Just Sit On Your Worthless Ass!

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I will no longer post such missives

about how fucked up we all are.

We know the danger we face

and what we do is quite bizarre.


We pretend that all is well

as we ignore what we can’t bear.

The writing is on the wall

and obviously, you don’t care.


Don’t worry about a thing.

Just sit on your worthless ass

and pretend that all is well

while they plan the next big crash.


Don’t whine and don’t complain

and don’t moan about your plight.

You never tried to understand

that the rich are a parasite.


You just hated on the poor

and blamed them for being so.

But what you failed to realize

is that where they went, you too will go!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2015 Shelby I. Courtland


For those of you who have followed this blog for some time now, I thank you for your support but I am done repeating myself to worthless shits that don’t get it and I am including myself in the ‘worthless shits’ category because neither am I doing a goddamn thing about any goddamn thing. Apparently, we are all sitting around waiting on something or someone to save us from ourselves. Ain’t gonna happen. And so I have started a new blog because as the saying goes, “out with the old and in with the new.” I will keep this blog up for those who are interested in reading the fact that when we are all dead from either GMO foods, or from earthquakes caused by fracking or from World War III or from homelessness, lack of health care or from any of the other myriad of reasons for our demise that we could possibly have done something about and we sat back and did nothing because that was the easiest path to take, archive to your heart’s content. There is plenty of information here. I will no longer be checking out the blogs such as this one as I am only going to ‘follow’ poetry blogs that are ‘deeply from the soul and from the heart’ but I don’t want to read about how fucked up we are when that is already known. I am not going to continue to become angry over our fucked up situation and to no avail. I need some goddamn sunshine in my life and I ain’t getting it by concentrating on shit that’s going to remain shitty and just so you know that I mean what I say, THIS time, here is the link to the new blog that I have created and there will be no “We are fucking doomed!”, nonsense headed there!

Thank you all and for those that continue the useless, uphill struggle, for I will not say ‘battle’ because we never got that far; one less voice will not make any difference. Carry ‘quietly’ on!






The New Year Will Bring A New War!

never ending war

The New Year will bring a new war,
because there is no other way,
for man to settle his differences,
and so it continues to this day.

When have we ever been at peace?
Can someone give me a date and time?
I’m not looking for a miracle,
just an ever hopeful sign.

If I don’t give you what you want,
then you exert your will,
over me and what is mine.
And for this, you choose to kill.

Those armed goons you send,
I counter with my own.
As we fight to the very end,
the results are already known.

There are solders standing waiting,
they stand waiting to answer the call.
And we make sure they know their duty
is to fight wars that will never stall.

I hear the echo of the flintlocks,
and I see the flash of bayonets.
Now it’s missiles, grenades and drones,
fired by young West Point cadets.

The scenery never changes.
It’s the same old battlefield.
There is smoke and there is carnage,
and soldiers dying from wounds not healed.

So look forward to this New Year,
as we continue the trends of the old.
We don’t want to live in peace.
Peace lies dead in a grave so cold.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Not to end 2014 on such a sour note, but I am a realist and I do not believe that somehow, an epiphany will hit our ‘world leaders’ and that they will come to an understanding that we all share this planet. They seem recklessly and seemingly hell bent on sending us headlong into another world war and if that happens, I really don’t see how any of us will make it through, completely unscathed, if at all.

Peace? We don’t even have a ‘piece’ of it.

Another Bullshit Christmas!


My mind is racing in a way.
It’s almost Christmas day.
And I’ve still got gifts to buy.
I must heed the corporate cry!

You say you need a brand new rug.
And a fur coat to keep you snug.
And expensive jewelry would be nice.
It’s such a bargain at this price.

When I wake up Christmas morn,
I won’t think of the savior, born.
I’ll just head straight for the tree,
to see what you bought for me.

The bills are now past due,
and you turn into a shrew.
I went in debt for you,
and for little Johnny too.

Now the tree is on the curb,
and I’m smoking up some herb,
because the bills I didn’t pay,
were all due yesterday.

I’m burdened with debt, it’s true,
and number thirty in the queue,
waiting on a loan just to get us through,
another bullshit Christmas screw.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Does any of this sound familiar? Anybody started to sing the, “I’m broke!,” blues yet? Bend over ’cause you’re getting screwed and don’t it hurt like hell? Nah! ‘Cause if it did, you wouldn’t passively play ‘follow the leader’ into more and more debt each and every year. You never learn. So, here we go again; another Christmas of spend, spend, spend. Oh, and let’s all get stuck at the airport trying to get to family most of us don’t even like ’cause if we did, we wouldn’t have to fly each Christmas just to see ’em(Yep, and granny Jean is still mean, damn her spiteful tongue). But, we’ve all got to impress one another with our gifts and gorge ourselves on ham and green bean casserole and then place an order for a gym membership because we’re gonna lose weight and get in shape for the new year and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Many of you most likely haven’t paid off the debt you accumulated from last Christmas. Oh, well….can’t fix stupid when stupid don’t want to get fixed. Here’s to a “Merry Corporation and a Happy Wall Street year, suckers!”

