Minneapolis, MN ‘Pro Bono’ Attorney Michael F. Cockson’s Continued Shenanigans Over Settlement Payments From A Lawsuit Filed Against Steve Frenz And Spiros Zorbalas

In the previous post, I highlighted the fact that corporations continue to screw people, left and right. This post is going to highlight the fact that the screwing over of people only revs up when you expose the dirt.

My previous post was titled, “Minneapolis ‘Pro Bono’ Attorney Michael Cockson Is Holding Up Class Action Settlement Payments By Appealing His ‘Attorney’s Fees’ and I included the case no. A19-0578. Below is a picture of the appeal that was filed with the court by Attorney Michael F. Cockson for more in Attorney’s Fees than what was awarded to him by Judge Mary Vasaly. Attorney Michael F. Cockson was awarded 25% of the class action settlement for Attorney’s Fees and yet his greedy ass appealed Judge Mary Vasaly’s ruling on his fees since he is demanding 32% in Attorney’s Fees.

As you can see, the appeal for more in Attorney’s Fees by Michael F. Cockson is still in ‘Briefing‘ status and so I would love to hear an explanation for this.

Someone, please explain to me how this makes ANY sense whatsoever. After my previous blog was posted, a mere three days later, a call was received from the Settlement Administrators stating that the settlement checks had been mailed out on Monday, June 17, 2019. My cousin received this pittance today. And below is the call from the Settlement Administrators.

This is a call from the Settlement Administrators, Brown Greer PLC, stating that the settlement checks had been mailed.

But read this.

Minneapolis landlords to pay $18.5 million to settle suit

The settlement covers 5,400 tenants dating back to 2012, many of them low-income and members of minority groups. Tenants could receive up to $10,000 each, with the average expected to be about $2,200. The payout is based on how long they rented from the landlords and the amount they paid.

My cousin received $724. 15 which is certainly nowhere near the $2,200 that was considered to be the average amount even though many of the class members could not even be found since they had long since moved on. I only found out about this lawsuit because I was perusing the news out of Minneapolis and happened to come across this. And so the question I have is, where is the money going? And the answer would be, in Michael F. Cockson’s coffers and that of the law firm which he happens to be a partner, FAEGRE BAKER DANIELS LLP 2200 Wells Fargo Center, 90 South Seventh Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

For anyone who is also a class action member, if you received $724.15 as your portion of the settlement in a case that reeks to high heaven of major shenanigans going on in that those who are responsible for distributing to you, your settlement funds, are quite obviously mishandling them, I would not stand for this. Demand accountability. Demand to see how many class members were able to be found. Find out where the majority of the settlement money for this class action lawsuit is going. Find out how on earth can checks be disbursed from a class action lawsuit that has an appeal still pending by your own attorney, Michael F. Cockson, over a dispute relating to Attorney’s Fees in which he is demanding more in Attorney’s Fees than the Judge who adjudicated this case approved.

Something is going on that is absolutely rotten and it needs to be exposed. Don’t expect the mainstream media to report on this because the mainstream media refused to expose the fact that your attorney, Michael F. Cockson, was holding up your settlement checks due to his immense greed.

Michael F. Cockson wants more than $6 million in Attorney’s Fees out of an $`18.5 million dollar settlement that he agreed to even when he knew that many of the class members would not even receive anywhere near the amount that they had paid to slumlords, Steve Frenz and Spiros Zorbalas, and is even further reducing the payouts to you by appealing for more in Attorney’s Fees than what Judge Mary Vasaly originally awarded him. This lawsuit was about returning rent payments to poor people who had rented from slumlords who were not even licensed to rent their slum properties in the City of Minneapolis, MN and so how is it that the lawyers, the Settlement Administrators, Commbond and other entities are going to receive settlement funds that should go to class members because the very least you should receive is what you paid to rent an illegal apartment. My cousin’s settlement check is $724.15 because the funds for this class action lawsuit are going everywhere else other than where it is supposed to go; to those who are the victims of slumlords and shady lawyers. And he paid thousands in rent to slumlords who had no rental licenses and he should have gotten back every single penny he paid. That $724.15 is an insult and that is exactly what it was meant to be because I had the audacity to take issue with what whites get away with. This is how depraved those debased shits are! If you were in any doubt before, then I have disabused you of that notion and this is why those damn filthy, white-assed parasites have been fucking over people and getting away with it, because they can since other white-assed parasites don’t call them out on the fucked up shit they do.

