Man Contracts Donkeypox After Mounting A Donkey! A Public Health Emergency Has Been Declared!


Move over monkeypox, ‘donkeypox’ is the game changer. According to an article on “Bestiality Beasties” website, a man wanted to experiment with having sex with a donkey and so built some sort of contraption that would enable him to mount a donkey. The next day, the man woke up with a severe case of what looked to be ‘shingles’ and when he checked on his donkey, the donkey was completely covered in spots.  A veterinarian was called in to take a look at the donkey and samples were sent to the lab taken from the spots that covered the donkey. Upon further analysis of the material contained within the samples from the donkey, were what has been labeled as “donkeypox.”

Two days later, the man was admitted to the hospital since he had been scratching his pox bumps and they had spread. A simple regimen of Calamine lotion administered every 12 hours was enough to clear up the pox bumps. However, the man had already spread ‘donkeypox’ to a neighbor who had come over when he heard the man yelling and screaming. That man accidentally bumped up against his poxed neighbor and the next day, he was completely covered in pox bumps. The man’s wife is threatening to divorce him because she is furious at her husband for having touched patient zero for ‘donkeypox’.

Now that two people have ‘donkeypox’, a public health emergency has been declared. Pfizer is already working on a new vaccine that will use the new mRNA technology that worked so well in vaccines for COVID and Pfizer is expected to have a vaccine for ‘donkeypox’ within 2 months. Meanwhile, it is recommended that people refrain from having intercourse with donkeys and that if they do, use protection since it has already been proven that animal to human transmission is a fact. Until Pfizer can come up with a new vaccine to combat ‘donkeypox’, continue to use Calamine lotion to dry up those pox bumps.

But seriously people, when is enough, enough? We have an epidemic of homelessness in this country and yet the focus is on some monkeypox nonsense that is considered to be a public health emergency when only 46 men in San Diego County has been infected. When are we going to treat skyrocketing homelessness due to outrageous rent hikes as though it is an emergency, which it is, like we treat monkeypox? Our priorities are all screwed up when public health officials can declare all out war on a disease that has only killed 5 people and they probably were in car accidents or were suicides and had monkeypox at the time of their demise and of course, monkeypox got the blame just as COVID received the blame for those who drowned, were in car accidents and who had shot themselves to death. Their deaths were ruled “dead by COVID” merely because they once had COVID, not because COVID actually took them out. What we are facing today is unprecedented and relentless. The powers that be are now inventing stupid shit to continue to get us to line up and take vaccine after vaccine after vaccine and all over so-called ‘diseases’ that are not adversely affecting many people, in fact, quite the opposite.

But what our government will NOT do is focus on the outrageous homelessness statistics that are climbing every single day with no end in sight. From floods to catastrophic wildfires to skyrocketing rents, homelessness is massively on the rise and no one is declaring that to be an emergency. Nancy Pelosi’s dried up ass is starting mess with China by visiting Taiwan and yet she had to fly over hundreds of thousands of homeless people in the state that she represents in congress, California, in order to do so. Why has she not been depicted visiting homeless encampments in the very state she represents in Washington? Why has there been no media focus on that?

Folks, where the homeless have gone, we too shall go and if you don’t think so, think again. It is just a matter of time before each and every single one of us is sitting out on the curb looking crazy because we thought that homelessness would not affect us. There are hundreds of thousands of American families who are having to move in with family members because they could not afford the increased rents. I just spoke with someone today who told me that their rent for a two bedroom is already $1,500 and that the landlord is increasing that by $100 next month. We are being deliberately priced out of housing because private equity firms are buying up all available housing and subsequently, they are raising the rents to beyond what millions of us are going to be able to afford. If we cannot comprehend that we are all in this together and that we should have been looking out for one another all along, this would not be happening, but it is happening. We claim to have friends all around the world and yet our neighbor is unknown to us. But pretty soon, our neighbors will be all too familiar with us because we will be sharing a space on the sidewalk as they are in Skidrow in California. We will be all too familiar with those who are even now residing in tunnels underneath Las Vegas. We will be all too familiar with those who are already sitting in a tent underneath an overpass. Homelessness is coming to a city, burg, hamlet, town and village near you. Are you ready? Meanwhile, worry about monkeypox, donkeypox, funkypox and junkiepox and line up for your vaccines. They worked so well on COVID, didn’t they?


46 men have monkeypox in San Diego County and that is a public health emergency……




…and this is not considered a public health emergency? Why not? And since Nancy Pelosi is a U.S. representative for the state of California, where is her visit to “Skid Row” to let the unfortunate homeless people there know that she considers their plight to be a ‘public health emergency’ and is going to do everything she can to eradicate it? Oh my bad! She is busy representing the folks who live in Taiwan. The mess that’s going on here in the states is beyond insane!

18 thoughts on “Man Contracts Donkeypox After Mounting A Donkey! A Public Health Emergency Has Been Declared!

    1. That is SO true, it ain’t even funny. Nothing makes sense and I expect that nothing ever will. Our so-called ‘elected representatives’ are too busy helping themselves to our tax dollars and also helping themselves by making sure that their ‘other’ interests are fattening their wallets while their constituents can just erect a tent and immediately contract typhus and hookworm, which the homeless have been battling for quite some time, but interestingly enough, neither of those diseases have been declared, a public health emergency and I doubt they ever will.

      Thank you for your comment Eric. And thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Nice mix of satire with reality. I think it’s disgusting how bestiality is legal in multiple states here. Please excuse me while I puke my guts out. Why would anyone want to do that and have a disease spread out that way. I did hear that monkeypox was now an emergency and I did roll my eyes. It made me wonder if there would be ANOTHER lockdown this year. You’re right about homelessness being an epidemic that isn’t being solved in this country. Even some of the smaller cities and suburbs have homeless people in there, but people rarely hear about it (especially situations involving the latter). It’s a shame how that and other issues are just ignored.

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    1. Ospreyshire, monkeypox just happened along in order for more mail-in ballots to rig another election are put into play for the midterm elections. Just as COVID was an excuse to make people sit the presidential election out and mail in those ballots and of course we were told that there was 99.99999% total accuracy in the mail-in ballot counts and that no ‘monkey business’ had taken place. Well, I’m crying, “FOUL!” And hardly anyone will be in any condition to mail-in a ballot because they’ll have no home from which to mail a ballot from. Add to that the fact that voting takes place in November and the deaths among the homeless population will spiral.

      What is going down now is absolutely deliberate because anyone who has two eyes can see that those in Washington are intentionally letting what’s left of this sinking Titanic, sink. They’ve bigger fish to fry in starting conflicts across the globe because this hellhole is done for. The only thing that’s going down now is the fact that greedy investors are trying to milk every last penny out of us because we just continue to act like blind sheep and pay our oppressors to continue to oppress us while they laugh all the way to the bank. If we stopped working and stopped paying ALL bills, what would happen? And if you look around, are we in any better shape for working and paying our bills? Exactly!

      Thank you for your comment.

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      1. The timing is interesting now that you mention it with monekeybox and the mail-in ballots for the midterm elections. I do wonder how the mid-terms would play out since we aren’t in lockdown compared to two years ago during the presidential election when COVID. Part of me thinks there will be a red surge in congress, but I could be wrong not that I’m affiliated with any major party. Going back to your point, it would be tough to do a mail-in ballot when one doesn’t currently have an address. That’s not even counting other factors in certain states with restrictive laws or voter intimidation.

        No disagreements here about the politicians not caring. You would think any sane governmental body would do something about the rampant mass shootings, white supremacy terrorism, or the inflation, but nothing is being done. That or they use “band-aid solutions” or vague laws that really don’t do much. There are also blatant double standards going on. So Ukranians can get reparations and free residency, but those who are ADOS/FBA STILL can’t get any reparations? It does make me wonder if no one worked or paid their bills, but it’s a given that those on the top would freak out.


      2. Ospreyshire, have you heard that the Justice Department is pressing charges against 4 Klan kops that murdered Breonna Taylor? The claim is that they lied in order to get the no-knock warrant and was at the wrong apartment and that by lying that led to Breonna Taylor getting murdered. And I do believe that the only reason the Justice Department decided to pick this time to charge those Klan Kops with lying thus causing the murder of Breonna Taylor is because the Dems are trying to hold onto seats come midterm elections. If it weren’t for that, I do not believe those Klan Kops would be facing charges for lying. It is quite obvious that some mess is going down in the hopes that the Dems keep those seats.

        And what I find simply amazing is that the U.S. is taking Russia to task for convicting that female basketball player(Brittney Griner) on weed charges and yet there are millions of Black people cooling their heels in U.S. prisons for weed charges; the hypocrisy is astounding!

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      3. I did hear about that the other day. While it would be great to see those cops convicted and arrested, you brought up a point I didn’t think about that being a token gesture to get the Black vote. They could’ve done this two years ago at a minimum, especially when one of them had a rap sheet with sexual assault/harassment against someone else. The timing is very suspicious and I appreciate it when you brought that possibility up.

        Exactly! You have good timing because at the time I’m typing this comment, I’ve been listening to a podcast that talks about Kamala’s hypocrisy where she wants Brittney Griner to come back, but she’s locked up a ton of people for marijuana charges during her time as a prosecutor where some people on Twitter were calling her out on her tweet.


      4. Ospreyshire, when I first heard that Kamala Harris was running for president, I posted a blog showcasing the fact that she locked up Black mothers over their child’s truancy and the Black mothers she locked up were HOMELESS and how in the hell ANY Black person could fix their fingers to press a button or mark an “X” beside Biden/Harris makes no damn sense at all. I will forever sit ALL elections out because there never will be a damn thing to vote for. In fact, as far as I am concerned, there has never been a damn thing to vote for!