A Birthday Poem For Me!

happy birthday

My birthday’s the third of this month,
and twenty years old, I will be.
Don’t question this lie I just told,
’cause my age is a secret to me.

How soon a year does pass.
I just wanted to curl up and cry.
Sixteen has been gone so long,
and I hated to wave it goodbye.

I can’t even write a good rhyme,
for my eyes are misty and blue.
Now look, they’re quite puffy and red,
from the fact that my waistline just grew.

Oh no, I am losing my hair,
and I’m so much younger than you.
I’ve got almost all of my teeth,
but I can still bite an apple and chew.

Take me away for the day,
no Big Macs or Whoppers for me.
Pour me some bubbly delight,
I’ll be drunk when I turn forty-three.

Another year down the drain.
One minute you’re young,
and the next you are old,
and they tell me the fat lady’s sung.

I tell you, I’m not all that old,
though I feel some aches and pains.
It’s only because I’m not limber,
and I use not one but two canes.

So my birthday is October 3rd,
a day that I’ll never forget.
I was given my own credit card,
and I’ll never get out of this debt.

Oh to hell with the number of years,
that have come and gone so fast.
If life is a big ole test,
then this birthday will be unsurpassed!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland

As the years pass, I gotta make fun of the passage of time and getting another year older. I look at it this way, tis better to be able to look at daisies as opposed to being in the position of pushing them up for us to look at them! I write this today for tomorrow, I shall be deep in my birthday flute!! Cheers to everyone that shares a birthday on October 3rd and hey! It beats sharing one on Halloween! LMAO!!! And may the Oktoberfest begin!!

As I Kick 2013’s Ass To The Curb…

"Vive la Champagne, France!...uh, I mean, Happy New Year!"
“Vive la Champagne, France!…uh, I mean, Happy New Year!”

I want to take this opportunity to say that I started blogging in February and as this is a relatively new blog, it has seen a lot of action; some good, some not so good. But after the dust settles from dust-ups, set-backs, moves(criss-crossing the country and almost into Canada)tears, laughter, anger(a damn helluva lot of anger), frustration, screams, moans, groans, 50 million “I quits!,” and that’s just the GOOD! Just kidding. It ain’t ALL been bad! This ‘good’ girl gone bad nevertheless! Hell ya!

I would like to say that there are so many great people on WordPress that I have ‘virtually’ met and no, I did not say, “virtuously” because most of you know that you’re not ‘virtuous’. Don’t even try it! My bullshitometer is working on overdrive. But be that as it may, you guys are the best of the best. We’ve created our own press releases, our own hot-off-the-presses, our own awards and ceremonies We’ve recognized the creative genius in each other and we’ve had no problem sharing the fact that we’ve all learned and been inspired by one another. In this crazy, wacked-out cyber world we have here, we’ve somehow managed to find a little corner where we all come to connect and see what each of us are up to; what our hopes and thoughts are for a better world for everyone. We’ve had some fun many times because without humor, seriously…how would we make it through these hard times.

Mainstream media’s lies, half-truths and flat out contempt for the truth is what is spurring most of us to continue into 2014. If they refuse to be a voice for the voiceless; for the innocents who are slaughtered on a daily basis, for those who are detained without due process, for those who commit no crimes, but are incarcerated, for those who are homeless, jobless and lacking food and healthcare, then we will. Mainstream media has turned its collective back on the poor souls who are fucked and fucked up. We will not let their plight go unnoticed. We will continue to point out the disparities in income, education and incarceration. We will continue to shed light on corruption. We will continue to call bullshit, “bullshit!” We’re not slackers, we’re attackers of the lies. We want the goddamn truth! And by god, we’ll stomp a mud hole in some lying politician’s ass; quick, fast and in a hurry to get at the truth. Hell no! We don’t half-step, not a bit of it!

And so, as we head into 2014, we are all aware that the battle is not over. This year is going to be a pivotal one as this is the year for mid-term elections in god awful US of Amurderer. Guantanamo is still open, drones are still raining on the heads of innocents, our rights have fled the building and we are under assault, every day. Yet, we have not given up. Yes, we are fucked(I am SO eloquent, not to mention..nice)but even as we acknowledge this, we also acknowledge the fact that though we may be fucked, we’ve still got some semblance of fight in us and with what little we have, we will strive to push the fuckers back!

Get your pitchforks ready, sharpen your pencils, put your helmet on and let’s go get ’em!

Love and power to the peons!!!

Every voice counts and is needed and guillotine the motherfuckers!!!

Happy productive New Year!!!!

(Oh, and just call me “Madame Shabela!” I tell fortunes and give advice to the lovelorn and the fucked up) and business is booming, ‘doncha’ know!