In This World Of Illusion!

world of illusion

In this world of illusion
no people are truly free.
Smoke will rise forever
from sea to wine dark sea.

On the brink of yesterday
lies the Palace of the Skulls.
Footlights on a hero;
the sheep to sleep, he lulls.

The spies have eyes ‘most everywhere
like gods upon a mountain.
And men in blindness lead
the sheep to a poisoned fountain.

This partnership in death
will end at Doomsday Creek.
And naked are the liars
as they appear to us and speak.

It is now or never
for the banquet ends at dawn.
And an omen of ill wind blows
when innocent blood is drawn.

Make haste or our world is lost.
Build your army out of need.
Turn back the hands of time
to when man was without greed.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2015 Shelby I. Courtland

The World Belongs To Us!


I know that you hate me when I take what you think belongs to you.
All my life, I have lived among the privileged few.
Never has anyone worked as hard at nothing as I do.
I look out from my penthouse window at the view.

I sit in a luxurious boardroom and look at the faces,
that stare back at me wishing they could change places.
I’m always a step ahead of all the rest and off to the races.
They would stab me in the back, but to my face, they heap praises.

You think it’s easy to be cold-hearted and to stand alone.
But what you don’t know is that I expect that I shall atone,
for the rotten things that I have done and for mercy, I have never shown.
I am at the top and there I will remain, no one can unseat me from my throne.

The whispers at night when those I pay for pleasure are gone,
keep me up, tossing and turning and wide-eyed when I greet the dawn.
You think that I don’t know what is in store for me, but I’m just a pawn.
Right now, it is me that you hate, but there will be another when I pass on.

Yes, we rule the world and we are the masters who dangle puppets on a string.
It is us that will depose a dictator and move people on a board to crown a king.
When torture is used, it is by our servants that the whip and the lash will sting.
And in secret, presidents, prime ministers and queens bow before us and kiss our ring.

I am one of them and I was born into the circle from which there is no escape.
From this world, we must take its riches and plunder, pillage and rape.
And under cover of darkness, what we worship enfolds us like a cape.
Don’t for a minute think that we ever really die, we just change shape.

The world belongs to us and all there in as we have declared ourselves to be gods.
And those who do not bow before us and worship us will face the death squads.
You cannot defeat us for our power is immeasurable and so what are your odds?
It amuses us no end that you are too blind to see what lies behind these mere facades.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

A Planet Dies!


Demonic possession
Phallic obsession
Occult inference
Dark deference
Masters over slaves
Crooks and knaves
Rituals of sacrifice
lust and avarice.

The powerful wield
Upon a fertile field
Swords and scythes
As freedom writhes
when humanity cries
A planet dies.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

This just came to me as I was discussing so-called ‘secret societies’ that are hell bent on using their massive wealth and power to destroy humanity as they crave more and more wealth and power. There has been talk of their Satanic rituals as apparently ‘Satan’ has been perceived as their ‘god’. Their ‘god’ is wealth/power.

One thing that they don’t have that many of us do is empathy. If we can but channel that empathetic nature that we share and spread it and continue to ignite it, we may stand a chance. But we are fast running out of time and there are those who cannot lift a weakened finger as they are far too weary. Call me a fool, but I believe that there are those of you out there who cannot stand what is going on. You give a damn that people are homeless and hungry and jobless and you know that the evil motherfuckers of this world will never give a goddamn about their plight.

I have written on this to the point where my fingers have actually developed a cramp and I have had to pry them apart, but I will NOT give up! There are emerging signs that people are getting fed up, everywhere! Let us hope that we ALL get fed up to the point where we form our own society and it will be no ‘secret’ that we are HUMAN and that our society is called ‘humanity’!