I Had A Dream…..!


I had a dream the other night and in it was Dr. King.
I stared in awestruck wonder as my eyes began to sting.
The expression on his face was so solemn and yet so kind,
I wondered if he knew about the turmoil in my mind.
What could I say to him about the troubles we still know?
And I wondered if he knew about the debt that whites still owe?
I implored him with my mind to see history through my eyes
and this distorted world of whites who still hail him with their lies.
I wanted him to see the view from where we stand
beneath a concrete bridge and homeless in this land,
where Jim Crow still exists from when hatred was unleashed
and though he too was jailed, millions weren’t released.

Today, they’ll praise his name and say that things have changed
that they no longer burn a cross or watch a Black man hanged.
But we all know the truth in that lynching still exists
and I see the whip slice forward, there’s the echo of its hiss.
The view from where I stand is not from on a mountain top
as I look upon my brother, killed by a racist cop.
His blood still stains the ground and as I turn to Dr. King,
I extend my hands towards him for to him, I want to cling,
to beg him to come back to us, but he only shakes his head.
I then realize tis a dream and that Dr. King is dead!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2018 Shelby I. Courtland

As we, again, celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day which this year happens to fall on his birthday, we will hear from people who would assassinate Dr. King a million times over if they could. We will hear from the hypocrites who pretend to pay homage to a man who was not for corporations and who was against the mis-treatment of the poor and yet,  on the front page of every newspaper, magazine, television screen and any other type of news media, we will be bombarded with images of Dr. King and we shall hear his “I Have A Dream!” speech another trillion times and then, that’s it folks!

Not a thing has changed since Dr. King’s speeches, marches, protests and nothing will because simply posting a picture of him and recalling his words does nothing. If anything, things have gotten much worse.

For instance:

The University of Maryland Medical Center’s top executive apologized to a patient who was discharged and found on the street wearing only a thin hospital gown and socks outside its midtown facility, calling it an isolated incident.

“We take full responsibility for this failure,” Dr. Mohan Suntha said during a Thursday afternoon news conference. The hospital did not provide “basic humanity and compassion,” he added.

Hospital officials have not said what the woman was treated for in the emergency room or why she was left out in the cold near a public transit bus stop. Mohan said she received proper care while in the hospital and that the incident happened after discharge.


As we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day as well as his birthday, just a few days ago, another Black woman was thrown out of a hospital by security, clad only in a hospital gown and socks. While she was wandering aimlessly around, with no obvious idea of what to do, another Black man decided to tape the incident because he was absolutely beyond horrified over witnessing this shocking event.

Because the event was taped and posted on Youtube, now there is an uproar about ‘patient dumping’ that seems to happen to mostly Black patients and the hospital’s top executive stated that this patient “received proper care while in the hospital and that the incident happened after discharge.”

Excuse me! But when did it become the norm to discharge patients in a hospital gown and socks in the middle of a frigid winter’s night? I can tell you that of the times that I have been discharged from a hospital, you had damn well better believe that I was not discharged in a hospital gown and hospital socks and told to “Suck it!” as this woman was apparently told to do! How many times have you seen a patient sitting in a chair being wheeled out of a hospital and to a bus stop by security while still wearing a hospital gown(open in the back) and socks? And if you read the article, it mentions that this happens more times than we know and especially to the homeless. Go figure!

And yet, we are really going to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy? Is this his legacy? Seriously??!! We really want to go there??!!! When Dr. King, along with his civil rights organization, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, decided to launch a campaign to highlight the many problems facing the poor, the result of that today is to put poor patients out on the street in the middle of a frigid winter’s night in nothing but a thin hospital gown that doesn’t even close in the back and a pair of hospital socks? But that is an acceptable discharge according to the hospital’s executive director? Because the hospital is responsible for you from the time you are admitted until the time you are SAFELY discharged. And being sent out in that condition, especially in a city like Baltimore, is anything but SAFELY discharged.

How is this even happening? It is happening because poor people are not even thought of as human even in a hospital. Read about Anna Brown and Barbara Dawson and then come talk to me about how Dr. King’s legacy is alive and well because these two women are dead since they were treated just as this woman in Baltimore was treated.

So, go ahead, post your blogs commemorating Dr. King and espouse upon his legacy as though that has any meaning whatsoever because quite obviously, none of us know a damn thing about how we are supposed to be treating each other and we don’t want to know. Can you imagine Dr. King, with a smartphone in his hand, more worried about getting the latest model over helping some poor, homeless and sick woman find her way? Do you think that Dr. King would give a damn about a Wi-Fi connection? How does that help feed the hungry? How does that clothe the naked, like this woman who was dumped out of a hospital in the cold? How does that help a single mom who is about to become homeless with her kids? A mom who just recently worked for one of the Sam’s Clubs that Wal-Mart just shut down without any warning whatsoever which means for those of you who want to blame the victim for their troubles, who is to blame when the company you work for closes its doors and you only find out that you don’t have a job when you report to work?

Yes indeed, let us cease and desist with all social programs because the poor should just die already as this is why we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Day! Let the hypocrisy begin!


What Was I Thinking?

I went from this:

to this:

Indeed, what in the world was I thinking?

Going from this?

To This?

Oh hell nawwww!


Since coming to Baltimore, I have experienced more crazy shit than I can shake a stick at. I have never seen anything like what I have seen for the past 10 months, that’s 10 months. I cannot even survive a year in this hellhole!

