Black women, do NOT go here for your ob/gyn needs. Please do NOT go here!! I cannot stress this enough!!!!!



Black women, a procedure was performed on me back in September of 2017 that did not need to be performed. I had a slight bleeding problem and I went to Lynchburg Gynecology located on Old Forest Road in Lynchburg, Virginia because I had just moved back to Virginia that same month and as soon as I got out of the U-haul Truck that I drove from Baltimore, MD to Lynchburg, VA, that is when my problems started and they’ve not stopped yet because of the racist medical ‘care’ that Black people receive in this nightmare hellhole of neo-Nazi racists experimenting on our bodies and fucking them up.

I went into the office of Lynchburg Gynecology and of course I was given the worst doctor in that facility, Dr. Lewis Dabney. And as many times as I have had pap smears done, that was the first time in my life that I screamed and yelled in abject agony. I knew that bastard was torturing me just for fun because none of what he did was necessary. When it was over, I was told to call back in three days for the results because that bastard had also performed a uterine biopsy. When I called back three days later, I was told that everything was fine. All tests came back negative. I knew there couldn’t be too much wrong with me because I had never had a bad pap smear before. I had never had any STDs because I hadn’t had many sexual partners. I can still count on one hand the number of sexual partners that I have had and I’m in my late 50s.

But lo and behold, I get a call from Dabney’s office telling me that I need to come back in for a transvaginal ultrasound. I’m like, “Why? The tests all came back normal!” I was told that they needed to find out what my endometrial stripe looked like. I called my old primary care doctor who was located in Baltimore, MD and told him what was going on and he told me to go ahead and have the procedure done. I did so. Again, I was in there screaming in agony again because Dr. Lewis Dabney was digging all up inside me with his fingers AFTER the transvaginal ultrasound had been completed. Now remember, a week before, I had already been examined and so what were his fingers doing up inside me? I have yet to figure that out. Not to mention, he had the bedside manner of a gorilla.

The next thing I know, I am called in to have a consultation with him and he tells me about my endometrial stripe. Now I don’t know anything about an endometrial stripe and what it should be and so, taking his word for it, he said that I needed a D&C to get more material from my uterus. I was loath to have the procedure done because I did not trust him, but I talked to some nurses who told me that his personality left a lot to be desired, but that he was a good doctor. I also called my primary care doctor and told him about my misgivings with this Lewis Dabney and was told to go see a different doctor if I was not comfortable with that one. The problem was that there aren’t a lot of options when you’re in a small burg and the reviews for the only other gynecology office were even worse than the one I had gone to. So, I was between a rock and a hard place.

I forgot about it until my new primary care doctor, quack John Williams asked if I had gotten the D&C procedure done and I told him about my misgivings about having the procedure done by Lewis Dabney because I did not trust him and he was rough. I was assured that I would be fine if I just went ahead and had the procedure. So, after having gone to get a chest x-ray and pre-op blood work, I found myself at Virginia Baptist Hospital, all ready to undergo a damn D&C.

After the procedure, I went home and when I went to use the bathroom, it did not feel the same. When I would vacuum, I would experience pain where I had never felt pain before, down in the lower region. I called and complained and was prescribed a medication for a urinary tract infection. That did not clear the issues up and I called and continued to complain and was given another medication for a urinary tract infection.

The next thing I know, I’m bleeding profusely and I call my gynecologist in Minnesota and she tells me to go and get my records from Dr. Lewis Dabney. When I tried to get my records, I was told that I had to wait two weeks for them to get the records. Now, I’m standing in the same office that performed the medical procedures on me; the pap smear, the endometrial biopsy and the transvaginal ultrasound and they are telling me that they need two weeks to get the records? I’m like give me my records right now because you can spit from one end of this burg to the other and it’ll hit you in your damn face. The black woman I was talking to got up and went and got a white woman who started printing out some shit and when I went to look at what she was printing out, it had nothing to do with the tests that had been performed in that office. What she printed out was the actual D&C procedure that had been dictated into the records at Virginia Baptist Hospital. And the reason why they refused to release my records from Lewis Dabney’s office is because I did NOT need a D&C at all. He was running an assembly line straight to Virginia Baptist Hospital because when I thought back, I remembered when I was filling out my paperwork, every patient that spoke to the front desk personnel, who had been to see Dr. Lewis Dabney was telling the front desk personnel that Dabney had asked them to schedule a D&C. And I remember thinking to myself, “I bet you when he is finished with me, I’m going to be in the D&C line,” and sure as hell, I was. A goddamn assembly line for D&Cs.

