Is Lynchburg One Of The Most Racist Cities In Virginia?

Let’s take a look at something, shall we?

This chart is based on how many klan chapters are located in a particular city.

So, let’s see if you find a familiar city on the list.

This chart is courtesy of

Aha!!!! Not surprising to me!!!!


For those of you who have read the previous blogs that I posted about Lynchburg, Virginia, you should not be shocked at the fact that Lynchburg, Virginia has the dubious distinction of making the list as one of “THE MOST RACIST CITIES IN VIRGINIA.” Of course I am sure that one would be hard-pressed to find a city in Virginia that is not “most racist,” and does not have a klan chapter operating out of it, but this just proves what I have been saying all along. The hypocritical buybull toting racists in this burg are the epitome of fake assed pretenders. They smile in your face, knowing all the while that with all the land they own, at night, they’re standing in some other racist’s field carrying a torch and sporting a white sheet and a hood. The next day, they are your doctors, lawyers, landlords, bank tellers, social workers, teachers, restaurant owners, news reporters and so forth and so on. And if you make waves, you will be dealt with, sort of like what these racists have in store for me, not that they haven’t already been trying to “deal with me.” In fact, my cousin was in Kroger at the customer service counter just the other day and lo and behold, my most sainted mother(according to her) was standing right in front of him. They looked at each other and turned the other way. Now, remember, that’s the cousin that lives with me. My dear, sainted mother knew better than to part her lips to even whisper my name. But as usual, I digress.

This next chart is a complete and utter lie and it will probably be self-explanatory, but I’ll explain what I mean anyway. And you should know that this particular chart only pertains to Lynchburg, Virginia.


How the hell is THAT believable when every single Asian in this burg either owns an Asian restaurant, nail salon or beauty supply store? You would not be able to find an Asian going anywhere near a soup kitchen even if you camped out with binoculars for months on end trying to spy out one!

It does NOT matter about population count. What matters is the fact that if a district, burg, hamlet, town or city is not enabling an Asian to make bank, they simply move to a more profitable district, burg, hamlet, town or city. In fact, I have another chart that will make an even BIGGER lie out of the above chart. Shall we? Yes, we shall.



Now, THAT chart is NO lie. Look at where ALL the Asians stand with regards to liquid assets and total assets, does that look like they are struggling and living in abject poverty to you?

Let me explain what is taking place in Lynchburg today. With the full blessings of the mayor, Lynchburg is most rigorously going through the process of GENTRIFICATION. You see, there are seven hills otherwise known as districts and the most poverty stricken districts are where the majority of Lynchburg’s Black citizens live. Most of the housing projects are located in those districts. But what is happening is that even in the so-called Black districts, the whites are coming in and are taking old buildings and turning them into something they hope Lynchburg’s younger, up and coming residents will take to. And with the current state of bigger cities, what with carjackings, smash and grabs, burgs like Lynchburg are looking better and better to whites which is why bigger, multi-family housing management companies are buying up mom and pop owned apartment complexes and are essentially paying them the asking price because they are going to increase the rents on all multi-family developments which will thus make them too expensive for many Black people to afford which is what is happening with the complex I live in. It was privately owned and now it has been bought out by a bigger management company that is trying to run those of us out who cannot afford to pay 400% rent increases.

What is also taking place is that with this economy, many whites in this burg are struggling. I have been perusing Craigslist to get some idea of just how much whites are beginning to feel the pinch of inflation, high gas and diesel prices, high grocery prices and what I’ve found was what I expected. Whites are avid hoarders and some of you may have heard of a television show called, “Hoarders.” I used to watch that show because it was quite telling just what extent whites will go to to not release even an old newspaper, but take a look at what they are letting go on Craigslist because they need the money.

Anybody badly in need of this wreck? It can be yours if the price is right!



This is exactly what I mean. The water pump is leaking, the AC compressor is burnt up, but for $3,000, it’s a ‘steal’.


I know that EVERYONE, simply EVERYONE is going to line up to come buy this!


And another example of whites hoarding shit! But a WHOLE FORK LIFT???!!!!

We ALL most certainly NEED forklifts. Here’s one all set to go to a good…business? Yard?


And this dude was hoarding a WHOLE BUS!! I can only shake my head!!!

Anyone out there with SO many kids, they need a bus because this guy says that his kids are grown and so he has no further need for a bus. For the love of!!!!


Church bus anyone???

Any church out there need a bus to get those tithes and offerings to church? Well, here’s one. Just change the name.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point. So, I am not saying that everyone’s coffers have run dry, but the fact of the matter is prices are rising, gas and diesel is more expensive, food prices are outrageous, companies offering high paying jobs are laying off and the only sectors that are hiring are those that already pay a wage that no one can afford to live on, hence why even whites are taking to looking in their fields for shit that’s been rotting away for decades, pulling it out and putting it on sale on Craigslist. But what are Black people doing? What we’ve ALWAYS done; figure it out and get through it. We don’t have shit hoarded in our yards and in our homes just waiting for a downturn so that we can possibly put it up for sale. We have been living the nightmare of poverty, hopelessness, hunger, income inequality, food insecurity, homelessness and the lot since our ancestors were dragged over here, not to mention a heaping helping of white supremacy, racism, Jim Crow; the whole nine yards. And whites are still trying to figure out why we are still hanging on. It’s because that’s what we have been doing for hundreds of years in this hellhole that you made a hellhole for us and you know this. But I sincerely hope that you whites get a real good dose of some of the shit that we have been dealing with for centuries. Would be about time, I’d say!


