Americans Who Only Speak English Need NOT Apply!

Once again, I am exposing the shit that goes on in this shithole. As many of you may know, I have been apartment hunting and since I don’t care where I live in this shithole, I even attempted to find apartments in Wichita Kansas since I’ve never been there and am like, “What the hell? I’ll check the place out and see what it’s about.” That ain’t happening. Take a listen and find out why.

But yet, something else I don’t understand is this! And it seems to add to my point of why illegal migrants, whom some say are merely asylum seekers without papers can get free lawyer assistance to sue because they were flown to gorgeous Martha’s Vineyard, only they had not bought property there and so sue for the illegals. And yet I was a victim of deliberate medical shenanigans by a doctor that is getting away with fucking me up for life and I can’t find a lawyer that will take the case even though I have tapes and evidence to prove my case. And so if anyone thinks that I am about to give these illegals a fucking break, think again. I am going to continue to point out the shit that’s going down on some assholes who are by the definition of ILLEGAL, ILLEGAL. But meanwhile, those who look like me are sitting up in prison for supposedly doing some illegal shit while those who are ILLEGALLY here get lawyers to sue on their behalf because they were put aboard a plane and sent to Martha’s Vineyard! Seriously???!!!!

Migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard sue Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for ‘fraudulent’ flights

Migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard say they were duped onto “fraudulent” flights and lured with McDonalds vouchers, in a lawsuit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Now, they are suing Mr DeSantis, as well as his transport secretary, alleging a “fraudulent and discriminatory” scheme to relocate them.

he lawsuit, filed on Tuesday, claims they were told they were going to Boston or Washington, and they were induced to cross state lines under false pretences — an allegation some Democratic officials want investigated. 

“No human being should be used as a political pawn,” said Ivan Espinoza-Madrigal, executive director of Lawyers for Civil Rights.


Wait a minute! Did I read that correctly? “They were induced to cross state lines under false pretences” Those shits are over here illegally. They crossed the border WITHOUT any immigration papers and expect to go to the head of the line when people who have tried to become legal citizens of this shithole are waiting years for that to happen but because the Biden Administration needs a new voter base, they are allowing millions of illegals to cross the border and are giving them free legal services paid for by our tax dollars. I can’t even get a lawyer that I’m willing to pay and yet, those who are already sitting up on my dime and the dimes of millions of legal Americans, are making out like the damn bandits they are! Oh and these shits will be MOST WELCOME in Wichita, but my Black ass had better not come a’knocking at an apartment leasing office door and not be speaking Spanish and expect to rent an apartment.

I may not be able to do much about all of this shit beyond post about it, but at least folks who come here can see the outrageous and ludicrous shit that’s going down. Those illegals already have Civil Rights lawyers working on their behalf when American descendants of slavery cannot get that same kind of energy directed our way over the serious and major issues we face on a daily basis and have been for hundreds of years. This shit is beyond fucked up and is the absolute end of enough!

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