James Baldwin – I Am Not Your Negro — The Most Revolutionary Act

I Am Not Your Negro Directed by Raoul Peck (2016) Film Review This documentary is based on the unfinished manuscript of African American author James Baldwin’s book Remember This House. Narrated by actor Samuel L. Jackson (in the voice of Baldwin), the film explores the history of racism in the United States through Baldwin’s reminiscences […]

via James Baldwin – I Am Not Your Negro — The Most Revolutionary Act

“To ALL you pale-assed parasitic racists out there! I am NOT your Negro! I am NOT your Black! I am NOT your African-American! I am NOT your Colored! You will NOT continue to define who I am. I am NOT your fucked up mentality. And you will NOT continue to hold me responsible for why you motherfuckers are the most deranged and debased psychopaths to ever slither all across this fucking planet! Deal with your shit! It ain’t on us to deal with it. We are sick and tired of your vile shit! So hell no! I am NOT your goddamn Negro!”

And don’t think for one goddamn minute that I am buying the bullshit that you are just too psychotic and deranged to know what the fuck it is you are doing and why. You debased monsters don’t even care about those who fucking look like you and so I am to believe that you could ever give a shit about me? Fuck if I do!

But you sit on your ass and laud Robert F. Kennedy and shed crocodile tears for his dead ass as though he was ‘The Shit’ when in all reality, he was just filthy, stinking shit because you motherfuckers even believe that your shit don’t stink. Well, it’s funky as hell! In fact, your shit is so funky, it would send a skunk, packing!

Yeah! So bring your debased ass on up in here and you will indeed, get a heaping helping of reality because you don’t do reality at all. You’re on some, “I can’t do anything wrong shit because I’m so goddamn benevolent and humanitarian.” Fucking shove that shit up your pale parasitic ass because you are full of it! James Baldwin had to leave this godforsaken shithole in order to get enough peace of mind to continue with his writings because he damn sure as hell could get no peace from the likes of you depraved slugs. And he only came back because he got to thinking of those who look like him who were still over in this shithole getting their ass kicked by the most vile and loathsome worms to ever slither across this planet. But how he got any peace over in France is a complete and utter mystery to me especially seeing as how those creatures over there are just as debased as what’s hatched over here! Ain’t no goddamn where to go to get away from you racist pale-assed parasites, though we fucking try! So, if you think that I am going tread lightly for fear of hurting feelings you don’t even possess, fucking think again! I don’t give a damn if I have ZERO followers, I’m fucking telling it like it is ’cause I fucking keep it real! Fuck you motherfuckers!

And to show how fucking debased you are, this is the latest to come down the goddamn pike!

Police release body-cam video of fatal officer-involved shooting at Charlotte Burger King

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has released video of the moments leading up to and after the fatal police shooting of Danquirs Franklin.

The 27-year-old was shot by veteran CMPD officer Wende Kerl, who has been a part of the department since 1995, around 9 a.m. on March 25 in the parking lot of the Burger King on Beatties Ford Road.

That Black man did not aim a gun at the KKKops, but he was shot dead anyway. And a white female parasite shot him! And didn’t yet another white female parasite shoot and kill Botham Shem Jean in his own damn apartment and claim that he was the intruder in his OWN DAMN APARTMENT, and therefore, deserved to get shot dead by her since he refused to obey her commands for him to leave HIS OWN DAMN APARTMENT??!!!

And Black men, you fucking lie down with that filth when it can kill you just as easily as its counterpart can and it does! Those debased creatures are NOT human and so how you can lie down with what’s underneath shit is a complete mystery to me! Flies wouldn’t even land on that foul ass shit and yet you will! Well, consider yourselves warned! Pay no heed and it WILL cost you your life!

