Millions Upon Millions Are Homeless And Hungry In America As Inflation Is Through The Roof And Yet, How The Hell Does This Make Any Sense?

This is just mind boggling. Story after story of this shithole throwing money at Ukraine and Ukrainians while millions upon millions of American citizens have been living like they are in a war torn land and who the hell is providing millions and billions to stop that shit? But our tax dollars are going to feed, house, clothe and provide medical coverage, interpreter services and some more shit to Nazis that are being dragged over here. This ‘in our face’ bullshit is the absolute end of enough.

NYC earmarks $2 million for Ukrainians fleeing war

Ukrainians fleeing their war-torn homeland for the Big Apple will be eligible to get relief under a new $2.1 million outlay Mayor Adams announced Friday.

The cash will pay for legal services, translation for non-English speakers, housing assistance and health care services, according to city officials.

Adams and Ukraine’s Consul General Oleksii Holubov unveiled the creation of the city’s new assistance fund Friday afternoon on the steps of City Hall.

“We stand with you. We support you. Not only in words, but in deeds,” Adams said. “Our tradition is always welcome our brothers and sisters who flee conflicts across the globe.”

And here’s another one!

Biden says U.S. will send $1.3 billion in additional military and economic support to Ukraine

  • President Joe Biden authorized another $800 million security package and an additional $500 million dollars in direct economic assistance to Ukraine.
  • The latest security package, which includes heavy artillery and tactical drones

This is money the government can help use to stabilize their economy, to support communities. “With this latest disbursement, I’ve almost exhausted the draw-down authority I have that Congress authorized for Ukraine and a bipartisan spending bill last month,” Biden said, adding that he would send lawmakers a supplemental budget request next week.

So let me get this straight, there is no money for American citizens who are sitting up in homeless encampments all across this shithole. There is no money for Americans who are going to bed hungry tonight because their meager earnings from their jobs don’t pay enough for them to afford skyrocketing rents, insanely high food prices, out-of-the-ballpark gas prices and the whole nine yards, but there are billions just magically sitting somewhere to be made available to aid another country that is on the other side of the planet and has absolutely nothing to do with America? Those fucking shits in Washington don’t even bother to pretend to even hide the fuckery they are up to. Not a damn thing that’s going down in Ukraine has a goddamn thing to do with this shithole and so why are our tax dollars heading over to Ukraine, especially since this shithole’s politicians are flying those Nazis over here and dishing out our tax dollars to them as if they are so fucking special and much more in need than those who are actual citizens who have paid taxes in this shithole and who are living on the streets, all fucked up? And why is there no hue and cry over this shit? Because those Nazis are exactly what is already here and who are the reasons why there are millions living on the streets, suffering extreme poverty. I should not be able to wrap my head around this, but it is just business as usual in this racist shithole.

This shithole has ALWAYS welcomed Nazis and that is never going to stop because Nazis were even dragged over here after World War II and why was that? Because the very same shits as the Nazis are what was already over here, that’s why. Like meet like. Like welcomes like and to hell with the rest of us. Our hard earned tax dollars are going to pay for some shits that are going to receive the red carpet treatment and who will pass right on by folks who are lying on a piece of cardboard on the streets to get into homes that will be provided for them and none of us are expected to look cross-eyed over that shit! Well goddamn it, I’m looking cross-eyed over THAT shit. It don’t set well with me AT.ALL. And it shouldn’t set will with those of you who are living on the streets, not because you want to, but because you’ve no other choice.

Look at how easily money can be found for any and everything that does NOT help true and real Americans, especially American descendants of slavery. Look at how we are to look the other way when we see our people overlooked for some shits that are racist as hell and who are going to fuck us up along with their racist counterparts that are already here and since none of us have a goddamn backbone, our only hope is that Putin sends his missiles loaded with atom bombs over here and wipes out this entire cesspool. I wish he’d get on with it because this shithole has outright declared war against Russia by supplying that neo-Nazi shit in Ukraine with weapons paid for by our tax dollars. Meanwhile, we sit somewhere moaning because our stomachs are empty and we’ve got hookworm dripping out the ass. We’ve got typhus and trying to find an unoccupied box is practically unheard of. Pretty soon, we’ll be making our own tents because of the supply chain problem. They’re not coming from China fast enough.

Americans always like to pride themselves on being warriors and yet, we just sit somewhere and take shit up the ass with nary a complaint. They tell us that there is no funding for Housing and Urban Development to fund affordable housing for the homeless. They tell us that there is no money for medical coverage for all. They tell us that there is no money to eradicate childhood poverty. They tell us that there is no money to eradicate high Black infant mortality rates or the staggeringly high statistics of Black women dying in childbirth, which should be unheard of but yet, there is no problem whatsoever at all in finding money to fund some shit that has nothing to do with this shithole as in what is going down in Ukraine.

If ‘charity begins at home’, then what I would like to know is when? Because from where I sit, there is no charity being distributed among America’s citizens who have been living too long as though they are in a warzone. Why do they not matter? Why is there no concerted effort to throw millions and billions to get people off the streets and into affordable housing since we’ve got people who have been homeless for decades and yet some racist shits have been having issues for a little over a month and that’s the biggest, most horrifying scenario ever. NO.IT.IS.NOT. Why do we have NO problem overlooking the obvious here to concentrate on some shit that has NOTHING to do with US? These next pictures are out of this fucked up country, the United States of America. And you tell me, why has nothing been done about this shit, but yet there is much that has already been done and is still being done to help some shits that’s got nothing to do with this shithole.

The above video is over three years old and today, Skidrow looks worse seeing as how skyrocketing rents has caused even more to join those who already were calling Skidrow, home.

Now let’s look at some pictures out of New York City, you know, where the mayor there has earmarked $2million to provide the newly arrived Ukrainians with housing, food, medical, clothing; the whole nine yards. Meanwhile, those in the pictures are out-of-luck and out of hope. We are ‘humanitarian’ doncha know, but only towards the peoples of other countries to which we actually owe nothing.

Homeless in New York, but is not to receive assistance because he’s not from Ukraine, obviously.


Homeless in New York, where is the help? He’s not from Ukraine, obviously!


Homeless in New York, where is the assistance?


Homeless in New York, where is the assistance? They’re not from Ukraine, obviously!
Homeless in New York, where is the assistance for them? Why hasn’t the mayor of New York pulled another $2million out of his ass to assist these people like he pulled $2million out of his ass to assist those Nazis they insist on flying over here from Ukraine?
Homeless in New York, where is the assistance for them mayor?!!!
Homeless in New York, where is the assistance for her, mayor?
Homeless in New York, where is the assistance?
Homeless in New York, where is the assistance? He ain’t PASTY enough, mayor??!!!!
I could go on and on and on, but I think I’ve made my point. And as you can clearly see, the majority of the homeless are American descendants of slavery and that is why there has been no concerted effort, nationwide, to get a handle on homelessness because of who it impacts the most. But since rents are skyrocketing all across this shithole, we are soon going to have a helluva lot more company. So, when you see what those thugs in Washington are doing with our money while those of you who never experienced a downturn are now experiencing a downturn, think long and hard about believing that American descendants of slavery deserve our plight and you’ll soon be joining us. You’ll be new to this and your pasty hide won’t know what to do. But know this. What we have been experiencing for hundreds of years in this shithole, you soon shall as well. Get used to it. It’s ugly. It’s smelly. It’s scary and it’s lethal. That’s what the powers that be have in store for you as well. Don’t believe it? You soon shall. But meanwhile, the Biden Administration and your so-called ‘representatives’ in congress want you to know that the plight of Ukraine’s Nazis are more important than all of US.

How Thousands Of Nazis Were ‘Rewarded’ With Life In The U.S.

In the early ’70s, New York Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman received a confidential tip that American immigration authorities knew of dozens of former Nazis — some implicated in serious war crimes — who were living in the U.S.

Holtzman looked into it and discovered that it was true, and that the formerly named Immigration and Naturalization Service wasn’t doing much about it.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg, according to investigative reporter Eric Lichtblau.

I’m shocked, SHOCKED I say! Huge fucking eye roll 🙄 !!!!

3 thoughts on “Millions Upon Millions Are Homeless And Hungry In America As Inflation Is Through The Roof And Yet, How The Hell Does This Make Any Sense?

