Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, George Floyd, Freddie Gray, Philando Castile…Shall I Continue??!!



How many of you know that today, Tamir Rice would have been 19 years old? Remember, he was 12 when he was gunned down in a park, while playing with a toy gun, 2 seconds after Klan Kops showed up and murdered him. A child’s life was cut short and the Klan Kop that murdered him was never indicted on ANY charges and was in fact, rehired by another police department. So yeah, somebody really paid the price for murdering an innocent 12 year old Black child, didn’t they? The only people who paid the price for the murder of Tamir Rice was Tamir Rice and his family and friends. No one responsible for why he never lived to see his 19th birthday paid the price because of the system of white supremacy that whites will forever uphold and make sure that we pay the price for their damn, vile ass ancestors having dragged ours over here.

Happy Birthday Tamir Rice! You can’t read this. You couldn’t hear me if you were standing in front of me because the whites made sure of that. But know this, you are NOT forgotten. Your mother is still on a quest to seek some sort of justice for you. She won’t stop and I won’t stop keeping your name in the spotlight because no one received ANY time in prison for murdering you!

And what about Breonna Taylor? No one even mentions her name anymore. She is just another in a long line of forgotten names in a list that would wrap around the globe of Black people; American descendants of slavery, murdered by racist Klan Kops in this collapsing FIFTH WORLD shithole! Breonna Taylor’s mother settled for $12 million dollars on her behalf for whites having murdered her. And I am sure that Benjamin CHUMP received the lion’s share of that money for a job that he didn’t even need to exert himself over because the protesters, who got arrested, did his job for him, just like they always do, but all’s well that end’s well because Louisville passed “Breonna’s Law,” which barred the use of “no knock” search warrants. That was the type of warrant issued for the search of Ms. Taylor’s apartment, which allows the police to punch into homes without warning. But that shit comes too little, too late for Breonna Taylor and so she’ll just have to lie in a cold, lonely grave and never live out the rest of her life because “Breonna’s Law” was passed too late to be of any use to Breonna Taylor.

What about Sandra Bland? Remember her? Or is she too, just a footnote in history, simply because she IS history? Oh how we do forget our “murdered by racist Klan Kops sisters and brothers” because why else do we just continue on as though what happened to them, really does not matter to us because we cease to constantly remind the world of what is happening in this collapsing shithole everyday, which is one of the reasons it is collapsing and we are all going to collapse with it because we don’t do shit about a damn thing; not anything of importance or that has a lasting impact?

A damn Uncle Tom lawyer, which is what Benjamin CHUMP is takes every high profile case when an ADOS is murdered by Klan Kops, has the protesters do his job for him and he laughs ALL the way to the bank after having handed over to the family, CRUMBS. It’s just a job to him; a job that pays extremely well. Call yourself a “Civil Rights” attorney, take high profile murder cases, let the public do your job for you while you sit back and the lawsuit money comes pouring in. Take a huge chunk of that and leave the victims’ families with CHUMP CHANGE. Make them sign a “NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT,” and there you have it. No one any the wiser as to how much you’re actually making off the murder of Black people in this fucking shithole.

Now we come to George Floyd, one of the many murder victims whereas we actually saw how his murder took place. Coincidentally, on what would have been Tamir Rice’s 19th birthday, the murderer of George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, is sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison on 2nd degree murder, 3rd degree murder and manslaughter charges. According to an article I read, the maximum for a 2nd degree murder charge is 40 years. And as heinous as that crime was, Derek Chauvin should be in prison for the rest of his natural life and add two more life sentences to that. Because in addition to that charge, there were two more, which seems to me, a pretty lenient sentence when you look at ALL that he was found guilty of. But I am pretty sure that Benjamin CHUMP, the family’s lawyer on the case will stand somewhere and look elated over Chauvin’s sentence for those crimes he was convicted of. And of course Derek Chauvin is in solitary confinement, or so they say. Who’s to know? Because whites lie every time their lips are moving. For all we know, Derek Chauvin’s been kicking it at some posh country club like ‘prison’. Oh yes, they have those, just not for us.

