people to return to work. In fact, the situation is so bad in Minnesota that the restaurant owners asked the Governor to halt the extra unemployment benefits to force employees back to work since they have been calling their employees to inform them that since the bars and restaurants have been reopened with no capacity limits, to come back to work, no one is responding. Restaurant owners have had to hire recruiters to get them to attempt to fill their restaurants with employees. They don’t get the fact that people have moved on; found different ways to earn a living. People weren’t just stagnant, waiting to die from hunger and homelessness since this lockdown, they were finding innovative ways to make money for themselves and so it is not just that there are unemployment checks going out, but that workers are working for themselves now. Not to mention, some people have just, flat out stated that they are NOT going to work at corporations. They are going to continue to work from home. Shit done changed and the CAPITALISTS are scrambling to undo what’s been done. Fuck them.

      And so on to the next.

      U.K. Covid Strain Gets Mutation That Raises Vaccine Concern

      (Bloomberg) — The U.K. coronavirus strain that’s sparked concern around the globe has picked up another mutation that appears to make the virus more resistant to vaccines.

      Scientists have identified the mutation on 11 different sequences of the new strain, Public Health England said in an updated report Monday. The findings came from a data set of more than 200,000 sequences.

      The mutation is present in the variants that arose in South Africa and Brazil, and is thought to help the virus resist vaccines and antibody therapies — and infect people who already fought off Covid.

      The change is “a worrying development,” Julian Tang, a professor and clinical virologist at the University of Leicester, said in remarks on the U.K.’s Science Media Centre.

      Yep! Vaccines are the answer, as you can see. And please note how heavy on the sarcasm, I am!

      Leslie, dig your heels in and continue to defy the government, the medical field and anyone who comes at you intent on jabbing you with who the fuck knows what. Protect your body against this assault with everything you’ve got. Believe me, and I know you already know, it is damn important that you do so!

      Take care and stay safe Leslie!

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  2. Thanks for this Shelby. People need to hear the absolute truth, and you’re keeping it real. This is the best thing I will read all year about what is going down.

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    1. Barry, welcome and thank you for your comment. As you can see, I don’t hold back; never have, never will. I have never been a SHEEP and I’m not about to start now. The government does not scare me, nor do their minions, but apparently, the government can instill fear in many, too many. But as many as there are SHEEP, there are also those like me who refuse to listen to the lies and get in line for the bullshit. If I thought Youtube would keep this up, I’d post it there, but Youtube is one of the biggest censors of all. Censorship, as I have already noted, is at an all time high because damn near every major entity is behind this bullshit. It is unprecedented the way they are forcing people to take those poison darts.

      Many, many, many health care workers do not even want to take them, but they are forcing those workers to take vaccines if they want to remain employed. Even U.S. military personnel do not want to take those vaccines. That speaks volumes when many in the medical field and in the military don’t want those vaccines. But you’re still going to have sheep that simply line up, roll up their sleeves and take anything that’s being given to them, no matter how fucked up it is.

      But I did read an article the other day that many businesses are backing off mandating vaccines for their employees for fear that they will be sued over adverse events for their employees having been made to take an experimental vaccine that is only approved for emergencies by the FDA and we ALL know that the FDA ain’t about shit. There are too many problems with these vaccines and those who took them are going to regret it; if not today, or tomorrow, sometime in the future. But that’s going to be on them.

      Barry, I am glad that like me, you are one of the holdouts. Stand firm! And thanks again for your comment, it is truly appreciated.


  3. Yes. I have found it weird that they’re doing these giveaways to get people to take the Covid vaccine. I’ve never seen them do that for any other vaccine. Very strange. I won’t be taking it. And I hate that “anti-vaxxer” term. It is used to shame people who don’t want to take it. But like you mentioned here, if vaccines work, why are the people who take them so worried about the people that don’t take them? Shouldn’t the vaccine make them alright?

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    1. “if vaccines work, why are the people who take them so worried about the people that don’t take them? Shouldn’t the vaccine make them alright?”

      Because it is not really a vaccine. People are just too stupid to realize that. The capitalists had to go to extreme heights THIS time because no one was concerned about the Swine Flu, no one paid any attention to Zika and all the other shit they tried to throw at us and so they upped the ante. It is all part of a broader agenda and for most folks, they tend to stay ‘in the moment’ as opposed to looking down the road. I look down the road because I know the capitalists are always up to something which is why the state of the world is such as it is.

      The capitalist’s agenda was to close down small businesses, for the most part and make sure that we are herded to big corporate shit hence why the corner bistro had to close, the cozy little hole in the wall had to close, but Walmart, Target, Kroger, Publix, Whole Foods, Amazon, the liquor stores; they all remained open. And now that they’ve pretty much put local businesses out of business, they’ve reopened so that people can spend their little remaining stimulus in big corporate stores. And now crime is out-of-control ALL across this shithole and it is only going to get worse. Add to that the fact that whatever is in those jabs, it ain’t good for people to take. And I have relatives who are in the medical field and they have flat out stated that they are NOT going to take this so-called, ‘vaccine’. Black people are major hold outs, but now, so are those who took those first jabs because of the reaction to those jabs. No vaccine should make a person sick as a dog when it is supposed to be preventing a person from feeling sick from a virus. I cannot even wrap my head around the fact that so many fell for that explanation; that people are feeling like shit because ‘the vaccine is working’, but yet need time off to get over feeling like shit after having gotten a COVID vaccine. That makes no sense.

      The only reason people are not as hardy today is because our bodies are constantly inundated with toxins. They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and even when we grow our own vegetables, the soil is still toxic and so the body cannot withstand but so much toxic shit before we start feeling the effects. Now, enter some shit like this COVID ‘vaccine’ and that is only going to ramp up the toxin levels and before you know it, some new shit is eating the body alive. I would hate to be one of those who took any of those jabs because they may not feel the lasting effects now, but they are coming. Too many people merely conform instead of pushing back and that is going to be their downfall.

      mysparkingthoughts, thank you for your comment.

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