No lawyer is ever going to take a case unless there is something in it for him/her.  They don’t give a shit for their clients. They are just a means to an end; the end being that they get rich and end up as partners in a law firm while you take home a measly $724.15 because as you can see, Michael F. Cockson really fought hard to get his clients chump change while he appeals to receive millions. Show me a lawyer and I’ll show you a sheisty crook. I have NEVER met or had dealings with a lawyer that could even get anywhere close to the word, “integrity, ” without bursting into flames and believe me, I have had many dealings with lawyers and I am not bragging, I’m just saying. They are all parasites who will latch onto any monies that you have coming and then shell out peanuts to those who have been hurt or otherwise fucked up by someone just as crooked as any lawyer you’ll ever come across. They are ALL alike.

Take a look at ALL that I have posted here and my previous post and tell me, does this make a damn bit of sense? As far as I am concerned, hell no, it doesn’t.

These are the groups that are going to get the bulk of your class action settlement and your lawyer, Michael F. Cockson believes that justice has been served. Now watch him pat himself on the back while making sure that everyone besides you gets a fair shake.

These are some of the groups that are getting the bulk of your class action settlement funds:

email address: Michael.Cockson@FaegreBD.com
Telephone number: 612-766-8425
Address: FAEGRE BAKER DANIELS LLP 2200 Wells Fargo Center, 90 South Seventh Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402

BrownGreer PLC – Settlement Administrators
250 Rocketts Way
Richmond, VA 23231

BrownGreer’s team of attorneys, analysts, programmers, and reviewers leads the industry in claims administration, settlement administration, and data management solutions. A settlement administrator distinguished by its talent, innovation, and cutting edge technologies, BrownGreer designs and implements complex mass claims processes that can involve millions of claimants and billions of dollars in settlement funds.

CommonBond Communities

651-291-1750 | 1080 Montreal Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55116
And why would CommonBond Communities be included in a class action lawsuit that does not involve CommonBond? Because corporations look out for other corporations which is why class members of this lawsuit are to get shitted on? It has been stated that CommonBond Communities is to receive YOUR settlement funds because “Commonbond helps low-income people find housing.

Nothing but the best for American citizens and seeing is believing!

We live in the richest country on the planet and since we do, those who are not homeless are living in a safe, decent and sanitary dwelling. Right? Wrong!

Who needs a 'secure' mailbox? Obviously, not these tenants.
Who needs a ‘secure’ mailbox? Obviously, not these tenants.
Nothing wrong with this antique. Nope, not a thing.
Nothing wrong with this antique. Nope, not a thing.
Fall up the steps or down the steps, take your pick.
Fall up the steps or down the steps, take your pick.
What's wrong with this picture?
What’s wrong with this picture?
Can anyone spot the problem area?
Can anyone spot the problem area?

As the saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words!”

Note:The violations are still open. Will the ‘violator’ be prosecuted? Here’s a hint. Is Santa Claus real?

© 2013 Shelby Courtland

Playing ‘Devil’s Advocate’

No, this one is not about the ‘devil’. This is about who gets the most benefit from security deposits or some would say, ‘damage deposits’. I am going to attempt to explain what I think and why.

First of all, I have been both a landlord and a tenant, not necessarily in that order. As a tenant, I kept the landlord’s property in great condition. I called the landlord whenever there was a leak or at the first sign of a problem so that a little problem would not become a big problem. I never made any changes to the property unless I had received permission from the landlord.

I shall start with Apartment No. 1. It was a second floor walk-up. The doorbell did not work. I told the landlord about that, it was fixed in two days. Three weeks later, water was leaking from an upstairs apartment into my hallway. I notified the landlord about that. Three days later, the maintenance man was dispatched. He told me that what was leaking onto my hall floor was the man’s toilet water from upstairs. I thought, “oh my gosh, how gross and unsanitary!” A couple of weeks later, I came in late, turned the light on and there were four mice on the kitchen counter. I promptly jumped up on the sofa, screaming while my date was yelling at the mice. That was it for me. I called the landlord the next day and told him that I had had more than enough. He said that he understood and would let me out of my lease early but that he would be keeping my security deposit. Okay, I thought, “fair exchange.” I then went to a realty company and was shown a great apartment, again on the second floor, more expensive than the first one and in better condition. I signed the lease and moved in. The gas was not turned on, but that was all right by me because I don’t/can’t cook. I called the gas company and they finally came out and turned the gas on. A week and a half later, I come home from work and the ceiling from the upstairs apartment is lying on my bedroom floor. I moved from that apartment and of course, my security deposit was kept. The next apartment, there was a roof leak, 5 times. The property manager told me to stand in my bedroom with an umbrella up. When I moved out at the end of my lease after having given proper notice, I received $325.00. My security deposit had been $775.00. The only damage to the apartment was from the 5 leaks. I was made to pay for that and by taking it to court is how I got the rest of my security deposit. Landlords try their damndest to keep security deposits knowing all the while that they are not entitled to them, but they think they can get away with doing this all the same.

Now, for the landlord side of the equation. I rented my starter home to a couple and when I went to pick up the rent(I did not go in without their permission as that is how they wanted the rent payments made), they did not have it. I heard a sob story and gave them time to get it together. I went back two weeks later and they had only a portion of the rent ready. At that time, I noticed holes in the wall and inquired about them and was told that they were installing a train that would go all around the house by attaching the tracks to boards on the wall. Oh, no, that was not going to happen. They did it anyway. They tore the house up so bad, it was condemned. Of course, many people would think that I should have been pissed, but I was not and the reason why is because it was MY choice to rent instead of just outright selling the house. Yes, I calculated and took a loss. Now, with that being said, every tenant is not going to be the tenant from hell and every landlord is not going to keep their property up. And I very well understand that issues occur, however, who decides when enough is enough? In my opinion, the one who is dealing with the never ending issues should be the one who decides that ‘enough is enough’, go to court, take evidence of the issues and hopefully be allowed to move and receive their security deposit back.

What is happening is that many landlords and management companies are basically keeping security deposits that they have no right to keep. They are getting away with this because they hold the upper hand. Yes, tenants have rights, but not as many as people think. Not to forget that many landlords include in their lease, rules that are not enforceable because they are not legal and the tenants don’t know this.

When you first rent an apartment or a house, do a walkthrough with the landlord or property manager and make a list of all the things that are wrong. I would recommend bringing something to plug into an outlet to make sure they are working. Check the ceilings for water damage, check undeneath the sinks for signs of leaks. Turn on the burners of the stove, not forgetting the oven. Check for a smoke detector and see if it is working. Go over the place with a fine tooth comb because once you sign, anything that is not in good working condition, most likely will remain that way. Landlords promise you that they will fix this and fix that, but once that dotted line is signed, many tenants have heard, “when I can get around to it.” You see, landlords know that tenants have to work and many cannot take time off to go to court.

For those who choose to be landlords, remember…that is exactly what it is, a choice. If you want to complain about tenants wrecking the place or leaving without paying their rent, that is because YOU chose to rent your house or apartment as opposed to selling it. Background checks are all very well and good, but they don’t always tell the whole story. So, when you start bashing ALL tenants, remember that ALL tenants are not the same and you did have a choice. Just as ALL landlords are not the same. The problem is that there are a great number of ‘slumlords’ out there who have wrongfully kept tenants security deposits and have gotten away with it. I would advise any tenant who believes that their security deposit has been wrongfully withheld from them to contact a tenant advocacy agency or the housing court in your area. In some instances, filing fees can be waived. Do not just accept the landlord’s statement that he/she is entitled to your full security/damage deposit due to trumped up damages. Take them to court!