To The Racists In Lynchburg, Virginia, I’m Putting Your Asses On Notice And To My Mother Who Claims I Constantly Embarrass Her, Get Over It!



Lynchburg, Virginia boasts of nothing but confederate this and confederate that. There is a confederate trail at a cemetery on Fort Avenue. The sign encourages anyone driving on Fort Avenue to walk the confederate trail. There are streets named, “Plantation Road,” and “Confederate Avenue.” Homage is paid to the so-called ‘heroes’ of the confederacy. A tree that used to be a lynching tree was mourned by the racists in Lynchburg, Virginia when lightning struck the tree and killed it. Not too long ago, there was a scandal whereas Jerry Falwell stated that he would wear a mask only if it depicted whites in black face or wearing Ku Klux Klan (KKK) outfits. We had a governor who was dressed in either or both, but was trying to backtrack from that fact. Remember Governor Northam. We also had a restaurant on Fifth Street called, Fifth And Federal Station whereas the owner ordered ‘black face’ and KKK masks for his workers. Fifth and Federal Station has since closed down and another restaurant is slated to open in its former space. I will not be heading in there because whatever is going to take the place of that racist piece of shit, Fifth and Federal Station, is more than likely going to be more of the same.

I am pointing all of this out to say that this entire burg, all 49.6 square miles is 49.6 square miles of pure, unadulterated racism. This burg’s whites are so racist that dating back as far as I can remember in my childhood, I only remember seeing two white faces until I started going to school and one white face belonged to a doctor, Dr. Morris. He was the only pediatrician who would see Black children. If not for Dr. Morris, I don’t know what we would have done. I remember him as a kindly man, who when I had chicken pox, popped one of them and I was like, “Ewwww, that’s nasty!” He told me to stay home in bed and take it easy. I also remember when I had tonsillitis, he referred me to Dr. Rischer and Dr. Rischer was another fine doctor who also saw Black patients back then. He was an ear, nose and throat doctor who also operated to take bad tonsils out. I remember my mother told me that Doctor Rischer said that I was the prettiest patient that he had operated on that day and he had also operated on a little white child and my mother noted that the mother of the white child turned green upon hearing Dr. Rischer say that. And so as far as I am concerned,  there were probably about two or three whites who were not extremely racist in this burg because even when I started school and we were integrated with the whites, the white kids took to me like ducks take to water and when I would refuse to have anything to do with them, I would get called to the principal’s office and asked why was I not speaking to Teresa or Donna or whomever. I’m like, “WTH!” “I talk to whomever I please, or not!” 

But as usual, I digress. I want ALL the racists in Lynchburg, Virginia, and you know who you are, to understand this fact, I am not going to let up on you racist pieces of shit until something is done about reining your vile, vicious, evil, racist shit in. You are going to be MADE to answer for the racist, evil shit that you are doing to those who look like me. It is way past time that something was done to stop that shit and I am going to make every breath that I take, a breath that is used to speak out on what the hell you fucktards are doing to Black people in this hellish burg that you treat as your own personal fiefdom and as though you don’t have to abide by laws, regulations, rules or anything that’s not put on the books by you vile and filthy pieces of putrid racist filth! I was born in this cesspool and so there is very little that I don’t know about it and what I did not know, I quickly found out. So, you can attempt to do your worst to me, but that is only going to embolden me to go after your damn racist asses with everything I can muster to make sure that the evil shit you do is uncovered and that you are made to answer for it.

As for my mother, who is one who shucks and jives to you racists and gets her voice set all nice and sweet when talking to a damn racist but yet cusses her children out as if we’ve done something wrong by merely existing, I’ve got a few words for you. You don’t even want to sit inside a restaurant with me. You won’t even go inside a store with me, talking about how loud I am and what an embarrassment I am to you. You have told me over and over what an embarrassment I am to you. What the fuck do you mean? I am YOUR flesh and blood and so if I am an embarrassment to you, you are an embarrassment to me because I did not give birth to you, you gave birth to me. I remember you coming home exclaiming over what those rich white little shits used to do when you were cleaning their homes and how you mistreated us because we weren’t the rich white little shits that you had just left. How the fuck was that on us? That shit was on you! I didn’t ask to be born in a cesspool of racism called “Lynchburg, Virginia.” That shit was on you and that sperm donor daddy who was useless and who told us that we were an embarrassment to him as well. Really???!! How the hell could we have been an embarrassment to a piece of filth that beat your ass, tried to beat my baby sister’s ass, wanted to beat my ass, but I wasn’t having it and also was never home because he was too busy out whoring around? The two of you were the worst parents any children could ever have and we were an embarrassment to you assholes???!?!!! Get the fuck outta here!!!

The same quack you have for a doctor is the same quack I have, but the difference is, you more than likely will do everything that filthy, racist fucker suggests. I’m sure your ass is vaccinated and boostered the hell up and yet someone told me that you’re experiencing kidney problems. You know, at one time, I would be feeling sorry for you, but that sorry dried up aeons ago and it will never surface again. I used to try and help your ass out even when you were belittling me, but that ship has sailed. Tell folks when was the last time you laid eyes on me. You can’t even fucking remember. And I hear tell that your ass is so foul, you sent Baeboo packing when she was trying to help you. And she has the patience of Job, but even she had to leave your ass, high and dry. Even Bubba said that when he pass by your house, the pedal is most definitely meeting the metal, he don’t want to give you a chance to flag him the fuck down. Ain’t nobody trying to fuck with you, but I’m the embarrassment???!!!!

You would talk about your own children to these racists that didn’t give a damn about you or us. Those racists would call you and cry in your ear on the phone talking about their fucked up lives because even having loads of money, don’t stop the issues and yet, when you came home from cleaning their homes, all you’d talk about is little Jessica said this and little Jenny said that and what Jay did and how cute Jenny said something. But would turn around and cuss us the hell out, but yet we are YOUR embarrassment????!!!! Are you fucking serious???? And you wonder why I have ZERO respect for you now??? I just know you don’t!!!! And I meant every single goddamn word of that letter I wrote for you and posted on this blog for your 77th birthday and I hope you saw it.

You put racists over us. You were made privy to the criminal acts of racists and yet what did you do about it? You fucking kept quiet about the shit because you were too intent on telling your own flesh and blood how much of an embarrassment we were to you. I was such an embarrassment that you allowed a man to beat my ass in your house while you and that sperm donor father of mine watched. I was such an embarrassment to you and yet I was the only one who would pull your husband off your ass when he was kicking you six ways to Sunday even though you used to drive us to illegal nip joints at night and leave us. But we are the embarrassment????!!!! And I am still appalled by your holier than thou attitude when we used to have to sit up in church and listen to that bullshit and then go home and watch the two of you fight like cats and dogs because of your husband’s whoring ways. He even stated long before he died that he was leaving no will because he wanted us all to fight over his belongings. What belongings? A big, fucked up house, three fucked up vehicles, some suits and some rings???!! I wanted nothing from his ass and that is exactly what I received because you were too busy handing his suits and rings over to the ‘men’ who had beat your daughters all throughout their marriage until I escaped, fled the state and my sister finally divorced her piece of shit scumbag husband. But yet you still claim them to this very day as being your “sons-in-law.” You’re going to have to answer for that shit just like these vile, vicious racists are going to have to answer for their shit! But I’ll be damned if I’m YOUR embarrassment heifer because YOU ARE MINE!!! Now suck on that!!!

All y’all Lynchburg racist motherfuckers are on notice and I don’t give a shit what you throw at me, I’m throwing shit right back at your foul asses!! If I’ll throw my own mother under the goddamn bus since she claims I’m some sort of embarrassment to her, then every motherfucking body else is going underneath that bitch as well!! All y’all Lynchburg racist motherfuckers are fair game!!! And I ain’t fucking playing! And if any of my so-called ‘other relatives’ want a piece of this action, try me!! Yeah! Your asses already know to leave me the fuck alone! You don’t want this smoke because you know I know all y’all’s fucking business! You better keep the fuck quiet while I do MY thang!

4 thoughts on “To The Racists In Lynchburg, Virginia, I’m Putting Your Asses On Notice And To My Mother Who Claims I Constantly Embarrass Her, Get Over It!

