About Shelby Courtland

I WAS an advocate for the homeless, the voiceless, those in society who are disparaged on a daily basis. I WAS an advocate for those who are lacking safe, affordable, decent and sanitary housing. But now? Forget ALL about THAT shit! I am now “A Good Girl Gone Bad!” than a motherfucker!

There will be no more ‘feel good’ shit going on all up in here. It has been brought to my attention that I was not ‘practicing what I was preaching. Well, that is about to change or should I say, it HAS changed! And without further ado, this is ME!

Another Good Girl Gone Bad!

Here we go, another ‘good’ girl gone bad.
And yeah, I know; the fucking world’s gone mad.

This is where I say, “I don’t give a shit!”
Who am I kidding? That’s it! I quit!!

I don’t give a good goddamn anymore!
What the fuck? I can’t even the score!

And hell no, my halo ain’t slipping.
To this fucked up world; the bird, I’m flipping.

This time I’ve just stopped giving a fuck.
To those in need; you are SO out of luck.

How many ‘good’ days have you ever had?
When has the ‘good’ outweighed the bad?

Me? I’ll never be mistaken for a SAP!
Sad and Pathetic; to hell with that crap!

Yeah, yeah, yeah; I’ve heard it all before!
We’ve got to feed the hungry and look out for the poor!

Go tell it on the mountain and then head to Wall Street!
And sit your ass down and accept the word, DEFEAT!

Write it all down and sell it if you can.
You ain’t fooling me; I know you got no plan.

Re-write history and what about the lies?
Who conquers who? I won’t wait for that surprise!

And who the hell says there is a human race?
I’ve looked far and wide; there ain’t a goddamn trace!

Talk shit to the dead who got nothing to lose.
They’re sitting in church, so go light the fuse.

The puppets and the zombies all dance to one tune.
All are kept in line by the goon’s platoon.

Step one foot out and you get your ass shot.
You can ‘care’ if you want, but it’s all for naught.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

….and don’t come in here with no bullshit about how we’re ALL in this together. We’re not in shit together! We’re not doing a goddamn thing but pissing in the wind and as soon as you wake the fuck up and recognize, the better off your ass will be. It is fucking war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!!

39 thoughts on “About Shelby Courtland

  1. I heartily concur with your observations and perspective. Indeed we must all care for each other. Except for my ex-bother–I reserve the right to continue to disown his fundie ass. Yes, I know this is an obstacle I must overcome–somehow, someway, some day. Unfortunately I know it’s not happening today on my own personal level. What can I say? It’s not complicated, it’s just the difficulty of dealing with those brain dead by choice.

    Hi. So nice to meet you via MisBehaved Woman’s blogcasa.

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    1. I hear ya! There are plenty of family members that I would dearly love to dis-own, let me tell you! So exceptions are accepted in here. LOL!!! With my family, it’s mainly selfishness and they are all about what you can do for them and they will use you until you literally drop if you let them. I’ve had to move far, far away from them because in many instances, I wear my heart on my sleeve and people take advantage of that. Only by moving so far away, have I put myself out of reach of being used by any of them, even by my own mother. That would be a blog unto itself, my relationship with my mother or should I say, the dysfunctional non-relationship with her.

      And indeed, it is nice to meet you WhiteBuffalo! And please know that I will be ‘following’ your blog. I don’t want to miss out on what you’ve got going on over there!! And thank you ever so much for coming on mine. It is much appreciated!

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    1. By all means, please be my guest. I’m not worried about getting credit. Use whatever you like! I’m quite flattered, I am, I say!!

      Thanks for giving me a ‘big’ head, though it’s big enough as it is. LMAO!!! So glad you stopped by and all!

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  2. I am glad that you stopped by too. I shall be back your way in a few. I seriously appreciate the ‘thumbs up’ on my writing. To those of us who write, you know how much it means when someone acknowledges what we do. Quite often, we feel as though we are talking to ourselves. As I always say, “appreciation is much appreciated!”

    Again, stop in anytime, the door is always open and the light is always on!! LOL!! “Shelby’s DoDropInn!” Hee! Hee! I’m SO bad!

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  3. Thank you for the follow, Shelby.

    For some time now, I have admired your courage and perception, your point of view. And how was it that Don described you, a firebrand. Yes, that was it. And I’ll add, possessed of fiery wit.

    But I have a confession. Once, back when the Detroit water crisis was just getting underway, you wrote a post. It was a ranting and raving, cursing and swearing piece indeed—but make no mistake, I liked it for I can related. It spoke with eloquence yet rage that only injustice can provoke.

    But it scared me.

    With that post in mind . . .

    It’s true, as a white lower-middle class man, I cannot fully appreciate the unremitting oppression of blacks throughout the world, throughout history. Not 100%, how can I? But nor do I wear blinders. I am well aware of what’s going on, well in tune to injustice. And it infuriates me, as does all injustice regardless of race, nationalities, or species.

    It was then that I wanted to like your post, follow you, and tell you not all whites stand indifferent to the problems of other peoples; the majority perhaps do, but not all. However, your rage bespoke of an inappropriate time for me to do so. I wanted to say then what I still believe today. That it is division that perpetuates social inequality, a self-evident truth. That same division places nations at war, divides its citizens, neighbors, and even families. It is deliberate! It is a division manufactured, packaged and fed to the masses daily 24/7 by the elite, to serve their ends of control, power, and unimaginable wealth. It covers all aspects of existence, pitting man against man, man against animal, man against nature. And they’ve done a fine damn job of it too, more than mere mortals capable of, but I’ll not get into that here.

    My point I wished to make then, as now is only that until we all stand together in solidarity against all forms of oppression, from the least to the most, can we even begin to hope for global peace and justice for all. And when I say all, I mean everything that lives.

    My apologizes for this rather lengthy comment.

    Thank you, Shelby, good night.

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    1. First of all, no apologies necessary! The longer the comment, the more pleasure I get from reading it.

      Yes, I remember that post well and of course, I do recall how I threw 16,000 cussing and ranting fits and add another couple of thousand and I may have the total number of cuss words used. However, with that being said, when I see ‘red’, there is no reasoning with me. I am fiery by nature and spontaneous. Many times, I just hit the ‘go’ button and ‘go’. Yes, there are times when I sit back and contemplate just what it is I’m going to write but when shit is hitting the fan ALWAYS for people who look like me, I seriously get tired of it. And I do understand that there are many white people out there who do stand in solidarity with us but I cannot tell you how many of them that I run into on a daily basis that I have had to set straight about a few ‘home’ truths and I had no qualms in doing so.

      Of course you know the sordid history of not only this shithole called, “America,” but you know the sordid history of this world and what’s been done to whom by whom, so I needn’t go into that. Suffice it to say, I do recognize kindred souls when I come across them and since reading Don’s blog, I have also wanted to follow you because you stand out in such a way, that I took notice and I had been meaning to head on over to your blog for some time, but sometimes things just happen when they happen.

      So, even though I rail against the status quo and seem to lump everyone into the same category, if you’ve read any of my posts then you know that most of those who have stuck with me know why, just as you did, that I carry on so. I am tired and I am fed up at so much injustice perpetrated not just against Black people, but all people across this planet. And I have written about what we do to the animals that are vulnerable and innocent and what we do to them, we do without even a backward glance.

      But thank you for taking the time to let me know that you wanted to write something long before now but because of my, how shall I put it, my unorthodox ways of getting my point across, it caused you to hesitate. I take some getting used to and I consider myself to be a ‘work in progress’. Bear with me Peter and again, thank you for stopping in!

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  4. Well good Day to you Shelby Cortland. Came by your page thought I could get some perspective here. I’ll be around to see whats on your mind. Thanks for the words.

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    1. I thank you so very much for your comment and I must say, I admire everything about your blog! I absolutely ADORE your sense of humor and wish that my blog had started out addressing serious issues with humor. It goes over much better than my raging anger at the system and well…at….EVERYTHING! I’ve quite actually burned myself out.

      But I shall truly make time to peruse more of your blog because it is just a pure breath of fresh air!

      Thanks for the follow and thanks for making me laugh and for giving me some inspiration!

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