Hellmann’s vs. Miracle Whip, I Don’t Have A Dog In The Fight Between Russia And Ukraine





White folks aka Hellmann’s vs. Miracle Whip are duking it out over in Ukraine and I do NOT have a problem with that. It’s about time Hellmann’s and Miracle Whip got to fucking each other up, instead of going all across the globe fucking up people with a darker hue to their skin.

But now the Hellmann’s and the Miracle Whips are all in an uproar and posting pictures of dead folk all over the place and oh what a problem that is for them because the dead are all Hellmann’s and Miracle Whips. AGAIN!!! I ain’t got NO problem with that. I even hear tell that Putin is going after the Hellmann’s and Miracle Whips in Poland. GOOD! He can just sweep all the garbage out the door. One less Hellmann’s and Miracle Whip Nazi for us to have to deal with because these Hellmann’s and Miracle Whips in the states are chomping at the bit to send those Nazis over here to help what’s already here, fuck us up. So Putin, deal with that shit so that we don’t have to because we got enough Hellmann’s and Miracle Whips on our asses and ain’t nobody posting poems and pictures showcasing what these Nazi motherfuckers have been subjecting us to. Oh hell no! But now that Hellmann’s and Miracle Whips are at each other’s throats, it’s a big ass problem. Not in MY book. I wish to hell I would get out the purple crepe, black armbands and violins and get to crying over some Nazi shit that would kick my ass just because I ain’t a Hellmann’s or a Miracle Whip. Y’all pasty motherfuckers are ALL alike and so no, there is no way in hell that I would ever post some solidarity shit with you pasty ass cocksuckers. Never you think it! So, keep posting poems of dead Hellmann’s and Miracle Whips and I’ll continue to be thankful to Putin for taking out the trash. I’m just sorry that hundreds of thousands of those pasty Nazis are going to be welcomed to this shithole by the same worthless, racist shits that look just like them. Like we don’t have enough problems over here.

This shithole ain’t got shit for those motherfuckers because this collapsing shithole is about done for and so where these pasty assed shits are going to put that other Nazi mess that’s headed here, I don’t know because there ain’t no housing. Our so-called ‘elected’ thugs keep postponing paying the national debt off, inflation is a bitch, food prices are out of the ballpark and what’s more, folks should be thankful they can’t afford that shit because it’s all toxic anyway. It’s about time we tried to get back to growing our own shit, but the problem is, even the soil is too toxic to grow anything that’s not poisonous. And these rich, racist shits over here believe that they are going to get the ability to wreak the havoc they’ve wrought on this planet, elsewhere. Well, let me disabuse them of THAT notion because they will NEVER get the opportunity to fuck up another planet like they’ve done this one, I don’t care how much money they throw at some dumb ass looking spaceship because no one EVER MADE IT THE MOON. That shit was just as fake as a six dollar bill. Whoever bought that load of bullshit ain’t got two working brain cells and that’s a fact because if these stupid shits had made it to the moon, they’d have been back multiple times by now. How many times have they claimed to have gone to the moon? I rest my case. They couldn’t even continue to send those space shuttles up because they were blowing up, but we are to believe that somehow, some piece of shit spaceship made it to the moon? Not hardly. But since they got stupid motherfuckers believing that bull, they can get y’all dumb asses to believe anything.

In fact, I read an article whereas Hellmann’s and Miracle Whips are wondering why the Black Africans didn’t collectively drop dead of coronovirus. You pasty motherfuckers will never get it will you? You made this planet too toxic for your own asses because you’re not from here. This planet hates your fucking guts and is showing it. You own every damn thing and your mission is to make everyone with a dark skin tone, poverty stricken, homeless, sick and fucked up. But now, the tables are starting to turn and you’re even turning on each other. GOOD! I’m loving it. You can kill each other off for all I care. It wouldn’t hardly fuck up MY day, that’s for damn sure!

All hail Vladimir Putin, he’s trying to stop the neo-Nazis! Thank you Vladimir Putin. I wish I could renounce my AmeriKKKan citizenship and become a citizen of Russia especially since Putin’s team discovered the bio-weapons lab that the U.S. is financing in Ukraine. But everyone is drinking the kool-aid and believing that Putin is the bad guy while that racist Joe Biden lies and can’t find his way around the White House. And now, these filthy motherfuckers done pulled Obama out because he is supposed to get the Black folks onboard to vote for those thuggish Dems come November. Fuck Obama and fuck the Dems. I hope the Dems get their asses handed to them in November. Fuck all y’all filthy motherfuckers. We see the writing on the wall.

