Mayor Mary Jane Dolan Of Lynchburg, Virginia, Until You Resign, Each Week I Am Going To Post A Blog. Enjoy!

Why, Mayor Mary Jane Dolan, you do look terrible! What is your secret?



Mayor Mary Jane Dolan, mayor of Lynchburg, Virginia, I am asking you yet again to go to the blog titled:

Fact Or Fiction: Did This Really Happen In Lynchburg, Virginia? You Decide

and answer the question. Is the story fact or is the story, fiction? You know  that it is only going to be a matter of time before some intrepid reporter digs deep and then sticks a microphone in your face asking that same question. You may as well come clean and get it over with.

Now in the previous blog, I did not go into much detail, but tell your constituents about your former employees, Mitzi and Gretchen. Tell your constituents what they did and what you did about what they did. Tell your constituents about your stance on law and order and what should happen to criminals when they commit crimes.

I’m about to help you go down memory lane because I know that you are quite nostalgic about your younger years seeing as how you look like shit now. Old age ain’t wearing well on you, it really isn’t. I remember that house you all lived in that you had to drive down a really steep hill to get to and my mother used to  complain about the ice and her spinning out of control trying to reach that particular home of yours. She hated going over there because she found snake skin in the basement all the time and you must know that my mother is terrified of snakes. I remember that beautiful dog you had named, “Buffy.” She was a beautiful golden retriever. I remember one day, your daughter invited me to go swimming in your pool, but I declined. I did not have my own bathing suit and I was averse to wearing someone else’s even though my mother did the laundry quite well, didn’t she? Of course she did since you begged her to come back to work for you when you moved yet again further away from Lynchburg and expected her to drive a great distance for the same pay. She sure showed you, didn’t she? But I digress as usual.

My mother used to have us come to your house to help and I do remember having to clean your dear departed husband’s study and I was quite aghast at the stacks of Penthouse and Playboy magazines I found in there. But of course he was the CEO and president of a major company here until another company bought that one out and threw his ass to the curb. I wonder why he was never able to find another CEO or president position or any other job for that matter. George Stewart carried your husband, didn’t he and when Stewart died, there went your husband’s clout; out the door along with his racist ass. But now, dead dude has been heralded as the second coming of Christ simply because he croaked, but before he did, he donated some money to some charities like that makes everything one does in life, okay. NOT! So, please understand that when a person helps out the housekeeper, they are privy to much shit that goes on in other peoples’ homes. When you won’t clean your own home or business and you hire someone to do that then you know what comes with the territory, right? Riiiiiight.

Now remember, my mother did not just clean your house, but she also cleaned your business and she saw who worked there and even if she didn’t, she told me things that a little bird whispered in her ear, little things that I had the good sense to record. And who would that little bird be, Mary Jane Dolan, mayor of Lynchburg, Virginia? Would you happen to know who that little birdy was? Let me ask you a question. Are you still using your ‘traction’ pulley for when your back is out? And I was the one who got your laundry out of the basement when my mother was too scared to go down there due to the snake skin all over the place. So, I even know what your underwear looks like. And your dear departed husband’s drawls was the size of a barn. I was also the one who helped clean many of the rooms. I know so much about you guys because we had the run of the house, cleaning it and all. So, do you really think that I don’t know what you did mayor? And how is your dead husband’s son doing these days? You know, the one who got the basement as his room. Poor fellow, roomed with the snakes. He was the only one I felt bad for, at that time but not anymore. And thank you for telling my mother on me back then for asking you about coming to the hayride. I got so used to everyone telling my mother about me swinging from chandeliers in hotel bars, sipping champagne out of my stiletto heel while clinging to the chandelier and staggering to my car, drunk. Who cares? I was over 21. But I never did anything, dishonest. How bout you? But believe me, that tattletale shit won’t work now. Ask her.

I’m going to leave it here for now, but tune in next week for more details on why you should resign Mayor Mary Jane Dolan because now that I’ve been going down memory lane, I’ve just got SO many memories. Pig roasts, hayrides, meetings and so much more. Stay tuned and try not to age any more. You look bad enough already.

The Mayor Of Lynchburg, Virginia, Mary Jane Dolan Has Some Explaining To Do And So Hop To It!

Mayor Mary Jane Dolan of Lynchburg Virginia who needs to resign and she knows why.



