…And Now Kobe Bryant Is On A Pedestal Because He ‘Played’ Basketball And Died


Have you any idea of the names of the people all around the world who died on Sunday? Of course not and the world does not know their names because they were not ex-NBA players or NFL players. They did not play pro-golf. They did not sing, rap or ‘playact’ in a movie.

I wrote a blog a while back titled, “My Thoughts On Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston And The Burden Of Fame!” and even though it was a hit, nothing has changed. We still put so-called celebrities on pedestals. And when they die, everyone and his mother, cousin, uncle, aunt and nephew is screeching and wailing about thoughts and prayers. We are ALL going to die! But it seems that only those who become a household word for merely shooting hoops for the NBA or who run a football across the field for an NFL team or who has a voice for singing or who can act in movies and become famous for doing so are ever thought of as more than what they are; mere mortals who are going to die just like the rest of us. None of us knows the hour, the minute or the second of the day that we are going to die. And the vast majority of us will die and be buried with little to no fanfare. No one outside of our circle of family, friends and acquaintances will even know that we perished and was buried. No one else will care and hell! Many times, hardly anyone cared. But because a man who made a name for himself by getting rich from shooting hoops, got into a helicopter with his daughter and several other people and decided to go ahead and fly in such bad weather conditions that it even kept LAPD air support from flying, it is time to get out the purple crepe, violins and swoon and wail over their demise.

Yes, it is a terrible shame that Kobe Bryant’s young daughter perished along with him and those others in that helicopter because the adults should have known better. Hell! The pilot should have refused to fly in those conditions, but, and I am taking a guess here, I can just about hear the conversation.

Helicopter pilot to Kobe Bryant: “Yeah boss, the weather conditions are not right for travel by this method and I would caution against travel at this time.”

Kobe Bryant to helicopter pilot: “I’ll give you $10,000 to get us to where we want to go.”

Helicopter pilot to Kobe Bryant: “Right Oh!”

Folks, you can’t take money with you. And it does not matter how much money you have because as you can see, it still did not keep that helicopter from crashing into a mountain in foggy weather.

But what I would like to know is this. If weather conditions were so bad that even LAPD air support could not fly, then why was Kobe Bryant’s helicopter given the okay to lift off? Oh that’s right. Money talks. The same rules in place that keep airplanes from taking off in bad weather should also pertain to helicopters; even those owned by the rich and famous because if that helicopter had gone down on someone’s house and not in a mountainous region, we would be hearing about even more deaths. We are already hearing about airplanes dumping fuel on top of people and parts falling from airplanes and so people who are on the ground are not safe from those who take to the skies. And if anyone on the ground had been hurt by Kobe Bryant’s private helicopter taking off in bad weather and crashing, well, too bad, so sad for them. Who were they? No one would care.

But let’s take a look at something. Kobe Bryant was rich and famous for playing pro-basketball. Basketball season runs from late October to early April. A professional basketball game in the national basketball association (nba) consists of four quarters of 12 minutes each, making the game last for 48 minutes. Wow! Almost six months of basketball at 48 minutes per game of dribbling and shooting hoops and a man becomes rich and famous and the world mourns when he dies. He dribbled a ball and shot hoops. He did not discover a cure for cancer or initiate world peace. Again, he dribbled a ball and shot hoops. This is what the masses are going nuts over; a man who dribbled balls and shot hoops. He did not rescue people from burning buildings. He did not separate conjoined twins and save both. He did not successfully perform a heart transplant. He did not cure AIDS, diabetes and Lupus. The man dribbled a basketball and shot hoops for 48 minutes on a basketball court and for that he became rich and famous and his name became a household word and so the world now mourns this man. For the love of !!!!!

Are there any sane people left on this planet? Are all of you brain dead idiots? The answer is most likely, “YES!” I have heard that ticket prices to the next Lakers game just shot through the roof all because a man who used to play for the Lakers was killed when his own helicopter crashed into mountains in bad weather.

A helicopter crash may have actually killed Kobe Bryant, his daughter and those others on that helicopter, but what set that shit in motion was the arrogance of the rich in thinking that money cushions them even from weather conditions that would normally make any sensible person have serious doubts especially if they had a young child with them. If Kobe Bryant didn’t care if he flew in a helicopter in bad weather, he should have been concerned enough about his daughter to think of her safety and take a safer method of transportation to wherever they were going. If he had, the headlines for yesterday and today would lack at least nine names. From what I can see, riches and fame does not automatically equate with common sense and so the remains of nine people will be laid to rest. And we shall continue to put these people on pedestals even as they lack the sense god gave a goat because most of us are just as lacking in common sense as they were. More’s the pity in that we never learn.

Update! Just as I figured.

Helicopter in Kobe Bryant Crash Wasn’t Legal to Fly in Poor Visibility

Another factor is cost, some pilots said. “The customers don’t want to pay more, so they just go with one,” said David Zara, a commercial jet pilot who has flown regularly as a passenger in Sikorsky S-76s. “Legally, it can be flown with one pilot. Technically, it’s a very bad idea.”

The article is about the fact that this particular helicopter should not have been flying in that type of weather and especially with only one pilot onboard because other pilots have stated that in the event of bad weather, two pilots are needed.  The article also suggests that pilots don’t really need to have an instrument-based background because California is usually sunny and they can align themselves along a California freeway to guide them. Also, I don’t believe that cost would be a factor considering how rich Kobe Bryant was.  So in essence, that helicopter had no business in the sky that day. Oh well, maybe a lesson learned so that this doesn’t happen again.