Is This Beirut? Yemen? Libya? Iraq? Somalia? Nope! This IS Exactly What AmeriKKKa Is Doing, Collapsing!!

I was like, “What the hell!,” when I saw this and it took me awhile for it to sink in that this shit is happening in Amerikkka because I thought this had taken place in some war torn land. But my bad! This IS a war torn land. All hell is breaking loose. Oceanside condo buildings are collapsing for no apparent reason. But Biden is going on and on about an infrastructure plan. Well, it’s too late for this shit!

‘I have no hope’: Loved ones await news, survivors flee after condo building partially collapses near Miami

SURFSIDE, Fla. — Families waited to hear news about missing loved ones Thursday morning as rescue efforts continued after a 12-story oceanside condo collapsed into a heap of rubble, leaving residents trapped and at least one person dead.

Pablo Rodriguez, a 40-year-old Miami native, said his 64-year-old mother and 88-year-old grandmother lived in the wing that collapsed.

“Que paso?” one woman repeatedly cried as she dashed toward her family, who were all wiping tears from their eyes.

So, the woman wants to know, “What happened?” The nice, oceanfront condo building collapsed, just like the rest of this shithole is doing; collapsing and so get used to it. Biden’s infrastructure plan comes too late to fix this collapsing shithole and I for one, am glad. You see, Black folks, otherwise known as American descendants of slavery don’t have to worry about a collapsing oceanfront condo because we are homeless by the millions and this is also by design. So, “Que paso!” that, why don’t cha?

And dude here is just crying and carrying on something awful. Oh, what’s the problem? You mean, you didn’t expect this? The buildings in this shithole are just like the bridges and trains and streets and nuclear power plants; they are all fucked up.

Somebody hand dude a hanky because he is going to need it if he is that distraught over a condo building collapsing when the rest of this shithole is doing likewise. You know, it seems that people only get moist eyes when something affects them, but as long as the shit hits the fan for someone who does not look like them or who is not a member of their family, then they could care less. You see, this is why what is going to go down, is going to go down because as long as Black people are the ones who are getting our asses handed to us, no one gives a damn. But now, it’s time for tears because an OCEANFRONT CONDO BUILDING IN SOUTH FLORIDA COLLAPSED! I’m not upset, not one bit. When you crying motherfuckers get moist eyes over the plight of those who look like me, then I’ll shed a third of a tear for your shit, but until then, I got nothing for you!

This entire shithole is going to collapse and I don’t give two fucks about that happening because Black peoples’ lives have been in collapse since DAY FUCKING ONE and who the fuck has cried WITH us? Not a damn one of you! And now, it’s everybody’s turn to experience THE COLLAPSE! Oh, a damn sight more of you motherfuckers are going to be weeping and wailing before it’s all said and done because THE COLLAPSE is well on its way!

“I have no hope” said Pablo Rodriguez, a 40-year-old Miami native, said his 64-year-old mother and 88-year-old grandmother lived in the wing that collapsed.

Join the motherfucking club, Pablo Rodriguez, because American descendants of slavery have NEVER HAD ANY HOPE, but now, you don’t have any either and so let’s all get out the purple crepe, black armbands and violins because PABLO RODRIGUEZ has no hope. Awwww….ain’t that a shame. What a shame that it! To hell with that! What’s a shame is that you motherfuckers thought that living in a beachfront condo in South Florida meant that you had nothing to worry about because how in the hell does a beachfront condo in South Florida just collapse? It’s called, KARMA!

Let’s look at something else, shall we? How many Black folks are in this next picture; a picture that showcases who is standing around waiting on news from the site of the collapse.

Yeah! You count how many Black people you see! Because the only names I’ve read are JuárEZ, GonzalEZ, RodriguEZ, FernandEZ and Candiotti. And now I know why. It seems that the Jewish community showed up and the Argentine community showed up to see who was in this South Florida condo when it collapsed. No one has of yet said that the Urban League showed up or that the NAACP showed up or that the “Advocates United against the school-to-prison pipeline” showed up or even that the “Advocates United against GENTRIFICATION” showed up. So, that tells me everything I need to know. Ain’t no ADOS asses in THAT rubble. So now I can put away the purple crepe, black armbands and the violins because no one looking like me was sitting all up in THAT particular South Florida OCEANFRONT CONDO that collapsed. I guess there is a silver lining to being homeless; ain’t shit collapsing on your ass because a tent don’t hurt when it collapses.

And if it seems as though I don’t give a damn about what happened, it is because I don’t give a damn about what happened. Why should I? Not one of those assholes in THAT particular building could give two fucks about what happens to American descendants of slavery and so the feelings or lack thereof are mutual. As far as I am concerned, EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE can just join them and believe me, EVERYONE will because what happened to that building is happening ALL across this shithole and is going to continue until EVERY ass is affected; bar none. Now cry about that!

2 thoughts on “Is This Beirut? Yemen? Libya? Iraq? Somalia? Nope! This IS Exactly What AmeriKKKa Is Doing, Collapsing!!

  1. You can be sure that the investor-class capitalists are fully insured and will pop up elsewhere to spread the gospel of capitalism’s perfect record, the only ones who come out in a better financial state. The opportunities abound for those who hold an out-of-trouble card. So long, Miami suckers: the ones born every minute.
    You can also bet that the infrastructure that continues to decline will find some con games opening in the wake of such collapses, and the system that games the whole process is white as hell. Racism and gentrification win before a single brick is set.

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    1. Well Bill, as I’m sure you know, those like me, who are American descendants of slavery done already COLLAPSED. Like I said in this blog, a tent collapsing on me won’t hurt. So it looks like everyone else is about to follow suit. We gone have a lot of company in the coming months and years and the tears and hand wringing is about to begin in earnest.

      In Baltimore, MD, they’ve torn down most of Lexington Market to make way for a ‘better’ version. Problem is, the lowest bidder won and it seems that even as they are only at the leveling of the ground stage, it already looks like Beavus and Butthead are going to throw that shit up and believe me when I tell you, I will not step one foot inside when they eventually throw the doors open. No one has to tell me twice, that the company with the lowest bid got the contract because it is a known fact, you get what you pay for. And ain’t nothing going to be in Lexington Market worth me lying under concrete rubble from a building that was poorly constructed because it was cheaply built. What good is a lawsuit if I’m the one underneath the rubble?

      And another thing about those pesky capitalists is that regardless of what their plans, Mother Nature may have other plans. Insurance companies are going to need more and more bailouts as claims pour in for everything from floods to fires to building collapses to sinkholes swallowing entire neighborhoods to drought affected areas that can’t produce crops. We are about to witness the perfect storm of a collision between the capitalists and Mother Nature. My money is on Mother Nature. Man thinks he’s in control, but the only thing man has done is seal his fate. When the fat lady sings THIS time, ain’t nobody gonna be left standing, including the capitalists.

      Bill, thank you for your comment.


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