I Was Diagnosed On June 12th With COVID And Strep Throat After Having Traveled To Atlantic City, NJ On Business

People, please take a proactive role in your own health care. Please do NOT merely take the advice of these Death squads out here frontin’ as doctors. I see why people were dropping like flies over this COVID mess. It was intentional. I was not advised to take any holistic means to help combat COVID. I was told to take the most harsh, the most fucked up treatments that are out there and if I had done so, I truly believe that I would not be here typing this blog today. I cannot stress it enough that your loved ones are dead, not because they contracted COVID, but because of what was administered to them by the Death squads that are out to do us MUCH HARM and I do mean MUCH HARM. As the story goes, a picture speaks a thousand words and so I will not just write about what my experience has been, but there will be accompanying pictures to back up what I am saying. Here goes.

I went to Atlantic City on the 6th of this month because I had some business to take care of and I stayed at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. Pictures are below.

Bally’s hotel room


And here is my so-called, “ocean view room.” That’s the “ghetto ocean view room” view. I’m Black, doncha know!

The view from the fourth floor. Bally’s has 38 floors. So yeah, I got the ‘ghetto ocean view’.


And here!


Black folks always get treated like this even though our money is still green. And in this next picture, this is all I could find beyond the boardwalk and the casinos to take a picture of. Atlantic City still looks like shit!

In da hood, there’s always going to be a liquor store. Go figure!


So I get back from Atlantic City and my throat immediately starts hurting, feels like it is on fire while someone is also cutting it open. I start feeling like my throat is also clogged and I keep trying to clear it. I can’t take it and so I go to the Lynchburg General Emergency Room located here in Lynchburg, VA because I’m like, I got strep throat or something.

At the ER, of course they claim that all I have are viral infections, one of which is most likely COVID and I’m sitting there saying that I also have a bacterial infection in my throat. Well, they swab both nostrils and my throat and of course, the tests come back positive for COVID and strep throat. I am told that I need to go to Virginia Baptist Hospital the next day since that day was Sunday and get the “infusion treatment.” I’m like, “No, I’m not getting INFUSED with anything!” They were like, “I highly recommend this because you have an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto thyroiditis.” I tell them that I don’t care about that, I’m not getting ANYTHING infused in me. If I die, I die.

This is the referral to get that “infusion therapy” that I had already adamantly refused. It was stuck in the packet of release forms anyway.

The ‘dead squad’ pulls out the papers, pretending to look them over, but refusing to show them to me until I’m escorted out the damn ER. This is what it said and be sure to look REAL CLOSE at what I have circled and don’t forget the part about, “IT IS STILL EXPERIMENTAL!!!!”

As you can see, “infusion therapy” is totally new and nothing is really known about this, but I was supposed to just go in and get some shit “INFUSED” into my body. NOT HAPPENING!!!!

After I walked out of the hospital and went home, I did some research and I found another experimental therapy called, “PAXLOVID.” I called my insurance company and found that it was approved. Now, the ER refused to give me this pill therapy because they told me that it interfered with some of my medications, but never told me which medications. I called my quack’s office and told him to send a prescription for PAXLOVID to my mail order pharmacy. I was told by my quack that I had to take PAXLOVID at least 5 FIVE days after acquiring COVID and that I needed to get the prescription and immediately start taking it. Now remember, if I had received PAXLOVID when I was in the ER, I should have been right as rain in no time flat because it even states on numerous websites that in order for PAXLOVID to be effective, it must be taken within 3 THREE days of acquiring COVID and I was already on the 5th day when I requested the PAXLOVID. Once I received the PAXLOVID, I researched that and found that PAXLOVID is just as experimental as that bullshit “infusion therapy” and I refuse to take that.




Paxlovid is another ‘experimental’ drug that is being dished out by the ‘death squad’ otherwise known as doctors. I refused to take this after doing my research.
In my opinion, this is another ‘killer’. This is why your loved ones died. It was because their bodies were not allowed to fight off COVID, but were subjected to this poison shit that further DESTROYED their immune systems. Folks, something horrific, debased, disgusting, vile, vicious and lethal is going on. Don’t just let the death squads hand you anything and tell you that it is for your benefit. Take vitamin D, C and whatever else you want to take in the vitamin family. Stop eating meat and sweets and give your body’s immune system, a chance. It will show you just what it can do to fight this shit!

More Paxlovid bullshit!

And guess who makes Paxlovid? PFIZER!!!!!!!


Folks, what I did to help my body fight COVID was to rest, walk around for a few hours to keep the lungs clear and working, drank plenty of water, took the antibiotic Azithromycin for 5 days, 500 mg pills for the strep throat, took, vitamin D, vitamin C and I am feeling much better. I will admit, COVID will kick your ass. It is an all and out attack on your immune system, but the worst thing I had was the sore throat from strep and a cough that was in my throat. The cough is almost gone and I’m almost back to my usual. But I cannot stress enough to do YOUR HOMEWORK. Don’t merely assume that the death squads have your best interests at heart because as you can see, I did NOT need “INFUSION THERAPY” which is experimental and they don’t know shit about it or so they claim. I also did NOT NEED PAXLOVID WHICH IS JUST AS EXPERIMENTAL AND THEY ALSO DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT THAT OR SO THEY CLAIM. Even though Fauci says he’s got COVID despite 4 vaccines including BOOSTERS and now he’s stating that he is on the EXPERIMENTAL DRUG PAXLOVID which I refused to take.

I am not saying that what worked for me will work for everyone, but I would try ANYTHING holistic or at the very least try vitamins, rest, fluids as in plenty of water before I would EVER listen to those quack shits that are all about putting more toxic poisons into your body that is equipped with the ability to fight off shit!! Let your body do its thing!!! PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU LET THOSE DEATH SQUADS INFUSE YOU WITH ANYTHING OR GET YOU TO TAKE EXPERIMENTAL SHIT THAT THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT.

And lastly, my death squad quack had the audacity to prescribe for me a cough medication that NUMBS THE LUNGS AND YOU CAN’T FEEL YOUR CHEST. How the hell do you give a COVID patient a medication that NUMBS THE LUNGS AND YOU CAN’T FEEL YOUR CHEST WHEN WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH OUR LUNGS???? This is what I mean. This is the shit I’m talking about!!!! Look up this medication: BENZONATATE 200MG X THREE DAILY.


This is the shit my racist quack prescribed for me. I cut the top off because of my address displayed as well as the prescription number. Benzonatate NUMBS THE LUNGS! No COVID patient should be given a medication that numbs the lungs and you can’t feel your chest. These death squad dogs are the reasons why your loved ones are dead. I did NOT take this bullshit, I absolutely refused!!! Again, do YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Don’t just listen to the death squads frontin’ as doctors.

What is benzonatate?

Benzonatate is a non-narcotic cough medicine.

Benzonatate works by numbing the throat and lungs, making the cough reflex less active.

Benzonatate is used to relieve coughing.


And here is another website that explains how benzonatate works just in case you don’t believe the first one.

What is benzonatate (Tessalon)?

How benzonatate (Tessalon) works

Benzonatate (Tessalon) is an antitussive. It works by numbing certain nerves in the lungs and airways, lessening the urge to cough.

What is benzonatate (Tessalon) used for?

  • Cough

Benzonatate (Tessalon) dosage forms

capsule icon


SERIOUSLY???????!!!!!!!! Folks, be careful out there! These filthy, vile, sadistic lethal fuckers called DOCTORS are not fucking playing with us and what’s more, they are doing this shit to us with the full blessings of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT! Beware!!!!!
Below are the Lynchburg General Hospital Emergency Room doctors who wanted me to go to Virginia Baptist Hospital the next day to receive that killer bullshit “infusion therapy.” Stay clear of these fools because I honestly believe, AGAIN, that I would be dead if I had submitted to that “infusion therapy” that is brand new, not widely available for use and no one knows anything about it including doctors, scientists government officials; the whole nine yards.
Circled are the doctors that were at me about getting “infusion therapy.” They don’t even know anything about that mess, but just expected me to mosey on over to Virginia Baptist Hospital and get “infused.” And one fact about Virginia Baptist Hospital, back in the day, Black people were barred from entering the doors of Virginia Baptist Hospital. We were too BLACK! But I guess, some of us got insurance now. No, what it is is the fact that Virginia Baptist Hospital is still experimenting on us with that neo-Nazi shit going on over there. And if anyone from Virginia Baptist Hospital wants to come up in here and crap an attitude over this, I’ll refresh your memory as to what happened to me at Virginia Baptist Hospital in September of 2016. You really wanna go there? I didn’t think so!
Again people, beware!


