Born With A Defect, I Did Not Choose!

chained hands

I heave a cross too heavy to bear.
The burden is the hated skin I wear.

Born with a defect, I did not choose.
My birth mark is this Black and Brown bruise.

It got me shot, for why else am I dead?
I tried to cover it up; I put a hoodie on my head.

In my vehicle, I don’t want to be seen
by the slave patrols on supremacy caffeine.

If I take a walk in the wrong neighborhood,
they gun me down like I’m made of wood.

When they make me the enemy everywhere I go,
the law is on their side and I’m a duck in a row.

These iron chains, I cannot break.
I am still a slave, make no mistake.

They hunt us down and we’ve no place to run.
My hands are in the air; white man, you have won!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland


eric garner and michael brown and walter scott

We dance this dance again,
so move over Eric Garner.
A new video is in town;
another Black man is a goner.

March again and protest.
Where is justice? Where is peace?
There is no hint of either.
Sit down! This shit won’t cease!

Paste another face on a shirt.
Go out and scream your pain.
Blow dust off an old poster.
Let your tears blend with the rain.

Yes, here we go again.
The same writing is on the wall.
Nothing much has changed.
Black lives matter to none at all.

You really can’t see the truth?
Seriously, must you be so dense,
to think that you can change
what has never made any sense?

Our bodies don’t mean shit
to the ones you protest to.
We’ve never, ever mattered
and you know that this is true.

But still, you beg them to care.
You plead to be left alone.
They’ll walk with you for a day
And then, you are on your own.

You see, we are here on sufferance,
and have overstayed no welcome,
that was never extended to us.
We’re just an object for their venom.

Now, protest all day long.
Take it to the streets.
Stand shoulder to shoulder,
with those who wear the sheets.

Give it another month or two,
and you’ll be doing this yet again;
the very definition of crazy,
expecting justice from white men.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

SIGH!! I don’t even fucking want to hear it! ‘Cause here it comes! “Oh Shelby, what a travesty this is, oh sweet GEE-ZUS, what the fuck? We just need to gather our forces together for the common good of ALL mankind against our oppressors that are oppressing ALL of our asses on up outta here!” Oh, really? Who the fuck is going all up outta here? Newsfuckingflash!! It ain’t motherfucking whitey white asses, it’s fucking Black people! You don’t get that? Huh? Eh? I can’t fucking hear you! We ain’t in the same goddamn boat together! So, get that bullshit right out of your head now! Goddamn it! How many white asses have been in the damn news ALL the goddamn time for getting shot dead all across this shithole?! So don’t come all up in here with no, “Kumbaya bullshit shit!! I promise you that I WILL wipe the goddamn cyber floor with your goddamn filthy white nasty ass! I promise YOU! Don’t bring that fucking shit up in here!! You fucking got that???!!!!!! You filthy ass, barbaric, inhuman, racist ass, white sheet wearing, vile than a motherfucker perverted white assed creatures! I don’t give a shit about some ‘likes’ and ‘followers’! To hell with THAT shit and fuck EVERY GODDAMN BODY!!

White SC officer charged with murder in black man’s death

Dramatic video that shows a white South Carolina police officer shooting a fleeing black man after a traffic stop has led authorities to file a murder charge against the officer amid public outrage over a series of deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of law enforcement agents.

The video shows Scott falling after the shots and then the officer slowly walking toward the man and ordering him to put his hands behind his back. When Scott doesn’t move, Slager pulls his arms back and cuffs his hands. Then he walks briskly back to where he fired the shots, picks up an object, and returns the 30 feet or so back to Scott before dropping the object by Scott’s feet, the video shows.

Walter Scott may have tried to run from the officer because he owed child support, which can lead to jail time in South Carolina until it is paid, Stewart said. Scott had four children, was engaged be continued….

Malcolm X, How We Need You!


Malcolm X, how we need you.
The movement now is dead,
and the slaves are in the pen.
Black power has all but fled.

What’s left are Uncle Toms,
and coons that play the fool.
They bow down before ole Massa,
and for his scraps, they all but drool.

There is none throughout this land
that can spit your fire and truth.
And the sad fact of the matter is,
we refuse to protect our youth.

With a half and half in the White House,
the movement is tagged and bagged.
And with bootlicking in the halls of justice,
the Black man’s voice is bound and gagged.

They all stand idly by,
and watch their numbers dwindle.
There is no man among these men,
that could a movement, kindle.

They look around and wait,
for a savior to light the way.
And when they’re shot or sent to jail,
they just stare in mute dismay.

Oh Malcolm X, we know you’re gone,
and we will never see your like.
Today, our men tremble in fear,
while the militants are out on strike.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

“Any time Uncle Sam, with all his machinery for warfare, is held to a draw by some rice eaters, he’s lost the battle. He had to sign a truce. America’s not supposed to sign a truce. She’s supposed to be bad. But she’s not bad any more. She’s bad as long as she can use her hydrogen bomb, but she can’t use hers for fear Russia might use hers. Russia can’t use hers, for fear that Sam might use his. So, both of them are weapon-less. They can’t use the weapon because each [country’s] weapon nullifies the other’s. So the only place where action can take place is on the ground. And the white man can’t win another war fighting on the ground. Those days are over. The black man knows it, the brown man knows it, the red man knows it, and the yellow man knows it. So they engage him in guerrilla warfare. That’s not his style. You’ve got to have heart to be a guerrilla warrior, and he hasn’t got any heart.”

“It takes heart to be a guerrilla warrior because you’re on your own. In conventional warfare you have tanks and a whole lot of other people with you to back you up—planes over your head and all that kind of stuff. But a guerrilla is on his own. All you have is a rifle, some sneakers and a bowl of rice, and that’s all you need—and a lot of heart.”

– Malcolm X

And ‘heart’ is exactly what we are losing even though we know that America ain’t about shit when it comes to hand-to-hand combat and that is why drones were invented because whites can’t fight up close and personal and win. And even with using drones, ISIS is still kicking ass and will continue to do so while Black bodies pile up at the morgue in America and Black women will continue to moan and wail over the demise of their sons and daughters. We don’t have what it takes and now, we never will. We should be fucking shit up over here but all we do is raise our hands in the air and march down the goddamn street begging some white motherfucker to give us the same goddamn rights that are afforded to the whites by the Constitution. So, do you still think that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights pertain to you, Black man and Black woman? And since they don’t apply to you, they sure as hell don’t apply to your children. But go ahead! Sign up to go and fuck with ISIS or fuck up the Iraqi people some more and continue to disturb the goddamn peace in Afghanistan and if they send your ass to Libya, you’re in for it ’cause it’s off the goddamn chain, thanks to the good ole red, white and blue and bully NATO.

You are marching because some white motherfucker shot and killed your son or daughter because the whites are afraid of you. That is why they don’t bother to get up close and personal, they just shoot you from 300 yards away. That is why police departments all across this shithole have requested and received militarized weaponry from warzones because they want to launch a grenade all up your ass from miles away. Next, they’re going to be drone striking your ass because that’s what the whites are doing to every other Black and Brown body all across this planet. Malcolm X warned you in ways too numerous to count and when he died, all of his fire and spirit and truth and action died and was buried with him and now, we just quote him and protest and march against the next murder of one of our own by racist ass cops. That’ll show ’em!

….And Missouri Is In The Headlines, Again!

police kill another Black youth

Another police-involved shooting death of black teen sparks tensions in St. Louis

Last night another young Black teenager, Antonio Martin, 18 was gunned down by a cop in Berkley, MO. It has been alleged that he pointed a gun at a cop. And although, the cop that shot and killed Antonio Martin had a body camera, it wasn’t on him. Why not? Nor was his police cruiser’s dashboard camera turned on. Why not? Was that not Barack Obama’s and Eric Holder’s solution to the killing of young Black men by white cops? It is SO working isn’t it? Well, isn’t it? Quite obviously, they can put the body camera on the cops, but they just can’t seem to get the cops to use them and if the cops have nothing to hide, why not turn the body camera and dashboard camera on? Eh? If I had not a goddamn thing to hide, I’d get to recording every motherfucking move I made. But you see, cops got everything to hide because they’re dirty. They’re on the take, BIG TIME! And they’re on some “Kill as many Black men as you can,” time. How else could they get away with all the shit that they do if it’s coming from their own goddamn body cams?

Is anybody so delusional that they actually think that all the money and drugs that cops confiscate from raids and stings actually end up in the evidence room? I know goodness goddamn well, that there ain’t a cop out there that’s pissing and moaning about their paltry salary because they get their hands on all that non-taxable money they steal from raids and arrests and stings. Oh, they got it SO good. Who wouldn’t want to be a cop? And it ain’t even like they got one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Being a cop didn’t even make the list. It is more dangerous for you to work in the construction field. Ask a cop to trade jobs with a window washer, he’d shoot you on the spot for conjuring up the image of losing out on all that extra money he gets from crime scenes. I remember reading an article about a cop stealing thousands of dollars from an accident victim. Seriously??! Yep, protect and serve is what they do, protect their private stash that they serve to themselves all the while screaming about how they’re the ‘good’ guys. Indeed, signs of that shit are all over the place. There are signs in Ferguson, MO, New York, NY, Cleveland, OH, Berkeley, MO, Beavercreek, OH, and the list goes on and on and on.

But wait! It gets better or worse depending on who you are. We all remember Michael Brown, right? Well, at a retirement party for a cop, they hired a singer and they all got to singing,

“Michael Brown learned a lesson about a messin’ with a badass policeman,” “Michael looked like some old Swiss cheese” … his brain “splattered on the floor.”

They’re ALL heart, aren’t they? But when somebody gets fed up and busts a cap all up in them, why it’s time to break out the violins and stop the protests of cops killing Black men for no apparent reason, other than the fact that it’s always been ‘open season’ on Black people.

Oh, but how I digress. Now, about this latest police killing of another Black man.

The Berkeley officer was responding to a call about a larceny when he encountered the two men in the parking lot. As the officer spoke with one of the men, the other walked several steps away and produced a weapon that he pointed at the officer, Belmar said.

At that point, the officer drew his weapon and stepped backward, firing three shots – one of which struck the suspect.

Now, what this man had to say was right on point.

“Mr. Martin either had a gun or didn’t, but by morning he will have morphed into a gun wielding ‘super negro’, firing from bushes with at least two different handguns with his DNA-less hands, displaying his “demon” strength, and “bulking up” before running towards armed police,” Sekou said. “What’s more, we’ll soon know if he ever smoked marijuana, got good grades at school and if he ever took a selfie with a bottle of liquor.”

There it is! Proof positive that there will be a report out about the criminal activities of the Black teenager that got himself murdered and voila, it’s right on time!

“Martin had a criminal record that included three assault charges and others for armed robbery, armed criminal action and unlawful use of a weapon.”

“See, this Martin guy wasn’t no Sunday school teacher, let alone a preacher man. He was just a criminal! Case closed! Nothing to see here folks! No reason to protest, move it along! We’ve got some real hero cops to mourn! Clear the streets! And New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, don’t you dare start in on how you instruct your bi-racial son on how to behave when coming into contact with New York’s finest! We’re all the finest! That’s what you get for messing around with what should be ‘The Help’! Keep ‘em in their place and don’t give ’em no ideas!”

And tomorrow, we ‘celebrate’ Christmas and again, someone, ANYONE, tell me just what the hell is there to celebrate with nothing but killing, killing, killing and torturing going on? Huh? What’s that??!!! Yeah! That’s what I thought! Ain’t a goddamn thing to celebrate! If I had a goddamn Christmas tree up, it’d be in a million fucking pieces by now!

Now, read this shit!

“Connecticut trooper pleads guilty to stealing dying motorcycle crash victim’s jewelry, money

State trooper AJ Huntsman was accused of lifting more than $8,000 in cash and jewelry from a dying man at a motorcycle crash site in 2012. He later lied to supervisors and the dead man’s family about it, authorities said.

A crooked Connecticut cop caught by his dash cam stealing more than $8,000 in cash and jewelry off a mangled motorcycle crash victim.”

Now, how vile is that! Protect and Serve? Right?!!! The man was DYING and the state trooper was stealing from a DYING ACCIDENT VICTIM!!! This is why the cops that are outfitted with bodycams don’t turn them on. This one just forgot that his dashcam was on or who would have known about his crime? But they’re the GOOD guys, remember?! Yeah, fucking ‘good’ guys, my motherfucking ass!

Maybe In Another Life

The banshee screams in the dark of night.
So many souls fly towards the light.

It is a place where no human can go.
They’ll not have to reap what they did not sow.

The troubles of this world will be left behind.
Maybe in another life they will find,
the meaning to why they were ever here,
and why from their loved ones, they must disappear.

Only the lost and the lonely are welcome there,
where they will never carry more than they can bear.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland