This Brought Tears To My Eyes!


For the love of ….!!!!!!!

“He looked ashamed, hungry and broken,” Teen offers to carry groceries in exchange for food

WEST MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A 16-year-old boy’s life has been changed thanks to the power of social media.

Matt White says he was shopping for groceries at Kroger when he was approached by a teenager.

The teen introduced himself as Chauncy and offered to help White carry his groceries to his car in exchange for a pack of glazed doughnuts.

“This kid looked like he had been turned down 100 times. He looked ashamed, hungry and broken,” White wrote on Facebook.

Sixteen year old Chauncy Jones Black went cross town to the ‘rich peoples’ Kroger to offer to carry their groceries in exchange for some glazed donuts. He was hungry, had been sleeping on the floor since there was only a couch in his mother’s apartment and there was no food in the refrigerator. His mother is disabled.

Matt White, a shopper at Kroger’s, not only bought Chauncy his donuts, he even purchased more groceries and drove Chauncy and the groceries back to where Chauncy lived. He then took Chauncy to church to make a video in the hopes that if someone saw this young man’s plight, it would hopefully encourage them to help. And so, thanks to the kindness of a stranger, a young man and his family are receiving donations through a GoFundMe page that was set up by the man who helped Chauncy.

This is a shame! It is a disgrace! While the Department of ‘Justice’ is busy suing states over transgender rights and while the Supreme Court has given gays the go-ahead to marry and while Barack Obama is busy lighting up the White House in rainbow colors that have been co-opted by the gay community, children like Chauncy and his mother are starving to death. But I am sure that it is a comfort to Chauncy to know that millions of people have declared that the Black struggle for survival is less important than a fight over a transgender bathroom sign, is less important than making sure that people who change their sex get to have the ability to choose any bathroom they feel matches their ‘gender identity’ for that particular day. You motherfuckers are not hungry, damn near homeless and so desperate that you are going to the rich part of town and attempting to carry some groceries for someone in the hopes that by doing so, it will enable you to pay for your sex change operations.

I cannot believe that many Black folks have taken it upon themselves to ignore the atrocities that are occurring in their own damn neighborhoods and instead, prefer to take up the cause of some shits that don’t even need their assistance because they’ve got the blessings and the backing of the full force of the federal government behind their perverted ass! We, as Black people, don’t even have that; in fact, quite the opposite.

I state it again, I will never get onboard with calling for gay rights, nor will I liken some supposed struggle for who the hell knows what, that they are supposed to be waging with what is going down among Black people, every single day. Not a one of you gay motherfuckers look hungry. You don’t look ashamed at all since all we hear about is your goddamn ‘pride parades’ and such nonsense and nor do you look broken because every entity from Hollywood, CA to Washington, DC has taken up your perverted cause. Ours? Not the fuck at all!

It is extremely telling that social media, after having been made aware of this young man’s plight, stepped up to the plate and helped this young man and his family since the resources of the federal government are focused on the gay rights agenda and not on social programs or on so-called safety nets that are supposed to be in place to help children like Chauncy Jones Black who are suffering from chronic poverty, get some goddamn relief.

When will the White House be lit up in colors deemed appropriate to highlight the fact of child hunger and poverty in America? When will The Department of Justice initiate a lawsuit on behalf of all hungry children in America and announce that children should not have to beg for food? I won’t hold my breath waiting on that to happen because the gay rights agenda takes front and center stage….and ALL available tax payer funds.

And for those of you who can ignore the hopelessness on the face of a hungry child while pouring your outrage out over the killing of a gorilla, you should be shot! You are pathetic and useless!

Move Over Cecil, The Lion While Your Cousin, Harambe Takes Your Place!

at the zoo



On my reader, some more bullshit popped up! It would seem that many Caucasians and some not of the Caucasian persuasion, but not exactly of the Negroid race is still all het up about the shooting death of a 450 lb. gorilla named Harambe by a zookeeper who was alarmed that Harambe, because of all the screaming and yelling that was going on when a child fell into the gorilla moat, might accidently harm the child in his agitation.

Now, we have all heard about the incident that happened at a Cincinnati zoo. What I would like to know is why do we need a zoo? If you folks didn’t go to the zoo, there would be no need for animals, endangered or not, to be placed in a zoo for people to look at them in awe struck wonder, I suppose. I’ve never been to a zoo and so I don’t know exactly how you folks are looking in the face when you’re ogling animals that are basically locked up and awaiting the pleasure of you and your screaming brats.

Let us not concentrate on the fact that zoos exist and the reason they exist, let us concentrate on the fact that an incident happened and that this is not the first incident of its kind to happen at a zoo.

This was not the first time a child has gotten into an exhibit. A 5-year-old fell into a gorilla enclosure at the Jersey Zoo in the United Kingdom 30 years ago, knocking himself unconscious. A male gorilla, Jambo, stroked his back until zoo keepers were able to get to the boy.

Ten years later, another 3-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago. That time a female gorilla, Binti Jua, picked the child up and carried him to safety.

A 2-year-old boy fell into a cheetah exhibit at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in April 2015 after his mother allegedly dangled him over a railing. The parents rescued the child.

And another 2-year-old was killed by African dogs after, zoo officials charged, his mother lifted him up onto a 4-foot-tall wooden railing to get a better view. He fell into the exhibit and was attacked. The parents sued the zoo and later settled.

So, why the outrage over this particular incident? Anyone care to comment? Share an opinion? I’m all eyes!

On Twitter, it would seem that the latest hashtag rage is #CaptivityKills. “Don’t Buy A Ticket To Support Animal Prisons!

Well now, that’ll do the trick. I am betting that every zoo has had to shutter its doors, release all animals back into their natural habitat and stick a ‘Closed’ sign on the door. Not one ‘human’ has crossed under a ‘Welcome To The Zoo’ sign since this incident. I mean, just read back and see if zoos closed after the first incident when a 5-year old child fell into a gorilla enclosure. Did it? Uh…no!

Did zoos close shop when the next incident occurred ten years later when a 2-year old boy fell into a Cheetah exhibit? Uh…noooooo. Did all zoos shut down after the next incident when a 2-year old boy was killed by African dogs? Again…uh….nooooo.

But now, for some strange reason, let’s indict the parents of this three or four year old child, although, judging from the different news reports I’ve seen, no one seems to be able to figure out whether the child is three or four, but regardless, let’s indict the parents in this case. Never mind the fact that in the case of the 2-year old who was killed by African dogs, the mother was actually lifting the 2-year old up onto a wooden railing for a better view, the child fell and the parents sued the zoo and guess what? The case was settled. Wow! Did you see that coming?

Fifty years or so later, another incident that’s similar to all the others and everyone’s knickers are in a knot. Wow! I did NOT see THAT coming! Sarfuckingcasm!

So, Cecil, The Lion, too bad, so sad, your reign is over and Harambe’s has just begun! He was placed in captivity, for his own good, it has been stated and now, he is dead because we’ve just got to satisfy our curiosity for animals in captivity. Newsflash, we’re all animals in captivity. Some of you just have bigger cages than others, but don’t get too comfortable because your cage is more than likely going to get smaller and smaller. You may even end up taking Harambe’s spot. Now, get all het up over that!

We are all to blame for what happened to the child and to Harrambe because of our selfishness and selective outrage. Where was your outrage over these other incidents as noted here and some were not 30 years old? You know, some of you really take the cake. You sit back and point fingers and exclaim in fake ass outrageous tones to all and sundry, but when it comes right down to it, you’re just a pack of hypocritical assholes who get to pick and choose what bandwagon to hop onto next. You’re pitiful, that’s what you are! Because you actually did something constructive about the animals who are sitting all up in a zoo since YOU want to go and ogle them! You fucking hashtagged for ole Harrambe! WOW! What a big fucking step you took! Ain’t you just the shit? Yes indeed, you’re shit! You’ll get no argument from me there and that’s for damn sure, you pack of hypocritical, pretentious twits!