Putting that Black bitch on the Supreme Court ain’t shit especially since she is married to Hellmann’s. She fucking a Hellmann’s and Black women are acting like that Black bitch is Jesus Christ because we ALL know that the whites done most definitely brainwashed the Blacks with that fake ass christian religious bullshit. More’s the damn pity!! Black folks ain’t about shit if they can’t see what the fuck’s in front of their face. You ain’t got no white savior coming to save you and ain’t no damn black bitch being on the Supreme Court gonna do a damn thing for you. Look at Clarence Thomas’s sellout ass. What has he done for black people since his ass been on the Supreme Court and he is also married to a racist neo-Nazi Hellmann’s. We surrounded by racists and sellouts. You ain’t got shit to vote for and that’s one reason why the Dems are hell bent on shipping those neo-Nazi Miracle Whips over here from Ukraine. But you just keep celebrating bullshit and pretty soon, with the way things are going, you’ll be eating a shit sandwich for breakfast because your ass won’t even be able to afford Ramen noodles. But you want to celebrate a Hellmann’s loving black bitch getting on the Supreme Court? Ever the fool, you are!!!

Vladimir Putin, keep the war machine revved up THIS time. It’s about time there was a war between Hellmann’s and Miracle Whip!!! Yeah! And go after Poland next and keep going!!! Thank you!!!!

2 thoughts on “Hellmann’s vs. Miracle Whip, I Don’t Have A Dog In The Fight Between Russia And Ukraine

  1. Thanks for saying the Truth as it is.

    I haven’t been in America but I spent up to 15 years in Europe first as one who came for a UN conference then I stayed in Turkey .. What? I said I have to work as a journalist to survive the onslaught

    Then I moved to Geneva, Switzerland got a job as Times Media Group London correspondent in The UN Office at Geneva and that is probably why I am still alive because the Swiss or Russians, French or German or the British are not civilized just like Americans the darker skin makes them flinch lol

    But until we Africans come to terms that we must unite ooh la la

    Thèse différent passports Africans carry, the US Passport or EU passport and nationalities etc are making us forget that no no no we will always be African and must come home to survive the onslaught

    I probably think a war of Racism will be fought soon cos that’s what the Russian Vs Ukraine war is about

    If Russians treat the whole of Ukraine and Syria like that how would they treat Africa

    Remember the Black Virgin Mary but maybe just the coloring got black with time

    None honors blacks but I call is Africans we ain’t just Black

    Second Worst is Black Americans feeling they are better than Africans lol lol lmao

    Why are they not coming home?

    Because it’s the European Americans who keep the Americans flirting with riches and they share it but slap each other on stage though Will Smith still won’t slap a White Comedian, what a shame till God help us to help ourselves


    1. Well, Russia tried fighting the Afghans in Afghanistan, but that didn’t work out so well for them. The Afghans sent them packing and they ain’t been back since. So, I’m pretty sure they don’t want to mess with those folks again. They’d better stick with that pasty mess in Ukraine and all across Europe. That’s more their speed.Then the Amerikkkans tried the same thing and it didn’t work out so well for them either. The Americans had to tuck their tails and leave Afghanistan and even left military equipment behind. The Africans need to find out from the Afghans just how to throw usurpers out of their countries and nations because Africans are fleeing Africa and enduring racism from Russians, Ukrainians, Chinese and every damn body else. Not to mention, why should the Africans flee their own countries and nations and leave it to the Chinese, Dutch, French, Amerikkkans and any other pasty or yellow motherfucker to take what they want and treat the African people like shit?

      Black Americans do not feel as though we are better than Africans. Africans come over here and do not associate with Black Americans and many Africans have told us that the whites tell them that we are some bad hombres and that they should steer clear of us. Truth be told, whites hate our guts for something their ancestors did and they continue with what their ancestors set in motion. We did NOT ask to be over here and yet, we are stuck because Africa does not welcome us. Not one African country or nation has been welcoming us, not without strings attached as in buying land or having a lot of money as was the case with that “Ghana Year of Return bullshit. The vast majority of Black Americans do NOT have money to buy land because we are walking the streets homeless and hungry and this is ALL done by design. The whites are hellbent on sending us the route of the Indians whom they massacred to the point of extinction. You never hear ANY politician talking about “courting the Indian vote.” That is because there are not enough of them left to even bother with and now the whites want that for us as well. Not to mention, the whites are terrified that the Mexicans and others south of the border are going to make them the minority in this shithole, but they cannot stop them from coming from South and Central America.

      And as for that Hollyweird shit with Will Smith and Chris Rock, that is unimportant because that mess is not indicative of average Black Americans. That was staged because those coons do the bidding of the whites so that they won’t have to endure poverty and homelessness like the majority of us are subjected to. Those Black actresses and actors are mere slaves to massa while those of us who are homeless don’t kowtow so easily to this mess. The whites don’t like the fact that those like me got too much mouth and are NOT subservient to their asses and never shall I be.

      So, do not blame Black Americans for not getting along with Black Africans. That’s not on us. That’s on the Black Africans who come over here and they do indeed act as though they are better than Black Americans and many have said so. In fact, Black Africans tell us that our blood is not pure like theirs as though that’s our fault. The Black Africans should not have let pasty asses and that Spanish shit drag their people from Africa to toil all across this planet for free. Africa is not without blame because Africa is even now, overrun with pasty and yellow asses stealing and absconding with everything not nailed down and Africans are tolerating that shit.


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