        Thank you for your comment.

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      5. I forget if I read that specific one, but it’s good that you called her out on it. Seems like she gets a pass for certain things, but I’m glad there are people having legitimate criticisms against her. I understand if you feel that way about voting. For me, it can be frustrating trying to keep up with local politics when they always bombard people with the national stuff or the occasional state-related things if there’s a governatorial race.

        You’re welcome, Shelby.

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  2. I much enjoyed reading the adventures of the Donkeypoxers. Thank you, Shelby.
    Homelessness is another sign of just how devious and decadent the white-supremacist, billionaire-ruling “movers and shakers” have created the dystopia that gets whitewashed as perfect democracy — one where everyone can succeed if they only try and where justice is colorblind. White people love the lies, myths, and propaganda that exists in all the histories written by European-based imperialists. How many homeless people does it take to make a single billionaire, not to mention an entire ruling class of billionaires? The answer: *all* homeless people and those on the cusp of homelessness, most specifically those who are ADOS.

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    1. Bill, it just burns me up because the majority of those who are homeless are indeed, American descendants of slavery. We are ALWAYS the poster children for every adverse situation anyone can come up with. Why we are so hated in this shithole, I am unable to even fathom because we have done not a damn thing to any whites to warrant the sheer hatred, outrageous animosity and racist shit they aim at us that is making our lives a living hell!

      No other group is so heavily represented as the faces of the homeless like we are unless folks count the Indians. Their lives are a living hell as they sit on fucked up reservations to this day. But of course, there is never any mention of them because it is too few of them left to even bother, obviously. You never hear of anyone ‘courting’ the Indian vote. Hell! I’m surprised the politician scumbag bottom feeders still pretend to ‘court’ the Black vote.

      Our ancestors were owned and yet when those of us who descended from them tried to erect our own schools, hospitals, banks, etc., what did the whites do? Burned it to the ground and massacred many of the residents. It is as though the whites’ insane hatred of us is insidious and entrenched and will never be anything else. I cannot fathom the demonic, debased, depraved evil of the European whites’ and I would more than likely become unhinged myself if I even tried. But I post what I post because I have absolutely nothing to lose and so what are the whites going to do to me? Not a damn thing they’ve not already done to me. And as I see the shit they do, I am going to continue to call their asses out on it if I do nothing else but shed a light on just how depraved, vicious, vile, psychopathic, lethal, insane and deranged our oppressors are.

      Bill, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Accurate and irrefutable truth, Shelby. The self-whiteous brutality celebrated in defense of the indefensible, what they call “simple facts of history” is insatiable. The United States and Confederate flags had just as well been sewn into one. Racism from one sea of blood to the other bloody sea. With genocide and lynching for indigenous and ADOS all.


      2. Bill, when history is written by those who have done the pillaging, raping, stealing, enslaving and murdering, it is always going to be whitewashed. It is going to be made to look as though those pillaging, raping, thieving murdering monsters were just being humanitarian in saving ‘savages’ from themselves when no one on this planet is more savage than the white man; NO ONE!!! And for that, ALL on this planet are paying the price!!

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      3. The treachery is enforced with impunity and then endlessly “fabricated” as something noble and generous. How often do we get to hear/see/know how their presence among the so-called savages brings them the benefits of Western/Judeo-Christian holy and God-fearing heritage. All blessed by the Aryan Jesus.
        Described by Desmond Tutu, thusly:

        “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray. ‘ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.”

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      4. Brilliantly stated by Desmond Tutu. Unfortunately, that happened all across the globe. The Indians here in AmeriKKKa were left with smallpox, trinkets, alcoholism and worthless land ‘reserved’ solely for them. The Aborigines over in Australia; the same. New Zealand’s Maoris; the same. The Marshall Islands; cancer diagnoses and abject poverty. The Polynesian people of Hawaii; homelessness and on and on it goes. And to this very day, the status quo continues. And look who is still waging war all across the globe; the very same who’ve been doing it since time immemorial.

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      5. No problem Bill. Have you heard that the earth is spinning faster than it ever has and no one can figure out why or so the claim is. With polar ice caps melting, Antarctica is no longer isolated thanks to global warming and polar bears are having difficulties. A massive sinkhole has been found to be ‘active’. I just read that storms are brewing and hurricanes are on the horizon. Meanwhile, ‘humans’ continue to drive their SUVs and big ass trucks to the food bank while bombs are steadily being deployed all across the globe, somewhere in Ukraine and elsewhere, drones are striking so-called ‘terrorists’ and I hear tell that polio is back. Not to mention, there is some weird type of bug found in New Jersey that is resistant to death by stepping on it, death by spraying it with bug spray and it just keeps on coming. Shit is hitting the fan all over the place, but folks cannot understand why the planet is spinning. My head is spinning over all this daily dose of shit, so why not the entire planet?


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