  1. When is we Black People working together

    Trump was shit Biden is worse

    At least if Trump helped Nazis we understand what is Kamala Harris’ problem

    Where is Dumbass Obama who doesn’t see Reparations and Home building for Africans as fucking Social Assistance

    They got Ukraine and pumping money into it then they dicking Democrats think they have a Bipartisan Bill of Shit

    They should drag one out to build new house projects with Gay Ass Buttigieg and see how the Republicans are gonna boycott and shoot it down

    People attacking Biden are damn right he is a Neo Nazi

    You don’t bring Africans Jamaicans Haitians in To beef up the chances of the Dems but add more white ass that would go to the Republicans because he is Bipartisan and made his money out of sitting in Congress for 42 years doing no good and good for nothing like Pelosi and Hakeeem Jeffries my foot

    OMG! MLK Jr and X just hit shot again this time in the ass.

    We been shouting to hell about how “good”
    Americans treat themselves now I know better as always though that even Turks in America say we don’t live like Blacks

    I’m done but Karma from India and Nemesis from God knows where had better start dealing with Biden at 80
    Damned Years and heaping hot coals on the POOR and Hispanics

    How does Pelosi with over 100millon dollars of wealth from saying shit and shaking all over the place

    We are Africans bearing te brunt on Motherland or Shithole Africa and on God’s Own Country

    I’m not out of here
    Here I stay
    Blacks need a way out
    This is sad

    Sometimes poor black people should not be elected because they play second fiddle but now God or The Second Coming of Jesus Christ or Rogue Ass African Governments had better start doing something for us

    No one need to say more
    Biden is a pure ass Nazi

    He signs bills against lynching but not for lunching

    Hungry weatherbeaten Homeless stand more unlucky chances of being roasted and lynched without being accounted for and there has been a few

    What’s happening with those in Congress from Alabama and Mississippi?

    Now, Lord Have Mercy

    If Joe Lewis was Alive he may sign

    If McCain was alive he will sign

    Nemesis and his whole family of Titans has better come fast

    This is Doomsday for African Americans

    No one must push it under the carpet

    Shameless Congress , Guvs and Mayors

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    1. Black people have shown the world that we’d rather turn on each other and beat each other down even as the whole world is beating us down. No one has any respect for us since we don’t have any respect for each other. Social media is filled with evidence of this. Black women will post an 8 hour video, day after day talking shit about another Black woman when both are in the same boat and both are being fucked over by the system of white supremacy. Black people sit over here and call each other derogatory names every single day. No other group does that. People see how we treat each other and they take a cue from that. It is not as if we have ever even tried to come together to form an alliance against our most hated enemy because we have made the enemy, each other. We’ve got everyone and their dog on our ass and we are on our ass as well. What good can come from that? How can we not see that only by looking at the situation in that we are all we have and should act accordingly, will we stand a chance? But we refuse to see that. We will forever be hell bent on tearing each other down while the rest of the world does likewise. We will always vote for the democrats even though they are worth shit to us and we can’t see that.

      I have done my best. I started this blog 8 years ago and I am basically talking to myself because Black people are still fighting among themselves about reparations. They’ve formed groups: ADOS and FBA and instead of coming together collectively to demand reparations, those groups are fighting. The American descendants of slavery agenda and the Foreign Born African agenda should be one and the same but, each group wants to be head honcho as opposed to just joining up and getting the shit done. No one takes us seriously because it is clear that we don’t take ourselves seriously. We are doomed; that is a fact. If we had any sense of cohesiveness, we might have stood a chance, but since we are hell bent on being divided, we will fall and we are falling fast and hard. No one is our friend; certainly not Joe Biden. And Karmala Harris was never our friend especially seeing as when she was top cop in California, she locked up Black mothers who were homeless just because their child missed school. She also was responsible for locking up so many low level drug offenders who happened to be Black. That bitch is the devil’s own and she should not be the Vice President especially since her campaign for the presidency imploded in its infancy because of the chaos, pandemonium, bedlam and the fact that she was running out of campaign funds. Joe Biden has no business as president because he is as senile and demented as any nursing home patient. The shit’s crazy over here and getting crazier by the minute. Only a nuclear warhead sent over here would do this shit any good. And I’m ever prayerful that that will happen.

      Thank you for your comment.

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