As some of you may know, I have been carjacked, bus robbed, shot at and someone tried to break into my home. I was taken to the hospital twice and never made it out of the hallway into a room and my head was up against the restroom door. When I was taken back to the hospital, I was taken to the same exact hallway, placed on a bed outside the exact same restroom door, directly from yet another crime scene. And as out of it as I was, I thought the nurse said she was giving me Demerol, only to find out that she had hit me up with Fentanyl. That was the most horrid drug experience ever. I thought I was dying and yet it did nothing for the pain I was in from having hit my head over trying to dodge bullets by falling down a flight of stairs. Why they give people Fentanyl is a mystery to me because it only makes you high, but does nothing for the pain you’re in.

For anyone that is reading this, I am strongly advising that you STAY OUT OF BALTIMORE MARYLAND!!! Never even visit this place! My shit is being packed as I type this and the moving truck has been ordered! If you’ve ever thought to experience what hell is, it is here in Baltimore, MD! Never, ever come here! And as bad as it sounds, it is far, far worse!!!

I cannot believe that I was so naïve to think that I could come to this cesspool of filth, corruption and crime and make a difference. Again, I have no idea what the hell I was thinking, but I am soon to be outta here! I can’t leave fast enough!

Ducking and dodging bullets is NOT my idea of having a good time, nor is it entertaining. For the love of !!!!!

Sirens Are Our Lullabies!

Shots ring out every night
in this city gushing blood.
And in daylight, it’s the same,
awash in a crimson flood.

Sirens are our lullabies;
a crime scene, our parade.
We stand and stare at the dead,
then into a grave, they are laid.

None of it makes any sense,
Black men killing their own kind.
And I just make excuses
as though to reality, I am blind.

I blamed it all on poverty;
a lack of jobs and single moms.
And I threw in for good measure
that so many are bearing arms.

I thought I had all the answers.
Open a store or two in the hood
that catered to the poor,
but that won’t do us any good.

What is needed, I don’t know.
I throw my hands up in the air.
Our murder rate is off the charts.
And it would seem that we don’t care.

Another day, another murder.
And sometimes, more than one.
We’re just mowing each other down,
and hell, there ain’t nowhere to run.

More babies without fathers,
more mothers without their sons
because we have lost our minds,
 when to solve our problems, we use guns.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

‘Did you hear that?’: Amid Baltimore’s surge in killings, a faint cry in a locked car

BALTIMORE — No one saw the baby.

She sat in a gold-hued car with tinted black windows as her 26-year-old father lay on the ground outside, dying.

All eyes were on him, another fallen body in a city increasingly defined by them.

In portions of Baltimore, the strobe of police cars is as much a part of the landscape as boarded-up homes. But the pace of the killings this year has been stunning as the city struggles to recover from rioting in 2015. As of Friday, 124 people had been slain, including five on a recent day, making Baltimore’s homicide rate one of the highest in the country. It is more than triple Washington’s rate and higher than the homicide rates in New Orleans and Chicago, two places that have become national symbols of gun violence.

I came to this city, not with expectations of having everlasting fun, but with the hope that there was something I could do to help in a city that claimed my heart over a decade ago. And now, I am beyond frustrated. If I told you all that has happened to me since I’ve been here, you’d all wonder why I have not thrown myself into the nearest psych ward and wrapped my own ass in a wrap-around jacket. I have been carjacked, almost robbed at gun point on a city bus, my cousin was shot two months after arriving here and I am terrified to leave my own neighborhood. I am already preparing to leave this city. I have not seen anything like this. I guess when I was here before, I was young and fearless, but now that I am older and damn near completely incapacitated thanks to injuries, I look at things differently and I am absolutely horrified at what I see. This city is off the chain. I ask myself all the time, “What was I thinking?” And if you read the article, a statement by a former Baltimore planning director tells it all.

“People don’t realize it’s worse than Chicago,” said Otis Rolley, former Baltimore planning director and a onetime mayoral candidate. His 23-year-old nephew, Andrew Zachary, a former Marine, was the 15th person killed in the city this year. “This man was trained by the U.S. government and had the skills and ability to survive in a combat situation overseas but was unable to navigate the streets of Baltimore. And that is a scary, scary thing.”

There is no need to suit up and head to Iraq or Afghanistan to see some combat action, just come to Baltimore. You’ll get more ‘action’ than you bargained for, believe me! Baltimore is a warzone! Helicopters fly overhead, non-stop. Sirens are non-stop. It is not even safe to take public transit. It is not safe to drive. It is not safe to walk down the street. It is not safe to peep out your window. For the love of !!!!!

Real News!


President Donald J. Trump stunned Twitter today when he tweeted, “I would like to host Kim Jong Un at Mar-a-Lago soon.” Right on cue, Dennis Rodman tweeted, “Invite me and I will translate for you!” Not to be outdone, Trump tweeted, “No need for you Rodman, I speak Asian!” The staff at Mar-a-Lago has been instructed to ready the Oriental Room for Kim Jong Un. Special instructions have also been given to the chef. Special food items requested by Kim Jong Un include the Mar-a-Lago chef’s version of the Whopper, the Grand Big Mac, the Wendy’s Double Burger and two Sonic styled corn dogs. Kim Jong Un stated that due to sanctions against North Korea, he is unable to acquire these treats and he has always wanted to sample  American fast food. The poor man knows not what he is in for. And after eating these American ‘treats’, war WILL soon follow.

Now this is quite a turnaround from, “Kim Jong Un is a very, very bad hombre and North Korea has got to go ‘boom-boom’,” was Donald Trump’s response when questioned about what he intended to do with North Korea’s rogue leader before heading to a rally in Pennsylvania this past Saturday. Trump told his supporters that North Korea was a very real nuclear threat and that if diplomacy fails, a nuclear confrontation will ensue since all options are on the table. It has been reported that the North Koreans were keeping tabs on Trump’s whereabouts on Saturday via a spy satellite installed in space by the Syrians as the spy satellite was behind the Syrian regime’s victorious offensive against the 59 missile barrage leveled at them by the U.S. military. Only two missiles actually struck close to their targets. All others struck a nearby junkyard containing old Toyota pickup trucks that were discarded by ISIS members.

