Communing With Nature!



When I am communing with nature, I can forget all of the horrors of this world and concentrate solely on breathing and enjoying the crisp Autumn air. I can enjoy all that nature has to offer. I unplug myself from the reality of wars, drones, hunger, strife, torture, refugees, war crimes, lies, hypocrisy, corrupt politicians, prison, police brutality and the list is endless. I am so tired of getting caught up in the woes of the world. I am so tired of pretending that words that are typed over and over again, will somehow stop drones, feed the hungry, house the homeless refugees and stop police brutality. I have put down my protest sign. I have thrown away all of my pens and poetry will never again flow.

If anyone has been curious about where Shelby Courtland has been, just glance at the picture, in it is where I will be.

Good luck to you all!

P.S. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t leave you with a lasting reminder!

Fuck This Shit!!!!

Now, have a happy fucking life!

I Am Such A Sentimental Fool!


“Shelby, I visited your blog and it is obvious from the posts that I read that you are a talented, sensitive and creative person. Such personalities often suffer the most from the injustice that is part of the human experience. I really believe that if you undertook the journey to understand exactly what capitalism is and how it works that you would see the world in an entirely different way. While I understand the passion that produces the rants that you write (I was once in the same place that you are), please understand that those you rail against do not hear you. The only person who suffers is you, not them. One of the many wise observations in the many varieties of 12 step programs is this one: “We may think we can change the things around us according to our desires, but when a solution does come, we find it was our desires that had changed.”

I’m sure you know the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change
The courage to change the things that I can
And the wisdom to know the difference.

It is unlikely that you will be able to change capitalism but if you understand what it is and how it works, I promise you that your desires will have changed. Will you still see injustice? Absolutely. But your reaction to injustice will change, perhaps in a way that will enable you to take some small steps to ameliorate a few instances of it.”

To my faithful followers, it would seem that I owe you all an apology. You have been reading the blog of a lunatic. Apparently, from the above comment, I suffer for my personality being what it is and for the fact that I have yet to undertake a journey into the world of capitalism to fully understand how it works. I am so extremely sorry that I failed to take this journey because if I had, I would not have posted so many rants that you have read that are, apparently, quite meaningless. I am railing at people who do not hear me and so it would seem that when I see injustice, I just need to make myself aware that I don’t understand capitalism and how it works and therefore, I am sensitive as opposed to hardened and so this must change. I must become cold and hard and dangerous and unfeeling, unkind, insensitive and I must become an asshole; a barbaric, selfish, self-serving brute that thinks only of my desires and to hell with the suffering of innocent human beings. I must understand capitalism and that there is nothing that I can do but recite the Serenity Prayer and by doing so, my ‘reaction to injustice will change’.

I should not post poems, excuse me, RANTS, because it has been brought to my attention that my ranting is pointless; they serve no useful purpose. My rants are only causing me undue anguish and are accomplishing nothing. I am wasting my time because I am not Mother Teresa. I am not Gandhi. I am not Rosa Parks. I am not Oprah Winfrey. I am not Donald Trump. I am not Barack Obama and so I must remain silent because no one cares if I speak or not. There is no one taking heed of what I say. Who am I? I am no one of importance. I am of no consequence. And I have personality issues that can only be resolved if I acknowledge that I do indeed, have these issues and take myself to the nearest group meeting, announce my name and proceed to talk about my need to have my ranting heard. I need to talk about the fact that I am nobody and yet, I am trying to get my voice heard when there is no one listening at all. I am a lunatic because I am sensitive. This I must tell the group that will accept the nobody that I am into a group of nobodies and after we have finished going around the group, hearing from each and every nobody, understanding that we should not rail against those that do not hear us, we shall then stand and hold hands and recite the Serenity Prayer. We are not drunks. We are not overeaters. We are not drug addicts. We are sensitivity addicts and for that, we must be deprogrammed. We must be desensitized. We should understand the capitalist system and disregard the system’s impact on our fellow human beings because only then can we harden our hearts to the drone struck. Only then can we forget about the refugees in Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan. Only then can we forget about the homeless tent cities in America. Only then can we forget that we have a heart and that that heart was once filled with love, sensitivity, compassion, sympathy, kindness and warmth. We should forget all of these things because we can do nothing about them, so being sensitive to them is pointless and counterproductive and our ‘reaction to injustice will change’.

We are not what this world needs. The world has too many of us in it and so one less is desirable. One less is a goal to strive for. One less deep and feeling soul is a blessing for this world. And for having one, I do apologize to my readers. It was never my intent to show you the pain I feel when I read of atrocities. It was never my intent to bombard you with my thoughtless ranting poetry that just showed the ugly side of my sensitivity. For that, again, I most sincerely apologize. I must embrace hatred and callousness. I must stop ranting because no one is listening and I just seem crazy and for that I must see if there is a group that I can join and find a god to hear me recite the Serenity Prayer. If I find that there is no such group, then I will take it upon myself to start one. But alas, is this too considered another issue I have, this fact of my need to start a group for nobodies? Quite obviously, I can’t win. I can’t be heard. I can’t rant. I can’t care. I can’t. I just can’t because those that I rail against don’t hear me and they will never understand my sensitivity. Oh, what a world!

In closing, regardless of what people may say, no one and I do mean NO ONE is going to stop me from ranting and raving or even railing against those that don’t hear me. I don’t care how much understanding of ‘capitalism’ I supposedly need. More understanding of capitalism is not what is needed; at least not in my book. The problem is that so few of us concern ourselves with the plight of others because if we did, we would not so carelessly and so callously ignore the suffering of others. I know that capitalism has run amok, but when I see the face of a child that died for no reason, when I see the face of a child that is a refugee because of bombs dropped in their homeland that was paid for by my tax dollars, you are goddamn right, I am going to rant and rave regardless of whether it does any good or not. No, I guess I’m not making a difference because I am not well-known nor am I on primetime or famous for having wardrobe malfunctions. But even if I sit in a little corner of the net and rant and rave and rail all by my lonesome, it is my call to make. If I am too sensitive for my own sake, so be it, but I refuse to try and turn it off like it is a faucet. I refuse to become an automaton. Nor will I recite some useless Serenity Prayer to a non-existent ‘god’ that if it did exist, we should not have to rant and rave and rail against all of this shit that is taking place, worldwide, to begin with!

What a sentimental fool am I! And I fully intend to remain so!

Your Subliminal Message, I Repel!


A blank page is like a challenge,
it screams at me to speak,
And to look inside myself,
to find what makes me so unique.

I am a wonder and an enigma,
and not just muscle, tissue and bone.
There are depths that beg exploring,
to take a journey into the unknown.

The time for introspection,
is when I just can’t figure out,
what makes me who I am,
and what I think I know, I doubt.

Is there some fundamental flaw,
or a lack of fortitude,
that keeps me vacillating,
about what I do and what I should?

To all the questions in my mind,
am I looking for success,
as defined by a society,
with a perfectionist complex?

Your lies should not define me,
nor should you control my thoughts.
You keep me guessing and obsessing,
over my weight, my looks and my warts.

The outside has no substance.
It’s just an ever changing shell.
And when next I see my image,
your subliminal message, I repel.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

This one is about the need to stop identifying with a society obsessed with perfection as defined by said society via Hollywood movies, magazines and models. Real beauty is what is in your heart. The beauty of your heart should be more desirable than some image that has been displayed and upheld as, perfection. This is why we have lost sight of what is truly important. If we look inside ourselves and find that there are things that we can change about why we hate certain people or why we are cold and callous, then that is a good start. Beauty begins from within and if your heart is beautiful because you are caring, compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, loving, kind and concerned about others, step in front of a mirror and that inner beauty is what you shall behold.

…Swarming Like Killer Bees!


I know I said I was a good girl gone bad,
but I didn’t know that I’d eventually go mad.