And what about Freddie Gray, who while in police custody, was murdered, but somehow it wasn’t murder, but the man’s dead nevertheless? How the hell does that happen? A man is arrested, dies in police custody of injuries he received at the hands of the police and no one is found guilty? No one is found liable for his murder and so bury Freddie Gray, get on with your day and that’s it, that’s all folks. Do you folks see where I am going with ALL of this? We are sitting somewhere acting a fool on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and some more shit while those who look like us have been consigned to the trash bin of history; whitewashed out of sight and out of mind. And it’s done so easily. Distract you with some bullshit and use it to drown out the echo of the dying cries of those who look like us. Get us to fight over chicken sandwiches, jump on TikTok and post bullshit. Gorge ourselves doing mukbangs, try and emulate the whites in their everlasting quest for ALL things material by taking out PPP loans to live lavishly for a few days and then you’re right back to square one. What is wrong with you? And the sad part about me asking that is the fact that I keep asking because I truly want to know just what the hell IS wrong with you, all of you? SIGH!

Anyone out there remember Philando Castile? Yes? No? He was also executed by a Kop in Minnesota; he was executed by a taco crunching, Sombrero sporting, pointed toed boot wearing, short, squat spik. Yeah! I said it! Philando Castile’s murderer dragged his shit encrusted ass from across the border, dripping re-fried beans and Guacamole the whole entire way. Yes indeed, Jeronimo Yanez just wanted to leave his humble beginnings in a Mexican hut with the stench of fried corn meal and beans behind and become a Kop in Minnesota so that he could, alongside his white counterparts, send Black folks to the grave all the while claiming, “I feared for my worthless Mexican life and so I shot that man who was merely complying with my order to produce his ID.” And did he get ANY time in jail or prison for murdering Philando Castile??!! Not one single goddamn day and so if anyone whose ass is Black is out in the streets celebrating over Derek Chauvin receiving a 22 1/2 year prison sentence, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up because there is NOTHING to celebrate. There never has been anything to celebrate and there never will be anything to celebrate because Philando Castile’s life mattered and Jeronimo ‘Guacamole’ Yanez didn’t see a damn day in jail. So, you’re celebrating what???!!!

You’re already talking about how you are going to up the ante when it comes to celebrating Juneteenth because the whites have given themselves another holiday which doesn’t even make any sense at all because Juneteenth meant nothing to the slaves who are still slaves to this day. For if not, why are so many seen as runaway slaves and are gunned down in every city in every state in this shithole??!! And when not getting shot down, are herded inside FOR PROFIT PRISONS. The U.S. government just set your asses up, yet again, with that PPP loan shit. It is a known fact that Black folk were going to engage in fraud because these racist shits over here know that most of us cannot put our hands on $1,000 at any given time. Next January, you’re going to be celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day when Dr. King was really our enemy what with that “WE WANT DESEGREGATION!” bullshit! That shit was the worst thing that could have happened outside of slavery. Who in their right mind would fight to sit NEXT to their fucking enemy? Why the fuck do you think we are seeing the school-to-prison pipeline today??!! But you’re going to celebrate Black History Month which means what? That we are thankful for these racists incarcerating and killing us? That we are thankful that they’ve poisoned our bodies and our minds with their bullshit? And they are still at, trying to force a bio-weapon on us in the form of a COVID vaccine. Either take it or lose your job. Either take it or you can’t go back to one of THEIR schools. Home school your children. Figure out that we were better off when we had a sense of community and were SEGREGATED. Get your asses some guns because if we are ever able to have our own communities again like we did at one point, the whites are going to have a serious fight on their hands burning our shit down AGAIN!

Black folks, consorting with and living among your enemy is only going to keep you fucked up and get you dead. Know and realize that the whites are our mortal enemy; they always have been and they always will be. This you should know because you see example after example every single damn day! Stop falling for their bullshit; their lies, their propaganda and their fake ass “Breonna’s Laws” and a lame ass prison sentence for a Klan kop because the whites want nothing for us outside of suffering, misery, poverty, prison and death. That’s it. That’s all.

A Precious Child Is Dead!- Tamir Elijah Rice (June 25, 2002 – November 23, 2014)

Somewhere, the sun is always warm
and the days are long and bright.
A child is playing without any fear
and no gun is within his sight.

He is twelve years old, this young boy;
who will grow up to become a man.
His mother’s arms still hold him
for there is no Ku Klux Klan.

In an alternate universe, they live
where hate is not allowed.
And those who harbor evil thoughts
in that universe, are disavowed.

There is a park where he likes to play,
and his sister finds him there.
It is time to come home for dinner;
a meal, they used to share.

The setting at the table
is lacking one more plate.
It serves as a reminder
of all that is at stake.

Why must I awake from slumber
to the harsh, cold light of dawn,
only to know that he is dead,
killed by the devil’s spawn?

Do not wake me ever again!
From reality, I want to hide.
The fangs of hate grow longer.
Evil’s stench, I can’t abide!

