So, Who Is The Truly Fucked? You Are!!!!

fuck you


It would seem that I am always to be taken to task
for my views, my beliefs and my principles.
I stand firm and hold my head up high
because if I bow to the will of others, I would not be me.
And no, I will not go fuck myself because I refuse to acknowledge
that the gay struggle is the same as the struggle of descendants of African slaves in this hellhole.

You have no problem telling people who refuse to kowtow to the gay agenda to “Go fuck themselves!” So, it is okay for you to shoot someone down and rage against them for their stance, but the gay folks deserve special treatment and let’s all bend over and get fucked up the ass by the ‘gay rights movement. I am fucking having none of it and none of you!

I have never seen such schoolyard shit whereas a gay motherfucker comes up in here, asks me where I stand on gay issues, have a problem with my stand because I didn’t get out the gay pride banner and fucking wave it back and forth, they then go whining to another asshole who takes up the cause of the gay agenda and tells me to “Go fuck myself!” But you know what? I’d rather ‘fuck myself’ than have a gay motherfucker, fuck me! And that’s a big ass, real ass fact! Now, have a fucking problem with that! But believe this! Try and piss on my ass, will you and I will fling your piss right back in your goddamn face! I am not the one and never will I be! If you don’t check your shit, I’ll check it for you, motherfucker! I don’t have to conform to the dictates of a fucked up society and nor will I have it shoved down my throat that I must be accepting of some perverted shit and have it likened to the struggles of my ancestors. You can liken this shit to yours, but never mine, motherfucker!

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, if I blog to my goddamn self, that is fine with me.
Do not ‘follow’ me because quite frankly, this blog is not for Amerikkkans
because you useless fucks are irrelevant since nothing can make any
of you become a better person because you’re all stupid and worthless!

I refuse to lose sight of what has made me the person I am today!
Never have I asked for nor begged for one goddamn ‘follower’ and I will not do so now.
And quite frankly, the time has come for me to stand alone.
So, I would rather lose blog ‘followers’ than to continue to put up with the shit
 I see on my reader. I thought that I had left this shit behind when I finished school and I am fucking not even on Facebook. This shit is unreal! I am so fucking done with this shit!

Furthermore, I have signed on to actually get up off my ass and do more to help solve the problems that I see scrolling down my screen.
While many of you just continue to post “We are fucked!” every day,
I will be out there in the trenches, attempting to help “The fucked!”
What will you be doing besides continuing to tell “The fucked” who ain’t listening because they are “Too fucked” to listen that they are fucked?
Exactly, not a goddamn thing that’s of any use or any value to anyone!

Here’s an idea, get up off your ass and help “The fucked!” I know. It’s too much goddamn trouble! It is easier to write about it, tweet about it and ‘like’ all up and down on it on Facebook. Meanwhile, people are homeless, hungry and sick. And I for one, am tired of writing about it and am actually putting my money where my mouth is and getting up off my ass, rolling up my sleeves and I am going to get to helping, one person at a time, but at least I will be making a difference in someone’s life as opposed to pissing and moaning about how fucked we all are, on a goddamn worthless, useless ass blog!

Blog away, motherfuckers! You’re fucking useless! Now suck on that! So, who is the truly fucked? You are!


Communing With Nature!



When I am communing with nature, I can forget all of the horrors of this world and concentrate solely on breathing and enjoying the crisp Autumn air. I can enjoy all that nature has to offer. I unplug myself from the reality of wars, drones, hunger, strife, torture, refugees, war crimes, lies, hypocrisy, corrupt politicians, prison, police brutality and the list is endless. I am so tired of getting caught up in the woes of the world. I am so tired of pretending that words that are typed over and over again, will somehow stop drones, feed the hungry, house the homeless refugees and stop police brutality. I have put down my protest sign. I have thrown away all of my pens and poetry will never again flow.

If anyone has been curious about where Shelby Courtland has been, just glance at the picture, in it is where I will be.

Good luck to you all!

P.S. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t leave you with a lasting reminder!

Fuck This Shit!!!!

Now, have a happy fucking life!

What The Fuck?????!!!!!!


Was it only yesterday that I put up a blog in essence stating that I would no longer write about how fucked up we all are and even though I did in fact title the blog, “Just Sit On Your Worthless Ass,” those of you that have read much by me know my style of writing? It is not friendly, nor is it conducive to making friends, but I am appalled after reading some of the comments over there. It was most definitely NOT my intent to bring about enmity between fellow bloggers. I was just stating my need to move on because I am tired and fed up with repeating myself and basically with preaching to the choir, which I’ve stated often enough. I have started a new blog with the intent that it should only contain deep and soulful poetry and prose from me and though I do understand that my followers have been extremely faithful even in the face of so many outrageous rants from me, I feel the need to move on due to the fact that I am causing my blood pressure to rise because of how sensitive I am and over the fact that I can do not a damn thing about a damn thing, beyond raving which is accomplishing nothing, constructive.

It was brought to my attention that I am railing against those that do not hear me and upon further reflection, I find this to be quite true and so what is the point? And since it is making me ill, I need to stop. But in no way was I attempting to discourage others from continuing the struggle to right the wrongs, undo the damage, mitigate the consequences of capitalism run amok, cease to care about the plight of others or just give up. That was never my intent when I posted “Just Sit On Your Worthless Ass.” That is just my unique style of writing.

I do understand why a couple of people have stated that they will miss my rants and could I please continue and so I ask, “To what purpose?” What difference are my rants making? I answer, “no difference at all!” And again, believe me when I say that I do sincerely appreciate the encouragement for me to continue on but when I scroll down and check out the blogs that are on my tracker, I am disheartened by what I see. I am really quite tired of reading about how Obama lies all the time when I know this. I am quite tired of reading about the fact that Europeans are still fucking over the Indians. I am quite tired of reading about the fact that Black people are incarcerated in numbers disproportionate to their population count. I am quite fed up past my eyeballs at reading about the misery that America’s military whores are unleashing on the world’s people, daily.

What really finished me off was reading about the thirteen year old boy that got burned up by a drone strike in Yemen. It touched me so deeply that for days, I feared for my sanity. When looking at his picture, the tears would just silently stream down my face and so I cannot look at him. My writing did not keep little Mohammed alive. My writing or ranting as it is so succinctly put, did nothing to stop Mohammed’s father and brother from dying by drone strike.

To those of you who think of me as strong, think again because even I once thought the same thing about myself but I have come to realize that I too, am weak. I am too weak to look at the picture of a little boy who died because the government of the country that I am a citizen of considered him to be a terrorist even though he was not, but he was killed anyway. I am too weak to look at his picture and not cry. I am too weak to be able to continue to rant against what happened to him because I am a failure. I failed to stop his death. I am too weak to continue ranting for no reason because that is what I am doing since I cannot stop Obama from droning the innocent. And so I take the walk of shame and I will become just like all of the other Americans that go about their daily lives in ignorance, cluelessness, apathy and complacency. In fact, because of what I now know, I wish that I had never left their ranks! They are the smart ones since here I sit, sniveling still because I had to look at Mohammed’s picture, AGAIN, in order to link that blog post to this one. Do I seriously need to continue in my attempts to get you to understand that my decision to abort my writing, excuse me, rants has nothing whatsoever to do with any of you? It is because I need to stop since I am only hurting myself and no one else and I must stop because I cannot face seeing another Mohammed. My heart is already broken over little thirteen year-old Mohammed and all that I can do is weep for him and that is helpful how? Exactly!

Just Sit On Your Worthless Ass!

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

I will no longer post such missives

about how fucked up we all are.

We know the danger we face

and what we do is quite bizarre.


We pretend that all is well

as we ignore what we can’t bear.

The writing is on the wall

and obviously, you don’t care.


Don’t worry about a thing.

Just sit on your worthless ass

and pretend that all is well

while they plan the next big crash.


Don’t whine and don’t complain

and don’t moan about your plight.

You never tried to understand

that the rich are a parasite.


You just hated on the poor

and blamed them for being so.

But what you failed to realize

is that where they went, you too will go!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland


For those of you who have followed this blog for some time now, I thank you for your support but I am done repeating myself to worthless shits that don’t get it and I am including myself in the ‘worthless shits’ category because neither am I doing a goddamn thing about any goddamn thing. Apparently, we are all sitting around waiting on something or someone to save us from ourselves. Ain’t gonna happen. And so I have started a new blog because as the saying goes, “out with the old and in with the new.” I will keep this blog up for those who are interested in reading the fact that when we are all dead from either GMO foods, or from earthquakes caused by fracking or from World War III or from homelessness, lack of health care or from any of the other myriad of reasons for our demise that we could possibly have done something about and we sat back and did nothing because that was the easiest path to take, archive to your heart’s content. There is plenty of information here. I will no longer be checking out the blogs such as this one as I am only going to ‘follow’ poetry blogs that are ‘deeply from the soul and from the heart’ but I don’t want to read about how fucked up we are when that is already known. I am not going to continue to become angry over our fucked up situation and to no avail. I need some goddamn sunshine in my life and I ain’t getting it by concentrating on shit that’s going to remain shitty and just so you know that I mean what I say, THIS time, here is the link to the new blog that I have created and there will be no “We are fucking doomed!”, nonsense headed there!

Thank you all and for those that continue the useless, uphill struggle, for I will not say ‘battle’ because we never got that far; one less voice will not make any difference. Carry ‘quietly’ on!





I Am Going To Take A Break!


I am going to take a break,
because I’ve had all that I can take.
How many times I have heard the cries,
and I’ve listened to untold lies,
of why America is going to war,
when it’s always the same as before.

We never wake up and see,
nor do we care that we ain’t free.
We torture those we blame,
and we kill like it’s just a game.

When have we ever paid the price,
in this here fool’s paradise?
We’re all so apathetic and complacent,
unless it’s for an Apple iPhone replacement.

Who can lay claim to have a heart?
You don’t even know where to start!
And if one came down the pike,
you’d tell it to take a hike.
There are none on earth like US.
We’re an infection that is draining pus.

The world lives in mortal fear,
hoping that we will disappear,
into a void that will put an end,
to an enemy that can be no friend.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

To hell with it and fuck it ALL! I’ll be back when I get back! Shit!

I Thank You One And All!

au revoir

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have stopped by this blog in the months that I have been blogging. I am moving on to other things and will just be entirely too busy to do this anymore and so, I want to say that there are so many that I will miss who have touched my heart in some way though they may not know it.

I would like to thank Jeff, Jerry, T.J., Tubularsock, Linda, Shainbird, Sky, No Black Pete, Prince, Malcolm, the SecularJurist, Jenny Cecilia, MisBehaved Woman, and so many others for keeping me inspired and for inspiring me. All of you are wonderful people who have much to offer. Please keep the light shining and keep uncovering that which should not be concealed. A special thanks to ‘Guillotine Mediocrity’ for their tireless efforts at exposing the lies and hypocrisies and offering up hope with enlightenment.

I will keep the blog up because of all the hard work that I put into it and with the hopes that some of my rather lame attempts at poetry will strike a spark of hope in a poor soul who may chance upon it.

And so I bid you all, Au revoir!


Frustrated24Many times I have wanted to call it quits with regards to doing this ‘blogging’ thing and many times I have decided to forge ahead, to continue. Even though, like many, frustration kicks in because you put so much effort in before you click that ‘publish’ button. Some will get a few ‘likes’ and maybe even a comment or two and you think to yourself, “why did I go through all of the effort to research, to type and to find relevant images to display?” “Why has no one enjoyed the epiphany that I have experienced? Don’t they see what I see and if they do, then why have they not acted upon it? I’ve given them all the data they need in which to do what needs to be done.” Now, therein lies the problem. Do what? What can they do? What am I doing? I have been over this forwards, backwards, sideways, upside and down and there is just nothing that can be done to solve a multitude of the problems and issues that many face on a daily basis.

There will be no savior to sort this out for us. There will be no one person who will stand above the crowd and ‘fix it’. There will be no second coming of Christ, for those of you who believe in the first coming of Christ. We go on each day until there is no ‘next’ day. We open our eyes. We get out of bed and we do what we have to do to survive. This has been going on for centuries and it will continue until either we fuck this planet up to the point where it expels us all or we drop dead. GMO foods may kill us, a drone may kill us, or a vehicle accident may kill us, but either way, we will be just as dead. There is no way that we can fight every single battle there is. We are human and we are weak and fallible and the human body is going to seek sustenance over spirituality when push comes to shove. We can think that we have all the inherent goodness in the world, but if it came down to sacrificing ourselves in some way(I don’t know quite how) for the good of the many, what would you do? What sacrifice is worth it? What would be the point? What would change? History has shown us that even those who are held in high esteem, the ones who are in the history books for effecting change, what good did it do them? They sacrificed themselves to make people aware of the suffering and injustices perpetrated on others and look at where we are now? Not just here in America, but all over the world. What good did it do for the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to step out of his comfort zone and get assassinated for his efforts when the Supreme Court just dealt a blow to all that he and others marched and protested, got arrested and brutalized for? What good does it do to quote Gandhi? What good does it do to quote Mother Teresa? What good does it do to quote Malcolm X? George Orwell? Or any other ‘visionaries’ who tried to warn us of where we were headed.

