Fact Or Fiction: Did This Really Happen In Lynchburg, Virginia? You Decide




The ‘Black’ sections of Lynchburg are all dilapidated. Is this fact or fiction? Come see for yourself.

Let me begin this story by saying that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and then there are other times when art imitates life. Now, with that having been said, let me begin the story.

There was this woman who married a man who had children by his first wife and she also had children via a previous marriage. She was from the Midwest and he was living in the Lynchburg VA area. He was the President and CEO of a company in Lynchburg and she owned her own business. They built a beautiful home in a little town outside of Lynchburg, lots of land, exotic animals, had pig roasts; the whole nine yards. But before this man married this woman, he was living his life as a bachelor and since he was a bachelor, he hired someone to clean his home and she had been his housekeeper for years even before he met his new wife. And so when he married this woman from the Midwest, he brought her and her children to live with him in Lynchburg, VA.

Now, the husband of this woman fell ill, seriously ill and they traveled all over the country seeking treatment for this man’s serious illness. But despite the fact of them being extremely wealthy, there was just nothing that could be done to make the husband well again. In fact, the lady who worked in the house, keeping it nice and clean, worked for this couple for years and years and years until she had to retire because she was too old and infirm to work anymore, but she also cleaned the wife’s business as well as the home.

Now, back to the story. The husband was seriously ill and the wife had to take a lot of time away from her business to concentrate on her husband’s illness and try the many treatment options they were hoping would work. Well, nothing worked. The husband became so bad off, the wife had to sit by his bedside taking care of him, daily, and eventually, he died.

Well, while the wife was taking care of her husband, she had about three employees who were keeping her business up and running, but since she was not there on a day to day basis, unbeknownst to her, some of her employees were planning to leave her company and form one of their own; the same type of company. Of course they did not have the money for this venture and so what did they do? Why they stole millions from the company, quit the company and with the money they had stolen, opened up a business in another small town. In fact, they even took with them some of the clients from the company they had stolen the money from.

So, there remained only one employee left at the company who had nothing to do with the theft and she was the only Black person who worked at this company. The two thieves who stole the money and clients from this company were white. We’ll call them by initials: M & G. M & G, started up another company using funds they had stolen from their previous employer while she was out taking care of her sick husband. And like I’ve previously stated, they also encouraged clients from their previous employer to become clients of their new company.

When the wife of the man who died was finally able to see through her grief that she had two missing employees and missing millions, the first thing she did was replace the millions out of her own personal accounts so that no one would be the wiser. She did not report the theft of the money and the loss of her clients to the proper authorities. She did however, tell her most trusted housekeeper and cleaner of her company just what had taken place and she begged her to remain silent as she did not want this information to get out. She had to tell someone and she did not trust her acquaintances with this information since she was a prominent business woman with an impeccable standing in the community. Plus she did not want this to tarnish the memory of her dear departed husband, not to mention, her children. Because one of her children now runs the company that she no longer physically works at, but she holds a title at the company.

This woman, again, did not report the theft of millions from her company by her two employees who took the money, nor did she report the loss of clients, she just let the years go by because she had aspirations for a political career. She got that political career and none were the wiser because of course the two white former employees were not going to tell anyone of the theft and the lone Black female employee was too scared to say anything, plus she needed the job.

The woman who used to be the housekeeper and cleaner of the company for this woman with the political aspirations told her daughter about this and her daughter was just outdone because she knew of this woman and she knew that this woman was racist from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. In fact, the former housekeeper had quit on this woman at one point in time because she refused to pay for the extra gas it took for the housekeeper to drive her car to another city in which to do her job when the couple moved. This woman who had her employees steal millions from her, hired another housekeeper, but that did not work out and so she ended up calling her old faithful housekeeper back and told her that she would increase her salary if only she would come back to work. An amount for a salary was agreed upon and the faithful housekeeper returned to work until, as was previously mentioned, she retired.

Now, why would the housekeeper tell her daughter this information, not once but twice? I would hazard a guess that this secret was weighing heavily on the housekeeper’s mind and she wanted to unload the burden, share it, so to speak. You see, some people have a conscience and some don’t. It’s funny how Black people are always the ones who have a conscience and qualms about doing wrong(or even hearing about wrongs committed) while whites gladly cover up the shit they do, sweep it under the rug and sleep at night all while decrying how criminal Black people are, all while decrying that Black people are the worst things walking upright and how Black people should pay for their crimes even if we’re not guilty and have spent years on death row only to be exonerated 30 years later. But whites don’t have to worry about that because whites cover for other whites and then go on to involve themselves in politics and enact laws that are the most harmful to Black people. As for getting the authorities involved at this point, what would be the point seeing as how the statute of limitations has long since passed?

So, is this fact or fiction? You decide.


….and stay tuned for more: “Is this fact or fiction coming out of Lynchburg, Virginia.

19 thoughts on “Fact Or Fiction: Did This Really Happen In Lynchburg, Virginia? You Decide

    1. Well, because ‘lynching’ Black people in one form or another is still very much “THE THING” in this racist cesspool of hatred, hence why there are racists running around gunning down Black people like what happened in Buffalo, NY, but these racist shits over here want to come out with an anti-Asian hate crime bill. Those slant-eyed yellow heathens did NOT originate from here and since they did not, then they have a passport that says they can go back from whence they came at ANY time. But the thing is see, they got it going on over here. They’ve got too many stupid Amerikkkans flocking to their fake ass Asian takeout joints filled with fake ass MSG coated kung pao this and shrimp fried that.

      But when George Floyd was MURDERED, some whites in this racist burg decided to sign a petition to change the name of this racist burg. Of course that didn’t gather any steam. And why should it? Because the same stomp down racists shits that’s running around this racist burg fucking up Black people would still be here doing that very same thing despite giving this fucking racist burg a different name. These racist whites have these Black people down here practically believing that they still need to be calling them ‘massa’! I have never seen a more buck broke bunch of Black people in my entire life. Even when they know that whites are fucking up another Black person, they will follow whatever the racist whites tell them to do to help that shit along. Now, how fucked up is that? But I intend to make this a series of “Fact or fiction” because I’m not one of these ‘buck broke’ house slaves and until I get the fuck up out of here, I’m going to make it as unpleasant for EVERYBODY down in this fucking burg that I can.

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      1. I am seriously considering it. I would have left already, but I have some unfinished business in this shithole. I’m in the middle of two lawsuits and I intend to collect monies owed to me before I up and leave this cesspool of filth, corruption, crime, racism and some more shit!! I met some great people from Nigeria here in the states. In fact, this lady I recently spoke with married a man from Nigeria. I know she’s glad because she retired from one job and is about ready to retire from another and she says she and her husband are going to head to Nigeria to retire. Good for her! There are many, many ex-pats who are Black and many are following in their footsteps. You just get fed up with this racist shit when we did NOT ask to come to this filthy shithole!

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      2. Of course they would be in Paradise especially if they get a seaside view… the city I live in is expanding and Nigeria’s population is increasing even as it’s the highest in Africa. But let me tell you a story of how I’m Nigerian with a Nigerian passport of course with which I lived and worked in Europe for 15years – so I know what it means for you to leave America ASAP – I was in so many countries 23 of them but not America- while you will be having your Paradise here because you were born in America!!! We black people have big problems, racism to the people here as they have never experienced it and imagine how George Floyd died – my elder sisters 4 of them are in Michigan, Delaware, Texas and Georgia since 1982 for the first 3 and 1989 for the 4th I’m the 5th… why say all these is because they would never (Mark the date) come back to live in Nigeria because they are the immigrants who cannot Re-adapt to their home country Nigeria because of the the customs and sully to say the least -traditions and again how very very expensive it is to live in Nigeria – with the Naira falling against the dollar since January 1984 when the military took over and the USA axxxed our currency because the military were Nigerians but sympathetic to the USSR you know they gave some of our elders born in the 1950s especially lots of scholarship in USSR AND East Germany and China all the Eastern Europe have friends here … yeah

        Lots of Nigerians want Russia to win because they know that Amerikkkans hate us

        And from the scepticism of the early 1980s it. shows all the films and fiction written about the USA Vs USSR is unfolding

        The Americans are cowards ordinary folks in Africa who watched all the black and white western and political and historical films are making comments in the beer parloirs and night clubs in Lagos especially since that is where I am now

        People are saying that the USSR meaning Russia will win or has won since they fired and the USA did not reply

        Now, I was Accredited in the UN Office at Geneva, Switzerland for 2 years and I spent a total of 8 years resident Switzerland as correspondent of the Times Publications and Corporate Africa… and I also write fiction- why did the US let that happen because my English boss at the time says here in 2022 that Russia wants to destroy the whole of the US that they have a plan but anyway he is the UK why doesn’t he think Russia would destroy the UK

        Plus people born here feel free overseas and people born overseas feel free in Africa … I speak Turkish and French from my travels so learn a bit of the frame of mind in the culture just love it and not pretentious if you don’t… okay welcome

        My son is in North Carolina and has never been to Nigeria at 24… my views of here and there – Europe from living in Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, France apart from visiting Gothenburg, Copenhagen on transit or Sofia and Milano and Rome on grandit for a Nigerian shows some accuracy in advising some one who is African and not born here should come here because it’s pure bliss considering lower prices for American comfort in Nigeria… I love it here but I will still travel for Business and pleasure definitely a book tour and pleasure of the taste of visiting America

        My late mom said: You’re alive because you didn’t go to America… I once filmed Swiss police arresting Nigerians selling Coke and the Irish and Moroccan Embassies in Switzerland met me to say Thanks .. just imagine me at 30years old filming cops in a raid in Chicago lol now I’m 53

        That’s why my Mon was so happy I didn’t come to America. She died and is buried in Michigan- still the only child who hasn’t been to her graveside because the Amerikkkan Embassy in Abuja in January 2019 didn’t feel it’s okay for me to be at My Mother’s graveside because my Immigrant visa will be ready by 2029

        Just Imagjne
        The whole world has to know
        It’s not only what they do to Africans in America

        It’s what they do
        Painful Live Daily Lynching if the Soul, for me

        If the Nigerian government also made it compulsory to get a visa … well yes and no

        Because you need a Nigerian visa but if you arrive without one the Nigerian immigration will find an excuse to allow you enter the country without any visa but some greenbacks!!!

        That is the bottom line from my side of life:-)

        Peace and Love

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      3. I had heard that we Americans will have to grease plenty palms when we get to Africa because of all the corruption. I am wondering will I ever get the opportunity to be able to own land in Nigeria since I may be looked at as a usurper who comes over and buys land while some Africans may not. Of course the western media has us all believing that most African countries are poor and backward. Well if that were the case, the Caucasians and Asians would not have set up shop over there and proceeded to haul everything not nailed down out of Africa. I just wish that the leaders of the African countries and nations were not so corrupt and would look to the well being of their people. That’s really what I have a problem with. It makes no sense that pink, pasty and yellow motherfuckers are all doing well and hauling shit out of Africa while Africa’s people are made to live like shit. They need to get it together. But what would work for me in Africa is that I would hope to not have to experience this blatant, outrageous and in our face racism that we face CONSTANTLY for something that is NOT our fault. Not one of us asked for our ancestors to be dragged to this shithole and yet we are the most hated here in this shithole. It makes no damn fucking sense at all. Let me stop here before the top of my head explodes.

        Thank you for your comment. I wouldn’t come here if I were you. It’s getting so bad that mass shootings are taking place in schools, in grocery stores, in subway stations; just everywhere. You are much safer where you are.

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      4. I knew it

        But in the first part of greasing palms : you nailed it here

        if that were the case, the Caucasians and Asians would not have set up shop over there and proceeded to haul everything not nailed down out of Africa.

