The Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects ‘Downgraded from Black to White or would that be Upgraded’?

When I heard of bombs going off during the Boston Marathon, I was horrified. I thought, oh no! When will the madness end? Then on CNN, I listened when they said that a suspect in the bombings was a ‘dark skinned male’. I thought, “oh dear, Black men are in for it AGAIN!!!” Then I breathed a sigh of relief when they said that the suspect had a distinctly ‘foreign accent’. You see, Black men are often accused of horrendous crimes to cover up atrocities committed by Whites. It’s happened often enough. I remember many years ago, a husband and expectant father, killed his wife, thus killing his unborn child and turned the gun on himself resulting in a flesh wound. He then told the police that a ‘Black man’ had committed the crime. When the truth came out, he wanted his wife and unborn child out of the way. This also occurred in Boston. Feel free to read about it here:
On This Day: White Boston Man Kills Pregnant Wife, Blames Imaginary Black Man

On Oct. 23, 1989, Charles Stuart shot and killed his pregnant wife, Carol Stuart. His accusation that a black man was responsible inflamed racial tensions in Boston.Charles Stuart Murders Wife

Charles Stuart and his pregnant wife Carol left a maternity class at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston on Oct. 23, 1989. As they drove home, Charles drove to Mission Hills, a predominantly African-American neighborhood, and shot Carol in the head.

Charles then shot himself in the abdomen and called 911, saying that he and his wife had been shot. A film crew for CBS’ “Rescue 911,” which had been shooting at the Boston Emergency Medical Services, captured the entire event on camera.

As Charles was strapped onto a gurney and taken inside an ambulance, he gave police details of the alleged crime. A policeman asks him, “Who did it? Was he a white guy?” Charles responds, “He was a black man.”

Carol Stuart died the following night. Her son, Christopher, was delivered via caesarean section, eight weeks before the due date. After suffering a series of seizures, he died two and a half weeks later. Charles Stuart authorized the discontinuation of life support.

Unable to attend his wife’s funeral due to his injuries, Stuart wrote a message to be read aloud. Of the murderer, he said, “In our souls we must forgive this sinner, because he would too.”

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Stuart gained widespread sympathy for his tragic story, and few questioned his account of the events, even though there were numerous inconsistencies and suspicious details. Police began a citywide search for the culprit, described by Stuart as a black man with a raspy voice who wore a tracksuit.

Officers used “the ‘stop-and-search’ method: the idea being that if you stop every black man within a ten-mile radius, you are going to find your killer much more quickly,” wrote Jeanne Theoharis and Lisa Woznica in Was it Worth It? “Civil liberties thus suspended, a number of black jogging-suit-clad men soon turned up.”

The investigation was responsible for “instantly igniting the racial tension and suspicion that are never far from the surface of daily life in Boston and most of America,” wrote The New York Times.

In December, police fingered 39-year-old Willie Bennett, a black man who had been arrested on unrelated charges, as the prime suspect. Examining his mug shot, Stuart confirmed that Bennett was the man who killed his wife.

Stuart’s elaborate deception collapsed in early January 1990, when his brother Matthew told his family that Charles had killed Carol. Matthew had participated in the cover-up of the crime, taking a bag of valuables and the murder weapon from the crime scene and disposing of them in a nearby creek.

On Jan. 3, before his brother went to the police, Charles Stuart confessed his crime to his lawyer. That night, he checked into a hotel, woke up at 4:30 a.m., and went down to the Tobin Bridge to jump into the Mystic River, killing himself.
Key Players: Charles and Carol Stuart
Both born and raised in the Boston suburbs, Charles and Carol Stuart had met in 1980 at the restaurant where they both worked, and married five years later. They had supportive families, were liked by their neighbors and had well-paying jobs: Carol was a tax lawyer and Charles the general manager at a fur store.

The media originally portrayed the couple as having the perfect marriage. After Charles’ suicide, the media searched for a reason for the murder. There were rumors, later shown to be incorrect, that Charles had a relationship with a 23-year-old co-worker. There were also reports that “Charles considered Carol’s pregnancy a hindrance to his plans to open a restaurant and wanted her to have an abortion,” wrote Time.

…and now, the photos of the alleged suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing depict white men. I am sure that Black men all across the state of Massachusetts are breathing a sigh of relief because after all, they initially got the blame and knew what was coming. Where it came from, does CNN or the other stations who initially reported this erroneous information really know or care? Or were they just too quick on the draw and once again, decided to blame it on the convenient, it was the ‘Black man who did it’ scapegoat that some whites just love to lay at the feet of any male, walking and breathing while Black! Of course, Black men just need to get over being blamed for damn near everything. After all, there’s so many in prison anyway. So who’s to be upset if another one is added to the prison population, and who cares about that pesky little thing called, innocent but getting the blame? After all, they get three hots and a cot, what’s to complain about?

Black men in America, for what it’s worth, you have my utmost sympathy!

Below is more evidence of the ease at which whites blame Black men with the assurance that they will be believed. Why? Because it works every time!

Move over Charles Stuart and Susan Smith(murdered her children and blamed it on a Black man). Bonnie Sweeten of suburban Philadelphia has now qualified to be inducted into the Hall of Shame that bestows special recognition upon Whites who have committed crimes and then falsely blamed a Black man.

Ashley Todd, a campaign worker for John McCain, claimed that she was robbed at knifepoint on October 22 by a “six-foot four African American” at an ATM in Pittsburgh. She said the alleged robber saw a McCain sticker on her car and became enraged, cutting a backward “B’ (for Barack) into her cheek. She later admitted lying.

Whether it was Bonnie Sweeten in Philadelphia, Susan Smith, Charles Stuart, Asheley Todd or Jennifer Wilbanks (the “Runaway Bride”) – who claimed a Latino man and a White woman abducted and sexually assaulted her – sick Whites are not so sick that they fail to realize that they can play into America’s stereotype of Black males as criminals. That sterotype was present before and it persists even as an African-American male sits in the White House.


A Woman’s False Accusation Pains Many Blacks – New York Times › COLLECTIONS › BLACK PEOPLE

Nov 6, 1994 – As racial hoaxes go, the lies Susan Smith told in Union, S.C., about a black man stealing her two children were not novel or new, but they … represented beyond the murder of innocents: another assault on the souls … said it made him sad that desperate people think blaming blacks will solve their problems.


Why must we seek to destroy each other?
Why not simply live in peace with our brother?

Why does hate consume our very soul?
Like a hot, smouldering fire, deeper than the blackest hole.

Why is there no love in every human heart?
How can we find it? Do we know where to start?

Why are we so callous and indifferent to suffering?
We hurl hateful words, never once are we stuttering.

Why make weapons that kill indiscriminately?
In the name of a group, or act, independently.

Why must we continue to be our own worst enemy?
As with great relish, stoke the flames of hostility.

Why will we never learn that we are all unique?
Why is the outlook for our future so damn bleak?

Why does one show such enmity for another?
Why can we not love? Too much of a bother?

Why can I find no hope for tomorrow?
WHY?! WHy?! Why? The echo is so hollow!

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

The Boston Marathon bombing was a horrible tragedy! The above poem was written for the innocent victims, their family and friends. My heart goes out to each and every one of them! And also for those who did all they could to help! Words simply fail me in trying to figure out why or how any human being could do this to another!