Yes, some people have awakened, took a look around and said, “we’re fucked!” But what else can they do? If they have not the money to build affordable homes for the poor, if they have not the money to purchase land to grow food for the hungry, if they have not the money to pay the medical bills of the uninsured or money to simply put to good use and help as opposed to aiding in destruction, then there is nothing that they can do except to try to not contribute to the problem. There are so many so-called faith based charities that are nothing more than tax exempt corporations who are not helping the poor, they are not mitigating the consequences resulting from a lack of housing, food and health care. They are in the business of lining their pockets with one hand and preaching bullshit on the other. It is hypocrisy. That is all I see when I look around, hypocrisy in the guise of charities and government officials who grandstand to win votes and then disregard their constituents needs and instead, sell themselves to the highest corporate bidder for their own selfish agenda. Self is another key word of today. Selfish, self-fulfillment, self-serving, self-centered, self indulgent, self-satisfying, self, self and self. It is all about ME, well isn’t it? If not, who is it about? Is it about YOU? What can I do for you? What can you do for me? You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. That is the mindset of today.

Why do you think that when the holidays approach, people will gladly line up and stand in freezing, below average temperatures and trample each other over what is considered to be an unbeatable bargain? Why are they like that? Why is it that they can somehow find the time to pitch a tent for a week or more in a store parking lot to grab that huge TV, but when it comes to lining up to protest against homelessness, hunger, lack of medical care, there are a few stragglers wandering around with signs while people pass by them in vehicles yelling at them to “get a job!?” No one yells at those who are lined up to buy the latest Apple product to, “get a job!” The emphasis is placed on materialism to the exclusion of all else. If you don’t have it, you’re a loser. There are going to be winners, but there are going to be so many more losers and the winners have the microphone. The winners own the papers, the media and they feed us Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber and Rihanna and we eat it up. When Kate Middleton or Michele Obama struts an outfit, there is a stampede to purchase said outfit. That is what is important? No, but it is to those who have been programmed by the people who control the media and who shove down their throat what is important.

So, just because we have not joined forces and somehow stopped a world takeover does not mean that all of us are simply sitting around awaiting the latest chapter on Tim Tebow, it is just that we are all limited in what we can do. I can volunteer. I can advocate on behalf of those who are suffering. I can even sometimes help house a homeless person. I can continue to keep the issues in the forefront. It does not matter if I never get a ‘like’ or a following. If I am talking to myself, so be it. The fact that I am sharing my thoughts, sharing what is important to me, sharing my frustration at the status quo may be all that I can do because I see no other way to get my two cents in, but I will not point the finger at another and say, “you are not doing enough.” I know not what they are dealing with and so I will concentrate on what I am dealing with and hope that I can somehow find it in me to help someone else, even if it is only one person. I cannot change the world. I can only say to the world, “we’re fucked!”

This Will Be My Last Post(for awhile)

Yes, this will be my last post on the blog. I see no point to this at all. There are so many who are saying exactly what I am saying and yet, it makes no difference. Trying to survive is becoming so much harder for many. People are still homeless, lacking insurance, they’ve not enough food to eat and lack the other basic necessities of life. With this blog, I am literally talking to myself or in other words, ‘preaching to the choir’.

I had written previously that I was moving to the Midwest and would soon start a community programming show to highlight the issues that many are facing. I will begin broadcasting next month and even though my audience will be local. I am hoping that I will make more of a difference with the program on local cable channels than I ever could with this blog.

So, to those who have followed me on here, I wish to thank you for your support. I really appreciate it, but it is time for me to take things to the next level. And I bid you, adieu(for now)!