The white-coated men can just haul me away.
I’m too far gone and ain’t nothing I can say.

One minute, I’m all about flowers and trees,
and the next I’m swarming like killer bees.

Who the hell knows what will happen next?
I often leave my readers quite perplexed.

Maybe, I’m the female Jekyll and Hyde
and it could be that I’m quite certified.

Who couldn’t go crazy in this fucked up world,
where madness reigns and evil’s flag’s unfurled?

If I doubt my sanity and wonder if I’m sane.
it’s because I see a world suffering in pain.

And when I feel sorry and sad for me,
I’m not getting bombed like those across the sea!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Sometimes I’m good and sometimes, I’m MAD!!! And sometimes, I’m just goddamn BAD!!!

I Am Fire With Attitude!


My eyes are charcoal black,
and my hair is a raven’s wing.
I am poetry in motion,
fluidity is my swing.

I am beauty, personified,
with lips so ruby red,
and a body like no other,
every man wants me in bed.

He’ll never know what hit him.
I’d have him on his knees.
I’ll rock his world and then some.
Goddamn!, I’m such a tease!

Yes, I love to toot my horn,
Why should I hold it in?
I am fire with attitude.
And don’t I always win!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland


Another ‘Good’ Girl Gone Bad!

fuck the world

Here we go, another ‘good’ girl gone bad.
And yeah, I know; the fucking world’s gone mad.

This is where I say, “I don’t give a shit!”
Who am I kidding? That’s it! I quit!!

I don’t give a good goddamn anymore!
What the fuck? I can’t even the score!

And hell no, my halo ain’t slipping.
To this fucked up world; the bird, I’m flipping.

This time I’ve just stopped giving a fuck.
To those in need; you are SO out of luck.

How many ‘good’ days have you ever had?
When has the ‘good’ outweighed the bad?

Me? I’ll never be mistaken for a SAP!
Sad and Pathetic; to hell with that crap!

Yeah, yeah, yeah; I’ve heard it all before!
We’ve got to feed the hungry and look out for the poor!

Go tell it on the mountain and then head to Wall Street!
And sit your ass down and accept the word, DEFEAT!

Write it all down and sell it if you can.
You ain’t fooling me; I know you got no plan.

Re-write history and what about the lies?
Who conquers who? I won’t wait for that surprise!

And who the hell says there is a human race?
I’ve looked far and wide; there ain’t a goddamn trace!

Talk shit to the dead who got nothing to lose.
They’re sitting in church, so go light the fuse.

The puppets and the zombies all dance to one tune.
All are kept in line by the goon’s platoon.

Step one foot out and you get your ass shot.
You can ‘care’ if you want, but it’s all for naught.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

….and don’t come in here with no bullshit about how we’re ALL in this together. We’re not in shit together! We’re not doing a goddamn thing but pissing in the wind and as soon as you wake the fuck up and recognize, the better off your ass will be. It is fucking war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!!

Shove It!

I am a simpering Victorian virgin. I am a veritable virago.

I am devilishly exciting and I am predictably unpredictable.

I love truth and justice and I abhor hate and ignorance.

I am a lover and a fighter. I am a woman, I’m a hussy.

I relish the operatic and I bull wrestle with the best.

I bring the bacon home and then I burn it in the pan.

I am wild and untamed. I am subtle and oh so innocent.

I am shy; I am a rebel with a ferocious battle cry.

I am angry; I am the calm in the eye of every storm.

I am never in the middle. I am the start; I am the finish.

I am a student of my life and I teach me every day.

I am so many different people and yet I am one; I am the same.

I look into my mirror and I love what I do see.

I have my own beliefs and a sense of right and wrong.

I will never look to others to define who I should be.

I am imperfect and I don’t care because I know what’s in my heart.

I am me and I am beautiful and I am proud of who I am.

I am never one for bullshit, you can shove that up your ass.

I am Shelby I. Courtland and I never say what I don’t mean.

Written by,
(yeah, you guessed it!)Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland