I Have A Purpose!


When I just want to turn out the lights,
and shut the door and sleep,
I know that things have gotten to me,
And all I seem to do is weep.

But I pick myself up off the ground,
and I look towards the sky.
Though winter is here for awhile,
all the birds will not simply die.

I feel such hopelessness and anger,
and when all I want to do is quit,
I see the sun poke through the clouds,
and it’s not so dark from where I sit.

Life will never be all rosy.
Nor will it always treat me kind.
But I must not forget why I’m here.
I have a purpose to which I’ve been blind.

If a gift has been given to me,
and if what I say is true,
then I have a responsibility,
to keep trying to get through to you.

You may never get the message.
But I’ll keep trying all the same.
And if one day, I make a difference,
then I’ll be glad, I lit the flame.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

I See My Beauty!


I was once so young,
but time has a way,
of turning today,
into yesterday.

So many years gone.
Where did they go?
When the clock ticks,
it is an enemy of mine.

Look at these grooves,
in my youthful face,
the purity of my flesh,
sunken and hollow,
the brittleness of
once strong bones.

The gray in my hair,
so vital and thick.
Brown spots cling
to delicate hands.
Thickened ankles
beneath veined legs.
Stooped shoulders
bear the weight of years.

Time has caught up with me
and I cannot outrun its pace.
But I am still beautiful,
though time has marked me.
I know that I am still here,
for I can feel and touch.
And though you don’t see
the beauty I used to be,
I am still beautiful,
and time will never change,
the way I feel about me.

I see my beauty,
in these age spots,
and in my hollowed cheeks.
Beauty is my thickened ankles,
and my wrinkled skin.

I am not in the first blush of youth
as time is a thief,
of the young and of the old,
and I am thankful to be alive.
For time will never stop
and this I know.

But I shall not weep
for what is lost.
So long as I live,
I know that beauty is life
and life is beautiful.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland

Embrace your beauty regardless if you are 9 or 99. As long as you are alive, you are beautiful for life is beautiful and in these trying times with so many losing their lives, do you have any idea how blessed you are to be alive at all? Love yourselves and love life for it is too short to worry about the trivialities of age spots, wrinkles and gray hair.

Always, Be Grateful!


Have you ever gone for two days without a shower or a bath? Did you like how you smelled? You couldn’t wait to wash the funk off, could you? What about brushing your teeth? Have you ever gone more than a day without brushing and flossing your teeth? Wasn’t that a yucky feeling, that build-up? Now, don’t you just love having a private bathroom to just go into and relax, take a newspaper in and sit down and enjoy yourself(if you’re not constipated that is)? Isn’t it nice to be able to close that door and do whatever it is you went in there to do?

Have you ever gone into your kitchen and just stopped and stood still for a moment and took stock of what you’ve got? I mean, have you noticed that you can cook yourself an entire meal of whatever you have on hand?

When you go into your bedroom, have you ever noticed that you can throw open the doors of your closet and just stand back and decide what it is you’re going to pull out of it to wear for the day?

How many of you take these things, these seemingly little things for granted, every single day? Have you never wondered how you would feel if just one of the little things that you take for granted, was gone? Well, imagine that it’s all gone, every bit of it. There is no shower. Hell! There is no bathroom. Your body smells like it is rotting from the outside in and your teeth have a coating on them that is so thick, you could scrape it off with a knife. And your feet, oh dear God, your feet are killing you and when you try and take your shoe off, it won’t budge. Your foot is swollen. And when you finally remove your shoe, your ‘foot’ doesn’t even resemble a foot; it is so swollen beyond anything that you could imagine. What would you do? Go to the ER? Go to your personal physician? Not if you’re homeless, you won’t. Oh, you may be able to get into the ER, but depending on the ER, you may get seen or you may get shown the door and have the police called on you for good measure. And yes, this has happened, indeed it has. The homeless have even ended up dead on a jail cell floor just because they had the audacity to realize that something was seriously wrong, went to an ER. They finally made it back to the hospital, by way of the morgue, that is.

Are you enjoying this so far? You think it’s a story? Oh no, this is real life. This is the real deal for millions of people, each and every day. This is their life. And can you imagine? At one time, they too had a private bathroom, a home, a kitchen, a stove. They had what you still have. And I bet you’re thinking, “Well, it was something that they did that was so horribly wrong, that’s all. It could never happen to me!” Think again! The economy tanked. Jobs were lost. A medical condition happened. A series of events, a chain of bad took away everything they had.

So, the next time you flip a switch and your coffee pot starts emanating that wonderful aroma of coffee and your toaster just flipped out a bagel and you’ve slathered it with cream cheese and Polaner All Fruit, stop for a minute, take stock and remember to be grateful that you still have what so many do not. Don’t take it for granted because security ain’t so secure anymore.

I Have a Friend

I have a friend that you can’t see.
She gets me through the day.
If not for her, I would be lost.
And at night, I hear her pray.

“Oh Lord, keep the homeless safe.
Get them through another night.
Their lives depend on you.
And so please, by them; do right!”

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Whenever we see a homeless person, seemingly talking to themselves, we assume that they’re schizophrenic. Can we really say that all people are crazy simply because we cannot see what they see? Sometimes a baby will smile at what we think is nothing, but do we really know that it’s nothing? Maybe, just maybe, innocence gets enfolded in unseen but loving arms. And remember, hundreds of thousands of homeless people are homeless for decades and we know that WE ain’t doing a damn thing to keep them alive. So, who or what is and believe me, it SO ain’t the charities. The charities are keeping the charities alive!

A homeless woman who refused to leave hospital without treatment for her sprained ankle was arrested and then died on the floor of a police cell.

Anna Brown, 29, visited three hospitals in St Louis, Missouri, complaining of leg pain, which was later found to have been caused by the blood clots that killed her.

…and yet, no amount of ‘loving arms’ was able to save this woman, but medical intervention could have, if only we had cared enough and looked at her and saw our own reflection. Because after all, we ALL deserve to live, don’t we?

What are WE doing to keep them alive? And yes indeed, always, be grateful for what you have!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2122701/Anger-homeless-woman-29-dies-police-cell-arrested-refusing-leave-hospital-treatment-sprained-ankle.html#ixzz2vWWeFb6t

The Little Things In Life

winter scene

Today was overcast and the air was crisp and cold.
I let the cares of the world slide and off my shoulders roll.

There is beauty to be found if only we will look.
Snow was falling softly and I laid down my book.

I glanced up as a bird landed to be fed.
And then a hungry squirrel perked up his little head.

The world may be in chaos and headed who knows where
But there is beauty to be found if we become aware.

So, I’ll not focus on the bad and forget that I’m alive,
just from the little things in life, some pleasure I’ll derive.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland