The Trump Administration Proposed Billions Of Dollars In Cuts To HUD While HUD’s Director, Ben Carson Orders A $31,000.00 Dining Set For His Office


Why is that jackass, Ben Carson, still at the helm of Housing and Urban Development(HUD)? Why is his wife Candy allowed to act as interior decorator of Ben Carson’s HUD office?

Ben Carson, the US secretary for housing and urban development (Hud), has scrapped an order for a $31,000 dining set for his Washington office amid a growing ethics controversy.”

Helen Foster, former Chief Administrative Officer, alleged to a whistleblower-protection watchdog that she lost her job partly as retaliation for her refusal in January and February last year to find a way to exceed $5,000 in spending on improvements to Carson’s office.

She said she was told by Craig Clemmensen, who was Hud’s acting director while Carson went through the Senate confirmation process, to find more money for use by Carson’s wife, Candy, and that “$5,000 will not even buy a decent chair”.

Five thousand dollars will not even buy a decent chair??!!! Seriously??!!! Whose ass is so precious that only a chair costing over $5000.00 is good enough for it? The ass contains the shithole and so something that’s used to pass waste from the body needs to sit in a damn chair that costs over $5,000.00? Meanwhile, read this and weep!

Following Foster’s reassignment, the department spent $31,000 on a dining table and accompanying items for Carson’s suite. The findings came after Donald Trump proposed billions of dollars in cuts to Hud’s budget, reducing programs for poor and homeless people.

Yes indeed, while Ben and Candy Carson are spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on new furnishings for them to sit their bougie ass down in Ben Carson’s HUD office, Donald Trump has proposed cutting billions of dollars from HUD’s budget that would have been destined to house poor and homeless people, thus making sure that those poor and homeless people remain without a home or have their housing choice vouchers ripped from them due to the inability of public housing authorities across this country to maintain their voucher assistance programs since the money will not be there.

Here’s an idea. Since we all know that the Carsons are not poor, they can outfit Ben Carson’s office any way they see fit so long as they foot the bill in its entirety. Who the hell do these people think they are? Royalty?

And who  had a thought in their head that Donald Trump would fully fund HUD? When has poor people ever mattered to the filthy rich? The poor will never matter to the Trumps of this world, hence the reason why there are so many poverty-stricken employees working for low wages that wouldn’t even keep a hamster in feed. But the plot thickens!

Carson’s department also signed a contract last year to spend $165,000 on “lounge furniture” for its Washington headquarters from the retailer OFS Brands of Huntingburg, Indiana, according to federal procurement records.

The president and chief of executive of OFS Brands, Robert “Hank” Menke, has made donations to Republican politicians including Mike Pence, the US vice president, who as Indiana governor in 2013 appointed Menke to a “blue ribbon panel” on transportation and infrastructure in the state.

Here enters cronyism as well as fraud, bribery and just absolute complete corruption; white collar crime that is seldom, if ever prosecuted because what rich white man is going to seek the prosecution of another rich white man that’s committing the same crimes he is? Hell! When the Wall Street bankers caused the 2008 economic collapse, did any one of those thugs see the inside of a prison cell? Hell no!

Vice President, Mike Pence, committed outright cronyism when he appointed Robert Menke to a “blue ribbon panel” on transportation and infrastructure” in return for $49,000 worth of campaign contributions to republican campaigns in Indiana and another $35,700 worth of campaign contributions to republican campaigns on the federal level.

And yet, this thug, Mike Pence, did not see the inside of a prison cell, but sits in Washington enjoying the status of Vice President to yet another thug, who sits in the Oval Office as Draft-Dodger-In-Chief. I just cannot make this shit up!

You Americans have the audacity to think that these corrupt, rich white men give a shit about any of you? Keep thinking that shit while you start your search in locating an empty spot to set up your permanent camping equipment. And believe me, there are hardly any empty spots left because we are in the midst of a homeless epidemic of epic proportions! Hell! Camping used to be a fun activity. Now, with nothing but thugs at the helm of this lopsided, stinking, sinking, shithole barge, camping is the new homelessness! But we are okay with dumb ass ‘brain surgeon’, Ben Carson attempting to sit his stupid ass down on a chair that must cost OVER $5,000.00 even as he also lounges around his Washington, D.C. office in furniture costing $165,000 while poor, homeless folks are locating a bridge to park their tent underneath since Trump is cutting the HUD budget for those programs that were intended to keep the poor housed, while letting his pick for HUD secretary order almost $200,000.00 in furniture for his office.