        That exactly what I meant without knowing what I was pointing too. Good one you mentioned greasing palms

        I grease palms so you grease palms too

        The culture is probably one of you have more than I do you can give a tiny gift

        God forbid! We Nigerians love to give to poorer people than us whatever our rank on the rung or ladder.. if someone thinks that is bad then it’s a crime against humanity

        Imagine the difference between North America madness and West African madness : there is no comparison and from what we’ve been writing back and forth you will notice how much middle class my immediate families are (parents and children) but there are people who are my age just 53 and they know they will never be able to get a visa or board à delta airline flight in their wretched lives even if they live to be 90… that is sad. If anyone who is African thinks they would not even give to the African poor – what exactly are they doing with that chicken change because $1 today is N590 and you can’t get 2beers with 590 since 2 beers is 700Naira in Nigeria

        Do you also know greasing palms is our word for tip

        If someone doesn’t have business with you, you don’t need to tip them and you can live here without seeing the slums. I don’t and out of place there too.
        In short.

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      5. One thing I would never do is try and come to any African country thinking I’m better than the native people are. I would only hope to be welcomed and offer what I can because as civilization is collapsing around us, I do believe that Africa will be the only hope. And if enough pasty and yellow asses are wiped out, Africa stands a chance. I know you have seen in the news that some disease called, “monkey pox” is making the rounds in many countries that have a mostly European citizenry. And yet, whenever the western media reports on this “monkey pox”, they ALWAYS portray someone with Black skin when in reality, this “monkey pox” is affecting the pasty variety and only the pasty variety, at this point and it has been linked with homosexuality. Go figure. First coronavirus, which the pasty group just cannot believe didn’t wipe out the Black Africans and now, “monkey pox” which is also affecting the pasty variety. I just cannot make this shit up. I am ever hopeful that something is indeed, trying to get this pasty and yellow filth up on out of here. The world would be the better for it, especially those of us who are not pasty or yellow.

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      6. Wow! I still think it wouldn’t be nice for disease to get rid of them because they only could run a world where we have today… a world of only – Africans will ruin it

        Secondly, there are 250 million Nigerians and 100million are living better than 300million Americans, come and see they have stolen the country dry year in year out

        The extent of government corruption is unforgivable but it goes on and some who care disappear to the Caribbean

        It’s a wild Africa too but it’s rich, that’s why the culture of the Middle Ages continue because we haven’t developed to Houston or San Diego levels

        Mark 10 on the human development index and the USA at 10 with Africa at 1 or 0.5

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      7. Pay no attention to the so-called ‘human development index’ because it means nothing. Here in America and in other western countries, the inhabitants are drug addicted, drunken, obese, brain dead idiots who couldn’t think for themselves if they tried. They have been brainwashed by the western media to believe that they are filled with exceptionalism all because they have the ability to drive big, huge, trucks, suck down GMO garbage, sit on their fat asses and complain in their McMansions and the result is a massive amount of murder/suicide, obesity related deaths, drug over dose deaths by the hundreds of thousands and now, poverty so off the scale, Africa looks like a shining paradise on the hill in comparison. If you saw what I see, daily, you would understand that Africans have it far better than people give Africans credit for because this shithole is about done for. It makes no difference when people say that this country is the richest on the planet when the majority of its citizens are living at or below the poverty line. There are entire cities that are filled with people living in tents, defecating out in the open whereas they just pull their pants down out on the streets, squat and shit. They drop their used drug needles right beside them as they nod off in a drug induced stupor. Some are like weebles that wobble, but don’t fall down because they are high on government-issued methadone; a drug that is also an opioid that is used to get the heroin addict off heroin. There will soon be more homeless people than there are housed people what with rents and mortgages skyrocketing beyond what most can pay and this is all being done by design. It is an engineered crisis brought about by the greedy investors and sanctioned by the government. Believe me, next to this shithole, Africa is paradise.

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      8. Interesting and the World is a strange place when people here think Paradise is out there

        I’ll find a way to make us have this conversation in context because our ideas about how it really is just fall in place everytime

        There’s little or no needles here and there is a smaller homeless problem than in the US no matter how big some people think the homeless problem here is…

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      9. I just hope that the Africans are not trying to follow in the ways of the western world for that would be a serious shame. There is nothing about the western world that should be emulated. Au contraire! You see, I know not what goes on over there and you’d be surprised at what goes on over here. I know that you are well educated and well read, but sometimes, you have to live in a place to get the feel of it and while I do understand that you have family members who live here, sometimes, they may look at things through rose colored glasses. I do not. I see things for what they really are and believe me, this shithole is headed backwards instead of forwards. It’s like going back in time. These racists over here actually believe that they are civilized when they are anything but. “Africa,” I say, “is our only hope.”

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      10. The Africans, are certainly au contraire to your views: not because we want to but because our governments are embedded with the West even though it’s mode of operations are not like the West and they are just embedded with Britain and America on paper!!!

        The issue you nailed is what my family members in the States think, they don’t believe they looking at anything through rose coloured glasses because my youngest bro in Dallas said this when I talked about our conversation: …but bottom line is she is still in America, right?”

        Where we are all right in our viewpoint is what I like you to see – I haven’t been in the USA you guys know it, I know Europe which is a kind of different ball

        If I could be the judge of my own experiences and thoughts

        You feel that way because you got the US citizenship free by God’s Grace, people beg for it, pray for it, wait for it all their lives, I’m waiting because I didn’t want the Swiss citizenship cos I got Amerikkkan coming

        We who were born in Africa do see how bad it is I have a sister who left for 20years but went back after all the kids went back to the USA

        Sometimes life give you lemons, you make your lemonade

        African-born don’t go on sprees: American born Africans don’t usually go on sprees : the common enemy is the fascist : African economy is always in bad shape but you can come here since you can jet back if the adventure doesn’t work out : my folks do not even think staying back here in Africa is an option since the bottom line is poverty or die or make it here but still have to let the kids grow in the western world

        I hope when life give you ‘Lime’ make ‘Lemonade’ or re-arrange the words and ‘smile’

        There’s no clear cut road to wisdom or personal best


      11. “You feel that way because you got the US citizenship free by God’s Grace, people beg for it, pray for it, wait for it all their lives, I’m waiting because I didn’t want the Swiss citizenship cos I got Amerikkkan coming”

        I wouldn’t call it that, the way I “got the US citizenship.” I’d gladly give it up for citizenship ANYWHERE else but European countries. I understand that people believe that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but this blog is filled from beginning to now as to why the grass is NOT greener on THIS side of the fence. If I could know, for one second, what it feels like to live amongst people who will never call me the “N” word and treat me like I’m less than a dog and hate me for something that I had no control over as in the fact that I did NOT ask to be here nor did I ask for the color of my skin, I would gladly give up my citizenship of this shithole in a heartbeat to anyone who wants it. And though you may say that’s all well and good since that can’t happen, I say to that, it is my most fervent wish and prayer. You have no idea. I cannot make ‘lemonade’ out of hate and racism, that is an impossibility. And it is also a fact that Africans who immigrate here are treated better than those of us who have citizenship through birthright. There are just too many things to disagree on and so we shall just leave it at that.

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      12. There are many videos on Youtube whereas many American descendants of slavery are going for it; moving out of the states and heading to African countries and they are chronicling the journey and their experiences. Many have purchased land and homes. Many have met wonderful people and have a wide range of friends from many different African countries and the one thing they all say is that it is so liberating to look around and see a sea of faces that mimic their own and not feel like they have to defend the color of their skin every single day. Nor do they have to worry about being locked up over a minor traffic infraction that a white person would never have to worry about like what is going down here in the states. In their opinion, the benefits of leaving this shithole outweigh the cons. I hope to experience these things for myself.


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