In other news, officials in Afghanistan changed their initial reports that 94 insurgents had been killed by the MOAB(Mother of All Bombs) to only 2 and that Trump ordered the MOAB to be dropped on camel corrals and chicken coops in the northern province of Nangarhar. Two shepherds; one who was in charge of herding the camels and one who was feeding the chickens were killed. Animal rights watch groups are crying “Fowl!” since this was in clear violation of the “Do Not Bomb Camel Corrals And Chicken Coops Agreement.” The ICC is expected to take the matter up next May. However, no one in Afghanistan is said to be holding their breath that anything will come out of this other than that more MOABs will be dropped on innocent animal targets.

A spokesperson for the Taliban announced that the U.S. military was in violation of its policies to end the drug trade in America by refusing to help them destroy the poppy fields in Afghanistan. The Taliban has accused the U.S. military of lying about its mission in Afghanistan. The Pentagon weighed in on this and was quoted as saying, “We are in no way attempting to stop the flow of opium from Afghanistan. Our mission is to see to it that not one Afghan citizen becomes addicted to opioids and the only way to insure this is to assign U.S military soldiers to guard the poppy plants and to make sure that when they are harvested, they are sent directly to the United States whereupon they will be burned immediately.” Meanwhile, a fierce battle is raging between the Taliban and U.S. soldiers over a Monopoly board game that was destroyed while both were fighting over the poppy fields in Bang-a-tart. A Clue game was flown in from Saudi Arabia in an attempt to get the two sides to forget about the destroyed Monopoly board game and to instead, focus on solving a centuries old crime of “Who shot the butler?”

Meanwhile, on the home front, malls and retails stores have been in the news recently for shuttering their doors by the thousands. The store closures are on pace to set a new record and this phenomenon has been blamed on Amazondotcom. It has been suggested by multiple economists that Amazon is simply stealing sales from brick and mortar stores since there are no poor people in America and rents have been on the decline for decades. However, a new problem has emerged; one that has upset Donald Trump, greatly. GM announced to Trump this morning via Twitter that “Big summer shutdowns loom for US auto plants as sales sputter.” As many of us had heard, Trump took the credit for keeping automakers in the U.S. But now, Trump is accusing GM of trying to make him look bad by claiming that sales are sputtering and plants are going to close for weeks on end this summer. Trump had this to say to GM a few minutes ago. “GM is trying to steal my thunder and I wont have it. Sell those cars!” GM had no further comment in response to Trump’s latest tweet. But a leading economist, Herbert Wreck told Real News that the car sales sputter is not really a sputter since people have been buying their cars on Amazondotcom and that Amazondotcom posted revenue in the billions last quarter on car sales alone. And thanks to Amazondotcom, the American economy is gaining traction and this will counter any suggestions of an upcoming economic downturn.

On another note, Pepsi is in the spotlight again. It would appear that on May Day, there were multiple protests all across the U.S. But in Portland, Oregon where protesters tried their best to mimic Kendall Jenner’s role in a recent Pepsi ad by attempting to hand the cops a can of Pepsi, the reaction that Kendall Jenner received from cops was not quite what happened to the protesters in Portland. One protester, who was dressed just like Jenner, extended a can of Pepsi to a police officer, who just completely ignored the ‘olive branch’ that was extended to him. Upon realizing that the police would not accept a heartfelt gift from the Kendall Jenner lookalike, the protester then threw the can of Pepsi at the police and a riot ensued whereas multiple cans of Pepsi were sent flying towards the police line in front of the protesters. Several people pulled out their smartphones in an attempt to reach Kendall Jenner to beg her to come to the protest and hand a can of Pepsi to the cops since it wasn’t working when others tried to follow her lead. Jenner was unavailable and sent Caitlyn Jenner in her stead. This switch appeared not to go over well with the police either and several arrests were made. Since the police had no idea which holding cell to place Caitlyn Jenner in, Jenner was released after receiving an admonishment from the police to refrain from participating in any future protests. Jenner agreed and left the scene in an unmarked Hummer.

Meanwhile, Pepsi protesters were loaded into police vans and hauled off to jail, charged with inciting a riot by insisting on giving cops Pepsi and for refusing to disburse when ordered to do so and for causing damage to a patrol car and several police uniforms. The protesters are calling on the Pepsi Company to pay their bail and for the damages caused by the Pepsi cans that were used in their attempts to befriend the police by asking them to enjoy a Pepsi with them instead of getting beaten and arrested by them while they were exercising their right to peacefully protest. Apparently, people do not understand that commercials do not reflect reality; especially Pepsi commercials featuring Kendall Jenner. No word as yet on whether or not the protesters bail and damages will be paid for by the Pepsi Company.

In local news, a new and daring act that would rival anything done by daredevil, Evel Knievel, two fools in Baltimore, Maryland hitched a ride on the back of an MTA bus and rode it around town and residents when questioned what they thought of this,  were aghast while others laughed and said, “It’s what I intend to do whenever I don’t have bus fare.” A police spokesperson weighed in stating, “We are still looking for these two and when we find them, they will be charged with being stupid, it carries a fine of $20.00 and two months probation. This should discourage others from attempting this foolish stunt.”

And so that, folks, is the ‘Real News’ for today. Stay tuned for upcoming segments of ‘Real News’ brought to you weekly.

The Hard Hitting Truth!




As many of you may know, I recently moved from the Midwest back to the East Coast and apparently, I was living in a bubble seeing as how the Midwest does not have that many Black people. Since moving back to the East Coast, what I thought I knew, I did not know because I’ve taken up for Black people, time and time again. But no more! What I have witnessed with my very own eyes is just beyond the pale.

I always wondered why Black people call each other “Niggers!” Now, I don’t. I know why. It’s because you are niggers, almost every single one of you and that is a sad ass fact! I have witnessed more ‘niggerfied’ behavior in the four months that I have been living in Baltimore than in my entire existence on this planet and believe me, I no longer consider myself, young. Au contraire! What you niggers are is a different species altogether and you’re not worth a damn!

I am no longer against gentrification because I don’t want you heathens living next door to me. I don’t want to even see you because then I’d have to smell you and I hate the odor of skunk weed. Now, I am not suggesting that other groups don’t smoke weed, but if I’m going to be honest about it, by far, I’ve smelled more weed around Blacks than I’ve ever smelled around anybody else and yet, you want taxpayers like myself to pay your rent(Section 8) while you sit somewhere high as the proverbial kite? You have got to be kidding. I now know why Blacks receive no outpouring of support from other countries when the police shoot your ass eight ways to Sunday on any given street in America on any given day, it is because the people of other countries already knew what it took me to live in Baltimore to find out and that is that you Black folks are just some nasty ass, no account, weed smoking niggers!

I have watched and listened to Black men cuss Black women out without even blinking. I was attempting to get on an elevator with another Black woman and a Black man was getting off the elevator. The Black woman was in a wheelchair and I was pushing my walker and when the doors opened, the Black man just stood there as though we were blocking the exit. The Black woman in the wheelchair asked him if he could please get off the elevator before the doors closed so that we would not get caught between the doors, he called her everything but a child of God. He cussed that woman out so bad, I blushed! When the lady and I had gotten on the elevator, she turned to me and said, “Miss, what did I say that was so wrong?” I replied, “Miss, you said nothing wrong and that is why I say nothing to these people because I would have to shove this walker up somebody’s ass every single damn day! What in the world is wrong with the Black men of today? You have no respect for Black women at all.

The other day, I was in Rite Aid and a Black piece of filth was standing in line in front of me and he was on the phone talking just as ‘niggerfied’ as he could. “Yeah my nigga, I’m at Rite Aid and this bitch ignoring me like she don’t know me. Hey bitch, tell my nigga why you acting like you don’t know me!” For the love of!!! The cashier looked at me and I looked at her and we both rolled our eyes at that piece of Black filth, otherwise known as a ‘nigger’! When he had got out of her face, she asked me who in the world would answer to “Bitch” and I said, “A bitch!” She told me that they obviously need prayer and I said, “They are past prayer. No amount of praying could help that mess!”

Outside Rite Aid, while waiting for the light rail, another older lady was also waiting and I was telling my cousin about how Black people have come a long way and in the process, have come the wrong way because we did not talk to one another back in the day like we do today, we did not treat one another with such contempt and disrespect. We were not shooting other Black people down like dogs; like niggers. The other lady spoke up and said that she also can recall a time when we had not become what we had been called for hundreds of years, “Niggers!” But we are there now and we have no one to blame but ourselves. My cousin got to cussing and carrying on about how bad the weed smelled when someone passed by us and after he went across the street to check on the price of a coat he saw in a store window, the lady that was waiting at the light rail stop asked me what was his relationship to me and I explained that he was my cousin. She asked because he was out in public acting a fool and she probably thought that I had picked him as a boyfriend; not hardly! Unfortunately, you cannot pick your family because he would not have been picked either. Truth be told, not one nigger in my family would have been picked by me and believe me, they’re all niggers because that is what they call each other.

Never in my life, have I seen a group of people have such a blatant disregard for the wellbeing of one another. Families don’t act like families. Children are out-of-control. And this is the norm and then we wonder why Black children are getting body slammed in videos by the police. I’d body slam your ass too because you need to be slammed; you beg for it. What’s deplorable is the behavior displayed every single day by little Black niggers! The U.S. mint could print enough money for one year, hand it over to me, and I’d not take it if I had to take it for working as a teacher. No wonder whites are pulling their children out of schools that’s got niggers sitting up in them, acting out, fighting and otherwise acting just like niggers. You’re not civilized! You’re heathens! And I wouldn’t even want to be around you! And if I were to be honest about it, I had some idea of how bad you niggers are even when I was in the Midwest because I did indeed board a bus in downtown Minneapolis and regretted every single second I was on it because, true to form as you niggers are, you proceeded to act just like niggers; cussing and yelling and screeching all over the damn bus as though you had no home training whatsoever and of course, you didn’t. But you’ve got to be a flagrant nigger; you have just got to make sure that everyone knows without a shadow of a doubt that you are indeed, the baddest nigger to ever live! You’re not! You’re just one of millions. Take a number!

Now, I know that I am going to get a lot of flak for this post and I don’t really give a good goddamn because this is the truth as I see it and I don’t pull no punches, I tell it like I see it and damn the consequences and you can have a hissy fit over this until the cows come home, go back out and come back home again, but it won’t change a damn thing. Look around you. Who is shooting each other in every major city in America by the thousands and then get bent-out-of-shape because the kops are helping you in your quest to kill each other off? Who was fighting in malls all across this country after the holiday shopping season was over? When you pass by a group of niggers, you know it because they’re all calling one another, “niggers!” So, how can I be wrong when Blacks are calling other Blacks, “Niggers!” every day? And Black people have the nerve to pretend to worry about Donald Trump and some of his supporters. What the hell for? Because you are far worse for each other than any racist or bigot could ever be because if you were united instead of divided, clueless and niggerfied, you would have gotten it together by now and figured out that if you come up off that gangsta shit that you live by and personify, you wouldn’t need to worry about how Donald Trump’s policies would impact or affect you. You would not need a Section 8 Voucher. You would not need food stamps. You would not need welfare. You can get your nails done, sport some Air Nikes, possess a smartphone and a Gucci handbag, but can’t pay your subsidized rent??? Stores like Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s Rentals were opened up just to deprive niggers of their money and yes, I know, a nigger has been defined as an ignorant person. Well, that’s true because only an ignorant person would pay someone 800% interest and eventually pay $2,849.00 for a TV that if purchased from Wal-Mart would have cost $209.00. Only a nigger would hand over the title to their paid for vehicle to a Title Loan Store. Only a nigger would need cash so fast that they wouldn’t wait for their tax refund to be mailed to them from the IRS but would instead, opt for a quick loan after hundreds of dollars has been shaved off of their tax refund. Only a nigger would place more value on material things than on an education and then wonder why you can’t get up out of the projects. It’s because you’ve just got to be a pretentious nigger; pretending that you’ve got something when you strut around with your ignorant ass sporting your Gucci bag, smartphone, Air Nikes, fake nails and fake ass European hair. Every week, you’re handing money over to the Koreans, the Chinese, the whites but never investing it in each other or yourself and then wonder why you’re fucked up. This is why, nigger! It is because you’re a nigger and proud of it!

In one of the first articles that I posted upon coming to Baltimore, in it, you can see that Black folks are buying ‘soul food’ from the Koreans in Lexington Market. By now, you could have opened your own stalls and been selling food that got its origins from us. But instead, you stand there nodding over some food sold to you by the Koreans who hold you in complete and utter contempt. I just recently read where a Lexington Market Korean stall keeper when responding to why she does not sell healthy bagels at her Lexington Market stall had this to say, “Look at my customers! They have no teeth! They can’t even eat a bagel!” She was talking about you toothless nodding methadone addicted niggers whose teeth have all fallen out to the point where a Korean will not even sell bagels because she knows you can’t eat them. Was she talking about white folks? Hell no! Was she talking about other Koreans? Hell no! Was she talking about Pakistanis? Hell no. She was talking about you, nigger!

Another sad fact is that the niggers who need to be reading this, won’t be. They’re busy standing around somewhere pretending to be something they’re not while continuously being something they are, niggers. This is also why I hardly blog anymore because my readers are not niggers. They know what’s what and they know why the Black race in America is doing so poorly and it’s not so much do to racism but has everything to do with a group of people who have taken up the most derogatory word in history, applied it to themselves and who is hell bent and damned determined to live down to that word, each and every single day! So niggers, have at it!




Across the street from the closed-down and shuttered shops, is the face of gentrification. Close the shops that catered to Black people so that those 'whites' who take up residence in these 'upscale apartments' don't have to see what they don't want to see. Fuck this shit!
Across the street from the closed-down and shuttered shops, is the face of gentrification. Close the shops that catered to Black people so that those ‘whites’ who take up residence in these ‘upscale apartments’ don’t have to see what they don’t want to see.
Fuck this shit!


Once teeming with life,
now emptied and shuttered,
waiting on the new tenants
upscale, not down on their luck
from those luxury condos, across the street.
Vacant, I sit with gates closed,
closed to those who were not afraid
to walk through my doors before
the drums of gentrification beat
down on my steel bars
as they sigh and give way
to the pressure of urban renewal.
Where are the people,
the real people?
They have all been moved
across the bridge; out of sight,
those considered, an urban blight!
“Don’t come this way again!”
The new urban dwellers
have no need for discounts
or rotgut liquor and cheap wine.
For them, it is cloth-covered tables
and the choicest meats on which to dine.
They didn’t put this city on the map,
nor will they love her the way my people did.
She is just a trend for them,
these new urbanites;
rich, spoiled whites.
They soil this city
with their bulldozers;
gutting her like she’s a fish.
Assaulting her with their
trendy, upscale shops
and parks for their dogs to play in.
No room for my people
and they want it that way;
these rich, spoiled whites
who were yesterday’s suburbanites.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

As I stroll around Baltimore, I take note of a city under siege. She is under siege thanks to gentrification. This city, like Washington, D.C. had a majority Black population. Washington, D.C. is no longer called, “Chocolate City” because of gentrification and these white shits here are planning the same for Baltimore.

When I left Baltimore years ago, Lexington Street and surrounding streets were teeming with shops; shops that catered to Black people. Fast forward a few years and those stores were made to close down because whites decided that Baltimore was the place to live and to do so, Black people had to go. There could be no ‘co-existing’. HealthCare For The Homeless was moved from the area as well as other agencies that catered to those who were ‘down-on-their-luck’. Black people made Baltimore and now ‘whites’ are trying to run Black people out of Baltimore. Well, I am making it known, here and now, that I am going to do whatever it takes to make sure that Baltimore does not go the route of Washington, D.C. and ‘white’ motherfuckers, you are going to find  out that the Black people in Baltimore are not going to give up so easily. I am on the streets, daily and just so you know, it is on, motherfuckers! I don’t know what the fuck was wrong with those Black people over in Washington, D.C., but you are going to find out that here in Baltimore, we ain’t some weak punk ass bitches. If you don’t know, now you know! Fuck you motherfuckers! Because I am ‘Blackifiying’ YOUR neighborhoods! Yeah! Me and my homeys are in your neighborhoods! All up in your fucking grill! That’s right! We are walking through your ‘gentrified’ shit every single day! So fucking get used to it! Now, where the fuck you gone move???!! Head the fuck on over to D.C., you see-through skinned rejects from hell!

Baltimore…In Pictures!

The World Famous ‘Lexington Market’ in Baltimore, MD!


My cousin's first meal at Lexington Market. Chitterlings and beer! LOL!
My cousin’s first meal at Lexington Market. Chitterlings and beer! LOL!


Took a picture while waiting on my cousin to come out of a shop.
Took a picture while waiting on my cousin to come out of a shop.
The Koreans have taken over the stalls in Lexington Market. As you will see, Black people are buying 'soul food' from the Koreans. One Korean woman got pissed at me for taking pictures. I wonder why.
The Koreans have taken over the stalls in Lexington Market. As you will see, Black people are buying ‘soul food’ from the Koreans. One Korean woman got pissed at me for taking pictures. I wonder why.
Would you ever see this the 'other way' around? Hell no! A Korean buying food from a Black man? Those pigs they sell would fly first!
Would you ever see this the ‘other way’ around? Hell no! A Korean buying food from a Black man? Those pigs they sell would fly first!
This is the woman that got pissed at me for taking pictures. I guess she didn't want me to point out the obvious.
This is the woman that got pissed at me for taking pictures. I guess she didn’t want me to point out the obvious.
I saw not one 'Black-owned' soul food stall in Lexington Market. Not one.
I saw not one ‘Black-owned’ soul food stall in Lexington Market. Not one.
Sigh! This is becoming redundant.
Sigh! This is becoming redundant.
This was taken in what I call 'Little Lexington Market' because this part is behind the main market building.
This was taken in what I call ‘Little Lexington Market’ because this part is behind the main market building.
This is the last stall in 'Little Lexington Market'.
This is the last stall in ‘Little Lexington Market’.
Need money fast? ATMs are all over the place.
Need money fast? ATMs are all over the place.
More 'eats' for my cousin. He has gained 5 pounds. He practically 'lives' at Lexington Market.
More ‘eats’ for my cousin. He has gained 5 pounds. He practically ‘lives’ at Lexington Market.
While cous was eating, I was strolling through the market, taking it all in.
While cous was eating, I was strolling through the market, taking it all in.
Follow the signs.
Follow the signs.
This was parked one block from Lexington Market. It is the 'government's version of heroin', otherwise known as Methadone. The truck parks on a street and the people line up with their IDs in hand and their daily dose of Methadone is issued to them. The drug dealers wish they could have this great a 'setup'. 'Corner drug dealer, BAD! Government drug dealer, GOOD!
This was parked one block from Lexington Market. It is the ‘government’s version of heroin’, otherwise known as Methadone. The truck parks on a street and the people line up with their IDs in hand and their daily dose of Methadone is issued to them. The drug dealers wish they could have this great a ‘setup’. ‘Corner drug dealer, BAD! Government drug dealer, GOOD!
I made my way to an Expo at the Convention Center on my way to the Inner Harbor. Took one shot before a street preacher proceeded to spread the world of 'What If?' As in 'what if' I died today, would I be okay? GEEZUS!
I made my way to an Expo at the Convention Center on my way to the Inner Harbor. Took one shot before a street preacher proceeded to spread the world of ‘What If?’ As in ‘what if’ I died today, would I be okay? GEEZUS!
My first stop was an Irish bar, of course. Had to wet my whistle. It was hot that day! GEESH!
My first stop was an Irish bar, of course. Had to wet my whistle. It was hot that day! GEESH!
I got a partial view of a schooner. I shoulda took a tour before heading into the bar as these next pics may make you dizzy. LOL!
I got a partial view of a schooner. I shoulda took a tour before heading into the bar as these next pics may make you dizzy. LOL!
I promise to get closer to the edge. Just didn't want to teeter and fall in.
I promise to get closer to the edge. Just didn’t want to teeter and fall in.
I couldn't pass up the 'Book Fair'.
I couldn’t pass up the ‘Book Fair’. Y’all know I love to read!
Stopped at the 'Believe It Or Not'. Didn't see much to disbelieve there!
Stopped at the ‘Believe It Or Not’. Didn’t see much to disbelieve there!
These next pics, I go Inner Harbor crazy!
These next pics, I go Inner Harbor crazy!
I will never get used to that view!
I will never get used to that view!
One more...
One more…
I lied!
I lied!
...and here she comes, 'The Spirit of Baltimore'!
…and here she comes, ‘The Spirit of Baltimore’!
Meanwhile, back at Lexington Market, my cousin was digging in for round 4 or was it 5? He and an acquaintance were thoroughly enjoying themselves. I hated to disturb them.
Meanwhile, back at Lexington Market, my cousin was digging in for round 4 or was it 5? He and an acquaintance were thoroughly enjoying themselves. I hated to disturb them.
So, I decided to take a few more pictures of Lexington Market.
So, I decided to take a few more pictures of Lexington Market.
Food, food, everywhere!
Food, food, everywhere!
This is a picture taken inside the subway station across the street from Lexington Market.
This is a picture taken inside the subway station across the street from Lexington Market.
I know it's just a blur, but this is our train coming in as we head to Mondawmin Mall.
I know it’s just a blur, but this is our train coming in as we head to Mondawmin Mall.
It felt good to be a 'true' Baltimorean again. LOL! A nice guy had to show me how to use the subway ticket machine. I am SO out-of-touch with Big City living. Y'all excuse this clueless southern girl from the stix.
It felt good to be a ‘true’ Baltimorean again. LOL! A nice guy had to show me how to use the subway ticket machine. I am SO out-of-touch with Big City living. Y’all excuse this clueless southern girl from the stix.
Standing outside Mondawmin Mall, I just had to take this picture. Mondawmin Mall was the first Black mall in AmeriKKKa! I love Mondawmin Mall! I love Baltimore!!!
Standing outside Mondawmin Mall, I just had to take this picture. Mondawmin Mall was the first Black mall in AmeriKKKa! I love Mondawmin Mall! I love Baltimore!!!
And lastly, another outdoor street view of Baltimore.
And lastly, another outdoor street view of Baltimore.
Just one more and I am done! (For the moment)
Just one more and I am done! (For the moment)

I See Through The Eyes Of Baltimore!

I see through the eyes of Baltimore,

Her pain, I feel and I feel it deep.

For her and her people,

I cannot help but weep.


She welcomed me with open arms;

Told me that I was her child again.

Baltimore is in my blood

coursing through these veins underneath my skin.


When I see the drug addicts nodding on the streets,

And the hopelessness in the eyes of so many,

I wonder just what if anything I can do,

Yet, I am not ready to write Baltimore’s obituary.


As I connect with her people while walking her streets,

I see the welcoming smiles and I answer with my own.

Though Baltimore’s people are down, they are not out

And so Baltimore’s fate, I will not bemoan.


Like Baltimore, they are survivors!

Pictures by Shelby I. Courtland

Poem written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

Folks, I am back! And as soon as I come down off this Baltimore high, I will get back to the business of kicking ass and taking no prisoners. I know that I have missed out on much; police killing more unarmed Black people, election mess and what all else I don’t know. But I shall get around to catching up on your blogs because I have only just got connected today. Items were misplaced and or broken during the move and I was just too busy to even be able to see straight, but give me a few days and I’ll be up to the challenge of…well…more nitty gritty reality.

I hope you enjoy seeing Baltimore as I do! And I hope that you can tell that I love her! I am HOME, like I’ve never been home before! 




I Am In Baltimore!


I have arrived! Greetings, fellow bloggers! Baltimore and I are an item. I boarded a plane and flew first class to  Baltimore on the  7th And so therefore, I am not on “the no fly” list. Thankfully, I was not going to be driving when I landed because I needed some Dutch Courage and of course that means I got my drinky drink on. Was I missed? I am going to pretend that I was. I missed you guys so much I bought a cheap little smart phone so that I could send you pics of my first days in Baltimore. Unfortunately, I took the pictures on my IPod and I can’t find it.

Bear with me as I am not used to working with such a small screen and keypad. I was at Lexington Market yesterday getting my soul food fix. There were so many unbelievable characters there, my head was on a serious swivel.  My furniture has arrived and internet service will be  connected on the 22nd.

Baltimore, has been everything I expected and so much more. She has welcomed me back with arms opened wide. I have already made new friends. The first day, I was invited to Atlantic City by a new acquaintance. The everyday people are so sweet, helpful, warm and real. The horrors are business people, but I am handling that shit!


And so I stop here, but I shall return!



Baltimore Or Bust!



To all my loyal readers, I want to thank you for coming to this blog and also I want to thank you for your support in encouraging me to continue to spit out the truth. But there comes a time when I must do more than spit out truth, I must roll my sleeves up and do what I can.

At one point, I thought that I wanted to pack up shop and head to a deserted island and lick my wounds, and quite actually, the wounds are real as a result of a horrific car crash, but nevertheless, I decided after finding out that the places I had chosen to look at were just as Americanized as America, why, I’ve decided to go back to a city that has long held a special place in my heart, Baltimore, MD.

So, in a few days time, I will be driving to Baltimore with a trailer hitched to the back of my vehicle and off to new adventures I go. I have been feeling stifled here in the Midwest and quite frankly, these people never grow on you, they’re just too bland and vanilla. I love fire and excitement and danger and gaiety, Black folks, good cooking like collard greens, yams and silver queen corn. I love to sit by the harbor and sip wine and reflect on how great it is to be alive and I can do none of that here in the Midwest because all I can reflect on is how miserable I am here. What the hell was I thinking in coming here in the first place? Oh well, tis too late to wonder about that especially seeing as how I am about to rectify that by moving back to the East Coast.

I have long been contemplating a move back to Baltimore and for those of you who have followed this blog for the past year or so, you know I have penned poems about how Baltimore charmed me. I am not just going back in an attempt to take up where I left off as that would be a foolish dream, I am well aware that things do not remain the same. However, the same crime and grime and prostitution, poverty, homelessness and the like exists and since I have a bit of means now, I intend to roll up my sleeves once again, and attempt to become part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem.

What that means for my blogging? Well now, it is going to be a while before I will be able to post anything here and so I just wanted you to know that when I stop posting my vitriolic rants and raves, kick-ass poems that’s got me winning awards(Thank you AGAIN Nidotopianwarrior), it is because I will be caught up in all things, Baltimore. Now, some people have told me, recently, that I am the biggest fool there is for heading to a city where many are trying to leave and I have said to them, “If there were more people like me trying to help instead of just ignoring the problems, maybe Baltimore would become a city that shines by day as well as by night.” And there is something about that city, despite its many ails and issues, that will not let me be. Baltimore is a drug; it is heady as champagne for me. I’ll not stop drinking champagne and now, I must heed Baltimore’s call. That is the first city that I ever stepped foot in that literally pulled me in and folks, I gotta tellya, I started running away from home at the age of 15 and I was headed for Las Vegas then. GEEZUS, the stories I could tell. KKKops chasing me from city to city with teletypes following me and yet, I never was caught. “Up yours, mother!” KKKops just ain’t that smart when a 15-year old girl can walk right off a Greyhound bus, stare them in the face and request her luggage from the attendant and sashay into the bus terminal. Nope, KKKops just ain’t that bright at all! “Up yours too, KKKops!”

But as usual, I digress! The story of my life, eh? Anyhoo, I will be staying in a nice hotel down by the harbor while my new place is being readied for me. My furniture will be following me down since I never can plan anything, I am just a spur-of-the-moment type girl and that is how it has always been with me. The only place I have ever stayed  at for any length of time is Baltimore and I think the reason being is that Baltimore is just so close to everything. In a few hours, I was in Philadelphia, then in Atlantic City and could skip over to New York. Although, I’ve only passed through New York and never stopped long enough to do anything, but I hope to change all of that.

So, folks, as you can see, I am going to be extremely busy in the for seeable future and this is the only chance I am going to have to let you in on what I will be up to in the coming months. I hope that you all don’t miss me too much! LOL! Yeah! I know. Who is going to miss my carrying on fits? Hell! I’ve just been sent a comment stating that I am just too much to take. Oh, well, we can’t all be boring! Someone’s got to be the life of the party and it may as well be me. Now, don’t bother correcting my bad grammar here as this is straight from the heart and has not been edited and proofread, so cut me some slack.

I do want you to know that once I have been back in Baltimore long enough for Baltimore to soothe my ache for that city, I shall make my presence known in here once more, but I have no idea when that will be. So, this blog shop will be closed until further notice. But for those of you who will miss me too much and will shed copious tears of distress over this, archive to your heart’s content and know that wherever I am, I will be stirring up some shit to no end. Hell! I may even make the news. It is certainly my intent. Even though I may not be posting here, you may actually see me in action. So, don’t be surprised because I do not intend to be the silent one when I get settled in Baltimore. Never that!

And to those of you who I hold in high esteem, much love to you! You know who you are! And as always, I appreciate you, one and all!

Give A Badge To A Skinhead, Part 2!

they want us dead and they are murdering us

Give a badge to a skinhead,
and you’ll find a Black man, dead!
If the Klan is wearing a sheet,
it’s because they’re off the beat.

Supremacy’s found a way
to save the white man’s day
with lawful killing sprees
as Black men fall to their knees.

What’s more dangerous than hate?
How about a license to annihilate
the ones it fears the most
and with each kill, it brags and boasts
of how the days never seem to change,
it’s like shooting animals on an open range.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

As you can see, I wrote this poem back on August 11, 2014 and it would take me hours to list the statistics of Black men, women and children who have been murdered by skinheads in uniform since that time. The beat continues; just not the heartbeats of those who have been murdered by racists with a license to kill.

It has not mattered one bit that video cameras were used to film many of these murders because even with video footage, those racists with badges get off scot free. They are never held accountable for the criminal shit that they do. And the reason why they are not held accountable for it is because before those racists with a badge go out on their slave patrol killing spree, they know that the only thing they have to say is, “I feared for my life,” or “I thought he/she had a gun!” And that right there absolves them of any wrong doing and so they can kill as many Black men, women and children as they can. That is the reason why despite video camera footage, marches, protest rallies, printed signs, worn down shoe soles and hands extended in the air, the killings of Black people by racist police continues, unabated. And it will not stop because that is the sole purpose of the militarized police force in AmeriKKKa. Make no mistake, your life, my life, the lives of our children don’t matter. We have never mattered in this hell hole and we never will despite our protests and demands that BLACK LIVES MATTER! If the ‘whites’ gave a damn about Black people, do you seriously think that what has been going down since our ancestors were dragged over here, would still be going down today? You don’t have to think extremely hard over that question. You already know the answer because the answer is exactly why you are attending another protest rally; the answer is why another innocent Black man is dead and another and another and another. And don’t even bother going home from the protest because as soon as you put your sign down, you will be picking it up again.

If there is still one Black person left in AmeriKKKa to kill, the killing will continue because it is the ‘white’ man’s intent that we all die! And that is why the ‘white’ man gave a badge and a gun to a skinhead and to another one and to another and on and on it goes so that they can kill our ass! Who the fuck in so-called ‘Black communities’ is being ‘served and protected’? The only thing going down between racist KKKops and Black people is that the KKKops are serving up Black people to the morgue and protecting the ‘white’ man’s so-called ‘property’! Because we all know that his shit is ill-gotten gains; stolen from the Indians and built up by our ancestors.

When Freddie Gray was murdered by the KKKops for doing not a goddamn thing wrong, when did the National Guard get called out? The Guard was called out when you started fucking up some liquor stores and a CVS. They can’t have that. That CVS store and some goddamn liquor stores, illegally operated in areas not even zoned for liquor stores, and owned by Koreans were more important than you protesting the outright murder of Freddie Gray by racist KKKops and the ‘house negroes’ that do their dirty work for them.

And now, we have buried Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. Which one of us is next? Because make no mistake, there will be a next and a next and a next! This shit over here is so bad that other countries and nations have issued travel advisories to their citizens; warning them against coming to this racist hell hole, especially if they have a permanent tan. Now, that right there, should tell you something! This shit is off the chain and all of this is by design!

And that half and half coon head sell-out piece of shit in the White House? What has he done about any of this shit? Not a damn thing besides attending a memorial services for some KKKops that got wacked. What Black person’s funeral service or memorial service did he attend? Crickets are fucking chirping over that one because he never attended one, not one and he won’t attend yours! And those Black people that were killed were innocent, INNOCENT! And can you believe it? Philando Castile did not even have a criminal record and was licensed to carry a gun and yet the man had been racially profiled almost his entire life and so it was just a matter of time before they murdered him AND they did! Even if he had had a criminal record, how is that any reason to kill someone? It’s not! But they blame the victim every single time, ONLY when the murder victim is Black. We are ALL victims!

So once again, who next???!!!