Meanwhile, everyone is sitting in a movie theater watching the absurd go down, not even caring about the shenanigans of this government that will cause many of them to become homeless. So, while the rich laugh at your ass, cushion their ass in plush chairs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, you are sitting somewhere inside a movie theater wistfully gazing at a screen depicting fake ass shit even as the mailman is bringing you notification of the loss of your Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher thanks to Donald Trump ‘de-funding’ Housing And Urban Development(HUD).

And did you know that HUD is so underfunded that families with children are being forced to move into 1-bedroom units? Those pesky fire code violations are being ignored so that families will not be put out of their units due to exceeding maximum occupancy limits. This is just one example of how bad things are going to get and so I would snap out of that fantastical shit if I were you, bring your ass back down to earth and get with the program that this shit ain’t playing with you! Is Ben Carson, YOUR Black Panther when he proceeds to use funds that  could have been allocated to fund housing vouchers, but instead that money went to cushioning his and his wife’s ass in plush comfort? Go and see if “Wakanda’s” got some homeless tunnels for you to live in. Las Vegas most definitely has them, but there is a “NO VACANCY!” sign on the entrance! How fictional is that? Go find out! And while you’re at it, ask Donald Trump if he will house your homeless ass at Mar-a-Lago! Start laughing because that was one big ass joke! Donald Trump, housing the homeless at Mar-a-Lago, Trump Tower? That is funny!

“Poverty Is A State Of Mind!” Said Housing And Urban Development Chief, Ben Carson

Poverty is a state of mind
because what does it really matter
to Trump’s new housing chief
who is really the Mad Hatter?

You can’t fool yourself into believing
that your hunger pangs aren’t real.
You just keep telling yourself over and over
that on your empty plate is a meal.

The thing about mind over matter
is that it really doesn’t work.
When you lose your job and home,
Ben Carson is gonna smirk.

You see, it’s really funny to him,
he who has no brains at all
that your mind can’t make you rich
like that brain dead Neanderthal.

But what really takes the cake
is that this fool is the head of HUD.
He’s responsible for housing the poor,
I guess in houses made of mud.

This supposedly brilliant brain surgeon
says that “poverty is a state of mind.”
How in the hell did he operate on brains
when he is so obviously blind?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

“I think poverty to a large extent is also a state of mind,” said HUD Secretary Ben Carson.

For the love of !!!!! Let me get this straight. If I lose my ‘good’ paying $7.25 an hour minimum wage job at Micky Ds because of automation and I told my landlord that I’m really not of a mind to be poverty stricken and homeless and so could he please accept my ‘great state of mind’ as payment for rent due, who in unholy hell thinks that my ass would not be sitting out on the streets in no time flat??!!!

If I lost my ‘great’ paying job at GM due to robotics taking the job and I could no longer afford the mortgage on my house, how about I go to the bank and tell them that I’m not of a mind to be poor and homeless and so could I just ‘bank’ on that mindset to get me to be able to stay in my home? What the hell is the banker going to say to that? “Get the hell out of my office with that bullshit and start packing!” That’s what the banker is going to say.

What the hell is wrong with us when we can hear this type of tripe and there not be an uproar? It is already bad enough that I’ve had to hear of Donald Trump’s budget proposal that guts food stamps, Medicaid and he’s even going after the disabled which should surprise no one seeing as how he made fun of the disabled on the campaign trail. But as usual, the apathetic and complacent Americans just sit back and wait until the shit hits the fan for their ass in particular in order to get to wailing and moaning. And we had the nerve just a few months ago to post some shit about, “When first they came for the Muslims, but I wasn’t a Muslim and blah, blah, blah…” And now, they’ve come for the food insecure, the sick and disabled and what are we doing about it? The usual. Not a goddamn thing, the apathetic and complacent shits we are! GEEZUS Goddamn Christ, I fucking give!!!