Mayor Mary Jane Dolan, you are not originally from Lynchburg, you are from Minnesota (and I’ve lived in Minnesota and so I know ‘your’ type)and there are many times, you did not even live in Lynchburg since you cannot seem to get settled in one home before you’re found tearing homes down or moving barns in order to build homes to suit you which never seems to happen since you’ve moved more times than many people change underwear.

But Mayor Dolan, I would love for you to read the blog titled, ”

Fact Or Fiction: Did This Really Happen In Lynchburg, Virginia? You Decide

and tell us if that story is FACT OR FICTION. The people really have a right to know. Don’t you think, mayor???!!! The citizens of Lynchburg need to know just what kind of a mayor they have. Do they have a mayor that upholds the law? Do they have a mayor who knows right from wrong? Do they have a mayor that does not act in her best interest, but acts in the best interest of her constituents? Mayor Mary Jane Dolan, do the right thing and you know what that is. The Falwells are not the only scandal riddled ‘family’ in this racist burg. And that is a fact!

I am not going to let up because you need to come clean with what you did when you did it. And you know exactly what I am talking about. Do I need to come to a city council meeting and refresh your memory? It matters not that this occurred years ago. What matters is the fact that you have no business as mayor of Lynchburg and you know this. What is wrong with you? Do you seriously think that only Black people should pay for their crimes while whites get away with theirs? And you also know why I am asking this question. Someone in this racist burg will make sure that you see this blog because there are a good number of people who know what you did.

So I am giving you the opportunity to resign as mayor because that is what you need to do. I have no problem playing the tapes that I have because I am not averse to taping my own mother. She is not off limits. Ask her. You have her number. Call her up and ask her. Also, ask her if I give a damn about the mistreatment that I have been receiving from you racist ass pieces of shit in this cesspool of racism, hatred and depravity simply because I refuse to kowtow to you racist degenerates. I’m not scared of your filthy racist asses and you know this. You got these other Black folks on some scared ass shit but not me. Never that! Now go ahead and resign. State whatever you need to state to get it done and then get somewhere and sit the fuck down.

Fact Or Fiction: Another Story Time Out Of Lynchburg, Virginia – Chapter 3



A music teacher, who was a lover of huge, older houses decided to buy one. She went on the hunt for the perfect big, old house and she finally set her sights on what she thought would be her dream home. However, this particular house had a horrifying history; each of the previous owners of the house had died by violent means. The music teacher was told the history of this house and she simply scoffed at what she thought was just an ‘old wive’s tale’ because after all, she would be living in the house all alone and so who could kill her if she lived alone? So she purchased the house and moved in and at first, there were no strange occurrences. But then she started hearing what sounded like a piano playing. She would run into the room where her piano stood, only to find that the keys were not moving. Nothing was touched. Still, she heard the noise.

When she would get ready to go to bed at night, she would hear the sound of what seemed to be someone moving around in the house. She searched high and low for an intruder, but she could find nothing and no one. She told her students in music class that she was really letting her imagination go into overdrive since apparently, her subconscious mind was still fixated on the house possibly being haunted by the ghosts of owners past.

As time went on, she learned to live with the what she considered, the little eccentricities of the house. She figured it was harmless at worst and an over active imagination at best. She continued to tell her students of each incident that would occur in the house and they all had a good laugh. But that laugh would soon come to an abrupt end.

One day, the music teacher failed to turn up at work and everyone just assumed that she had decided to take the day off and did not bother to call in. But when another day passed and there was no word from her, people began to worry and the school called her home, but there was no answer. The police were called to check on her as three days had gone by with no word from the teacher. The police arrived at the music teacher’s home and went inside. They found the music teacher stabbed to death. It was stated that the crime scene was one of the most gruesome the police had ever seen and the crime was blamed on her niece who was insane. Now, throughout all this time, the music teacher had never made mention of a niece. She had never said that a niece had been to her house or that she had a crazy or insane niece. Now, why was the “niece” arrested for the crime? Because she was found wandering around Lynchburg, looking lost and confused. Was she blood stained or carrying a knife? No one knows because it was all hushed up.

But to this day, everyone wonders, was there something about that house that claimed another victim? Was there something to the story that all owners of that house died, violently? Was this “niece” just a scapegoat for a crime that seems impossible to explain? Was there a coverup by the authorities as to what condition the “niece” was found in? Was there really a “niece” at all since the music teacher lived all alone and never spoke of any relatives? So many questions that at this point, will never be answered.

And so I ask you, is this “fact or fiction? You decide.


Stay tuned for more upcoming “Fact or Fiction” stories out of Lynchburg, Virginia.