Folks, I went all the way to Minnesota to seek help to hopefully have someone undo what that neo-Nazi bastard did to me and nothing can be done. My life is a living hell because of what Lewis Dabney did to me and yet that bastard is still doing the same thing he did to me to other Black women and is getting paid for it. I have been, for years now, trying to get his medical license revoked, the insurance money stopped from flowing in and I have not been listened to, but have I given up? NO! I never will! I have been on the phone yet again today, constantly being transferred from one person to another and I’m sitting here waiting on a callback that will never happen and I will be calling them back. But please know that I will NEVER stop trying to get something done about these racist neo-Nazis who are fucking Black women up and yet blaming us for our health problems. We have always been used as guinea pigs even throughout slavery and nothing has changed. I don’t want another Black woman to go through what I am going through and I hope someone shows this blog to Lewis Dabney and I hope he wants to go to court over it because I am going to make sure that I screech and yell to the rafters about his racist neo-Nazi shit! And they can haul me the fuck off, I don’t care because I’m going the fuck off.

Black women, again, be very careful of these racist neo-Nazis that are out to do you MUCH HARM. Our bodies are precious and they are fucking them up and leaving us to deal with the fact that they hate us because they are some rabid, vicious, depraved, bloodthirsty neo-Nazi racist dogs! Do your research! And if something does not feel right, go with your gut feeling. I wish I had gone with mine and that is why I no longer believe in medical care, nor do I believe in the ‘goodness’ of doctors because as far as I am concerned, they are nothing more than death squads and should be treated as such.

Take care of your bodies so that you don’t need to visit these neo-Nazis because they do NOT have your best interest at heart. I had to find out the hard way. Don’t you have to as well.

16 thoughts on “Black Women In Lynchburg, Virginia, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT LET LEWIS DABNEY AT LYNCHBURG GYNECOLOGY TOUCH YOU!!!!!!

  1. And you neo-Nazi bastard, Dabney, just so you know, I just got yet ANOTHER notification from WordPress that I am on a FIVE DAY STREAK!! So, your shit is going to get views and I hope that other women whom you’ve done the same as you did to me will follow in my footsteps, get on the damn phone and refuse to give up until something is done about your racist neo-Nazi ass!!!!

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    1. Leslie, thank you! Someone has to expose him in the hopes that he does not wreck someone else’s life like he has wrecked mine. I wish I had seen something like this before I ever stepped foot inside that chamber of death. Why I am not dead is a mystery to me because my life has never been the same since and I would not wish this on anyone. Thank you again for your comment Leslie.

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      1. We have a program called W5 on TV that investigates issues like this. There was a paediatric dentist that was abusing children and although it took many years they finally caught the guy. It takes whistle blowers to shut these maniacs down.

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      2. According to a nurse in my primary care physician’s office, she and others in the medical field have been trying to become whistleblowers by blowing the top off of this racist medical experimentation being done on us in this dead ass burg, but no one will listen to them. Yesterday, I was on the phone with someone from an agency who is supposed to investigate this mess and I was transferred and transferred until I had to leave my phone number for a callback which never happened. And I am now on the phone cussing them out because they want to transfer me AGAIN!!!!!! But I am NEVER giving up Leslie.

        I thank you for your comment. I will be calling the news since I had no problem doing so in February of this year and I was their featured top story. I am not averse to setting my ass up on TV and talking about what the hell is going on. I’ll even let you guys know if I make it on the small screen.

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      3. Exactly Leslie! They want us to give up when we keep seemingly get nowhere but passed around, but we are not giving up so easily. What I am finding out is that there are A LOT of people out there who are reporting the same things I am. So, people are NOT just taking what is being done to them and keeping quiet about it. You have no idea how often I have heard from the agency personnel that I have been able to talk to, just how prevalent what I am reporting actually is. Pretty soon, they’re not going to be able to just sit back and do nothing about all of this reporting from every single burg, hamlet, village, city in every single state in this fucked up shithole because something has got to give!

        Thank you for your comment Leslie!

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      4. You do have a TV program that does investigative reporting. What about Frontline? They are pretty good about exposés.


