Exposing Amtrak’s Lies

It is just too easy exposing these different entities because they don’t even bother to lie very well. I was trying to make reservations using Amtrak’s automated telephone system and the automated system kicked me over to a representative. When I spoke with a representative, they immediately hiked the price of the tickets, claimed that there were no seats left at the price that I saw online. The only reason a price hike occurs is if there are no seats available for the seat selection you request. The train is only half full and there were plenty of seats available at the price the website quotes. But Amtrak has sabotaged the automated system so that you cannot make reservations via that route because then you would get the cheaper ticket. They are forcing a person to have to put in their information on their website and potentially get hacked or call in and speak to a representative and get lied to as to why they are quoting you a higher price for the same seats that you would pay a cheaper price for online. This mess has gotten to be beyond ridiculous! I am going to continue to expose this mess as it occurs.

As you can see, the lies just continue and I had to eventually hang up the phone because no one ever came on the line from customer care. There is no real customer care at Amtrak or any place else for that matter. It is quite obvious that that ship has sailed.

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