24 thoughts on “I Was Diagnosed On June 12th With COVID And Strep Throat After Having Traveled To Atlantic City, NJ On Business

  1. Doctors and hospital personnel eliminate Blacks at the earliest possible opportunity. I have been in quite a few hospitals due to my auto-immune Crohns, enough hospitals to know that the only blacks you see are employees, never patients. I scan photographs and gatherings to witness how white-supremacism colors everything in what goes for culture in this country. Racism is deeply rooted but never talked about by any of the talking heads who report or control the body politic, the politicians are chosen in the whitest governing rooms where decisions are made, the justices of the Supreme Court where the blackest guy is actually the whitest of all, an injustice system from Hell, gun-wielding white freaks with assault rifles under the just-turned 18 white kid’s pillow to bring to school in the morning… Prisons that are all Jim Crow in the raw. All were defined and routinized, never changed since the white colonists learned the game of colonialism from the professionals who have *always* been supremacists to the fucking marrow.
    Executions of blacks by systemic racism behind closed doors, prescribed poisons, given “procedures” that are designed to result in death. How many times does any of this shit show up in any media source? This is built into every sector of a patriot’s dictated life. Everything is whitewashed daily. Zombies walking around without an independent thought *ever*. Parrot-like at every level of regurgitation.
    The statistics on COVID drone along the curves of the same graphs. They do not include the secret deaths of blacks who die from that velcro virus. The difference with the few people like you is that they think for themselves and reject the advice to commit suicide. Most people do not read the labels to discover the actual poisons. The statistics behind all those COVID graphs are padded. You could turn the fucking graphs upside down and they would still contain no truth, just a nod, a shrug to take the place of actual thinking. Tell the zombies that they are really thinking while remaining a fucking zombie. Different headlines but the same fabricated story. All tainted in white and all understood as changing news for the discriminating (racist) audience.

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    1. Bill, I wish I could like your comment a gazillion times!!!! And when I stated that I would most likely be either dead or near dead if I had listened to those death squad bastards, I meant that. I will NEVER just accept what the hell those racists hand me. I know they mean me MUCH HARM TO DEATH! I know this! I wish that more people would do as we do and not just sit somewhere believing in the ‘goodness’ of some shits that couldn’t even get anywhere near the word ‘goodness’ without bursting into flames, they are that vile and evil, rotten and debased, sadistic and rabid in their evil and depravity.

      It is a fact that hundreds of thousands if not millions have been systematically MURDERED by those who have been heralded as hero frontline workers when those savages were hell bent on killing people and money and racism is the root of this fucking evil system. There is no such thing as health CARE, health nightMARE!

      A nurse at my quack’s office even told me that no one listens to the few who try and get the word out that those racist shits in the medical field are intentionally fucking people up. I have been on the phone constantly trying to get oversight committees to go in and do something about this foul ass vicious shit and to no avail although I shall NEVER give up trying. The sad fact of the matter is the fact that they are ALL in on it and that is why none can oversee another entity because the purpose of the so-called ‘medical field’ is to fuck us up which is why every single goddamn medicine out there is in direct opposition to our immune system. Each and every single prescription that comes down the pike is out to fuck up our immune system. They’ve already fucked up our immune system with that GMO shit and glyphosate being sprayed on our vegetables and fruits and whatnot. The air we breathe is toxic and all of this is by design. Then enter big pharma and it’s a wrap.

      Just look at the toxic shit those racist bastards touted out for me to take. Nothing healthy or holistic, just take this INFUSION OF SHIT and die already! That’s what they wanted for my Black ass! I have been writing about this racist shithole for the past few blogs and I will not stop until this fucking shithole’s filth is uncovered from the criminal mayor on down. These motherfuckers here are trying everything they can think of to run my ass out of here because I’m making waves and that’s why they were trying to fill me with that toxic poison shit! They can’t even kiss my ass from a distance, but I’ll be damned before I give up on trying to expose the vicious, racist, fucked up, foul shit that goes on here on the daily.

      Bill, I thank you for that spot on comment! Again, I wish I could do more than just like it and highlight it. Take care of yourself and stay strong!!! The battle rages on!

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      1. I forgot to mention that I have also cut out all sweets from my diet. The Crohn’s that has dogged me since 1975, scarring my intestines and colon, resulting in only diarrhea, changed to fully developed turds within 6 days. Fucking fake-food giants join up with Big Pharm to fill the supermarkets with industrial waste repurposed as “ingredients”. You need an electron microscope to read the thousands of poisons that get marketed (another vile aspect of capitalism) as family-friendly fun. If it isn’t a basic clearly identifiable food I am loath to consume it. You have the medical giants, deadly hospital delusions, toxins with long names, and media pablum-delivery systems in each other’s pockets. And they do not limit their long-ass arms to domestic subterfuge, dark business in the corporate state of China (home of pandemic surprises) keeps the wheel of death spinning. There are no winners on that wheel — only perpetrators.


      2. And yet another spot on hit!!! Bill, Red dye 40 and numerous other KNOWN carcinogens have been banned in Europe, but are loaded down on store shelves in this shithole. I couldn’t even take any cough syrup because each one had that Red dye 40. So, we’re supposed to buy Robitussin to relieve a cough while giving the person, cancer? What the hell sense does that shit make? I mean, we hear about the shit that’s going on in Europe, but even they are at least trying to ban some of this killer, toxic poisonous shit! But here in this capitalistic shithole, it is business as usual in destroying and eliminating us out of existence.

        I am SO very glad to know that once you eliminated that sugary shit out of your diet, things improved for you. I wish I had talked about the need to cut sugar completely out of our diets long before now. Unfortunately, our parents get us hooked on that shit when we are children. It took me quite awhile to totally give up sugar because we grew up gorging ourselves on candy and not just for Halloween. My dentists always tells me that she wishes that she could use me as a model for these teenagers out here who refuse to give up those soda/pop drinks and sugar.

        And you are so right on the ingredients in everything we eat or drink. Some sparkling waters have sodium in them. What is the need for sodium to be in sparkling water? There is none. They will ALWAYS make a way to put some fucked up, toxic shit into whatever we are ingesting, be it liquid or solid. If even the air we breathe is toxic, then you know the shit we eat and drink is. The only thing we can do is try and limit our exposure to that toxic shit as much as possible and since we know that animal products as in meat and sugary products are extremely harmful to our health, they need to be eliminated. Our immune system seriously has a fight on its hands with all that’s thrown at it, constantly.

        Bill, keep doing what you’re doing since it is working. And as shit flies in my direction, I will keep folks posted on the fact that we ALL need to stay vigilant and look out for our immune systems that TPTB are trying to destroy with their poison shit!

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      3. The entire food chain is controlled by death-dealing mega-killers like Monsanto, that kill off natural, local, small-scale agriculture worldwide. They invade independent operations in places such as India, selling their one-season seeds in true mafia fashion, allowing no decent farmers to participate. These monopolies are protected by US military “support” and monetary control. Round Up is a planet-killing concoction that creates cancer-causing chemicals at the molecular level. Pallet loads of large bottles are right down the main aisle at Lowes and Home Despot to infuse lawns everywhere with cancer-creating agents that kill grubs and starve the moles and all other creatures who get cut off from the food chain. And the purchasers of Round Up breathe in the airborne molecules when they pop off the cap, reducing their ability to resist those velcro viruses at the same time that they pour these chemicals into the thin soil of the Earth.
        Halloween marks the beginning of a sugar rush scenario that moves in like a tsunami over the marketing driven holidays of Thanksgiving, Dark as Death Friday, Christmas Mayhem, and New Year’s Eve Debauchery. This is just one sequence of buy-crap-mania that maxes out on Super Bowl Sunday, the day when the absolute junkiest junk food gets piled on every available counter and table within shouting range of the 100 inch TV. The zombies who have already been stuffing their mouths with poisons for the previous 364 days cannot wait for the multi-million dollar commercials to begin, subliminal “suggestions” that inspire a billion people to lay waste to valuable resources by buying throwaway trinkets that befoul the environment, sending dangerous chemicals from rare-earth electronics into the nearest water-table and keeps death flowing downstream to further poison the oceans that are already dying of oxygen depletion caused by a capitalist-fueled climate catastrophe that was already known by the researchers at Exxon and all the other petrochemical juggernauts. They knew the grim reaper was on the way but would not risk their positions at the top of the Fortune 10. TPTB are behind the entire enterprise that fossil-fuels the behemoths that are destroying everything in their path, like the bulldozers scooping up the raw materials of Soylent Green for the processing plant.

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      4. Bill, ALL of your comments need to be a blog! We know that we are ALL walking toxin factories but people need to be made aware of what kind of world they are trying to bring children into. The Supreme Court has deliberately caused people to move away from foaming at the mouth over inflation, high gas prices, skyrocketing rents and such by overturning Roe v. Wade. That shit was done on purpose as is everything that is taking place just like that shitshow of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Everything is smoke and mirrors, bread and circuses to get the populace on some jaded Hollyweird shit and to not focus on what needs to be focused on. TPTB know exactly what the fuck they are doing and it works every time because just as you say, the zombies all turn in whatever direction TPTB point them, without fail. There are only a few of us who are not zombifried yet and who cannot get through to those who are quite beyond help.

        “Halloween marks the beginning of a sugar rush scenario that moves in like a tsunami over the marketing driven holidays of Thanksgiving, Dark as Death Friday, Christmas Mayhem, and New Year’s Eve Debauchery. This is just one sequence of buy-crap-mania that maxes out on Super Bowl Sunday, the day when the absolute junkiest junk food gets piled on every available counter and table within shouting range of the 100 inch TV. The zombies who have already been stuffing their mouths with poisons for the previous 364 days cannot wait for the multi-million dollar commercials to begin, subliminal “suggestions” that inspire a billion people to lay waste to valuable resources by buying throwaway trinkets that befoul the environment, sending dangerous chemicals from rare-earth electronics into the nearest water-table and keeps death flowing downstream to further poison the oceans that are already dying of oxygen depletion caused by a capitalist-fueled climate catastrophe that was already known by the researchers at Exxon and all the other petrochemical juggernauts.”

        That right there was a gem in a sea of gems, what you wrote because it SO damn true, it’s a damn big ass shame!!! From the animals that are slaughtered for ‘human’ consumption to the fake ass sugary ‘delights’ touted out on each holiday and the masses race for that shit. Each holiday, one right after the other with hardly a space for breathing a sigh of relief when one is over since the next one is coming down the pike, quick, fast and in a hurry. Eat Easter candy, eat Halloween candy. Buy your ‘loved’ one some big ole chocolate heart candies for Valentine’s Day. We need Christmas candy for after we eat that big ole meal of ham and potatoes, macaroni and cheese, collard greens and hot rolls. Feast, feast on murdered animals and then waste your teeth away on junk food. But buy, buy, buy since the corporate bottom line shines when you do. Hawk yourselves to pieces to buy that big ole hypnotizing piece of shit on the wall that’s continuously telling you what to eat, what to buy, when to buy it, when to celebrate and never stop buying, never stop gorging yourselves on unhealthy shit. Just buy, buy and buy and when your purse is empty, why there is a “Title Loan Store” just waiting to lend you some money based on the title of your vehicle and so what if you can’t pay the loan back. We’ve got a program at “Fuck You Up Car Dealership” whereas for an interest rate of 456%, we’ll finance another vehicle for you and the steering wheel is on us, brakes are on you!

