Slavery Is About To Rear Its Ugly Head In LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA, AGAIN!



On Tuesday, I called my quacks office because I was feeling under the weather. I said that I would like to make an appointment to be seen for suspected sinusitis. I was told that “We are not seeing sick patients!” I’m like, “What?!” I am then told that they will schedule a ‘telehealth’ appointment and that a nurse would call me to get my symptoms and then my quack would call me.

Why on earth was I not allowed to go in for a ‘sick’ visit? What is the purpose of a doctor?

A physician is a general term for a doctor who has earned a medical degree. Physicians work to maintain, promote, and restore health by studying, diagnosing, and treating injuries and diseases.

So if a doctor is supposed to treat injuries and diseases, why is a doctor denying the patient access to the doctor because the patient is sick? Who needs a doctor if they are well? And if sick patients cannot see doctors, what is the point of calling yourself a  ‘doctor’? These quacks in Lynchburg, Virginia are using COVID as a cover to deny necessary medical treatment to Black people. They are using COVID as an excuse to keep Black people from going to the store, the pharmacy and to see their doctor.

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Above was the email I received after my quack, John Williams called me.
Below are notes sent to me about the ‘telehealth’ visit.

What visit? The ‘telehealth’ visit? Why didn’t they include that part? To make it sound as though there was an actual visit when I have the telephone number showing up of the call that I received that was my ‘visit’ with the quack.

The quack prescribed an antibiotic to treat bronchitis and so why did the quack, John Williams, tell me that he was sending the prescription to my local Kroger store on Wards Road in Lynchburg, Virginia and then finished by telling me, “But you can’t go pick it up.” He sent a fax over to the Kroger on Wards Road instructing them not to give me the medication if I showed up. He did the same thing  to me back in June when I tested positive for COVID, according  to the quacks at the Lynchburg General Hospital Emergency room. John Williams sent a prescription for Paxlovid to the Walmart pharmacy on Old Forest Road and when I called that pharmacy to ask if the medication was ready, I was told that it was, but that I could not come into the store and pick up my prescription. I was barred from entering Walmart in the year 2022!!!!

Now, that is three places that I am barred from entering; the quacks office for a sick appointment, Walmart, a huge corporation with locations not only in the United States, but almost worldwide and I was also barred from going to Kroger, you know, where you buy FOOD. I was denied entry to Kroger because a white man says that a Black woman cannot enter the store!!! Let that sink in!!! This is not the 1600s, this is not the 1800s. It is 2022 and Black people are being told where they can and cannot go; mostly where they CANNOT GO!!! How is this even possible? I have been on the phone trying to get oversight agencies clued in as to what is going down here in Lynchburg, Virginia and no one is at all interested. I have been screeching and yelling my head off because I am NOT going to be told where I can and cannot go.

I am NOT going to become ANYONE’S Slave! My ancestors slaved enough and I’ll be damned if I’ll end up like them; being told  by a white piece of shit where I can and cannot go!!!! This shit is worse than Jim Crow! With Jim Crow, Black people were told to drink out of a certain water fountain or enter by way of a different door from the whites, but these racist shits have taken it to a whole other level by telling me that I CANNOT go to KROGER, that I CANNOT go to WALMART, that I CANNOT see a doctor when I AM SICK!!!!! What kind of shit is that??!!!! And I don’t give a damn about going through the proper channels, I am going to post the racist shit that I have managed to capture on fucking Youtube even though it includes my personal information because whites can get a damn lawyer to sue because coffee is hot but I can’t get one when these racist motherfuckers are turning back the clock and trying to re-institute SLAVERY!!! Again I say, “What kind of shit is this???!!!!”

I dare ANYONE to come up in here and state that they have been told by a white piece of racist filth that they CANNOT go to pick up a prescription, that they CANNOT go to WALMART, that they CANNOT go to KROGER and they fucking can’t. Kroger was told by John Williams that I could NOT come in there! Walmart was told that I could NOT come in there and my fucking quack’s office told me that I could not come in there and Walmart told me that I could NOT come in there and I’m supposed to say, “Yessum boss, yessum massa???!!!” Get the fuck OUTTA HERE!!!!

Of ALL the crazy ass shit that is going down in these end times, I’m supposed to put up with this???!!!! This shit is fine, great and kosher???!!!!! I’m Black and so I best stay in my place and my place ain’t inside WALMART, it ain’t inside KROGER and I damn sure can’t see a DOCTOR when I’m sick??!!!!

Black folks, you better take heed to this! Put down that wig, weave hair, nail shit, Timberlands, movie tickets and the rest of that stupid shit and pay attention to what is going on. These racist shits are taking racism to a whole other level and attempting to bring slavery to us OUTSIDE of the prison industrial complex that you already know houses us by the millions when the most lethal criminals are pasty-assed and are asserting that we are the criminals when not a one of us asked to have our ancestors dragged to this shithole, but now we’re the problem???!!! Fuck if we are!!! And I have proven that time and time again on this here blog. In fact, I prove everyday from this blog the truth in that because just yesterday, a young Black woman cried when I told her what was going on. She was despondent as hell!!! She was apologizing to me for the whites bringing slavery back. That is how empathetic, compassionate, caring, concerned and thoughtful Black people are even as we always get a bad rap, but considering who we get the bad rap from, it’s no goddamn wonder. The most vile, vicious, depraved, bottom feeding, racist, scum sucking parasites to ever slither and crawl across this planet have the goddamn nerve to think they are superior???!!! Get the fuck outta here with that bald faced bullshit whites!!!!! But know this, I am going where I goddamn well please and John Williams and Jack Daniels ain’t gonna keep telling me where the fuck I CANNOT go! If I have to stand in federal court myself and launch lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit, I goddamn well will, but I am NOT putting up with this racist shit!!!!!

12 thoughts on “Slavery Is About To Rear Its Ugly Head In LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA, AGAIN!

    1. Nope! Not a goddamn thing is sorted out. I just filed a complaint with the Board of Medicine, I also filed a civil rights complaint with the Department of Justice and since his ass receives money from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, I filed a complaint with them and they stated that they were going to be contacting his ass. One woman I spoke to was beyond outraged and appalled because she said that she had never heard of anything like it in her life and she’d received thousands of complaints. So that speaks volumes, but will anything come out of it is another story. I have since learned how to file a federal lawsuit and I am getting the paperwork together to proceed via that route. I am not giving up on getting something done about this vile, racist shit!

      Thank you for your comment Rotimi.

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    1. Thank you Eric, I appreciate that. I am pretty sure that no one on this planet would wish to trade places with me. Look at the shit I’ve been subjected to, had to put up with and it continues. Racism NEVER takes a holiday, never takes a day off and neither can I.

      Again, thank you for your comment.


  1. As you said before in an older post, medical racism is real. Even then, this goes beyond with being told where and not where to go just so you can get medicine! This is unbelievable, but I’m sadly not surprised with how 2022 isn’t all that much different compared to decades or even centuries ago as far as race relations are concerned. SMH.

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    1. Ospreyshire, it makes no sense to tell a patient that they need medication and that the medication is being sent to a pharmacy and then tell them that they cannot go to that pharmacy and pick up the medication. What is the point in prescribing a medication and then telling the patient that they will not be able to enter the building wherein lies the medication and take it home and put it to use to feel better? The man is insane. The man should be put out to pasture because his days of being a competent medical doctor have obviously long passed. What is that man still doing in a doctor’s office is beyond me. I just cannot make this shit up!!! Not to mention how overwhelming all of this is because you know what I’ve been going through and add this into the equation and I’ve had all that I can take. I am never going to that office again, even though it looks like that’s already been settled, but even so, never would I ever grace that racist’s office again, not willingly. I am just too through that what is going on is not at all being hidden. It is right out in the open. And according to the CDC, COVID is now to be handled like the regular flu was being handled. No one need quarantine or distance themselves regardless of their vaccination status and so he can’t continue to use COVID as an excuse for not seeing patients, if that is what he is going to claim.

      CDC Updates COVID Guidelines to ‘Streamline’ Quarantine and Testing RecommendationsThe new guidance places an emphasis on personal responsibility and protection, in an effort to begin learning to live with the virus.
      Unvaccinated people no longer have to quarantine at home after being exposed to someone with COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a press release posted on Thursday.

      Now, it’s no longer recommended that anyone quarantine after a COVID exposure, though people are still encouraged to mask for 10 days and test at day five.
      Consolidating guidelines for the vaccinated and unvaccinated is likely partially due to the high levels of immunity that currently exist in the U.S.,

      So, if that racist bastard is that terrified of getting COVID, he needs to take down his damn shingle, go the fuck home and tuck himself away until he expires. He cannot get away forever with denying sick people the right to visit a doctor just because he’s terrified of COVID and since his ass is vaccinated, what the hell does he have to worry about? Didn’t Fauci say that the vaccinated were good? Well then racist quack dude should be right as rain and not fearful of me just because I am unvaccinated, supposedly had COVID in June along with strep throat and yet, I didn’t need no vaccine to shake COVID. And that bastard would ask me every single time I was allowed to come to the office if I would get the COVID vaccine. I told him, “Hell no!” And he just kept asking and I kept saying, “Hell no!” Dude is fucking hard of hearing as well as being a racist, quack who should have been put out to pasture years ago.

      Ospreyshire, I thank you for your comment.

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      1. Sorry for the delay in responding. That’s beyond insane how the doctor did that to you. Around the time of you making that comment, I actually heard the news from some co-workers during break mentioning the same thing you talked about with the removal of quarantine procedures. First it was 14 days, then 10, then 5, and now you can go to random places if you have a mask on? This is ridiculous. It’s like they can’t make up their minds while also trying to find loopholes for employees to get back to work as soon as possible for example.

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  2. Kroger World Headquarters is less than 10 miles away from this keyboard and there are three Kroger stores in this very county — here are their 22 chains:

    A hegemon of no mean size that throttles competition with fury.
    Cincinnati is also the “home” of Procter & God World Headquarters.
    It is also the most segregated city in the damned country.
    Jim Crow is a pleasant day against the devious racism that is everyday brutality every day. Black views already have few voices on any widely distributed media of any kind. I subscribe to Sirius X and listen to the largest single station for black views nationwide (Channel 126). NPR is totally white, and PBS has some programming but not enough. Systemic racism remains exactly as you describe it, Shelby. Back around 1974, I read an essay by Bertrand Russel titled “Nice People.” As you know, I wrote a post on the topic in 2015, but should update the article to read “Nice White People Explained.” That nice *white* people have nasty minds.

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    1. Bill, the search engine, “Bing” has obliterated me from there. If you try to look up this blog using “Bing,” good luck with that. I’m surprised this blog can still be searched using Google and Duckduckgo. And I’m probably speaking too soon on that. Even WordPress is trying to hide this site because my views are not showing up when I know someone read a post because they clicked a link on the post. This blog of mine is being banished to the nether regions and that is because ain’t no bullshit going on up in here. I am exposing the shit and backing it up with irrefutable proof. And just as soon as I can, I am going to start uploading some serious shit that I’ve got that will blow the socks off folks. These assholes are playing with fire because I have NOTHING left to lose. So what are they gonna do to me? I’m fucking use to the shit and that asshole quack’s office called me after hours and I turned the phone off. I don’t want to hear some more shit from them. Somebody must have called their ass, that’s the only reason they called me because it sure as hell wasn’t to tell me to come in to the office with my bronchitis filled ass for which I was told that I couldn’t even go and pick up the medication for. WHAT.THE.HELL. This is why I post proof to back up what I’m saying. And as everyone can see, I did indeed, have a “TELEHEALTH” appointment because I was denied coming into the office over BRONCHITIS???!!! Again….WHAT.THE.HELL.

      Bill, thank you for your comment. I sincerely appreciate it.


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