I Am Thankful That We Did Not Suffer 2nd Or 3rd Degree Burns Thanks To A Hot Water Heater Bursting On The Third Floor. Listen To The Lack Of Concern In The Voices Of Greenbrier Management Personnel

I apologize for the audio in this video. My computer is about to crash, I am aware of it, but I am just so cheap, I hate to part with a penny unless I have to. I am a store’s worst nightmare because my clothes and shoes literally have to be falling apart in order for me to purchase another item. I have been told that I can squeeze a tear out of Lincoln’s eye. So, with that having been said, please bear with the audio because I could not load this using the device I recorded it on, I had to use a microphone and record it to the microphone and then load it on here.


So, if you’ve listened to the audio, you can now get a hint of just how unconcerned Greenbrier Management Company has been since this nightmare began. If indeed a burst water heater was the cause of the massive leak that we experienced two and a half weeks ago, then where was the concern over the fact that we could have sustained massive burns if that water had cascaded down on us? Did anyone hear any concern when I brought up the fact that we have been living without a smoke detector for two and a half weeks and counting? Did anyone hear the female state that since it was a water heater that burst, crystal clear water cascaded down. So, what’s the problem? How is she that stupid and is employed since anyone with two brain cells connected and working together would know that water travels through floors, ceilings and anywhere it can get and so hell no, by the time water reaches its end destination, it is not going to be crystal clear. That fool made it sound as though when the water was cascading down, we could have just opened our mouths and took several gulps. This is the shit that we are dealing with. Did anyone hear the fact that no one seems to be able to sit their asses down at the office since the names have changed as frequently as most people change underwear? How in the world are these people still in business running it the way they are? The only reason these corporations continue to remain in the black is because they push all costs over onto the consumer, the tenant, you name it just as I showed in a previous blog whereas Greenbrier Management just changed the amount of the rent hike from $50 to $100 and I have since found out that this is not the case with the people who have a Section 8 voucher. I don’t have a Section 8 voucher. You see, Greenbrier Management Company could not impose rent hikes at any given time just because they felt like it if a portion of the rent is paid by the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Housing and Urban Development is not standing for that. So since I’m one of the few who don’t have a voucher, Greenbrier Management is using that fact to fuck with me.

You see, when Deal Properties sold this complex to Greenbrier Management Company, Deal told Greenbrier that I was a problem because you see, I stopped him from initiating a rent increase in the middle of a lease. This is why when Greenbrier Management Company took over this complex, I was the ONLY tenant to receive  a 60-day notice to vacate. That was payback for not having to pay a rent increase and for actually getting my money returned to me because I took the legal route and paid the increase until Deal decided that he would lose in court and returned the increased portion of the rent back to us. You see, these monsters count on people not knowing the law or being afraid to take them to court. Deal only backed down when he was served with court papers, therefore, Greenbrier Management is getting me back, in their eyes, for not letting Deal Properties go up on the rent in the middle of a lease.

Folks, we are not dealing with humans. I don’t know what they are and so I’ll just call them monsters because I have never done anything to these people. How could I? They gave me a notice to vacate less than a month after paying Deal Properties for this complex. Explain that. What could I have possibly done to the new management company to make them send me a 60-day notice to vacate in less than a month’s time? I did not know any of them and I still don’t because as you can see, no one has sat their ass down in a chair at the management office long enough to warm the bitch.

And the only reason Greenbrier Management came out yesterday is because I contacted the Lynchburg City Inspectors Office and they got on their ass and sent them a very long list of shit that needs to be corrected before it gets inspected and that pissed them off. That’s not on me. I did not climb up on the ceiling and, somehow, initiate a massive water leak, but the way those monsters carried it when they came in here yesterday, you would have thought I did.

Once again, I’ll say this, stay tuned because you can expect more shenanigans out of Lynchburg, Virginia.

20 thoughts on “I Am Thankful That We Did Not Suffer 2nd Or 3rd Degree Burns Thanks To A Hot Water Heater Bursting On The Third Floor. Listen To The Lack Of Concern In The Voices Of Greenbrier Management Personnel

    1. Rotimi, as you can see, I was not lying when I said that I can back up everything I say with evidence. This is why wherever I move, I make sure that it is a one-party consent state which is why I had to get the hell up out of Baltimore, Maryland. I will never reside in another two-party consent state ever! Again, I apologize for the audio. I also have video, but this computer would not let me load it. I am going to have to break down and buy a new computer. We have a security system with cameras and audio with those and so we can pull the video from that. But these racists really don’t want to play with me, they really don’t because I got so much more where this came from, believe me, the stuff would curl your toes and I wish I was kidding.

      Rotimi, thank you so much for your comment, I sincerely appreciate it.

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      1. My lease is up at the end of September. The only thing keeping me here is a couple of lawsuits. I have to go out of town next month for mediation. It is best to move to a foreign country with as much money as you can lay your hands on. Have I been saving up? Yes, but I want my lawsuit money because that would afford me the ability to grease the palms I’m gonna need to grease over there. You know what I mean(greasing palms).

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      2. Bill is brilliant! Next to Bill, I am a kindergarten reject, but I do my best over here. I let my anger get in the way, while Bill is way more level-headed than I am. We both have our own ways of getting our point across. But I think we both do a really good job of it.

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  1. This is pure insanity and I’m glad you got the receipts via video. Don’t worry that much about the audio issues because it’s clear enough to get the point across. Sorry I haven’t been active with blogging or checking out other people’s posts as much as I normally do. I hope you’re able to sue the pants off Greenbrier and the other parties involved in this mess.

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    1. Ospreyshire, thank you! I have had to go outside of Lynchburg in order to find an attorney that will take the case because no attorney in Lynchburg is willing to go against anyone else in Lynchburg because they all belong to the same country club, they play golf together, they are racists together and so yes, it’s like that. I am getting the hell out of here because I have had it, but I intend to take some money with me when I leave because they are not going to get away with this. How in the world can this be justified in a so-called ‘first world nation’ that people are living like this. Huts in African nations are in better shape. Because I am outspoken and refuse to shuffle down the street bobbing my cap to these racists, murmuring, “Yessum boss! Yessum massa!,” I’m treated like this, but I intend to make them regret this shit!

      Ospreyshire, I thank you sincerely for your comment. I know that you are on hiatus and I saw your blog about Emmett Till and I had to stop by and I’m tore up about that. I intend to post something about it as well because that just burns me up. This is the shit that we have to deal with and then people have the nerve to wonder why I’m not all roses and sunbeams and all things nice and polite. Let ’em walk just one step in my shoes, forget about the mile; just one step is all it’ll take to clue ’em in.

      Take care Ospreyshire!

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      1. No problem! That makes sense if you had to get help outside of Lynchburg and that must be infuriating how the lawyers in that city are caping for each other. I hear you over there about how people claim America is a “first-world nation” because I know there are areas across the country that are on the same levels of being “third-world” using their metrics even though I’m not a fan of that term. Even though I’ve only been to one country outside of America, there are various nations that have nice areas and wouldn’t allow certain things to happen unlike America even if they have issues.

        Sure thing and I’m glad you saw that post since I know you would care about it. Wasn’t sure if you heard about the warrant situation prior, but this really needs to be well-known even with the other insane things happening in the world.

        Thanks and you as well!

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      2. Thanks! And because you posted it first, myself and another blogger posted it as well. So, hopefully this will make a difference in that it gets spread, far and wide.

        I just found out some interesting things about Greenbrier Management Company. Apparently, many of the employees are stating that the company is horrific to their employees as well as tenants and that it has a hostile work environment since, according to some of the reviews I have read by both former and current employees, there is much nepotism going around for if you are an employee or a tenant. There are also employees of Greenbrier Management Company stating that they have so many fire and other code violations at their complexes, it is unbelievable. However, I am not surprised. I am going to keep the fire lit under their ass from my end, especially now that I know that the problem is systemic.

        Thanks again Ospreyshire!

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      3. You’re welcome and I’m amazed at how that post and story have been making some rounds even if it’s just a little bit. I hope it leads to informing more people about this issue.

        Dang! This could be verbal ammunition against them once you finally go to court. You could argue that this is a trend and how negligent they have been to other tenants.


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      4. Ospreyshire, it is a trend. Last year, Greenbrier Management was on WXFR news out of Roanoke, VA for doing the exact same thing here. Municipalities need to run these problem property owners out of their jurisdiction if they are always in the news for code violation, ridiculous rent hikes just because they can or just because they’re pissed at a tenant for demanding that they make repairs after a burst hot water heater devastating leak. Like I caused that. Seriously? What will it take to say, “Enough is enough! Fix your shit up or get out of our city, town, burg, village, hamlet, what the hell ever!”


        Greenbrier Management Company is so horrible, they were raising the rents on people who have Section 8 and making them get put out because they were out-pricing their vouchers.
        Greenbrier Management Company review

        This is ridiculous!

        more Greenbrier Managment Company reviews
        And here!

        yet another Greenbrier Management Company review

        There is most definitely a pattern here!

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      5. Dang, this is totally a trend! Good on you for documenting all of this mistreatment going on in the Lynchburg community. All I can do is shake my head and wonder how they’re still in business.

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      6. Ospreyshire, I’ve called everyone besides ghostbusters on their ass. I even called the Federal Trade Commission on their ass, the BBB, I reported them to the news team that did an interview on another lady who had been fucked up by them and they said they were going to contact them because there is a pattern. I even called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and if I can think of a few more agencies, I will call them as well. The taste of my name on their tongue is not going to be enjoyable. Not to mention, some employees who got shitted on by them just may come out of the woodwork and expose some more of the rot that I know needs exposing.

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      7. Major props for calling all those people. It would be funny if there were Ghostbusters to pop up and bust them up like the undead creatures they face. I needed a tiny bit of humor, but going back to being serious, it’s insane how much is involved to actually get attention to put them all on blast. That would be great if these ex-employees help out to shut down this company especially if they got an ax to grind.

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      8. I believe everyone who has ever heard of “Greenbrier Management Company” has an axe to grind with them because of all the management companies that I have to deal with, and I have had to sue 3, this one is by far the worst…and that is most definitely saying something.

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      9. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, but it sounds like a massive web of mistreatment going on with Greenbrier if that many people were burned by them. I haven’t heard of them until I saw your post, so it’s good that you’ve been spreading the word about how bad they are.

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