Oh and before I forget, Ben Carson also stated that people who have to make use of HUD public housing and Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers should “not live comfortably!” Believe me, they are doing anything but. And I have the pictures to prove it!

This was the result of a serious roof leak. I toured this apartment complex and 6 roofs caved in and management did not evacuate the people in the affected apartments because who the fuck cares about those people? These people did not have a ceiling left. But I suppose in the eyes of Ben Carson, this HUD Section 8 apartment was still too comfortable.
The leak in this apartment was so bad, the carpets had to be removed and the tenants had placed buckets down to capture the water. But of course, this is ‘comfortable living’, according to HUD Secretary Ben Carson


This is what was left of the sink and the kitchen. The pipe. Real ‘comfortable’ isn’t it? I’d want to live here! I’m sure Ben Carson would.
Great ceiling lighting. Not much ‘mood’ lighting. But who needs to be ‘comfortable’?
Here, we have ants coming from a panel in the hallway. ‘Comfortable’ living for ants anyway.
This ceiling leak is in a bathroom. You can ‘comfortably’ take your shower or bath knowing that the upstairs tenant’s filthy bath water could cascade down on you at any time. This feature will never appear in ‘Better Homes And Gardens’. For sure!


Does your bathtub come with a ladder? This one does. Will this bathroom get featured in ‘Better Homes And Gardens’? Never fucking mind. We ALL know the answer to that one! Fuck Ben Carson!

So, there you have it folks, ‘comfortable living’ as established by HUD Secretary, Ben Carson. He’s ALL heart, don’t cha know! Each picture here was taken in a HUD approved housing complex of some sort. Each had passed inspection and was deemed safe, sanitary and decent. This is what is considered living extremely well to the point of being ‘too goddamn comfortable’ by Ben ‘asshole’ Carson’ Fuck that house negro!

Is Ben Carson On Crack???!!!!


And if not, then what the hell is wrong with him? Because according to Ben Carson,  Trump’s newly appointed HUD(Housing and Urban Development) director, the slaves were immigrants.

“That’s what America is about. A land of dreams and opportunity,” he[Ben Carson] said. “There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less.

“But they, too, had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters [and] great-granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.” – HUD Secretary Ben Carson

What the fuck??!!! Even Samuel L. Jackson weighed in on this incredibly dumb as all hell shit!

Samuel L. Jackson blasts Carson’s slavery comment

“OK!! Ben Carson…I can’t,” he tweeted. “Immigrants? In the bottom of SLAVE SHIPS??!! M—-F—- PLEASE!!!”

Okay, I’m with you, Samuel L. Jackson. “Motherfucker PLEASE!!!”

So, let me get this straight, this man, Ben Carson is a brain surgeon? Really? For real? And yet, imbecilic shit like this comes out of his pie hole? “Immigrant slaves were in the bottom of slave ships just a dreaming of prosperity and happiness in a new land where they would work harder for less? Slaves were not and never will be, immigrants! Slaves did not work for less! They worked for nothing; that is most definitely NOT less, they worked for nothing! And yet, this ‘brilliant’ neurosurgeon comes along with this outlandish stupid shit and now he is also heading up HUD? I have heard of some whacked shit, but this takes the cake!

There was not one goddamn slave in the hold of a stinking slave ship dreaming about a goddamn thing. The slaves were not in a position to even think about dreaming about a ‘better life’. How in the world is this nutcase, a brain surgeon when it would seem that he should need someone to tie his own damn shoestrings for him? But then my guess would be that he only has shoes in his closet that can be closed with Velcro. These ‘house negroes’ cooning for Massa get on my last damn nerve what with their stupid ass bullshit!

I can only say that as plagued with issues that HUD has always been as well as being a cesspool of corruption, the situation at that agency is only going to get worse with this retarded piece of filth masquerading as a brain surgeon  walking the halls of Housing and Urban Development mumbling infantile gibberish. Did he attempt a lobotomy on his own damn head? Yes, would be my guess! And quite frankly, he is not the first Black political figure to spout this utter foolishness. Former president Barack Obama pretty much said the same thing.

Obama also referred to slaves as ‘immigrants’

In December 2015, then-President Obama made similar comments during a naturalization ceremony at the National Archives.

“And perhaps, like some of you, these new arrivals might have had some moments of doubt, wondering if they had made a mistake in leaving everything and everyone they ever knew behind. So life in America was not always easy. It wasn’t always easy for new immigrants. Certainly it wasn’t easy for those of African heritage who had not come here voluntarily, and yet in their own way were immigrants themselves. There was discrimination and hardship and poverty. But, like you, they no doubt found inspiration in all those who had come before them. And they were able to muster faith that, here in America, they might build a better life and give their children something more.”

Again, what is wrong with these idiots? One, a brain surgeon and this moron; a graduate of Harvard and a former president. For the love of !!!!! Obama is actually saying the same thing as Carson in that slaves immigrated here in slave ships just a contemplating a better life that they would give to their children who were taken away from them and sold while their parents were not just facing ‘discrimination, hardship and poverty’, but were facing whips, chains, shackles, rape, pedophilia, molestation, auctions and seeing their own children sold off away from them. Why is even so-called ‘Black’ people taking up the ‘Africans immigrated’ to America as opposed to being dragged into slavery? We all know that textbook publisher Mc-Graw Hill called slaves, ‘immigrants’ and because someone called them out on that bullshit, has had to recall the textbooks and reprint that shit, but here we have two Black assed motherfuckers who should know better stating that very same thing. I am beyond fed up with this blatant outrageousness! Everyone seems hell bent on shoving this ‘whitewashed’ and revised version of HIStory down our throats and telling us to choke on it and like it. Well, I for one refuse to swallow this load of shit!

Read this and read it good! People from Africa were dragged to this shithole that whites called, ‘ America’, that was stolen from the Indians. Slaves did not immigrate here in an attempt to find a better life for themselves or their children. Get that! They were kidnapped, chained in stinking cargo holds, barely fed, were whipped and many never even made it to this hellhole. And the ones who did certainly did not leave the ship  once it arrived on these shores and head for greener pastures. They were forced to stand naked at auction to be poked and prodded and have their finer points pointed out as well as their ‘blemishes’. They were sent to plantations where they were branded, shackled, whipped, chained up like dogs, lashed and worked from sunup to sundown and they never got a dime for all the work they did; not one thin dime. And who do you think benefitted from their slave labor? They sure as hell did not! Every white foot that’s walking around today is still benefitting from what our ancestors did; they are still benefitting from that free labor that everyone is now declaring to have been from ‘immigrant involuntary servitude’. ‘Immigrant involuntary servitude’, my goddamn ass! The slaves were not indentured servants and you can try and spin this shit any way you like, but the facts will never fade next to this made up bullshit. You CANNOT ‘whitewash’ this foul ass vile shit anymore than I can erase who my ancestors are. They are slaves. I come from slaves! Get that? Not indentured servants, not immigrants who willingly climbed into boats and upon landing at Ellis Island, got processed and sent on their way, nor am I descended from Irish indentured servants, Black or otherwise. I am from slaves, SLAVES!! And that is THE reality!

The next time you want to tell lies as outrageous as the ones about how my ancestors immigrated to America as opposed to having been dragged here in the stinking holds of slave ships, bring your ass on up in here and I will be more than happy to refute those vicious lies and in no uncertain terms. Now, publish this in your textbooks, Mc-Graw Hill! Mention this post in your next speech to your employees at HUD, coonhead Carson and whatever the hell coonhead Obama is up to now, you can bet your candy ass that he is still somewhere cooning for “Massa, yes sir Massa sir!” You can give a motherfucker a goddamn college degree, but you cannot force stupidity and cooning out of him by propping his ass up as the head of Housing and Urban Development or by propping his ass up as the President of the United States, formerly! So, again, come on up in here and I will be most happy to disabuse you of the notion that slavery is by definition, immigration!