But of course, right on schedule, the protest marches have begun. What the hell for??!! Because they have worked SO well thus far! Haven’t they? You still marching and protesting? Why? Has it stopped the murder of us by racist ass KKKops? Hell fucking no! Your lame ass protests don’t mean shit! So don’t even pretend like they do! All the protesting in the world can’t help us! All the great Black writers and their words can’t help us. Black folks like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., having dreams and some more shit can’t fucking help us! Nothing can help us because we are at the mercy of the most godless, depraved, deranged psychopaths to ever slither and that ain’t gonna change! So, fucking save your breath because shouting, “No justice! No peace! Stop the racist police!” ain’t doing a goddamn thing. Wearing out the soles of more shoes ain’t doing a goddamn thing! But go ahead! Waste your fucking time because that’s all you’re doing! But don’t wait for me to join you because I fucking know better! Fuck that shit!

“March For White Lives! Long Live The Klan!”

But in the above picture, you’d actually think the white guy was speaking about “Marching For Black Lives” since he is surrounded by so many dark-skinned people, but was that the case? Hell no! Seventeen white students were shot and killed by another white student in Parkland, Florida and so let’s “March For WHITE Lives!”

Here we go! “Everybody, March For WHITE Lives!” When white people die at the hands of other white people by the very guns that white people SO love, then it’s time to march for WHITE lives! Who are at gun shows purchasing a shitload of guns? Why, WHITE folks, of course!

How many dark-skinned people are at this gun show? But it’s ‘WHITE’ people who are marching for ‘gun control laws! Now, how crazy is that?!!
Here’s an idea. Go ‘March For White Lives’ at gun shows! See how well that goes over!


Why no ‘March For BLACK Lives’ against the Ku Klux Klan? Why no ‘March For BLACK Lives’ against ‘The Aryan Brotherhood’? Why no ‘March For BLACK Lives’ against ‘The American Freedom Party’? Why no ‘March For BLACK Lives’ against ‘American Renaissance’? Why no ‘March For BLACK Lives’ against ‘Blood And Honor’? Why no ‘March For BLACK Lives’ against any one of the aforementioned hate groups that proudly display their hatred against descendants of slaves? What? They are just SO WHITE? And ‘white’ is good? ‘White’ is right? And those ‘hate’ groups aimed at fucking up a dark-skinned person’s day keeps the myth of ‘white supremacy’ alive and kicking.

Why was there even a ‘March For Our Lives’ event?

March for Our Lives was a student-led demonstration in support of tighter gun control that took place on March 24, 2018, in Washington, D.C., with over 800 sibling events throughout the United States and around the world. Student organizers planned the march in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Everytown for Gun Safety. The event followed the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, which was described by many media outlets as a possible tipping point for gun control legislation.

Yeah! Killing rich ‘white’ kids will always be the tipping point. Anybody else, step the hell back! But yet, no mention of this:

Linda Brown, student at the center of landmark Brown v. Board of Education, dead at 75

Born in 1943, Brown was in third grade in 1950 when she was denied admission to an all-white elementary school in her hometown of Topeka. She lived 20 blocks from her segregated school, but just five blocks from the all-white school. Kansas schools at the time were segregated by state law.

Linda Brown, a descendant of slaves could not even attend any school, she had to attend a school designated for other descendants of slaves because she was viewed as ‘inferior’ by ‘whites’ and so therefore, she was not worthy to even sit in a classroom with ‘white’ students’ and so a lawsuit had to gain her entrance into formerly segregated public schools? But now, rich ‘white’ kids in Parkland, Florida, because of who they are, the children of rich ‘whites’, have managed to fire up an entire nation to stand up for them because they are tired of getting killed by other WHITE kids? For real? Seriously?

I have seen next to nothing about the death of Linda Brown because news coverage was totally focused on ‘The March For WHITE Lives’ events that took place, worldwide. Rallies were also held in Israel, New Zealand, Australia, the U.K. Japan, Belgium, India, France and Chile. Wow! What a show of solidarity with those who are killed by the guns ‘white’ Americans so love, that is until a gun finds a ‘white’ target and then it’s ‘March For WHITE Lives’ time.

Descendants of slaves have had to march for their lives on their own for decades too numerous to count and where was the solidarity from other countries when we were pleading for help against gun violence aimed at us by our so-called government via gestapo troops that call themselves, ‘cops’ or ‘law enforcement’; the former ‘slave patrols’? But now that ‘whites’ are killing other ‘whites’ in schools and everywhere else, it is now time to come together and stop these tragic events because it is only a tragedy when ‘white’ folks, especially ‘rich white’ folks get killed by other ‘white’ folks, but when ‘whites’ kill descendants of slaves just because, well, that right there is just business as usual in this racist hellhole and don’t us descendants of slaves know this!

There is no way in hell that I would have marched one centimeter with another white person over ‘gun control laws’ when ‘whites’ are the reason ‘gun control laws’ are lax in the first place. Who do you think makes up the majority of the NRA? Descendants of slaves? Hell if that’s so! Those ever so racist ‘white’ supremacy group members are heavily represented in the NRA and don’t ‘whites’ know this and yet, their hypocrisy knows no bounds. How in the world you can look at another ‘white’ male mass murderer and label him mentally ill when the rest of you are just as psychopathic as you claim he is? Every single white male that has initiated a mass murder spree has had his mental health evaluated and was never even thought of as a terrorist. Descendants of slaves are called ‘thugs’ when they’ve committed a crime. Muslims are called ‘terrorists’ when they commit a crime. But when ‘whites’ commit crimes, every single time, it is because the mental health care system in America is abysmal and there are just insufficient funds to help all the ‘white’ male psychopaths who amass a shitload of weapons and who then unload them on other ‘white’ folks because THEY’RE MENTALLY ILL! For the love of !!!

I don’t care how many times you ‘white’ folks march or manage to gain solidarity from other countries, you will continue to die by those guns you so love and you will die by another ‘white’ male because as much as you have a complete and utter disregard for any life other than your own, yet another ‘white’ male, is at this very moment, planning another mass murder because he also has a complete and utter disregard for your life and believe me, you will continue to reap what you have sown. So, keep your marching shoes by the door!

It is fine for white supremacy groups to thrive and they have been since the 1600s and yet, you don’t march against those hate groups. You don’t say a word against them and they are gun toting psychopaths but as long as they are only foaming at the mouth at the thought of killing a ‘nigger’, why, you have no problem with that. When did you ever demand an end to those groups existence? When did you launch a lawsuit demanding that the government take constructive measures in going after those hate groups like the government went after The Black Panther Party? Every single time descendants of slaves have formed groups to counter hate, the government has managed to put them down, literally and figuratively, but yet, the government can’t seem to do a damn thing about the Klan and other hate groups. Why? Because those groups are fine with ‘white’ America because they represent ‘white’ America and that is also why Linda Brown’s father had to file a lawsuit to get his daughter inside a public school because Linda Brown was HUMAN, she wasn’t a ‘white, gun toting psychopath and so could not lay claim to that dubious fame. And yet you whites are so hypocritical, that without even a thought in your head as to how stupid you look protesting what your own kind is doing to you, you will take to the streets to show one and all that you are mere innocent victims with no understanding whatsoever as to why ‘white’ males just continue to fill you full of bullets. Unbelievable! Your gall simply amazes me! Why? I don’t know because I should not be aghast over your atrocious hypocrisy! I see examples of it every single day!

Finally, it is quite actually sad to see so many dark-skinned faces in those crowds in the ‘March For WHITE Lives’ protest because believe me, descendants of slaves would actually have been better off in schools with only those who looked like them. They’d not have to contend with the likes of you ‘whites’ who are depraved psychopaths, one and all, but who have the nerve to point the finger at a ‘white’ male mass murderer and claim that he is an anomaly. If he were, would there be as many as there have been? And believe me, there are many more to come! You’re all murdering psychopaths because those klansmen are your kinsmen. They are members of your own family and karma is a bitch that keeps on killing because was Columbine the last? Virginia Tech? Sandy Hook? And Marjory Stoneman certainly won’t be the last! ‘Live’ with that!