Guest Post By Nootkabear – A Gem Of A Post! Homeschool YOUR Children And Keep Them Out Of Those Indoctrination Centers Called “Schools!”

This is actually a comment left by Nootkabear on a different blog, but with Nootkabear’s permission, I was able to post the comment in its entirety on my blog. Again, I thank you Nootkabear. And without further ado, let’s get on with it.


I would hate to be a parent of school-aged kids nowadays. I have said so many times the last few years, that my Daddy would have gone to the school and kicked some school-board ass! And that was before drag-queen story time began. After drag-queen storytime began, he would have gone up to the school with his war buddies, and they would have shut the damned place down.

Those people are crazy. How the curriculum in the schools are, teaching 4-5 year olds how to give blow jobs? And what vibrators are, and how to use them? Teaching then about anal sex? What ever happened to the sweet innocence of children?

Hell, kids are not allowed to be kids anymore. You have teachers and sickos trying to convince them to change genders at such a young age, that the rest of their miserable lives are going to be so fucked up, they are not going to be able to have any semblance of a normal life. What kind of adults are these kids going to be? A lot of the male mass-murderers complained that their mothers were whores – as in prostitutes, and street whores. What are these kids going to be when they grow up?

Trust me, I would be homeschooling my kids too. Then you have the govt. telling parents that their children belong to the whole community, that the kids aren’t their kids, they are the communities kids. Hell, once the community starts paying for the kids, maybe. But by God…
Sorry you got me going on a rant now…

Speaking of God. With all the pedophiles running around, on top of the teaching very very young kids how to give blow jobs and to have anal sex, you have to know, that God is not going to let this go. History shows time and again, when society gets too out of hand, God will step in. Look at ancient Rome. They had gotten way out of hand, with orgies, and murders, and all that. God did step in.
He will again. The children are the innocents. Now these sickos have come for the children. The schools have gone along with it. I have seen what some of the teachers are doing, and I tell you what, I am surprised a thunderbolt has not come flying out of the sky!

I don’t know where this will end up, but I don’t want to be in the way, when whatever happens, happens. After all, the President of the US bathed with his daughter when she was very young, and according to her diary, touched her where he should not have touched her. You see him around children, sniffing their hair, and telling stories about kids rubbing the hair on his legs. That man is sick too. His son is just like him. The apple don’t fall far from the tree. But God must be really disappointed in the people that elected that man.

Now with Russia, and the Socialist Leader Biden going at each other’s throats, we might find out very soon where God stands on all this. Putin has promised he will nuke us, and I have no doubt that he will. While our Supreme Socialist Leader stands there saying that Putin should not be allowed to live, and sending Billions upon Billions of our hard earned tax money to Ukraine to fight against Putin. Putin sees the war he started as a religious war. Plus he is fighting the remaining Nazis. He will absolutely nuke us.

Ok, I got my two cents in…


The above is Nootkabear’s comment in its entirety and all I want to add is the fact that I agree with every single word in this comment. We have a sick monster for a president. We are at war no matter if it has not been ‘officially’ declared since this country is providing the means for Ukraine to continue to try and thwart Russia. Our children are being brainwashed in school. In fact,  I saw a video just the other day whereas a grandfather had to go to school because he learned that the teacher had put a dress on his 2-year old grandson. In the video, the teacher acted as though she ‘owned’ this man’s grandson and how dare he question her authority. What is going on these days is the ultimate in evil, depravity, debasement and is disgusting, sickening, vile and horrific. There is not an ounce of morality, goodness, empathy, humanity, compassion, thoughtfulness, justice; none of that to be found. All that I can hope is that these are indeed, the end of days.

All I can say after having watched that video is that I would be cooling my heels in a jail cell after a confrontation with that teacher over my flesh and blood being treated like that. Home school your children because this is what is happening to them in these so-called ‘schools’. I have never seen anything like this. This child was only 2 years old and it was only day 2 at this school and already, the brainwashing, trying to change him from what he is into what ‘they’ want him to be had started. That is beyond the absolute end of enough. They are giving these children no room to simply be children. These horrors in a classroom posing as teachers are trying to indoctrinate our children into a perverted, obscene way of life and hell no, I’m not down with that. If the only way to stop this indoctrination is to home school your children, then so be it. Because this is what is going down in classrooms all across this cesspool of filth!

6 thoughts on “Guest Post By Nootkabear – A Gem Of A Post! Homeschool YOUR Children And Keep Them Out Of Those Indoctrination Centers Called “Schools!”

  1. Lately, a school called Chrisland in Ikeja, Nigeria went on excursion to Dubai with 9, 10 to 13 year old kids who went into orgies like Gang Bang with a 10 year old girl… the school was shut down but I drove past and saw people and children in there getting into a school bus and was like “OMG, Another Trip”. What’s the World turning to, I know little about Sodom and Gomorrah but the way this is going, just pray

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    1. Well, it was written that Sodom and Gomorrah were ancient cities that were destroyed for their wickedness and my hope of hopes is that that will be the case for this shithole that is hell bent on making sure that the rest of the planet’s people are just as sick and twisted, vile and debased, depraved and perverted as this cesspool of filth is.

      I read your comment and was quite overcome with rage to know that this is not something that is the exception, but is the rule is overwhelming to say the least. This is why it is my most fervent hope and wish that these are indeed, the end of days for man is something abhorrent and not fit to live since debauchery and perversion rules his waking and sleeping hours.

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. Thanks
        On my part on a personal level, Idk much about religion just started getting interested in Christianity in 2014 but my Mom who died in 2016 believed I’m an Atheist because I was for long… anyway

        Putin attacking Ukraine
        Germany which protected Greek and Polish economy standing by
        The USA and the EU sending money that can develop Africa 10times over to make us live a better life
        Telling Ukraine to buy Guns and Bombs with it while mainly Africans in America generally and Hispanics are suffering while giving 5star treatment to Age-Old dirt poor Ukraine that executed a 5year old girl in the 1940s for plucking a grain of wheat since they had only snow and was guarding every strand of wheat?

        Russia now openly threatening to use Nuclear Weapons, would make Reagan turn in his grave or he may have hit them first to save his love for KKK and John Wayne

        Well, let me tell you something confusing to me, something has to give and this is how history repeats itself

        We peoples of African origin may not get out of this imbroglio unless they nuke themselves out or something natural that will have supernatural connotations would happen

        In either case it looks like the end of Russia which may fast forward Armageddon via the China and North Korea Axis of Evil

        Just imagine Taliban out of the news and certainly amassing ammunition’s while beheading people /Myanmar is as if nothing happened but they have killed thousands of citizens after jailing Aung San Suu Kyi / the African Presidents or bubble heads overseeing poverty-stricken people for Ages…

        Haha… rock of ages cleft for me
        Let me hide myself in thee

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      2. I used to be a Sunday School teacher when I was in my teens since my mother made us go to church. However, the christians are nothing more than hypocrites and I soon became very jaded and disgusted by their hypocrisy and I just consider myself to be spiritual but not affiliated with any so-called ‘established religion’. I get so weary listening to people go on and on about prayer for if prayer helped, it would show. The people in this world, even those who loudly proclaim to be ‘religious’ have little to show for it as there is no sign of compassion, brotherly and sisterly love or humanity and empathy for if these were in abundance, there would not be so many billions on this earth who are poverty stricken, suffering needlessly and dying painfully because they cannot afford the proper nutritious food to maintain a healthy body.

        As much of history points out, those who would destroy all, have no qualms about doing so and if having all that money and wealth could buy is supposed to make a person happy, then that does not seem to do the trick for the ones who get off on causing misery, suffering, poverty, homelessness and would rather wage war than seek peace. Here we are in the 21st century and what has changed from what went down in previous centuries? Only the weapons of war. They have been upgraded. Man will pay any price for weapons that kill, but cannot find money for housing, food, medical care and the other needs of humans. We have homelessness so bad over here that in many areas it has been declared a ‘state of emergency’. In Canada, they have taking to euthanizing the poor rather than put money into resolving the issues of why so many people are living in deep poverty. Once again, there is money for war, but no money for the poor. But the Hispanics over here are not suffering as badly as the American descendants of slavery. The Hispanics are just taking back what was stolen from them since this shithole simply annexed much of Mexico and that was that. The Hispanics are just coming into their own.

        As for Russia threatening to use nuclear weapons, Russia needs to put up or shut up. I am quite exhausted listening to Russia continue to send messages to these politicians over here about consequences of them funding Ukraine. Since this shithole is funding what’s going down in Ukraine against Russia by financing it and giving them weapons, that right there should be considered an act of war against Russia and so useless threats by Russia are paid no heed by these warmongering shits over here. Russia, AGAIN, needs to put up or shut up because their threats are becoming quite mundane and tiresome. I mean, what have they got to lose since this country is hell bent on Russia’s annihilation? I do realize that Putin is most concerned with collateral damage, but there comes a point when he must consider that this shithole has been the single most destructive entity on this entire planet and striking this shithole would go a long way in at least giving other countries on other continents a chance because this shit over here is rabidly psychotic. They are also sneaky and slimy since they’ve now got everyone over here focused on some abortion nonsense from the Supreme Court and less focused on inflation, high gas prices, skyrocketing rents/mortgages, food and the shit stirring that these assholes got started over in Ukraine. And the stupid Amerikkkans fall for the smoke and mirrors, lies and deflections every single time. These stupid shits over here are finally out in the streets protesting, but NOT over, AGAIN, inflation, high gas prices, skyrocketing rents/mortgages, the Russia/Ukraine conflict etc., but are protesting over whether or not the Supreme Court is about to ban abortions.

        And if any peoples can survive what may go down, I am ever hopeful that it will be Africa’s people for we are done for over here regardless of whether or not Putin blows this shithole up and that is a fact. I wish he would authorize a nuclear warhead to annihilate this shithole NOW!

        As for the African leaders, I don’t even know what to say since the amount of corruption among them is just beyond belief. African countries and nations should be far more advanced than they are especially at this point in time, but it is almost as though Africa is hell bent on going backwards as opposed to forward. What will it take to set African countries and nations on the right path? I don’t know since I don’t even have any answers for us over in this shithole. But I can say that my most fervent hope and wish is that this shithole gets a taste of what It has dished out to the rest of the world. Would be about time, I say. But is there ANY country willing to do the dishing? That’s the 64 thousand dollar question.

        Again, I thank you for your comment.


    1. I just wish that I had had the means to stay home and homeschool mine because the outcome was less than stellar and the reckoning from that continues to this day. The fact that I spent more time over at the schools cussing and yelling than I did on my jobs just wasn’t sufficient and the damage had already been done. No, my son has never put on a dress, but those racists had him feeling some type of way about being Black. The system is set up so that Black people, for the most part, have no choice but to send their children to those racist ass institutions because our salaries are never on par with whites. But since this plandemic, many have had no choice but to stay home and they should have been homeschooling their children and since many companies are insisting that remote work is fine, remote work it would be for me and I would still be homeschooling and the government and their racist ‘teachers’ could just go to hell.

      mysparkingthoughts, thanks for your comment.

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