        People, literally must be foaming at the mouth insane since they are still falling for this massive bullshit attack! What is wrong with them???!!! I throw my hands up because what’s being done is so damn crystal clear, it ain’t even fucking funny. These mindless zombies must love living fucked up and foul.

        Bill, I thank you yet again for yet ANOTHER spot on comment. They really need to be spotlighted!

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      5. Shelby, you have indeed inspired me to bring these rants of truth to my blog. They come quickly to mind because they speak directly to those who become willing marks for the con artists who are serving TPTB and they come from my heart. Billionaires should not even exist, not to even mention the coming trillionaires. Elon Musk is 25% of the way to becoming the first on. Jeff Bezos is 14% of the way. These criminals do not even pay a cent of income taxes, while the people who work for them barely survive.
        The Supreme Court has six Catholics on the bench, and five of them are approved by the Federalist Society — the far-right group that gave Trump the names of the 3 justices he installed. They are predictable Catholic, capitalist, and conservative votes.
        But, now, I must get cracking on that publishing that blog.

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      6. Thank you my friend! And as soon as it is published, I’ll be re-blogging it here with your permission, of course!!! Keep writing Bill! Don’t ever stop! Every voice is needed no matter if you think you don’t make a difference. Believe me you have, you are and you will. Believe me, I know!!!!!

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      7. Thank you from my soul, Shelby. There are far too few of us who do not praise the proverbial emperor’s new clothes. And, yes, you are most welcome to reblog and you have every permission to do so. Being silent on matters as important as these makes our stance ambiguous at best, but it is more likely to make others think that we are fellow fools of TPTB.

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      8. Bill, you have made this the most popular blog on here and so please know that people are reading what you have written and I do believe that many are taking what you read to heart. I know I do. I have ALWAYS admired the depth of your humanity, compassion for other living beings and the fact that you are not afraid to speak the truth no matter how much it may hurt those who need to hear it, unfiltered, raw and unadulterated. My hat is most definitely off to you and please, keep pushing ever upward, onward forward and keep your head up! You ARE making a difference! Again, I promise you!

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  2. I’m so glad you are on the mend Shelby. We had it too. My husband who is much older than me sailed right through without the slightest problem. We didn’t even see a doctor and took no medications. Bed rest seemed the best attack for us. I agree that this virus was manufactured with the design to reduce the population. If you didn’t get it you were ordered to take the vaccine which could kill you as well. We can thank BG for this and probably the World Economic Form as well. Who are the elites going to get to butter their toast?

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    1. Leslie, I am SO very glad to know that both you and your husband made it through this. I was so fatigued, it was unreal. It was like COVID or whatever the hell it is was trying to take me out via every way possible. But the worst thing besides the extreme fatigue was the fact that swallowing was like swallowing knives, swords and fire all at the same time. I only went to the ER because I could not take swallowing another second and I knew I needed an antibiotic for strep throat since I was pretty sure that is what I had. I would NOT wish COVID or a strep throat on anyone and yet, I went through all of that at one time. I think my biggest help is the fact that I don’t eat meat or sugar and my immune system fought back like a raging tiger. I no longer even have a cough. And the mucous never made it past my throat.

      But I will stress AGAIN that I most likely would be dead or on the way out of here if I had listened to those racist death squad quacks and got some damn crazy sounding “infusion therapy” or took “PAXLOVID.” They don’t know shit about that and it’s only approved under EMERGENCY USE. They don’t even know ALL the side effects of that mess. How in the world do those shameless shits sleep at night knowing they are endangering millions of people with that bullshit? And that piece of shit Fauci is hopefully getting his just desserts seeing as how he is claiming, after having gotten FOUR 4 vaccines including BOOSTERS, to have COVID and is taking that PAXLOVID bullshit. So if he is taking PAXLOVID, then that dirty bastard has it bad. Good riddance if he croaks is what I say!

      Leslie, thank you for the well wishes and for telling us what you guys went through. Please, continue to take care of each other and as you have been doing, stay away from the death squads.

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      1. Thank you Shelby, my sentiments too. They want us to submit to their experimental vaccines and drugs and they have been absolved of all liability. They have lost all credibility. I hope Fauci is enjoying his experience with covid. Severs him right when he was financing “gain of function”.

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      2. My quack keeps asking me to get those vaccines. I have told him numerous times that I am NEVER going to get those vaccines and yet he is still relentless in asking me about them. I guess I’m going to need to cuss him the fuck out! And since I’m not going to be needing him much longer, I don’t mind doing that. But it is some real messed up shit when they are trying their damn best to get us to take that poison shit that certainly does NOT protect us from getting COVID. How is it that Fauci got away with stating that if you took the vaccine, you’d not get COVID and now he gets to run off at the mouth, changing the script from you can still get COVID if you get vaccinated, but it will help lessen the symptoms of COVID? A VACCINE IS MADE TO KEEP A PERSON FROM GETTING WHAT THE VACCINE WAS PRODUCED FOR AS IN IF YOU TAKE A VACCINE TO PREVENT THE FLU, THEN YOU SHOULD NOT GET THE FLU. THE SAME APPLIES WITH THOSE COVID VACCINES. So we know those COVID vaccines are bullshit because they don’t fucking work. And now, damn near everyone who went and rolled up their sleeve and took those damn vaccines are getting COVID multiple times. Jimmy Kimmel just came off his SECOND bout with COVID AFTER having been vaccinated. They say that Justin Bieber had a stroke and can’t sing and yet his pissy ass had been asking his fans to be vaccinated before attending his concerts. The claim is that Celine Dion is looking like shit because she had been advertising for people to get vaccinated and now ALL of her tours have been cancelled and she looks like death warmed over and she is of course, vaccinated. These assholes are paying for the fact that they encouraged people to take that poisonous shit! And I say good riddance to their asses if they croak because they’ve certainly seen to it that hundreds of thousands of others have croaked over taking those poisoned jabs.

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      3. When I was working as a nurse I saw a patient die from the regular flu vaccine. My cousin got guillain-barré syndrome from a regular flu shot as well. It took a year out of her life and had lasting side effects. Most of the doctors in the hospital where I worked didn’t get the flu vaccine because they would complain that it always made them sick. They don’t tell you that. Big Pharma has no liability for this either. I realized that I would rather take my chances getting the flu than voluntarily exposing ourselves to any vaccine. With the Covid vaccine I heard one of the chief scientist, Dr. Robert Malone, take a stand that not everyone should get it. This is not a vaccine it is a whole new process ( it’s messing with your DNA) and yet to be proven safe. We are being used as guinea pigs. Tell your doctor you are following the science not his pocket book, and I might add, Fauci is no scientist.
        You might want to look up Dr. Robert Malone, Shelby and hear what he has to say. (They are trying to shut him down too).There are many more physicians that have spoken out against the covid RNA vaccine. Unfortunately, they are being penalized for their comments. Some have even lost their licence to practice for having done so.



      4. I saw a video on Youtube whereas Dr. Robert Malone was saying that the mRNA should NOT be used AT.ALL. It is not what everyone thinks it is. He went into detail about the fact that we should most definitely NOT be experimenting with that. TPTB shut that video down, but I saw it before it was wiped from the WWW. When I saw that they were wiping ALL evidence out of scientists and doctors who were stating that what was being used to treat COVID was a huge problem, I already knew not to believe the lies from the opposition to those who knew that shit was some messed up shit. Why ANYONE would stand somewhere and offer their shoulder to be shot up with that bullshit is a complete and utter mystery to me. I am at a complete loss in trying to understand why people have lost ALL critical thinking and just believe the lies parrotted out, daily by those who are fucking us up and telling us to like it while supplying neo-Nazis with weapons all the while knowing they are neo-Nazis. This fucked up government is doing lab bio-weapon studies in Ukraine, funding that neo-Nazi experimentation that never ceased and that is why they are continuously sending missiles and money over to Ukraine to protect what they consider to be their “assets,” their ‘investments’. Russia has been warning US just what the hell is going down over in Ukraine but the stupid, brain dead, hypnotized Americanos are too stupid to pick up on the truth because it has been brainwashed into these idiots that Russia is the enemy and AmeriKKKa is the “leader of the free world.” Newsfuckingflash, there is NO FREE WORLD. All one has to do is take the blinders off and look the fuck around and get a damn clue!

        I am not surprised that those death squads otherwise known as ‘doctors’ refused to take the flu vaccines even as they prodded their patients to take them. I have always been leery of those death squad pieces of shit and I have no accolades whatsoever to bestow on those evil, vile, vicious death machines. They can just stay far away from me and yes I will question EVERY SINGLE DAMN THING THEY TRY AND GET ME TO PUT IN MY BODY. I don’t give a damn about their degrees, fuck that. They are not out to help us, but they are very much out to kill us and I stand by that! And Fauci is hopefully somewhere getting some of what he deserves. He’s got a lot to answer for and he is only just beginning to answer for some of the fucked up shit he is responsible for with the blessings of this fucked up government especially since, like you say, big pharma has NO liability, ZERO LIABILITY. I’m not taking something that the maker cannot be sued over. Oh hell no!

        Leslie, I thank you for your continued contributions on this subject. They are greatly appreciated.

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      5. You Shelby I think this war, the pandemic, etc. is just a cover for the financial meltdown and the World Economic Form to take over. We can’t let them get away with it. Funny, the trucker demonstration really got them worried.

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      6. Exactly! When people fight back, that scares them because that means that the smoke and mirrors, bread and circuses ain’t working. They want people focused on some other shit so that they can complete their agenda, but when folks are not falling for the okie doke, that scares the shit out of them and that’s when they try and shut us down or make it as difficult as possible to keep doing what we do to get the word out. But where there’s a will, there’s a way and I’m not one to easily give up, nor am I one for bread and circuses, smoke and mirrors. This blog is a prime example of that. So Leslie, please know that we intend to push on! We are NOT going to let them stop us!!! That is a fact!

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  3. I remember last year when the whole news media made fun of Donald Trump for getting COVID after refusing to follow the COVID protocols, like wearing masks and staying 6ft away from other people, that many other members of the white house wanted everyone to do. Now, more and more Congress members are catching it while being fully vaccinated and following all the protocols. They push all these protocols on people and many people have lost their jobs for not following these protocols only to see that these protocols, vaccines, and “medicines” that supposed to help fight off COVID don’t even work. It’s a shame that they keep trying to get people to take all this crap that they don’t even have enough information on.

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    1. Mysparkingthoughts, that is the reason why I posted this so that others can come in here and see for themselves just what a shitshow ALL of this mess is. Those assholes telling people to do this and do that don’t have a fucking clue. Millions have probably been killed over the bullshit pumped into them when all they needed to do was rest, take some vitamins, drink water and do everything possible to keep their immune system up to par. But putting their poisons in your body is only going to make you dead, not well, happy and whole. That’s not their agenda. Their agenda is to weaken the body while allowing a man-made lab concocted virus run amok, thus destroying the population. And as far as they are concerned, the more dead, the better.

      Folks loved ones did not need to die. They were murdered by these death squads called frontline workers which is why many of them balked at taking that poisonous shit! Many quit before taking that shit. But unfortunately, many Black people were forced into taking that shit and that is what killed them. But here in this racist shithole, Black people have left for greener pastures, at least those who worked in the ‘medical field’ because they refused to take that poison shit and when I go to my doctor’s office now, there’s a white woman running around like a chicken with its head cut off doing lab work because all the Black lab techs quit. My niece just built a house and she is a nurse and she done left because she’s not putting that poison shit in her body. Many, many Black people have left this hellhole and good for them I say because the way Black people are treated here is a sin before God. I am trying to tear unholy hell out of this shithole before I bounce.

      And ain’t a one of those so-called ‘protocols’ working because I was masked up the entire trip and at the hotel, took Lysol and sprayed everything down and I still came back with not only COVID but strep throat as well. So, those assholes can just miss me with their bullshit. I ain’t wearing no more masks, nor am I following ANY of that bullshit, nor will I EVER take any of their so-called ‘cures’ for this shit! They’ll get no takers here!

      Mysparkingthoughts, stay strong, continue to take care of yourself and I thank you for your comment.

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