A precious child is dead!
And we just march and cry!
We beg of those that killed him
to let us live, not die.

Oh yes, they hear you well.
But heed you, they will not.
Tonight, a mother mourns her son.
Tomorrow, her daughter is shot!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

4 thoughts on “Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, George Floyd, Freddie Gray, Philando Castile…Shall I Continue??!!

  1. Hi Shelby, long time I didn’t hear from you. I am glad you are alright sis!
    I left a message for you here on your website but this WordPress keeping deletes or hides my comments.
    I know some of your followers will not appreciate what I have to say but I just feel deeply sorry and heartbroken only for Tamir Rice, Breonna Tylor, and Sandra Bland. As for George Floyd was a piece of a shit, bum, struggle dusty, white worship lover sucker, and criminal. Who pointed a gun at an unarmed pregnant BW just because he wanted to robber her.

    He did other crimes, he wasn’t a victim, and the shit media wants to make a statute for him. For fuck sake really?
    Even though the KKK cop officer has been charged for his murder, I was completely indifferent.
    How I said to you before, I don’t give a shite about BLM and BM in general. I see so much misogynist behaviour from BM. Breonna Tylor didn’t receive so much media attention like that piece of shit of George Floyd. For weeks people have been marching for him, but me I was at home because I don’t care about BM life!
    I don’t care they are under the control of brainwashing by wp. If you really have respect for yourself, you find a way to snap out of this control. I was under control but then I said ”fuck WP”.
    If you want you can do it, but these are just excuses because BM in general don’t want to fight or take want they want!
    Instead, BM find the easy way to sleep with these pasty face cracker white cows because this is what they want.

    BW are just tools to be used by BM as economy, financial, and breed fatherless babies. BW should endure physical and psychological abuse by BM.
    BW should endure the misogynist society, misogynist BM, and other injustices.
    BW don’t have the voice to speak out or to fight for our rights, if you raise your voice as BW they quickly labelled you ”AS angry BW!”

    To be honest, recently I started to see and hear the news about BM aren’t only murdering BW but even WW, their preferences and other race of women. BM impregnate WW and other race of women, and then they abandon them with fatherless children
    The media can say what they like to say about BW but BM are murdering other race of women as well.
    I am watching BM behaviour and what they are doing, I know that WM and other race of men will not sit quietly and do anything. They are just waiting for the right moment to strike BM.
    When it will happen I will be completely silent and I will not do anything!
    I don’t hate BM, but just I don’t tolerate anymore their narcissist behaviour and BM worship pathology

    They clearly hate BW because of all these years and decades of bashing, disrespecting, degrading BW what was it?

    I told you before that I don’t like wp and don’t give a shit about them. As long as I am still breathing I will never bow my head for them, fuck all of them! They can go straight to way to hell!

    I am not BM mommy and their superwoman to save them. I only care about BW and black children!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. qnubian, I don’t care who has a problem with your comment. You are free to express your thoughts, feelings and anything else in here. I just now found this comment and of course, it was in the long ass spam comments and when I got to deleting the spam folder, I came across your comment. Sorry for the delay but Worstpress is awful.

      It is a damn shame that no one thought to erect a statue of Sandra Bland, no one thought to erect a statue of Aiyana Mo’Nay Stanley-Jones, who was only seven years old when she was shot while asleep in her bed by a Klan Kop. No one thought to erect a statue of Breonna Taylor who was shot and killed while she was sleeping in her bed, as well. But the time to kick up a fuss, erect a statue is when a flaming thug by the name of George Floyd gets himself offed by the Klan Kops? I did NOT take to the streets in fits of anger. After I found out that he had been looking all up in that parasite’s face, I was done with him. I only included him in this post to back up a point I was trying to make. But I could give a rat’s ass about George Floyd. I just wanted to point out the fact that that filthy, crooked, Uncle Tom sell-out, Benjamin Crump ONLY takes high profile cases of Black folks getting murdered by the Klan kops, has the protesters doing his job FOR him, while he sits back and collects millions and dishes out peanuts to the victim’s families. This is exactly why I don’t blog much anymore because Black people are stupid as hell. They see no problem with erecting a statue of a thug and will say nothing about Breonna Taylor and the other women and girls who have been murdered by Klan kops. Believe me, I feel the same way as you do about Black men. I got NOTHING for them and never will have anything for them.

      qnubian, I thank you for your comment and I hope that all is well with you. And also, thank you for your concern about me, it is much appreciated.


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