💣💣💣Nashville, TN Celebrated Christmas With A Blast!💣💣💣




Apparently, an RV was detonated on a Nashville city street to celebrate Christmas, but it did not go over very well with the local authorities.

Nashville explosion that damaged dozens of downtown buildings is believed to be an intentional act

A Christmas morning explosion that rocked downtown Nashville, injuring at least three people and damaging dozens of buildings, is believed to be an intentional act, authorities said.

Officers with the Metro Nashville Police Department were responding to a call of shots fired Friday morning when they came upon an RV parked in front of an AT&T building at 166 2nd Avenue North, according to police spokesman Don Aaron.

Police saw no immediate evidence of shots fired, Aaron said in a news conference, but something about the RV prompted the officers to request the department’s hazardous devices unit.

The bomb squad was responding to the downtown area when the RV exploded at 6:30 a.m. CT, Aaron said.

“We do believe this to have been an intentional act,” Aaron said. “Significant damage has been done to the infrastructure there on 2nd Avenue North.”

Now I don’t like making assumptions before we have the facts, but these days, I doubt whether we ever have the facts on anything we read in the news. So, I will just surmise that some folks wanted to make a serious statement and chose Christmas Day to do so as it would have the greatest impact. While people were expecting to wake up to peace on earth, good will toward ‘men’, instead they got a detonated RV. And so I am sure that the word “anarchy” will be thrown about with much aplomb because it has been stated that this just does not happen these days in the U.S. I mean, we’d expect to find shit blown up in France or England, Germany and so forth and so on, but since Amerikkka’s gestapo agents believe that they got the shit over here on lockdown, who would think that folks would get back to blowing shit up? I mean, we ALL know who is about the business of blowing shit up. Remember Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols? The Oklahoma City bombing? And of course there was the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, but no bombings lately and so what prompted this one?

The shit is getting real! And expect more and worse shit to come since some folks are not afraid to pull stunts of this type. Surveillance cameras everywhere? Some folks just don’t give a shit about that. People are only going to take but so much and then reach the point of no return. And I can pretty much state with 100% certainty that Black folks had nothing to do with this mess. How many Black folks got the money to buy an RV just to blow it up? I rest my case. That’s some white folks shit right there.

The blast was so bad that one Klan kop lost his hearing, but they expect that he’ll eventually get it back and so nothing to celebrate there. And a condo building was shaken and the windows blown out and some country singer was talking about how his shit is fucked up. As for what the authorities are saying about this as it pertains to the folks who are responsible for this explosion, word is that there has been no sign of any extremist groups signaling a planned attack of this sort on social media, exclaiming over how they were about to set it off over the Christmas holiday. Maybe they got the message that their sites are being monitored by the Feds and found other means by which to communicate with their fellow group members. “About time,” I’d say. It took them long enough. When you know the Feds are monitoring you, then you find other ways to escape the traps they are setting. You don’t continue to do the same thing, expecting a different result; that would be crazy. So I do applaud those folks for coming up with whatever ingenious format they used to communicate with each other. Black folks need to recognize that they need to follow suit when they want to march down streets and protest and some more shit. Don’t make the Feds job easier by continuously using the same means by which the Feds use to track you down and arrest you for what is supposed to be a protected right; the right to assemble to have your grievances addressed. So, since no one can do that anymore without getting bust upside the head and arrested, folks upped the ante; outfitted an RV with bombs and “Bombs away! on Christmas Day!”

So don’t be surprised when this starts to become the ‘norm’ because ‘normal’ as we ‘thought’ we knew it, is gone. Look around you. This is the new ‘norm’ and believe me, it is not going to be a ‘peace on earth, good will toward men’ scenario. It is going to be some crazy shit popping off and crime is already soaring all across this country. No state is immune and pretty soon, desperate people are going to act…well…desperately. People are losing their shit…literally!

“Merry Christmas!” We’re having a blast!