We The People Are the Real Problem Yet WE NEVER ADMIT IT — The Most Revolutionary Act

Originally posted on Highly Likely News: Happy people buying online everything under the sun. We may be lacking money, earning a crust, even got a few dollars yet all the time day and night we feed one man’s pockets with our hard earned income. We give it away without, most times, asking a question. Perhaps…

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Revolutionary Act


Yes indeed, WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM and so sit your fat, lazy ass down and shut the fuck up about how we need to stop corporations like Amazon and Apple in their tracks by doing fuck all about it because YOU are the problem. If you have bought ANY goddamn thing from Amazon, then you need to shut the fuck up already because don’t nobody need to hear from a goddamn hypocrite who says one thing and does another. And I don’t give a damn who is guilty of this because nine times out of ten, everyone reading this has bought something from Jeff Bezos and so contributed to the exploitation of his worker drones who are pissing in containers to get your plastic shit to your doorstep, quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry so that you can do what with it? Get even more fat, lazy and stupid because you’ve got Alexa to turn your lights on and off, to open your goddamn door, to turn on your TV and do everything for your stupid ass besides put your kids to bed and depending on how rich you are, some other poor schmuck is even doing that. I, on the other hand can speak loudly against YOU and this fucked up shit because Bezos and that fucked up ass Amazon of his has gotten not a goddamn plug nickel out of me and they won’t. I would rather walk around butt ass naked, and I probably will, before I would ever order a goddamn thing from Amazon because unlike most, I practice what I preach. I don’t even have a flip phone, much less a ‘smartphone’ and just what the hell is that? Because your brain is what you should be using to tell you that something called a ‘smartphone’ is not a good thing. And then you sit somewhere moaning because Facebook has sold your data or there’s been a breach when you paid for something via your smartphone when you have only yourselves to blame for that shit!

People have shit for brains these days when they can turn over every aspect of their lives to technology and then wonder why there is no clean water, no clean air and no decent food to eat. Look up from those goddamn phones and see where we are headed! But in all actuality, this is too little, too late because we have already passed the point of no return. In a few years, Bezos will have replaced his “pissing in container worker bees” with robots and robotic cars will be delivering your toxic plastic shit to your door or to your tent because even though most of us will be located in a tent city by then, we will still be somewhere looking for a Wi-Fi signal so that we can cuss somebody out on Facebook and order another ear bud set from Amazon with some Government Temporary Assistance For Needy Dumbasses Funds that’s going to soon run out because after that orange-colored asshole that’s in the Oval Office vacates it, another one just as bad will take his fucking place. You clueless shits cannot even see what’s coming 5 years down the road because you live for today and think that tomorrow will take care of itself. Yeah! Good fucking luck with that!

Freedom Rider: Social Media’s Danger to the Black Left


Margaret Kimberley is, once again, saying what I have been saying ALL along.

Of course Black Agenda Report utilizes social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to communicate with readers. Any individual or organization who needs to connect with large groups of people does so as well. But our adversaries know that too and have embarked on unprecedented efforts to diminish black and left voices or silence them altogether. The change was announced quite publicly in November 2016 when the Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post presented the infamous Propornotlist. This anonymous group claimed that some 200 sites, including Black Agenda Report, were susceptible to Russian propaganda, hence the propaganda or not label.

Social media is dangerous precisely because we use it voluntarily. We voluntarily provide personal information to strangers at Facebook, which is seen as harmless and even benign. But Facebook recently decided that planned demonstrations against white supremacists in Washington were created on orders from the Kremlin and removed their information from the site which everyone uses to promote their activity.

The dystopian world of the novel 1984 is here but in an even worse way than Orwell imagined. In his imagination Big Brother interposed himself into the lives of ordinary people. But in 2018 the people are giving their enemies information that may be used to harm them. Humans are loathe to go backwards but that is what we must start considering. We may well have to time travel to the days of rotary phones and pieces of paper. Otherwise we are giving our enemies ammunition that they will surely use.


Telling ALL your business on Facebook and tweeting where you are going to be on Twitter and using YouTube to post videos from your home would be great if we had any rights left, but we don’t. The government can come and yank you up out of your chair and haul you away, detain you indefinitely and not ever give you a reason why. Just ask those who are still detained in Guantanamo and in secret facilities stationed all across this planet.

As Margaret Kimberley said, “people are giving their enemies information that may be used to harm them and any individual or organization who needs to connect with large groups of people does so as well. But our adversaries know that too and have embarked on unprecedented efforts to diminish black and left voices or silence them altogether.”

And though I am not on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform, I also know that what I post on WordPress is and can be used against me at any time. However, with that having been said, I have used this platform to try and discourage people from relying on the very tools we have been relying on in order to pass information back and forth because at least by limiting ourselves as much as possible, we make it harder for so-called ‘Big Brother’ to know our every move. For instance, why do you think I have posted multiple times, the need to use cash instead of opting for that credit/debit card? It is to limit to some extent, our purchase history to those who are targeting us for surveillance. At least with cash, they cannot trace everything we buy, but they most certainly can with credit/debit cards and also, cash cannot be hacked, credit/debit cards are still being hacked even with the chip that’s been newly installed in some of them.

Also, don’t forget that Facebook has allowed third parties to make use of your information without your knowledge and you have been targeted for certain ads based on the information you supplied to Facebook. Many of you have ditched your landline phones and instead opted for smartphones which are touted at every opportunity for a reason; the reason being that every single tap of that phone sends information about you to spy central. The NSA, The CIA, The FBI and god only knows what other governmental agency is gathering data on us to be used against us in case we ever were to get our act together and attempt to beat back against those who are our oppressors. Because make no mistake, they are watching everything we do because there are more of us than there are of them and they are well aware of that fact. Why do you think the police have been told to kill and they will never be found guilty? Because they are the line of defense between us and our oppressors. I would not trust a cop as far as I could throw him/her since they have already sided with those who oppress us all.

There is a reason that we are constantly bombarded with Russia is behind this and Russia did that because then they can claim that our sites are actually controlled by Russian agents and that comments are made by Russian bots and so shut that shit down. Dissent is to be kept in check because an awakened population is a dangerous population. Keep the sheeple distracted and hypnotized and they are unaware of how fucked they are. As long as the smartphones are working and people are playing on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter and sharing photos on Instagram and purchasing upgraded smartphones, all is well. But the minute that shit ceases, there will be hell to pay because then the ‘powers that be’ know that the oppressed people of this world have awakened and are not going to sit still for being spoon fed fake ass employment numbers, false economic figures and they will figure out that they are being fed shit and told it’s caviar.

Go back to landline phones before they are completely phased out. I would suggest that ‘enter the carrier pigeons, but I just read that pigeons are dying out. So, there goes that avenue. However, don’t forget that before the previous few decades, people did manage to come together in massive protests. The Civil Rights Movement is proof of that, the Montgomery Bus Boycott is proof of that. Black people know the deal and we have been trying to teach it to whites since, forever. Even if you have to read back through history as to how people communicated with one another, do that if you can’t remember. But it is essential that we pull back from these so-called ‘social media’ platforms that were designed to spy on us and go back to the basics. It is essential that we ditch this new technology that has hijacked our lives. What serious need have you for Alexa and Siri? It is not too late yet, but we are getting there and I wouldn’t fight against going back if I were you. Believe me, those who pull the strings of the puppet politicians all across this planet do not have our best interest at heart. Just look around. Can’t you tell? From Amazon workers who have to piss in containers in order not to miss deadlines to get your order shipped to you, from Apple product makers overseas who would rather jump out of an 8th story window and commit suicide than continue under horrid working conditions to Walmart workers who have to apply for food stamps to feed their children and Medicaid to get them health care to workers at Disney World and Disney Land who have to live in motels because they don’t make enough to rent even a studio apartment or a room in a rooming house; those people are being shitted on and those of us who are using Apple products, who are shopping at Walmart, who are purchasing everything online from Amazon, who are running to Disney World and Disney Land, are complicit in what the ‘elites’ are doing to those who are in the same predicament that each and every one of us will soon be in. You had better recognize and get with the program that what is happening to them, we are not immune to it happening to us.

We once had sustainable communities where we looked out for one another. We don’t have that anymore. We don’t know who our neighbor is, but yet, we are chatting via Facebook live with someone clear across the planet. What can they do for us when the shit is hitting the fan in our neighborhood? Not a damn thing. Put those overpriced products of distraction down and recognize what is important and what is important is our REAL relationship with the people we live around. Those relationships are what will matter. Do all you can to preserve them. Help your neighbor when you can and you will find that the way things used to be before the advent of the internet, social media and smartphones was the better way. Technology is not our friend and I hope that we will realize this before it is too late.

I Was Not Caught Up In The Facebook Data Breach! Were You Caught Up In The Facebook Data Breach?


You probably were!

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has found itself under fire for permitting a third-party application managed by a notorious political outfit to scoop up the details of 50m of its users for use in targeted advertising.

As explosive revelations continue to come to light, spearheaded by whistleblower Christopher Wylie, Facebook has found itself arguing the semantics of what constitutes a “data breach.” But for the millions of users whose account details were abused without consent, it may be useful to now check their app settings.

Yeah! Check your app settings. I don’t have to because I don’t have a smartphone, nor am I on Facebook because you see, I figured out from the gitgo that any entity that wanted as much information about a person as Facebook wanted, was up to no good. Apparently, not many of you were concerned about that fact. Facebook and other platforms calling themselves, ‘social media’ are set up for the express purpose of stealing your information to use for nefarious purposes and many of you stupidly allow this just so that you can communicate with folks that you think you need to communicate with. Some of you say that it is easy to set up meetings with others who are in a particular group or that Facebook has made it easy to connect with long lost family members or school friends and so this, apparently, more than makes up for the fact that the information that you had to supply to Facebook is now in the hands of who the hell knows who. And if you think that since this data breach has surfaced, that you will hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth, are you really THAT stupid? Probably!

Let me ask you this. Can you recall a time before there was a Facebook? How diminished was your life before Facebook? So? What? You had no REAL friends before Facebook and so now that you have Facebook and you’ve got ‘followers’, you now feel as though your life is complete? How many times do you meet face to face with those newfound friends and family members? How many have you had to ‘unfollow’ because their politics clashed with yours or they wrote something that just pissed you off?

We have turned our entire lives over to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and some I’ve probably never heard of and we are fine with that because we are made to feel as though we belong to a ‘community’ when in reality, we’re just hooked up in the matrix. You cannot get unplugged now because they’ve got you locked in good and tight. How in the world could you function without that smartphone filled with apps? You cannot do a damn thing without that smartphone. It is the first thing you reach for in the morning and the last thing you put down at night because it is filled with everything you think you need. How sad is that? But then, you’re not sad, are you? You’ve got ‘friends’ all over the world. You’ve found long lost relatives who were lost to you for decades and now you get to share with them the fact that you are going on vacation in just a few short months and the kids have grown so big and if not for that smartphone and Facebook, you’d never have ‘virtually met’ and you can’t wait to meet in real time.

Oh what a joy technology is until you find out that with that technology comes a price; the price of your privacy. But then, that’s not a problem because the reason why some entity has access to almost every detail of your life is because you were willing to give up any pretense of privacy you had when you neglected to read the fine print before accepting the TOS(Terms of Service). And now a data breach has been recently ‘discovered’ and your information is in the hands of political organizations, and just about every app you have installed on that smartphone of yours.

“When you install an app, you give it permission to access your public profile, which includes your name, profile pictures, username, user ID (account number), networks and any info you choose to make publicly available,” the U.S. social networking giant says online. “You also give the app other info to personalize your experience, including your friends list, gender, age range and locale.”

So not only have you given up your information to an app, you’ve also given up information regarding those ‘friends’ you have. And now every name on your ‘friend’ list has been accessed by every app that you’ve installed and that information does what? Just sits there harmlessly collecting dust? Don’t be naive. That information is being gathered about you and is being sold and distributed. But the good news is, you’ve got a shitload of ‘friends’ and that makes it all worth while.

As social media sites continue to gather extensive information about their users’ attitudes and behavior, public concern is growing that this information could be exploited,” said Rachel Neaman, CEO of Corsham Institute, a digital rights group. “Whether the issue is legitimate advertising…or fake news, it’s high time that the public were given insight into how they are being targeted and by whom.”

Targeted and exploited? Who cares? Facebook and other social media entities are all good! They connect us to people we wouldn’t ordinarily connect with and for that, we’d give our right arm. Well, wouldn’t we? Apparently, since we’ve given them everything else.