Racism on full display in Western media’s coverage of Ukraine crisis — United States Hypocrisy

This racism has translated to actions taken on the ground by NATO countries such as Poland, where African students seeking refuge from the war were stopped from entering the country while Ukrainians and their pets were allowed in.

Racism on fully display in Western media’s coverage of Ukraine crisis — United States Hypocrisy

Also from the article:

Ukranian nationalist on BBC: “It’s really emotional for me because I see European people with blue eyes and blonde hair being killed – children being killed every day with Putin’s missiles and his helicopters and his rockets.”

BFM TV: “We’re not talking about Syrians fleeing the bombings of the Syrian regime supported by Vladimir Putin. We’re talking about Europeans leaving in their cars that look like ours.”

ITV News: “Now the unthinkable has happened to them. And this is not a developing, third world nation. This is Europe!”

Yeah, there is never anything to get emotional about if you are just seeing children being killed if they have brown skin and brown eyes or black skin and brown eyes. Tears should only be shed for the children of war when they have blond hair and blue eyes. That is some sick ass shit right there!

Don’t you motherfuckers come up in here and say a damn word about let’s have a kumbaya moment because that shit will never happen. As I stated in a comment on the original blog, I was never under ANY illusions or deluded into thinking that me and those who look like me are even thought of as human by the likes of you parasites who are only slithering around because you are feeding off of us just like you fed off our ancestors. You bloated wastes of air contribute nothing and only take and then have the nerve to think that you are better than anyone else? You’ve the balls of bulls and the arrogance and conceit to match, but your day is coming.

This is the comment that I left on the original blog:

These monsters just don’t stop! But what’s sad is that there is no hue and cry about this type of attitude and it is because this type of attitude is exactly what those who remain silent have. These mouthpieces are speaking exactly what other whites are thinking and so this is fine with them. I am not one bit surprised, not at all because I have never been under any illusions nor have I ever been deluded into to thinking that most whites have even a grain of humanity in them to begin with.

I am going to post a poem I wrote years ago because here, it is most appropriate.


My hatred of you intensifies every single day.
“Hate is self-destructive,” is all you have to say.

To hell with your hypocrisy for you are one to talk.
With put-on airs of sainthood, when have you walked the walk?

I’m not treated as your equal; I’ve only been a tool.
Your shit stops here with me, I will never be your fool.

If you sling hate long enough, just watch and it will stick.
And no matter what you do to me, my color would be my pick.

Don’t lecture me on hate and what it will propagate.
What your hate of me has sown are more fertile seeds of hate.

When those who look like me were imprisoned everyday
And those who look like you just turned the other way.

When I was not employed because my skin was just too dark,
you fueled the flames of hate in me; you lit the final spark.

You planted all these seeds and now you get to watch them grow.
Your house of cards will soon collapse just like a domino.

Oh, don’t tell me how surprised you are as that would be a lie.
You can bet on your nasty ass, my hate for you will never die.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

I wrote this back in 2014 and I still mean every goddamn word! Never you doubt it! Also, your house of cards IS collapsing. I’m loving it! Whites finally warring with whites. Yeah! That is truly something to celebrate. In fact, I just broke out an expensive bottle of champagne to celebrate this momentous occasion. “Cheers!” 🍾🥂

4 thoughts on “Racism on full display in Western media’s coverage of Ukraine crisis — United States Hypocrisy

  1. Thanks for this important and timely piece, including your incisive poetry, Shelby. As ever you are speaking truth to those who worship at the altar of White Supremacist Western Evilization, a settler-colonial hegemon that defines its god to be a mirror image of genteel white sensibilities, a manufactured conceit that insists that their course is infinitely just and beautiful. Indeed those traffic jams look like commuter lines, but headed for Poland. Putin recognizes a fellow enabling onslaught when he sees one, but all the bombs dropped without end that fall on Yemen still are not ever newsworthy, they veer too close to the real agenda that is writ large in all the whitewash that gets slathered by the same criminals in the same white-controlled media giants. Pre-written editorials and droning coverage of white-on-white protests that all sound the same because they all are the very same. Bread and Circuses for the masses. Imperially spoiled, self-involved children at play.

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    1. Indeed, bread and circuses. I am pretty sure that you have taken a look around these days and that you know millions are being put out on the street as bombs are supposedly been dropped over Ukraine by the Russians. And never mind the fact that the U.S. backed neo-Nazis in Ukraine years ago. And when Obama was president, the shit was coming to a head then. Fast forward to today and the whites here in this imploding, collapsing shithole are joining hands with some kumbaya shit about solidarity with Ukraine; talking about an ‘anti-war’ movement. Where was the anti-war movement when the U.S. was bombing the hell out of Iraq over a lie? Where was the anti-war movement when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan? Pakistan? Somalia? Sent troops into Niger? Destabilized Libya and murdered its leader? Drone struck wedding parties in Afghanistan and Yemen? Dropped bombs on innocent children in Syria? But now that some blond haired, blue-eyed brats are getting bombs dropped on them by those who look like them, it’s time to fill the airways with “Oh what a horror that is!” Fuck that! I want everybody’s damn day fucked up. I don’t care who it is because none have cared about those who look like me and what’s more, they never will. And the feeling is mutual.

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. WordPress looks for key words and phrases that automatically open the lid on the trash can, I included about a hundred such words, so their censoring apps put me in the trash. A valued compliment for someone as iconoclastic as the likes of us. A medal of honor. Ukraine and Russia and all of European colonizing filth is right there on the surface, but it is sanctioned with missionary fervor that all the settler colonial genocide “efforts” are defined as a blessing from their very thoroughly white god boy. Being Muslim or Chechnian, too brown, too uppity gets you condemned to the deepest parts of their constructed red devil who does not kowtow to the Massa classes that are only properly bred nice people (the nastiest people on the planet)
        Whites all over the planet love their DNA tests that show how astonishingly well bred their ancestors were. Israel, with its white European Zionists (nearly all Israelis from Europe proudly relate to all the others who trace their good genes with spit in a test-tube. Blonde haired settlers with no Semitic evidence in their body cells picked up Nazi values in Europe and killed genuine Semites by the million, destroyed them by the million and changed the names of the Arabic towns by the thousands. Proud-ass white Europeans all follow the same sheet music. Many of the Russian and Ukrainian are among the nastiest white trash that “settle” the West Bank by the thousands. There was a considerable effort after the fall of Reich 3 to founding Israel in Russia. Those who liked the Californian climate over Siberia won out.


      2. There has never been a gnat’s ass worth of difference between the Russians and the Ukranians. I got into it with a guy who moved from the U.S. to Russia because he was telling me that the Russians are not racist at all. I had to provide documentation of just what the Africans who dragged their asses to Russia were experiencing. One Black African had to work and save enough money to get an operation to fix his jaw because he was simply waiting to catch a train and was jumped by several Russians and was told, “Russia is for Russians!” while they were breaking his jaw and swelling his eyes. Why those Black Africans want to subject themselves to that mess, I will never know when all they need do is remain in their own countries and nations in Africa and fight to get those yellow and pasty pieces of shit out of African nations and countries. They need to build up a military that will kick ass and kick it good, but instead, they fight amongst themselves or either just outright leave and then want to get pitiful when known racists do what racists do in racist countries they flee to.

        Whatever is actually going down in Ukraine, I don’t really know. But my fervent and sincere hope and wish is that Russia is indeed fucking up Ukraine and I hope it continues because it’s about time that some white racist shits got to warring with other white racist shits. So, I’m all onboard with that!!! Indeed, I am!

        Bill, thank you for your comment.


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