What The Hell??!!!!

woman was executed by boyfriend


Black folks, I am going to have to get ugly all up in here! What the hell??!!!

“Pregnant woman executed by her gangland boyfriend for refusing to get an abortion!”

According to the article, Candace Pickens loved being a mother to her three-year old son Zachaeus and she was looking forward to becoming a mother for the second time. Unfortunately, her choice of a partner was her undoing. For the father of her child, she chose a ‘man’ who had a criminal record for domestic violence against another woman who also had a baby by him, not only that but he also had an attempted robbery conviction and in addition to that, it has also been suggested that he was affiliated with a gang.

Now, I could shake my head over Ms. Pickens choice over who she chose to date and have a baby with, but seeing as how the father of her unborn and now dead child, has been charged with their murder, that would be extremely insensitive of me and so I shall just concentrate on the choices we women make when attempting to enter into relationships with men who are absolutely wrong for us in every possible way. It is not only the fact that we know these men are wrong, it would seem that many of us are still into the “I want the bad boy type and yes I know what he did to his other baby mama but he would not do that to me because I am different. I am special.”

Uh, no you’re not! You are just a piece of ass to this type and they will use you and go on to the next, depositing who knows what inside you while impregnating you. And these days, with the explosion of all sorts of STDs that you cannot get rid of, not to mention that Black women in Ms. Pickens age group, statistically speaking, are the new face of AIDS, why are they not better protecting themselves? With information right at our fingertips stating the obvious, we still don’t pay attention and decide that “it’s never going to happen to me. I am the exception and not the rule.”

Newsflash, no matter how special you think you are, to these men, you are not the exception because unfortunately, many Black women have decided that they value themselves so little that they will lie down with a detestable piece of garbage who would shoot his own mama if she crossed him. This misogynistic piece of shit deserves no mercy. Even I would throw the book at his Black ass and never  would he see the light of day!

Somewhere along the way, we have failed our daughters and we have failed in producing sons who respect and revere the Black woman. We have failed our daughters in the sense that they don’t even care what they lie down with. They care so little for the health and safety of their bodies that they become a trash receptacle. And Black men, and I use the term loosely, because a ‘MAN’ would never do this to a woman, have veered so far out into left field that many are just too far gone to reach. I look at many Black men today and I just shake my head, AGAIN because I say to myself, “No way! No goddamn way!” If I was that oversexed, I’d head to Dildo Land before I’d take that mess ‘head’ on.The snake that executed this woman also shot her son in the head and left them both for dead. I just cannot imagine that kind of evil. I just cannot.

We are truly lost!

I go on and on about how Black people are the target for racist KKKops, have been disenfranchised, are victims of gentrification, a school-to-prison pipeline, mass incarceration, mass unemployment, homelessness and a litany of other ails and then this comes along and speaks a different language to me. It speaks to me of a weakness that is a growing disease among Black people that cannot be cut out. This is not the first time that this has happened and it will not be the last, unfortunately.

But I am not going to let the shit that Black folks do to each other, slide. When I see shit, I am calling it that and this shit makes no goddamn sense at all. A child who just celebrated his third birthday is in the hospital with his eye shot out by a piece of filth that also killed his mother and what would have been his sibling just because he wanted her to abort his baby.

Excuse me, but he didn’t know how to use a condom? He’d never heard of them? And apparently, dead Ms. Pickens had never heard of them either even though, the article goes on to state that she was attending community college and ultimately wanted to be a nurse.

Now, I could go on and on about how Ms. Pickens failed to get her education first before deciding to have children. I could go on and on about her choices over who she decided to have children with. I could go on and on about saving herself for marriage with the ‘right’ man; a man who will love and cherish her and provide for her, not by engaging in criminal acts but by the sweat of his brow. But what would be the point in that? It obviously falls on deaf ears and blind eyes.

And I know this to be true because Friday, my cousin treated me to lunch at Fogo de Chao and since it was prom night, no parking was available downtown and I had to park the car and take the bus downtown. Lawd have mercy, please! Some Black girl was at the back of the bus, on the phone, just a carrying on. I had to listen to,

“I told that nigga that his bitch called me and I don’t know how she got my number and she contacted me on Facebook and his other baby mama started up some drama with me on Facebook and I told her, bitch, you ain’t getting fucked by him, I am. That nigga know who he come home to at night and why you got a picture of my dog on your Facebook page?”

On and on, it went. I was SO goddamn embarrassed to be Black, it was unreal. From now on, if I must head downtown, I am going to first check and make sure that there is plenty of parking available and no Twins games, etc., because I refuse to subject myself to that shitload of ignorance. I wanted to go to the back of the bus and shoot her in her mouth. The least thing I should have done was pepper sprayed her ass and then stunned her. I probably would have received a standing ovation.

Now I see why what happened to Ms. Pickens is going to continue. Young Black girls of today have no respect for themselves or for the children they have with these punks who lie down with them, deposit their seed and then it is on to the next. And we wonder why the younger generation is so fucked up. I don’t. Twenty-five minutes on a bus told the story.

And now, a young woman who had her life ahead of her, lies dead and her young son is in a hospital, fighting for his life. Her unborn child is dead and the father of her unborn child is charged with their murder. Who do we blame for this?

What Happened To Us Along The Way?


Somewhere along the way we got lost.
We strayed from the path of our forefathers.
And as women, we seem to be no longer aware
that we owe a legacy of love to our daughters.

We never flinched when our sisters were called ‘Hos’.
And we never thought anything of this disrespect.
Our men were not taken to task for their misogyny.
Now, of their daughters, we see only the neglect.

What happened to us along the way?
When did we become so jaded and so lost?
And have we ever stopped to wonder why?
Why we are now being made to pay the cost?

You live in a world of people who hate your guts.
And you give to them the respect you deny your mother.
Never do you stop to think that if the tables were turned,
would a white man ever stand up and be counted as your brother?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

This one speaks to all Black people because we have seriously lost our way when we as Black  women, answer to being called a “Ho!” And Black men, you should be ashamed of yourselves in calling Black women, ‘Hos’.  These women gave birth to you and the least you could do is show them the respect they deserve and what about your sons and your daughters? How are you setting an example for your sons when they hear you disrespect their mother and by doing so, you also disrespect your own daughter because if you can call the mother of your children out of their name, then you won’t mind when someone else does likewise to your own daughter. These issues need to be addressed because we need some unity in the Black community especially with all that is going down every single day. If we cannot depend on each other, who can we depend on?

We’d best wake the hell up because at the end of the day, who the hell else is caring about the Black family?

Negro Women, Stop Taking The Abuse!



The movie, ‘Straight Outta Compton’, made me take a look at how Negro men treat Negro women and I am not liking what I see. Did I pay my money to see the movie? Hell no! And I based it on principle because I had read about that abusive motherfucker that calls himself, Dr. Dre. I had read about his contempt, disdain and apparent hatred for women and the sad fact is that many Negro men are in fact, just like this piece of shit that has been lauded as some sort of thug hero and for what? I don’t know. Because if he is considered to be a hero for promoting rappers to ‘rap’ about niggers, hos, and bling, I don’t see what the fuss is all about. And neither should your Negro ass because that would mean that you are just as ignorant as this punk ass bitch and just as ignorant as the rappers that glorify degrading, abusing and demoralizing the very women that gave birth to them.

Negro men, if you have daughters, you don’t even respect them. There is no way that you can if you revere and give props to this piece of shit that has raised his closed fist and beat a woman like she was a man. Quite obviously, you don’t have a problem if this bastard beat your own daughter down. I know for a fact that this happens and it happens quite often.

My piece of shit cousin told me that he was with his ‘home boys’ and they went over one of his homeys’ girlfriend’s house and just because she wasn’t standing on the porch, panting for his ass, he dragged her out the house and beat her like she was a man right in front of a carload of other nasty, disgusting, degenerates and the woman actually picked herself up off the ground after having been stomped and fist punched by her boyfriend and got inside the vehicle. What the fuck is wrong with us????!!!!

Negro men, why are you brutalizing Negro women? Where did you develop such contempt for Negro women? Who the fuck do you think you are? You are nothing without us because who is wailing, moaning and printing signs when your Negro ass is shot or locked up for driving down the goddamn street with a broken taillight? Who the fuck is sitting home raising your kids while you’re out doing who the fuck knows what? Who has always had your goddamn back even when you didn’t deserve the loyalty that we have always had for your Negro ass? Just because some Caucasian motherfucker dangles a few Benjamins in your goddamn face is no reason to forget who you came from and who loved you before you ever knew what love was about. And quite honestly, I am at a loss to know when your Negro ass got lost along the way. Because Negro motherfuckers, believe me, you are lost as hell without us. Keep beating our ass. Keep disrespecting us. Keep insulting us. Keep kicking us in the dirt and one day, your Negro ass is gonna look around for your heart and soul, the heart and soul that is us, Negro women,  and you are going to find yourselves facing down the nightmare that is your life by your goddamn self because we will have kicked your worthless ass to the curb.

The Caucasian man don’t give a shit about your ass. The only thing you can do for him is make him some goddamn money and when your usefulness is over, where will you be? Out on your Negro ass without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out and don’t crawl your tired ass back to us ’cause we’ve already kicked your tired ass to the curb. Think it can’t happen? Take a look around? Who the fuck is still wearing out the soles of their shoes on your behalf when that Caucasoid is busting a cap all up in your ass? Newsfuckingflash! It ain’t me! I’ve already given up on you worthless motherfuckers, but other Negro women have not, not yet. I am not going to continue to head to protest rallies and marches to get the Caucasians boot up off your Negro ass when if the Caucasians ain’t fucking you up, you’re fucking us up. I have put up with your shit for too goddamn long and unless you show me that you respect me as a Negro woman, you’ll get no goddamn respect from me. Respect has to be earned, motherfuckers, and you ain’t earned it! So, don’t come to me to bail your ass out of jail. Don’t come to me when you’ve broken your goddamn knee and can’t shoot hoops for the motherfucking Caucasian man and that Caucasian bitch you married, sued your ass for divorce and your broke ass can’t afford a moped. Think for one goddamn second that I am going to drop everything and cuddle you and tell you that you’re still valued and some more shit. Never fucking think it. Keep kicking my ass and see what you get. Keep thinking that I am always going to be forgiving and in your corner, come what may. You better wake the fuck up, you Negro assed motherfucker and recognize that when the shit hits the fan on your ass, you got nobody BUT me and when all is said and done, I’m all you need. You are nothing without the Negro woman and your punk ass bitch ass can’t even see that???!!!!

This ain’t some lies ‘Straight Outta Compton’. This is straight up truth! Deal with it! And, again! Wake the fuck up and act like you know! The Caucasians ain’t playing with your ass and when you divide us by brutalizing us, you WILL fall!BULEE DAT!