170 people say they got sick after eating at a Chipotle restaurant that was shut down on Monday


Americans are too stupid for words. Why in the world would you still be eating at Chipotle when Chipotle has been in the news times too numerous to count over sickening people with E. coli?

More than 170 people said they fell ill after eating at an Ohio Chipotle that is thought to be at the center of an illness outbreak, according to a website that tracks foodborne illnesses.

More than 100 reports have been made to the website iwaspoisoned.com suggesting that more than 170 customers have fallen sick after eating at a Powell, Ohio, Chipotle since Sunday, according to Patrick Quade, the website’s founder.

Are burritos and re-fried beans that damn good at Chipotle that you would continue going there even after multiple E coli incidents have previously been reported at numerous Chipotle restaurants that resulted in them having to close down for massive clean-up efforts? Apparently, Americans just love a heaping helping of E coli.

How is E coli spread?

Person to person

E. coli can spread when an infected person doesn’t wash their hands after having a bowel movement. The bacteria are then spread when that person touches someone or something else, like food.

In public restrooms, the times that the stall door has opened next to the one I am in and the person just exits the stall and heads straight for the door without ever stopping to wash their hands, I just can’t count. To make matters worse, the smell emanating from the stall would drop a charging bull. Nasty ass women are leaving restrooms after having laid a massive funky ass dunk in the toilet and thought that having shit on their hands was acceptable hygiene. And then those nasty shits head right back to the food line and lay shitty hands all over your burrito fixings at Chipotle and elsewhere and then people have the nerve to wonder why they are heading to websites titled “I was poisoned?” You were poisoned by shit! You know, maybe it would be a good idea to have robots prepare food because at least the robots won’t have shit on their hands when preparing your Big Mac or Whopper or re-fried beans. I was, at one time, totally against robot food preparation because it would mean a job loss for a human, but when it comes to eating somebody’s shit and getting sick behind it, bring on the robots, NOW!

Of course there are other ways in which to get E coli poisoning.

Improper food handling

Whether food is prepared at home, in a restaurant, or in a grocery store, unsafe handling and preparation can cause contamination. Common causes of food poisoning include:

failing to wash hands completely before preparing or eating food
using utensils, cutting boards, or serving dishes that aren’t clean, causing cross-contamination
consuming dairy products or food containing mayonnaise that have been left out too long
consuming foods that haven’t been stored at the right temperature
consuming foods that aren’t cooked to the right temperature or duration of time, especially meats and poultry
consuming raw seafood products
drinking unpasteurized milk
consuming raw produce that hasn’t been properly washed

And yet, “Failing to wash hands completely before preparing or eating food” is first on the list. So that right there tells you where most of the E coli poisoning is coming from; shit-fingered food preparers. Since people refuse to cook for themselves and fast food is just so convenient, the “I was poisoned!” website is going to continue to get bombarded with complaints from people who were sickened from eating shit! Get a cookbook, people and you won’t have to eat someone else’s shit! It is not that complicated.

Come Back To Chipotle!

lonely burrito

The lonely burrito
 is missing you so!
Come back to Chipotle.
Please stay, don’t you go!

We’ve cleaned up our act.
No more E.coli for you!
We’ve washed all the lettuce
 so you won’t feel blue.

Our shareholders worry
 over their dividend checks.
As the stock values fall,
 money’s better than sex.

On our knees, we beg you,
 give us just one more try.
We won’t make you sick,
 or cause you to die!

There are no more lines.
Lunchtime will be fun.
We’ll sell you some meat
 that won’t make you run.

We’re north of the border,
 so our food you can trust.
Come back to us, please
 before we go bust!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

Chipotle’s sales have dropped by 10.3 million burritos

These days, a weekday lunch at a Manhattan Chipotle is a lovely, languorous affair. There’s hardly ever a line. Empty seats abound. Even the once elusive pork carnitas are plentiful. It’s a meal devoid of the frenzy and strategy a noontime Chipotle run used to demand.

Of course, for the company and it’s shareholders this is a terrible thing.

Yes, what a terrible thing for the shareholders, not so much for the people who sickened thanks to this E. coli outbreak that even the CDC can’t figure out what caused it. So, they expect you to just head right on back inside a Chipotle, sit down and gorge on E.Coli because profits over people always trumps the day! Getting the ‘runs’ is good for folks. Just look at it as a colonoscopy prep. Don’t you just luuuuuuv them? HA!

The last time I was downtown, there were no lines out the door of the Chipotle Mexican Grill! Go figure! I have walked past the restaurant many times and rain, snow, sleet, hail; it made no difference, the line was out the door. Not any more. So, now is the perfect time to try Chipotle Mexican Grill! No waiting!

The two most recent outbreaks linked to Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants appear to be over, according to federal officials who say the root cause of the E. coli infections has not been determined.Testing of fresh produce, meat and other foods from Chipotle restaurants has not provided investigators with much insight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.