11 thoughts on “Is Lynchburg One Of The Most Racist Cities In Virginia?

  1. These are the stark realities that demonstrate just how much all those ethnic groups have stolen via the institution of slavery, a thieving scheme that continues under different names but embodies the exploitation of stolen Black Africans 403 years ago and is going on to this very minute. African Blacks have ancestral connections that ADOS does not possess because slaves were imported as raw materials that made it possible to make this place a gravy train for everyone else. Blacks descended from slaves became the vessel known as the Great Melting Pot. Systemic white supremacism melts down those discarded pots, do they not? The value-added by the system since 1619 easily amounts to many trillions of dollars, but none of those ethnic groups you list are willing to part with a single cent in recognition through reparation for those who still get robbed at every corner of every gentrified neighborhood. Where does the value-added go for every property greedily stolen by white supremacism? Ironically enough, a system that is honored in lying history books: Jamestown, VIRGINIA.


    1. Bill, again, please start working on yet another blog because I cannot do justice even to what I am writing about when I read your comments because you bring SO much to the table that cannot be disputed. Even though I back up what I write with facts, you knock it out of the ballpark with each and every home run that you make. No one can argue with a single word of your comment and that is a fact. The knowledge that you possess in that absolute brilliant brain of yours is astronomical and you should be widely read. I cannot even do justice to your comments and that is why I come up short when trying to respond to a comment of yours. I’d really rather highlight your comment and keep it moving because I am but a layman when trying to respond to one of your most excellent and intelligent comments. I come across as highly emotional, kindergartenish and juvenile and I am not braggin’, I’m just sayin’.

      I will ALWAYS highlight YOUR comments because they make my blog’s case for me and for that I thank you. I can add no more. You’ve said it all! Thank you!!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for these very kind words, Shelby. I am my own harshest critic and vet everything I write. Far too few whites recognize that racism is a blood-borne disease, nor do they admit that systemic white-supremacism is its sacrament.

        My resume is still online from my days as freelance translator of several million German engineering texts from German to English for an international language concern in Slovakia (Proz.Com), that resume is not padded, it speaks for itself:

        Self-deprecation is my style, but I make exceptions for people like you whom I deeply trust.

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      2. Bill, I had no idea that you had a resume on line. I shall most enthusiastically head on over and I apologize for not knowing about it. I tend to be so consumed with rage that little else can get through these days…I mean…years. This blog of mine helps me to blow off steam. Every once in awhile I get an urge to write something that is different from my usual, but I don’t post it or if I do, I remove it because it’s really not me. I am supposed to be writing a book; it’s fiction. But in these days and times, one should stick to facts because who needs fiction when the facts are more incredulous and damn near beyond belief, it is tragic.

        I most certainly understand about being your “own harshest critic,” because there are many a time where nothing I write escapes a re-write, a do-over, a modification, a complete scratch and start fresh.

        Bill, I am most honored by that last sentence and I truly mean that. I highly value your input in here and you know that and if it were possible, I wish I could sit down and share a water, a vegan meal and just listen to you impart gem after gem after gem. Thank you for following this blog. Again, I am honored to have you as a supporter. It is much appreciated!


    1. Thank you Richard, that means a lot to me. They are trying to shut me down because I signed out of WordPress and put in a search for this blog and Google tried to make me answer if I was a ‘robot’ before displaying any of my posts. I can’t see but a couple of them using the search engine, “bing.” The only way folks can really access this blog is by the WordPress reader or if they are following this blog via email.

      But I intend to continue writing even though they are trying to hide/censor the information that is found on this site. Sites like mine are ALWAYS targets. Again, thank you SO much for your comment. It means the world to me. And everyone should know that Richard Ankers is a published author of many books. His writings have been featured in many literary publications and he is well read. I encourage you to go to his blog, you will not be disappointed.

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      1. I hate to say it, but Richard, I’m used to it. I swoon from the shock if I was NOT hassled and that’s the truth. That is why I report on the things that I do. I know that I am going to be a target, but I’ve been a target all my life and so it is just business as usual as far as I am concerned. But like I said, whatever they throw at me, I’ll find a way around it, over it or through it, however, I shall continue to put the truth out there.

        Thanks again!

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  2. WordPress limited the number of imbedded replies, so this is a response to your latest comment above:
    It would indeed be great to share a vegan meal over the same table, but it is grand to at least meet on this electronic equivalent, is it not?
    In solidarity,


    1. Indeed it is Bill, indeed it is. I can only imagine having a real live conversation with one whom I hold in such high esteem. You brilliance, quite literally blows me away and I feel like a kindergarten reject next to you. Thanks my friend! I always appreciate hearing from you.

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