Found A New Hangout

Before I left the vine, I told them that they weren’t the only game in town and obviously, many others felt that same way. Some posters who are still on the vine seem to be taking heat for posting on other sites. That is ridiculous. No site owns anybody and people have the right to post where they want to without having to take flack. Personally, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass, but other people aren’t as teflon coated as I am and are thus hurt by this. It is shameful the way people are disparaged for having the audacity to not like the New and Unimproved version of the vine. The owners of the vine dug themselves that hole and they can just take a flying leap into it, but not everyone was willing to jump. And they should just keep their sour grapes gabbing about it to themselves as they have no one but themselves to blame for the resulting mass exodus.

As far as I’m concerned with regards to the ‘vine’, good damn riddance!!

It’s Been A Hell Of A Ride!

I’ve not been here that long.
But the change is just so wrong.

Why break what is not broken?
As many have thus spoken.

This used to be my hangout.
Where I could give a shoutout!

I’m at the ‘trough’, am I? your bleedin’ eye!

What the hell! I ain’t no sow!
I take my food to go!

Kindly tell me what you mean.
‘Cause I really ain’t so green.

I can see what’s up your skirt.
And no, I’m not a flirt!

If you’re intent on being a jerk!
Then this site for me won’t work!

I’ll take my pen and go!
You’ll miss me, this I know.

No need to ban my ass!
I’ll leave here with some class.

With my dignity intact.
I’m a lady. That’s a fact!

I’ll miss my dear friend Blue.
Erich and Phuggy too.

Charlieb, you stole my heart.
Beej and I, we love our art.

DS, you are the man!
And I’m your biggest fan!

Crackhead, what can I say?
Don’t smoke your life away!

Cheryl, you’re a naughty lass.
But to you, I give a pass.

MsCYPRAH and her fro.
She always steals the show.

I love you one and all!
And so I leave before I bawl!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

How Soon Will The ‘New’ Vine Implode?

As a former ‘vine’ member, I cannot help but wonder just what were they thinking? I knew that the new look would not be to my liking, but I had no idea that it would be as bad as it is. I’ve got to wonder, (since they could not have possibly done that on purpose, could they?)just who could have finalized that format and been in their right mind? I realize that change occurs all the time, however, some change is good and others, not so good and with the case of the ‘new vine’, I would say it was down right deadly.

I really cannot see that site remaining as popular as it once was, not the way it looks today. I’ve read comments from some of the stalwarts bravely committing to hanging in there and pushing for others to do likewise. They are in the minority and it begs the question, are they being paid to pump that mess up? Maybe my ‘conspiracy theorist’ radar is in overdrive, but it makes no sense to push something that is so obviously broken in the eyes of the majority of vine posters. My bad, they must push it to get revenue as numbers count!

So, my question:How long do you think it will be before the ‘new vine’ implodes? I give it 6 months. What say you?