Wow! Just Wow! Shaking My Head!

This is what Black people in AmeriKKKa experience EVERY.SINGLE.FUCKING.DAY.EVERY SINGLE. FUCKING.DAY. And you motherfuckers really don’t have a clue as to why we are FED THE FUCK UP??!! Watch the goddamn video and get a motherfucking clue!!! RACISM AT ITS UGLIEST!!!! AND SANCTIONED BY AND UPHELD BY THIS RACIST ASS GOVERNMENT AND THE REST OF THE WHITES IN THIS RACIST SHITHOLE WHO ARE JUST LIKE THOSE DEPICTED IN THIS VIDEO!! Fuck all y’all racist motherfuckers!!!!

So, don’t talk to me about what that racist shit in Ukraine is experiencing. I’m too busy experiencing THAT shit!!! And you fucking know this. Where is the outrage about THAT? But you ugly ass racist whites want to wail, screech and moan over some photo-shopped shit supposedly out of Ukraine? Fucking selectively outraged, useless racist shits!


The White Man Is The Worst Landlord!

No more thoughts run through my head
of killing fields and of the dead.
I have become immune to the suffering
of all the white addicts who aren’t recovering.
I immerse myself in fun and games
as I ignore the world as it goes up in flames.
For why should I put forth an effort
when I’d rather traverse a hot and arid desert
than think of the white man as he withers and dies
from all his atrocities, wars and lies?
No plague could be too severe;
no earthquake would I fear.
For the white man is the worst landlord.
And upon his death, this world could be restored.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

Indeed, it most certainly could and that time is now! Drop the fucking bombs, Russia! Drop the fucking bombs! Ain’t shit worth a damn walking around over here anyway. This shit is only being prolonged. That’s obvious!!! Just be done with it because we are fucking tired of it!!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Wow! Just Wow! Shaking My Head!

  1. West Chester, Ohio is about 30 miles to the north of this keyboard. Blacks represent 0% of the population. The Greater Cincinnati area is one of the most highly segregated cities in this white-supremacist European-colonized country. White supremacists in this place can not get enough of the “tragedy” in Ukraine, where blacks (referred to as Nigerians) seeking to emigrate, are given special privileged places at the end of the asylum-seekers line. What else is new here? Human (white) interest stories find a tabloid-level audience by the thousands on every media outlet.

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    1. Bill, I’m not surprised. Look at THIS shit!

      Nigerians are actually signing up to join with the Ukranians to fuck with Russia. Those stupid bastards are actually joining up to fight some neo-Nazi shit that doesn’t even think of them as human. This is NOT our fight! FINALLY, whites are fighting whites and I ain’t got a fucking problem with that. And WordPress got a problem with this here blog because Worstpress has started fucking with this blog as in not even showing the true numbers of people who are looking at this blog. In fact, your ‘like’ of this post is showing up, but not that you’ve actually read this blog. That does not even make any sense.

      But let me get back to THIS video. What is the problem with those stupid bastards in Nigeria whereas they can’t fight to get their fucked up leaders out of leadership positions and establish some sort of solution that would make it beneficial for ALL African countries and nations to band together and solve their problems and get those usurpers out of their countries? Instead, they want to fly all across the planet and beg some other government to make them a citizen of their country while neglecting their own and leaving it to be bled dry by the Caucasians and Asians. Make.It.Make.Sense.

      Not to mention, I am past fed up at the hypocrisy over this Russia/Ukraine nonsense. You’d think the sky was falling, but that was not the case when the U.S. was bombing countries with Black and Brown people. But Worstpress wants to fuck with my blog. Go fucking figure. If you’re not onboard with the status quo, than they don’t want folks reading the fucking truth! I seriously wish Russia would stop fucking around and send those missiles all up Amerikkka’s ass. But I’ll never get my most fervent hope and wish! More’s the goddamn pity!!!

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      1. I have just subscribed to BlackEnterprise, a powerhouse source for certain. Thanks for introducing me to it, I appreciate it a great deal. Russia and Ukraine are far more similar to one another than different, the whole evil enterprise at the center of supremacism has always followed the same agenda of theft, slavery, genocide…it all originates from the same swindlers who identify all those acts as a demonstration of their inherent supremacist history, equating it with a perverse patriotism that is assumed every damned second of every day. These Nigerians think they can somehow join in this white fracas, they may as well believe that the sun will rise in the west the very next day.

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      2. Exactly! Russia and Ukraine have much more in common than not. And whites everywhere are going nuts over so-called ‘blond hair, blue-eyed’ folks going at it. I guess whites have become so accustomed to seeing black hair, brown-eyed people getting it from them, they’re having conniptions over this white on white war. But as far as I am concerned, Black people, worldwide need to sit the fuck down because this is NOT our fight. We don’t have a dog in this fight. Let ’em destroy each other and if this shithole wants a part of Russia, I say, “Go for it! Hopefully, Russia’s got enough nukes to handle this shithole.

        Bill, thank you for your comment.

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      3. The American Empire has been dead set on wiping out people of other ethnicities since forever. They can’t hear enough words that flatter their very existence. Meanwhile, the other ones who commit the crime of simply existing get exited and turned into history lessons that proclaim that the god they created loves whites more than anything or anyone else. What I cannot understand is how the vast majority of whites don’t have the common decency to be self-loathing.

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  2. From the World Socialist Web Site (

    “Since the Stalinist dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the NATO powers have attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, destroying infrastructure and killing countless thousands. As people fled these countries, taking risky journeys via land and sea to seek shelter in Europe, the EU enacted increasingly draconian anti-immigrant measures, refusing to grant asylum to those who managed to arrive in Europe. As a result, tens of thousands of migrants and refugees have drowned when their boats capsized in the Mediterranean Sea or even in the English Channel.”

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      1. A very revealing report, Shelby. All those European countries are racist to the marrow and they are damned proud of it. I liked that part about Prince William going on about their tiny country takin 1/4 of the planet into their direct rule. Racism is found everywhere go and to whom they influence. Such inconvenient facts get in their way. What about those trillions of dollars of resources that these imperial-minded self-whiteous jerks still flaunt in their highly stratified caste systems in Europe and everywhere they “settled”?

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      2. “What about those trillions of dollars of resources that these imperial-minded self-whiteous jerks still flaunt in their highly stratified caste systems in Europe and everywhere they “settled”?”

        Exactly! And it continues to this day. They are still taking other peoples’ shit; stealing and absconding with everything not nailed down. But oh, have you heard about the over 6 billion that’s in the latest legislation to keep the government up and running? Apparently, we have no humanitarian crisis of HOMELESSNESS going on over here in this shithole. Congress has just approved over 6 billion dollars to go towards helping the Ukranians get themselves together because, like I’ve stated, there is NO HUMANITARIAN CRISIS OF A MASSIVE MAGNITUDE going on all over here in this shithole. Even before the pandemic, in every shitty city in every shitty state in this fucked up shithole, homelessness was off the damn charts, fast forward to today and it is even worse because rents are skyrocketing even as wages are not and so more and more are finding themselves being put out on the streets and of course, the majority of them look like me. But that’s all fine and dandy and according to plan. Bill, I’ve got to stop here before my head explodes.

        Thank you for your comment.

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      3. The US Empire, USE, does not care how homelessness is caused by billionaires right here. How many could have homes with that 6 billion? How many expensive drone bombers have they dropped on kids in Yemen, on the kids in Gaza by means of their proxy Israel.


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