The Mayor Of Lynchburg, Virginia, Mary Jane Dolan Has Some Explaining To Do And So Hop To It!

Mayor Mary Jane Dolan of Lynchburg Virginia who needs to resign and she knows why.



Mayor Mary Jane Dolan, you are not originally from Lynchburg, you are from Minnesota (and I’ve lived in Minnesota and so I know ‘your’ type)and there are many times, you did not even live in Lynchburg since you cannot seem to get settled in one home before you’re found tearing homes down or moving barns in order to build homes to suit you which never seems to happen since you’ve moved more times than many people change underwear.

But Mayor Dolan, I would love for you to read the blog titled, ”

Fact Or Fiction: Did This Really Happen In Lynchburg, Virginia? You Decide

and tell us if that story is FACT OR FICTION. The people really have a right to know. Don’t you think, mayor???!!! The citizens of Lynchburg need to know just what kind of a mayor they have. Do they have a mayor that upholds the law? Do they have a mayor who knows right from wrong? Do they have a mayor that does not act in her best interest, but acts in the best interest of her constituents? Mayor Mary Jane Dolan, do the right thing and you know what that is. The Falwells are not the only scandal riddled ‘family’ in this racist burg. And that is a fact!

I am not going to let up because you need to come clean with what you did when you did it. And you know exactly what I am talking about. Do I need to come to a city council meeting and refresh your memory? It matters not that this occurred years ago. What matters is the fact that you have no business as mayor of Lynchburg and you know this. What is wrong with you? Do you seriously think that only Black people should pay for their crimes while whites get away with theirs? And you also know why I am asking this question. Someone in this racist burg will make sure that you see this blog because there are a good number of people who know what you did.

So I am giving you the opportunity to resign as mayor because that is what you need to do. I have no problem playing the tapes that I have because I am not averse to taping my own mother. She is not off limits. Ask her. You have her number. Call her up and ask her. Also, ask her if I give a damn about the mistreatment that I have been receiving from you racist ass pieces of shit in this cesspool of racism, hatred and depravity simply because I refuse to kowtow to you racist degenerates. I’m not scared of your filthy racist asses and you know this. You got these other Black folks on some scared ass shit but not me. Never that! Now go ahead and resign. State whatever you need to state to get it done and then get somewhere and sit the fuck down.

7 thoughts on “The Mayor Of Lynchburg, Virginia, Mary Jane Dolan Has Some Explaining To Do And So Hop To It!

  1. I like your “look a racist in the eye” approach, Shelby. A racist does admit to any degree of racism, even when white supremacy boils in their very marrow. The last thing they expect is to be held to a standard of truth that *any* town mayor needs to follow. Getting elected is the easy part, possessing integrity is a minimum requirement of everyday service.

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    1. Bill, that racist bitch is the very last thing that needs to be called a mayor of even an ant farm. I know what the hell she is and so does she. I know what her damn dead husband was and so does everyone in this godforsaken racist ass burg, but all you’ll hear is how philanthropic he was. That was nothing compared to what he actually stood for. Throwing money at a few charities that do nothing but scoop the money up and keep people fucked up who need to make use of charities is nothing but a front for some rich whites to further enrich themselves. I know this burg’s dirty little secrets that they believe will not go beyond the Blue Ridge Mountains. Well, I intend to make sure that ALL of their dirty little secrets escape beyond these fucked up mountains.

      The whites run this racist cesspool like it is a fiefdom and that they don’t have to answer to anyone. Well, I aim to make sure that they are MADE to answer for the vicious, depraved, filthy ass dirt they try and cover up. They have tried to get me evicted. They have tried to kill me via different medical procedures and they are still wondering why I’m running off at the mouth and calling every agency I can think of to come down here and audit every inch of this filthy cesspool of racism, hatred and putrid smelling racists. I am NOT fucking playing with this filth and they better fucking know it. I will ALWAYS go to toe with a racist because I’m not scared of these dogs. They may scare some and they do scare most of these Black folks down here, but like I’ve said, they don’t fucking scare me and they’d better be knowing that.

      That bitch needs to resign and I’m not letting up until that happens. So if you hear that some shenanigans went down at the next city council meeting, that’ll be me refreshing that bitch’s memory.

      Bill, I thank you for your comment. It is much appreciated.

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      1. This is an excellent approach. Fight the power! I’m trying to do my best to understand the mindset of so many people we elect and compare their success to the failures of the devil because one day will be one day – THE D-DAY THAT ALL RACISTS EVEN IN NIGERIA, INDIA AND MYANMAR, RUSSIA AND CHINA AND DOWNLOW BRAZIL PARAGUAY AND ARGENTINA WILL HAVE TO GO DOWN

        It’s funny but I love to compare Africa and America because it is run by poor racists and petty thieves who have been to school and know rudimentary philosophies akin to their God-forsaken religions nurtured by Popes and Bishops of a king we know is evil to the core/
        Crazies who get into government to become rich

        Maybe they are not humans because I heard there is a race of Morons among Humans 😂

        I think the Human Race is fucked up for Life, Only GOD can save us

        How come African and American Mayors are just the same stealing money for the rich and brewing Mo’ Problems for Africans on both CONTINENTS WHILE STEALING MONEY THROUGH FOUNDATION

        THERE’s something worse than the story of Cain in Humanity’s – our Pandora Box – Thank God it’s lost like Atlantis

        What a shame to an elected official in God’s Own Country 😂

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      2. Now even WordPress is fucking with me. It is making me sign in when I was already signed in. WordPress has labeled me “anonymous” when posting comments on others blogs and the shit continues. When you start exposing these depraved, debased, sadistic assholes for what they are, even blog sites try and get your shit fucked up, but what they don’t seem to be able to understand about me is the fact that I am too stubborn to quit or give up. I will NEVER give up or give in and what’s more, the motherfuckers that I’m out to expose know this.

        I am already hated in this dead ass burg and so I could care less what these shits think of me and what I am doing to expose their dirty ass shit! I have no idea why they keep fucking with me because they must know that their names and the shit they do is going to be made public. What are they going to do to me? Make life as unpleasant for me as possible? Fucking done already! Next! They are the ones with much to lose. Me? I got not a goddamn thing to lose and the very ones who are running around trying to play all proper and innocent are the very ones who sit up in church on Sunday morning screeching out a hymn and yet are the devil’s own and wouldn’t be anything else. They couldn’t get anywhere near righteousness, honor, integrity, compassion, empathy and some more shit of the like without bursting into flames and they know it.

        And yes, there are some motherfuckers that I do NOT believe are human, slithering around among us and a great many of them are in this little cesspool burg and that is a fact because what they are doing to people down here is unconscionable and these motherfuckers don’t even blink when they’re doing the shit. Look at what they were trying to get me to have done. Some damn “INFUSION THERAPY” that they don’t even know a goddamn thing about and yet, they expected me to just mosey on over to Virginia Baptist Hospital and have some poisonous shit INFUSED in my body. These sick fucks are NOT human, they cannot be! Whatever they tell me to do, I’m fucking NOT doing it. I am also going to continue to do my OWN research because I have ZERO trust in these MONSTERS that are fucking NOT human. I don’t know what the hell they are or where the hell they came from, but they are NOT from this planet and they need to get the fuck on somewhere!

        What a shame to an elected official in God’s Own Country 😂

        Oh these shameless shits strut around toting Bibles all goddamn day while fucking people up; making sure they stay homeless, sick, poor and in da hood that has no grocery store, only a fucked up convenience store that has outdated shit on the shelves. But they’re ‘christian’, doncha know!! Huge fucking eyeroll there! You will NEVER find me sitting up in some church with these fucked up cowardly racists who can’t do shit to you unless they got fucking back up because they’re some scared ass shits. I just wish the Black folks weren’t all cowed and some more shit and not brainwashed by this fake ass white man’s religion that ain’t got shit to do with us. Black people are just too damn gullible, but that shit ain’t me. Never that!

        Rotimi, I sincerely thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated.

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      3. Well, I would consider it an honor to be banned on Twitter. To me that site is as about as useless and stupid as is taking a teaspoon of water to put out a raging wildfire. I have never tried to join Twitter or Fakebook and never shall I. It’s all I can do to post on this fucked up WordPress site.

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      4. You’re doing well, trust me.: Excellent views

        It’s a twisted world. Have you tried to read Yahoo! News or Reddit… please don’t a beehive of racist children and losers

        I think you may write about the discrepancies of African elected officials to take good care of Africans and the elected losers have no clue since 1957 lol when Ghana became the first independent Anglophone country and Guinea 🇬🇳 the first Francophone country to gain independence

        Did u know there were many elected officials in Africa killed during the Cold War because they meant well – Murtala Mohammed of Nigeria who badmouthed the US shot and killed when I was 8 February 13, 1976 and Jimmy Carter suddenly came to visit Nigeria — guess what Murtala used to pass in front of our house sometimes in the official Benz with escorts I call ménagerie but he also rides a bike and I was they gonna get u soon and they did

        If u look at Humans we die and we have no inkling that our opinions cover the times we breathe

        Believe it or not Humans of the far future will dump work and just play-work

        Humanity is not yet matured no kidding

        It’s like asking a kid for ethics when it starts and stops with Candy


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