  2. I know of this from others who have been to these racist, misogynist, sadistic, serial-abuser Mengele types. They take out things like nymph nodes when nothing at all is wrong with the woman’s lymphatic system. They do it without permission while you are under general anesthesia. Just in case you just might have cancer of the lymph glands. EVEN WHEN NO CANCER EXISTS. They get away with it because an ocean cruise may cost a little more than anticipated, or their kid’s tuition has increased…or any reason…or no reason. Privacy does not exist if you are a woman. As you say, Shelby, if you are a black woman you also get to fill some strange racist drive that lets them do absolutely anything that is even mildly invasive, but of course, they do not stop at mild because they are probably jaded at their job. So they play a game of Plantation Doctor and wish they had been born a couple centuries earlier. How many medical records exist on enslaved Africans? If there are any it would be an account of a pissing contest in the “bite this bullet” tent. The white “distinguished” man of medicine is too special to be questioned. And medical records do not record incidents of malpractice because the physician authors those records. In other words, they are works of fiction.

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    1. “And medical records do not record incidents of malpractice because the physician authors those records. In other words, they are works of fiction.”

      Exactly! And as in my case, they refuse to even release the records and offer no explanations and yet my insurance company paid them. My insurance company even called me to ask me to ask my doctor to send them my medical records because the only thing they receive from his fraudulent ass are the bills. They even wanted to send a health care professional to my home to see what my medical condition was. If they know this shit is going down, why aren’t they reporting it and shutting this shit down? Why keep calling me complaining about what they’re not getting from the quack? It makes no damn sense. And every single entity that is involved in regulating the medical industry tells me that I have no idea how much of this shit with these fucked up doctors is going on and the fact that they are fielding complaints like mine every single goddamn day and it never stops. I have told those bastards that yes indeed, I do have some clue as to the extent of the seriousness of the issue of quack, neo-Nazis deliberate fucking up patients, performing procedures that were not necessary and that were actually quite harmful to the patient. I am living proof of that shit!

      Something is seriously wrong with the entire medical system in this fucked up country, everyone knows this including those who supposedly regulate and are supposed to take to task, health care workers when they fuck up but they think that because the issue is so prevalent, just do nothing about it. That shit is absolutely ludicrous and is costing people decent health and even their lives. I am not going to stop attempting to have something done about this and if I know of ANY piece of shit racist quack that has fucked up even a bird, I am going to post it here in the hopes that more people will take to putting it out there just what their experiences have been with these neo-Nazi dogs frontin’ as ‘doctors’ when they’re nothing more than death squads.

      Bill, once again, I thank you for yet another spot on comment. It is much appreciated.

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      1. Medicine by quacks also involves all those enormous insurance companies that perform no useful function, they do not have such an arrangement in other advanced economies because they do not these thieving middlemen. A single-payer system is not only more transparent, but is trillions of dollars less expensive. Health insurance companies are barnacles.


      2. …and yet this shithole REFUSES to implement a single-payer system like most European countries have because first of all, money, money, M-O-N-E-Y and second of all, none of this shit over here has the interests of the citizens at heart hence why there is nothing but toxins in our food. How the hell does a cereal company get to tell parents that even though their cereal contains a known cancer causing agent, that the amount of the cancer causing agent in their cereal is okay for them to give to their children? SERIOUSLY???!!! General Mills has the audacity to tout their Cheerios as heart healthy all the while those same Cheerios contain glyphosate, a known carcinogen. Like I stated in a previous comment, there are toxic products that have been banned in Europe that are still loaded down on supermarket shelves in this shithole; Red dye 40, for instance and a whole helluva lot more. And just like you said, look at the fact that you can go to Home Depot and other companies like it and pull Roundup off the shelves and poison our lawn and food supply.

        And my insurance company is an absolute joke since those assholes will harass me about not getting the information they need from my quack, but won’t report his ass. What fucking sense does that make???!!! I am literally sitting here with smoke coming out of my ears, I am that pissed the fuck off. Why I have not been a victim of spontaneous combustion continues to elude me.

        Bill, thank you for your comment.

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    1. Thank you mysparkingthoughts, I hope he loses his license as well and that he is unable to keep malpractice insurance because of numerous lawsuits. I am sitting here now feeling sick as hell and when I called my quack a week or so ago about coming in because I was feeling under the weather, I was told, “We don’t see sick patients!” This is ALL by design. They want us fucked up and dead. I am working on getting out of this hellhole called Lynchburg, but It will probably be too late.

      Thank you again for your comment mysparkingthoughts.

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