  1. Wow! That was one excellent account on that Burg from Hell. You would have needed a new platen, had you done it with a typewriter, Shelby. I know someone who lived a short while in that town, she was not impressed in the slightest, but she can certainly relate. Yet, no one can deliver a proper high-velocity screed better than yourself, this blog entry alone qualifies you as an informed, experienced, and ready to name names person. Virginia harbored the capital city of the CSA, Lynchburg might have been a better choice in retrospect. Being the home of Falwells helps it along, as you have reported under separate cover. I have been reading up on the Neo-Confederates and have some ideas on the subject that might find their way into a blog entry. The in-your-face Klan and their ilk reveal that place as open for racist business in the most violent way. White supremacist billionaires and the legislators they own all over the country have been drawing up plans for the future that include some form of confederate ideals. It could be something for a future blog post.

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    1. Bill, another time when I was at Lynchburg General Hospital’s Emergency Room because that racist quack of mine couldn’t tell if I had an infected arm or contact dermatitis, a visiting nurse told me and I quote, “These people are not nice!” I told her to not renew her contract with these vile shits and to look at my skin complexion, did she really have to tell me that these fuckers aren’t nice??!!!” I been knowing these racist fuckers aren’t nice. She was just getting a damn clue!! And she was talking about the frontline workers in a hospital NOT BEING NICE! Go figure!

      Oh, I very well intend to name names and my next blog, I’m going to be naming names because I’m done being nice. That ship has sailed. I am throwing EVERY goddamn body under the damn bus. Shit been quiet as a mouse down here because I guess they’re all in meetings trying to figure out what the hell to do with me. We were supposed to have our electricity turned off today for some tree trimming and that never happened because something else must have taken precedence over that. Well, they may as well have some more meetings tomorrow and the next day because I was on the phone with an agency that is ready to pull the money from the medical entities here and I was also told that I need to contact the Office of Civil Rights since mine have been most assuredly violated. Already done. I was also given the phone numbers for people to call to report the vicious shit going on down here and I shall be posting them as well. Like I said, I am SO not fucking playing with this racist shit in this dead ass burg. I don’t care how much money, clout or political swing they have, I’ve some tricks up my sleeve as well, not to mention if anything happens to me, there are several people who have COPIES OF ALL TAPES THAT I HAVE ON THESE RACIST ASSHOLES and the shit they’ve done will just get out sooner rather than later!

      Bill, I thank you for your comment. I can get in my bed and sleep soundly at night because I’ve not been out all day fucking people over and fucking people up. But then again, the ones doing that shit don’t have a conscience to berate them for the vicious, foul ass shit they are constantly up to, so I guess we ALL sleeping good at night!!


  2. I’m sorry you had such a bad mother. Bad parents is one thing I can never stand! And I’m so sick of racism. It’s a shame that a city like Lynchburg can be so racist and little is done about it. I wish all the racism in America could be eradicated.

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    1. It is a shame, but it can be so racist because this entire racist shithole is run by like shits. It’s just that this particular shithole is damn near completely isolated and is run like a damn fiefdom and if you step out of line, the whites try and make your life even more of a living hell than living underneath the boot of white supremacy already is. What I am glad about is the fact that so many of this burg’s young Black people left during the pandemic when they were told that they had to take the jab or lose their job. They chose to quit and head for greener pastures and I am truly glad that they did. It more than likely saved their life. And what’s even sadder is the Black people are so beaten down that they don’t even put up a fight. They just merely accept the status quo. There is just nothing to work with down here. It is seriously like being on the plantation and the whites are hell bent on stripping my ass and beating me with a whip, it is that bad down here. I can’t say everything I want to say because this is a public platform and I know these worthless, racist shits are reading this. And it doesn’t help that every single one of my family members is buck broke. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m the ‘black sheep’ because I’m the opposite of them. Go figure! They want me to just conform and not make waves like their scared asses, but I ain’t having it. I’m going out on my feet, not on my knees like those scared shitless, buck broke worms.

      Mysparkingthoughts, thank you for your comment.

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