Lynchburg Virginia Gave ‘Birth’ To Eugenics Through Forced Sterilization And Is Why Adolf Hitler Foamed At The Mouth In Praise Of Eugenics

As I dig deeper and deeper into the history of Lynchburg, Virginia, I become more and more outraged, enraged and pissed the fuck off that my parents had the audacity to remain in Lynchburg, Virginia to bring children into this world especially since they experienced Jim Crow and the rest of the shit that went along with that. Why oh why would you bring Black children into a world where even whites are sterilizing their own kind for fear that it will taint the purity they claim to have and so proceeded to sterilize those whom they considered to be of feeble mind or who were not pure in some other way.

The lies of Lynchburg

How U.S. evolutionists taught the Nazis.


Beginning in the 1920s, many thousands of people in the United States were sterilised against their will and without their consent, to prevent ‘undesirable breeding’. Over 8,000 of these procedures took place at a major centre to which such ‘undesirables’ were sent, in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Remember this from my last post?

In fact, right across the bridge from Lynchburg in Madison Heights, houses what was known as the Central Virginia Training Center and in that building, were housed those who were developmentally disabled and who were sent there by their parents or other family members who could not or did not want to take care of them. But that facility has since closed and the residents have all been placed in group homes.

This was the Central Virginia Training Center.

A ‘great’ place for a eugenics program, wouldn’t you think? But they claimed it was initially for epilepsy. Sure


Here is another picture of the facility. Looks kind of bleak to me.

Why would a small burg need a center this big right on its outskirts in Madison Heights, VA? For experimentation, of course. This is Lynchburg’s seriously UGLY history; past and present.

It only closed down as recently as 2020. Why? Because the United States Department of Justice stepped in.


RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia will close four of its five institutions for housing the developmentally and intellectually disabled and transition those services to the community under a 10-year, $2 billion settlement the state entered into Thursday with the Department of Justice.

The settlement, filed with the U.S. District Court in Richmond, ends nearly a year of negotiations with the Justice Department, which determined after a three-year investigation that Virginia violated federal law by needlessly warehousing those people in institutions instead of providing adequate community-based services.

Virginia is among only five states that operate multiple state-run institutions for the intellectually and developmentally disabled, as most states already have transitioned those services to the community.

In its far-reaching probe, the Justice Department found that most of those in state facilities were locked away with little or no interaction with those who are not disabled, denied freedoms like choosing what to eat or watch on television and often physically restrained. The report said the state rarely discharged residents, and when it did, the process was “slow and muddled.” It also determined that the lack of community-based treatment options put others at risk of being institutionalized.

The state of Virginia as well as the city of Lynchburg has been hell bent on institutionalizing people since the early 1900s and probably before then and was, in essence, torturing innocent people who were locked away as if they were contagious. And people have the nerve to not understand why Black people are having such a time in this racist shithole. Are you serious? Look what the shits in this shithole are capable of. They lack any signs of humanity, compassion, empathy and they have no sense of morality because they are stone cold death, just with the ability to keep walking and talking and fucking people up. And if you are not convinced, read on about the forced sterilizations.

The victims included some with various degrees of mental retardation; many were simply there because they had been abandoned as a result of broken homes or had suffered some other social misfortune. Some had been honours students at school. They were lied to routinely, being told that it was something ‘for their own good’ or ‘for their health’. Those older ones who discovered the purpose behind the operations realised that they would not be able to leave the institution unless they underwent the procedure.

Did you read that? Many of the people who were forcibly sterilized were only in that facility because “they had been abandoned as a result of broken homes or had suffered some other social misfortune,” which was certainly no reason to forcibly sterilize them because they were abandoned or poverty stricken!!! There is no reason to sterilize ANYONE against their will, but that was most certainly the case.

The entire effort was based upon the notion of eugenics. The eugenics movement was started by Sir Francis Galton (a cousin of Charles Darwin), who wanted to encourage ‘survival of the fittest’ within human society. The ‘humane’ way to do this was by compulsory sterilisation of those deemed ‘unfit’. The idea seduced ‘social reformers from the right and the left’—among them George Bernard Shaw, and Winston Churchill.

Any names in the above paragraph sound familiar? I thought so and yet those men were held in high esteem. For the love of!!!!!!

The Lynchburg doctor who was responsible for most of the sterilisations in his own town was convinced that what he was doing was for the ‘scientific good’ of society. As a dedicated Darwinian, notions of absolute right and wrong were old-fashioned obstacles to the greater good of the ‘herd’.


I know that didn’t say, “THE LYNCHBURG DOCTOR!!!!” Oh hell, yes it did!!! When the name of a place starts with lynch, you can best believe that there is more evil, vile, depraved, debased shit going down and there was and there still is.

Those assholes, like that fucking LYNCHBURG DOCTOR, needed a test case and a young woman became that test case. She was represented by a lawyer whom she did not know was heavily involved in the formulation of the eugenics polices. So, it was a set up from the word ‘go’. Even though her case made it to the Supreme Court, it was a forgone conclusion that the court would side with these sociopaths because Oliver Wendell Holmes, an influential Darwinist who laid the legislative foundation for many of the advances of secular humanism in the United States was the presiding judge. Not surprisingly, Holmes declared the law constitutional. And of course as soon as Hitler rose to power, eugenics laws became his frothing at the mouth sticking point.

So if anyone ever wondered where Hitler got his ideas about eugenics programs, look no further than LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA, the U.S. Supreme Court, the state of Virginia, Darwin and his crew and the actual Nazis that were already, American citizens. And so do not wonder why after World War II, the U.S. brought the OTHER Nazis to AmeriKKKa. You no longer have to wonder, like recognized like.

By all means, read the original article, it is quite telling. But I warn you, you will need a long, hot shower or a really good soak in a tub to try and get the filth off you because it is like sinking in a heaping pile of maggot coated cow and horse shit!

And what this ALL means is that those same shits that were full steam ahead on this eugenics program, their descendants, are still slithering and crawling like slugs around Lynchburg, Virginia which is also why what is still going down, is going down. Nothing has changed. I am here in evil’s own playground and I ain’t fucking liking it a bit. But I am sure that ALL of you now know why. If you don’t, then there is something seriously wrong with you. However, I cannot re-stress this enough! Do NOT come to Lynchburg, Virginia for ANY reason. This burg has several colleges, but I would NEVER send a child to any of them. There are too many colleges in other cities in other states than to have to send a child to a place this EVIL. If you are driving down south and you see a Lynchburg BYPASS, BYPASS  this evil bitch. You’ll thank me for that advice, believe me!

5 thoughts on “Lynchburg Virginia Gave ‘Birth’ To Eugenics Through Forced Sterilization And Is Why Adolf Hitler Foamed At The Mouth In Praise Of Eugenics

  1. White Supremacists fancy themselves gifts of their god. Those proud bastards did indeed create the model for the Aryan ideal of the Third Reich. They provided all the “research” in ready form, yet few citizens in the Fascist States of America ever hear of these war criminals, and the ones that have will just shrug it off because it does not fit the narrative in the sanitized, sainted way that history book publishers must follow (using Texan textbook as the model for *all* 50 Fascist States). I’ll call it The Soundbites of Programmed Propagandized Faux History. It’s an Aryan conceit that got sketched into something we are supposed to parrot as the genius of The Founding Fathers. The Constitution, accepted in 1787, already identified blacks as 3/5ths of a white, but the actual scheme gave slavers the voting right of each slave directly, such that a slave-holder who held 100 Black-Africans possessed the clout of 160 votes at the polls.

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    1. Erratum: The 3/5ths Clause was even more insidious than I stated, it automatically increased *Congressional* representation by that 60%. No extra voting was required.


      1. I say this AGAIN, “Why I have not been a victim of spontaneous combustion is a complete and utter mystery to me.” Because I should have. I mean, I was under no delusions about the shit that has gone down and continues to go down in this racist shithole and I mean the whole of the U.S., but the more I dig and the more I find, the hotter I get and even though I am not dark skinned, I should not be this red in the damn face!!! I actually look like I am apoplectic. Let me find an emoji to display what I look like right now. 😡 🤬 I need ANOTHER cold shower. I had to take one after posting this blog. For the love of!!!!!!


    2. Bill, I almost thought to ironically name this blog, “Lynchburg Virginia, ‘gave birth’ to the Eugenics Program,” since apparently, it did. But the fact of FORCED sterilizations for people who were innocent humans placed in the hands of the actual fuckers who SHOULD have been the recipients of FORCED sterilization, just would not let me. Anything that gave Hitler ideas, you know is beyond evil, depravity, heinous, demonic, malevolent and I could go on and on.

      What stood out for me was this!

      “They were lied to routinely, being told that it was something ‘for their own good’ or ‘for their health’.

      Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Like what those poor Black farmers were told with the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Is that not exactly what was told to those men? And look at the damage that was done…”for their own good, ” “for their health.” The very same playbook. Why change the script since it works every time because the people who are impacted cannot speak up for themselves, are poor and/or uneducated and just believe that some shits in white coats coming at them would do them no harm when nothing could be further from the truth.

      You have no idea how much of a firestorm I have stirred in this burg with my series of blogs on this racist, piece of shit, dead ass burg. UPS drivers are stealing our packages and looking at us with such hatred, it should burn us where we stand. I have been on the phone with Amazon (because my cousin just loves to give Jeff Bezos his money) to get replacements for the products that keep getting mysteriously ‘lost’ by UPS. Bezos better get off his ass and start looking into what those delivery companies are doing because they sure are stealing Amazon orders in this racist shithole and I told Amazon that and in no uncertain terms.

      None of that is going to deter me from continuing to dig up the history and the lies and the racism that IS Lynchburg, Virginia because as you can see, there has not been a gnat’s ass worth of ANYTHING remotely wonderful, marvelous or excellent about this burg heaped with racist, putrid filth! AU CONTRAIRE!!!

      Bill, I believe that today, people who look like me are actually considered to be even less than 3/5ths. What gains have we made? None! Is slavery over? Hell no! Mass incarceration of those who look like me. Mass homelessness of those who look like me thanks to imminent domain and GENTRIFICATION which are direct results of RACISM, HATRED and so JIM CROW is alive and doing extremely well. Until there is no breath in my body, I am going to continue on this mission to try and expose this shit to as many people who will come up in here and read it. I will not be intimidated simply because I am a severe minority and among the most heinous and depraved monsters that were ever let loose on humanity.

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.


  2. To Lynchburg’s racist whites,(and that would be every single last one of you) consider this a Public Service Announcement! Thanks to my posts on this racist burg, my views are exploding! More and more people are being made aware of the atrocities committed in this racist burg that I have posted on this blog and just so you know, whatever you throw at me, I shall continue to post. But I wouldn’t throw too much at me because remember, Virginia is a ONE PARTY CONSENT STATE! Just sayin’.


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