An Essay From October 2015

This is SO true, it ain’t even funny!

The Powers That Be, I don’t think will try and enact the draft because they know what would happen and that is why wages are kept so low as to make it beneficial for the poor to enlist, and they do. The poor are doing the job of killing and dying for warmongers to profit from stock in companies that produce bombs and drones and missiles and tanks and other necessities for war while we simply look the other way until we are told to ‘honor’ them on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day…oh…and to, belatedly, “Thank them for their service.”

So should I give a rat’s ass about Syria or Iraq?

You damn right I should and so should you! But you won’t! More’s the damn pity!


Its New Years and a time for reflection.  I posted this in 2015 under the title “Should I Care?” – and it is still relevant.


Yesterday while browsing the “news” between college football games I saw the Huffpo headline: “Afghanistan Falling to Taliban!”

Seems the Taliban had taken the Afghan “city” of Kunduz and was immediately attacked by government forces trying to push them out.  Apparently the U.S. joined in with air attacks against the “terrorists” – bombing and destroying a Doctors Without Borders hospital and killing doctors and patients indiscriminately.

Big help indeed.

We are in our 14th year in Afghanistan – a god-forsaken place if there ever was one.

I mulled over the headline and then said to myself – “Do I care?”

Should I care?

What does it matter to me if the Taliban returns to power in Afghanistan and bans listening to music?  Did we…

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A Dead Child on Christmas Eve — Counter Information

By John Kiriakou December 28, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – An eight-year-old Guatemalan boy died in the custody of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) late Christmas Eve. His death came only two weeks after the death from dehydration of a seven-year-old Guatemalan girl also in the custody of CBP. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is demanding […]

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This is AmeriKKKa! What is happening in these concentration camps is happening in prisons all across this shithole as well!

ProPublica wrote recently, “Just five days after he reached the United States, a 15-year-old Honduran boy awoke in his Tucson, Arizona, immigrant shelter … to find a youth care worker in his room, tickling his chest and stomach. But he returned two more times, rubbing the teen’s penis through his clothing and then trying to reach under his boxers. ‘I know what you want. I can give you anything you need,’ said the worker, who was later convicted of molestation.”

 “In 2017, a 17-year-old from Honduras was recovering from surgery at the shelter when he woke up to find a male staff member standing by his bed. ‘You have it very big,’ the man said, referring to the teen’s penis. When the staff member approached him again, the boy locked himself in a bathroom.”

Even worse, just a few months ago, a youth care worker at one Arizona shelter was arrested for molesting eight boys over the course of a year. The employee, Levian Pacheco, pleaded guilty to 11 sex offenses and had been working without a full background check. During the course of the investigation, he also admitted to being HIV-positive and to having forced himself on the boys.

Yes indeed, this is Amerikkka, with Lady Liberty beckoning one and all? “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore   ….. – Emma Lazarus

Yes children, huddle in concentration camps while you get molested by male guards and other male staff members while congress and the president host a border wall showdown. Meanwhile, children are getting fucked, fucked up and are dying because this is the land of the “free and home of the brave,” isn’t it?

Millions of Black people are in prison, thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of migrant children are huddled in concentration camps getting the same treatment Black prison inmates are subjected to and federal employees are sitting somewhere moaning and whining that they are not receiving their paychecks. Since you choose to head into work, knowing that there is no paycheck waiting for you, that is on you! I would refuse to go to work knowing that I am not going to get paid. When the ‘government’ is back up and running, they could then call my ass, but until then, no check, no work. It is as simple as that. No one expects to head to work and receive no paycheck for doing so. And for you stupid cowards to just comply like dead sheep, is just too ridiculous for words. You deserve everything you’re getting because apathy and complacency have never paid one goddamn bill and they won’t.

And those migrant children would probably be better off if those thugs overseeing the concentration camps did not show up for work. It would be a reprieve from getting molested, raped and infected with STDs. This shithole needs to collapse! With every fiber of my being, I hope like hell that the collapse is as soon as next fucking week!


Why won’t the US Supreme Court do anything about racism? — Moorbey’z Blog

by Tonja Jacobi & Ross Berlin The Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke fired 16 shots, killing the African-American teenager Laquan McDonald; 14 of those shots were apparently fired while McDonald lay on the ground. It took four years and the expulsion of the state attorney general before the trial against Van Dyke for first-degree […]

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“Racial division has always been the transcendent theme of American society. But with the proliferation of recording devices on every phone, there has been an explosion of videos showing police committing various acts of violence against minorities. Now the US is being forced to face the reality of police beatings, shootings, and police officers taunting people of colour whom they have stopped on the street with little justification. Yet the US Supreme Court has refused to weigh in on these obvious racial discrepancies in the criminal justice system. Instead, it emphasises constitutional colourblindness, which allows it to avoid confronting the judiciary’s role in perpetuating racial discrimination in the US.”

First of all, let me answer the question as to “Why won’t the US Supreme Court do anything about racism?”

Who appoints the Supreme Court justices? And don’t even bother stating that half-breed Kenyan born asswipe, Barack Obama, appointed Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court and so there! Those taco crunchers hate descendants of slaves just as much as whitey-pasty asses do and so that was not a ‘win’ for descendants of slaves. The US Supreme Court will do absolutely nothing about racism and especially nothing about a racist criminal justice system because the Supreme Court is doing exactly what it was designed to do; everything that benefits whitey-pasty ass. Don’t think for a minute that those judges are unlike what’s slithering and crawling into black robes and presiding over courtrooms all across this shithole. The same racist judge that sends a descendant of slaves to jail where he languishes and dies is no different from the piece of filth that’s sitting in the highest court of the land.

Young Black Man Jailed Since April For Alleged $5 Theft Found Dead In Jail Cell

A young black man arrested by police in Portsmouth, Virginia, on the same day that one of the city’s officers fatally shot an unarmed black 18-year-old, has been found dead in jail after spending almost four months behind bars without bail for stealing groceries worth $5. Jamycheal Mitchell, who had mental health problems, was discovered lying on the floor of his cell by guards early last Wednesday, according to authorities. While his body is still awaiting an autopsy, senior prison officials said his death was not being treated as suspicious.

What a goddamn shame! The article also states that Jamycheal Mitchell was accused of stealing a bottle of Mountain Dew, a Snickers bar and a Zebra Cake worth a total of $5 from a 7-Eleven and was arrested for this, sat in jail for four months and then died from ‘natural causes’ AT 24 YEARS OF AGE, after having lost 65 pounds and was emaciated at time of death.

A man was in jail for FOUR goddamn months, on a $5.00 theft charge???!!!! For the love of !!!!!!!!! He was accused, goddamn it! Whatever happened to his right to a speedy trial? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Amber Guyger’s pasty ass murdered Botham Shem Jean in his own apartment in Texas claiming that he was intruding in his own apartment and that skank was able to post bail in an hour, was walking the goddamn streets, free as a motherfucking bird after having been charged with murder and yet this Black man, who was mentally ill, and most likely from hunger, ‘allegedly’ stole $5 worth of shit was denied bail, languished in jail for four months and according to those Nazis that make up the criminal justice system, died from “natural causes” at the grand ‘old’ age of 24! How does this even make sense by any stretch of the imagination? It fucking doesn’t! Jamycheal ‘allegedly’ stole $5 worth of merchandise from a 7-Eleven store owned by one of those vile and detestable Hindu motherfuckers who come over here with the blessings of the U.S. government to open convenience stores in Black communities, set up for the express purpose of robbing us blind and ain’t a goddamn thing wrong with that because that’s the plan, fuck up Black people to no end! “Jamycheal Mitchell, a descendant of slaves only died in jail after waiting four goddamn months for a trial for that shit,” is how the criminal justice system looks at what happened to him. He was denied bail over a $5 theft incident? How is that even possible? It’s possible because he was Black and so that right there rendered him, a non-person; a thing. But we want to know why the US Supreme Court does nothing about ANY of this outrageous shit! Fuck all you no account, heartless, soulless, white parasitical cowards who look the other way over the reprehensible shit you do to a group of people who don’t deserve this shit from the likes of you! We never fucking asked to come here. I don’t know why in unholy hell I have to give a goddamn history lesson in here, time and time again. Your fucking worthless, no account, lazy ass, parasitical sloth ancestors are to blame for why our Black asses are here. We didn’t row over here and get processed at Ellis Island like all you filthy ass whites like to lay claim to. All I hear from the lot of you is how your great, great parasite grandfather slithered over here from who the fuck cares with nothing but the clothes on his racist back and made it big. There is a difference. That parasite CHOSE to slither here. Jamycheal’s ancestors did not! And so why is that shit on him? According to you white assholes, the man deserved what he got because he was Black. He wasn’t born with the ‘white’ skin color and so that shit’s on him, ain’t it? According to you worthless fucks, it is!

And so is there any wonder why the US Supreme Court refuses to take up the issue of racism in corrupt courtrooms, jails and prisons all across this shithole? You can just fucking cease and desist with the pretense of wondering why this shit continues to go down because as long as parasitic whites control the shit here in Amerikkka, this is what you will see. The Black man, woman and child in Amerikkka can never expect any justice. Justice is not for us. That was never going to be the case especially seeing as how the Thirteenth Amendment made sure that slavery would always exist and so there would be Black bodies being put to use in yet another form of slavery that profits the white parasitic leeches that have latched on to us and refuse to let go until we, their host, are dead. That is what whites do; suck the life and anything of value from whomever and whatever, wherever they crawl and slither to.

Expect the US Supreme Court to do the right thing? That’s like expecting a parasite to stop doing what parasites do and what do parasites do? Habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return. In this case, the parasite, (whitey pasty-ass) lives because the parasite makes use of a Black HUMAN and benefits by deriving exploited free labor and parts at the expense of the Black HUMAN until he/she is dead and can no longer be exploited. The US Supreme Court upholds this shit and each and every president has seen to it that this is to be the status quo until this shithole finally collapses.

And so no, I’m not wondering why the Supreme Court upholds racism. That is what it was designed to do. I expect nothing less because just look at what makes up the Supreme Court. And that one Black-assed Uncle Tom sell-out is not an exception. He knows what’s best for him. Simply nod his nappy ass head along with everything pasty-face asses say and go home to that pasty-faced wife of his; sell-out house slave motherfucker that he is!

“War Whores” Revisited. Flashback to Media Coverage of the 2003 Invasion of Iraq

The “War Whores” just completed celebrating the demise of one of their own; one who spawned the war criminal that invaded Iraq all over a big ass lie about weapons of mass destruction that did not exist, killing untold numbers of Iraq’s citizens including women and children. But that sad ass fact was just forgotten since “war whores” never dwell on the evil, vile and criminal shit they do. They just laud and praise other “war whores” upon their passing, making jokes and thinking that everything is fucking funny. I can only hope that if those “war whores” don’t pay for the shit they do while walking among us, that there is indeed, a special place for them that fucks them up to no end. And I am including that whore, Michelle Obama. I didn’t watch that shit of a funeral but I could not help but see that Bush was doling out candy to that whore who just published a book titled, “Becoming a white man’s war whore while married to a Kenyan born asswipe.”

Fuck the whole lot of those depraved, barbaric, brutal and criminal pieces of shit!

Counter Information

Global Research, December 05, 2018

Isn’t Amerika great? I mean, look at the world of (so called) television journalism. The more these characters ‘lay down’ for the masters of empire, the more they get compensated.

Let’s look at what transpired in March 2003 via our infamous ‘boob tube’. Before we get to that motley crew, we did  have one of the unique and authentic (for those times) television news talk journalists, Phil Donahue and his daily show. His producer at the time, Jeff Cohen (of Fairness and Accuracy in Media), told this interviewer (on my internet radio show) that NBC, owned at the time by General Electric (a war industry corporation), gave him his ‘marching orders’ as to the show’s lineup of guests.

“We were covering, that winter, the run-up to a possible invasion of Iraq. I was told to make sure that for every guest…

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America’s 1.4 Million Homeless Veterans

I just finished watching the video and I must say, it was extremely sad and it also made me extremely angry because the U.S. government and the U.S. military are both vile, disgusting and should be on trial for war crimes, crimes against humanity which should include ALL U.S. citizens and citizens of this planet. They have taken healthy individuals and turned them into broken, chronic drug addicted, mentally ill drunks and then left them to fend for themselves.

They have turned people into killing machines and one man in the video said exactly what I have been stating for years, “there is no ‘out’ training. How are we supposed to flip that switch, it doesn’t happen.”

That is exactly what I have said. It is not as if they worked at the post office and came home at the end of their shift and was the same person who went to the post office in the morning and came home in the early evening. Those people were put through boot camp which basically dehumanizes every living being on this planet. Everyone is to be looked at as the enemy and so go kill, kill, kill. How then are they supposed to come back from that and resume any semblance of normality which should include exhibiting behavior that is humane, compassionate, empathetic and loving? And this is why many military marriages end in divorce because the only thing the media and the government want us to see are pictures of military spouses returning from deployment, kissing and hugging their family members at the airport. What they don’t show us is that the display of emotion we are ‘shown’ is a mirage. Those people want to remain aloof. They are psychologically damaged, permanently, and that is why many continue to sign up because that is ALL they know; kill, kill and kill. And if the military refuses to accept them, they turn to self-medicating and when that no longer works, the next step is either murder/suicide or suicide.

What I cannot understand about the women who sign up for the military is why don’t they expect that sexual assault is going to come with the territory? Those men have been trained to look at everyone as something to be violated and that is what they do. There is not enough money on this entire planet to induce me to join the military because I am not stupid. I know what would be in store for me.

And what was also extremely telling was what Jason Henry, a VRC (Veterans Resource Center) Regional Director said. He said, “I don’t care about the average person out there, but I really care about the vets.” If he has a wife and children, if I were them, I’d run for the hills.

For women who want to join the military, remember this, you are more than likely going to be a victim of what those in the U.S. military have termed, (MST)”Military Sexual Trauma.”

And lastly, the guy at the end was asked, if he could snap his fingers and make one thing happen, what would it be. He answered, “Let’s not have another goddamn war!”

Anybody listening?

The Most Revolutionary Act

Shelter: America’s Homeless Veterans

Al Jazeeera (Barbara Koppel) 2017

Film Review

This heartbreaking documentary is about the  1.4 million US veterans who are either homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness, due to poverty, mental illness, alcoholism and/or drug addiction. An American vet commits suicide every 61 seconds.

With the demise of nearly all Veterans Administration programs (eg GI Bill of Rights) that helped World War II vets reintegrate into society, veterans of America’s permanent War on Terror are mostly left to their own devices.

Owing to an extreme shortage of female shelter beds, homeless female veterans are the most underserved. Many homeless female vets were raped while serving, some multiple times. Those who report their sexual assault to superior officers are frequently kicked out of the military.

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George H.W. Bush: Occult Traitor

The nauseating displays of praise for this deceased piece of garbage has begun and we will continue to be inundated with this bullshit even after he has been laid to rest in eternal piss which will be used to baste his dried up old, wrinkled pasty ass as he turns on a spit in hell.

Too bad this depraved monster neglected to drop dead sooner and instead, disgraced us with his presence for 94 fucking years!


George H.W. Bush: Occult Traitor

Michael Hoffman – Dec 1, 2018

2 Faces

The Bush boys, Prescott, the two Georges and Jeb, comprise one of our nation’s “dynastic families” in an America that is constitutionally banned from erecting an aristocracy. Others have included the Rockefellers, the Koch brothers, the Harrimans and the Kennedys. The Bush dynasty constitutes a de facto aristocracy with roots in the military-industrial complex and Saudi Arabia.

If we were to choose a single determining factor in their ascent and the protective cover afforded the Bush family legacy, we would select the Bush boys’ initiation into the secret society known as Skull and Bones, which is open only to specially chosen undergraduates at Yale University.

The occult in America in so far as the ruling class is implicated in it, does not particularly excite the interest of the news media. Questions about the inordinate power of the…

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Living on the Street in Los Angeles

While you were out busting heads for deep discounts, there were those who are homeless through no fault of their own getting arrested because they cannot loiter. Women were getting raped simply because they were homeless and unprotected. Men were getting thrown into jail for being homeless as well as women.

But what is a sad ass fact is that many homeless people have more heart and soul and giving and caring natures than the shits who were trampling and shooting each other at the few remaining open malls.

The accompanying video is extremely hard to watch, but I managed to get through it and it sickened me that even though this is still the richest country on the planet, people have to live like this while others settle down in mansions and drive huge SUVs next door to the goddamn store. You shameless shits! Spend a fucking night outside and not just because you are camping out waiting on Apple to send the latest iPhone down the goddamn pike! Go to a homeless shelter where you’ll find real humans and not just automatons which is what most of you are!

A homeless man told the goddamn truth when he said,

“It’s not what you got, it’s what’s inside and how you use it.”

What the hell do YOU have inside???

The Most Revolutionary Act

On the Streets – Los Angeles

Los Angeles Times (2016)

Film Review

This is one of the better documentaries I’ve seen on homelessness. Based on a 2016 LA Times survey, it mainly focuses on high functioning homeless people, many of whom hold full time jobs.

According to the survey, in 2016 there were 44,000 homeless people in LA county. The survey mapped their location and whether they were living rough or in tents, camper vans or cars. The number of homeless living in vehicles doubled between 2015 and 2016.

It’s common for women in tents to cluster in “family” groups for security. The filmmakers interview a Skid Row cop who monitors the welfare of homeless people on his beat. He talks about a big increase in rapes, robbery, assaults and sex trafficking – due to criminals who prey on the homeless.

For me, the most interesting part of the film…

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US Trade War with China: Desperate Move to Save Western Empire


“US Trade War with China: Desperate Move to Save Western Empire”

Save Empire? I most sincerely hope not! This shithole is going to rot! It is time for this western, diseased whore called, AmeriKKKa to die already! And I welcome when that occurs.

And I just had to post this comment from Dr. Bramhall because it is SO true, truer words have never been spoken, typed or written. So, read it and weep!

” I’ve come to realize that morals, ethics and concern for the welfare of others are genuine qualities in most places in the world – except in the US and its puppet dictatorships. The US is run on pure greed and theft and always has been. The predominant motivation of the white planters and merchants who started the Revolutionary War was to thwart British laws that outlawed slavery and stealing more land from the Indians. And subsequently they enshrined their legal right to perpetuate slavery and wage colonial wars against those weaker than themselves in their Constitution.

At the moment I’m afraid the tidal wave of shit you describe is the only thing that might save us. – Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

Her comment is in response to “As far as Washington and London are concerned, the ‘surrounding’, peripheric world is there predominantly, to supply raw materials (like Indonesia), cheap labor (like Mexico), and guarantee that there is an obedient, indoctrinated population which sees absolutely nothing wrong with the present arrangement of the world.”

Every single word is SO true, it ain’t even funny! And there is indeed, “an obedient, indoctrinated population” of brain dead American idiots who will do as they are told when they are told and how they are told to do whatever they are told to do. And they do it without question because millions haven’t a single thought for themselves in their empty heads. And what’s more, they never will. The rest of the world should just get on with the business of leaving these witless idiots to their own devices because they don’t even have sense enough to know that they don’t even have a future. They gladly embrace their distractions and they will never look up in time to see the tidal wave of shit that’s about to overtake them, but it will and it’s due any day now. And I cannot wait for that day! They’ll get a damn clue then, when it’s too damn late! But it will serve them right!

This poem that I wrote in 2014 is still right on time!



The World Is Tired Of The Western Whore!

Oh yes, I long for you to die!
You know only too well, the reasons why.

What evil sons of bitches all of you are,
as you deploy your weapons, both near and far.

You scream, “Democracy!” as you drop a bomb.
And you do it with so much aplomb.

You’re a liar, a hypocrite, a thief and a snake.
You murder and plunder, leaving death in your wake.

You’re archaic, obsolete and you’re not needed anymore.
The world is tired of the western whore.

You’re diseased and contagious; someone pull the plug.
There’s no cure for you, no pharmaceutical drug.

Die already and never come back.
The world is tired of your need to attack.

Peace could be had if only you’d die.
No drone would fly through a clear, night sky.

A mother in Pakistan could finally stop crying.
Guantanamo would close and no more spying.

So much would change if you dropped dead.
It’s time to stop the madness; you’re why the whole world has bled.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

And if anyone is clueless as to what the western whore is, the western whore is Amerikkka!

Below is a picture of migrant children who are being gassed by the United States of America! So yeah! Blame Bashar al-Assad for gassing those children. But America’s politicians and hypocritical citizens are SO damn kind, considerate and thoughtful that they get bent out-of-shape at the very thought of Syria’s children (ALLEGEDLY) getting gassed, but it is absofuckinglutely fine when America gasses children. You self-righteous, holier-than thou hypocritical shits, how the hell can you even stand the sight of your own damn ass in a mirror, pack of shameless, filthy degenerates!

migrants getting gassed

photo courtesy of Business Insider








The Most Revolutionary Act

Most of those who have had a chance to witness Chinese internationalist mega-projects, clearly understand that the West is near to collapsing; it will never be able to compete with tremendous enthusiasm and progressive spirit of the most populous country on earth, which on top of it, is built on socialist principles (with Chinese characteristics).

Writing this essay in rural Laos, I just saw, literally an entire army of Chinese engineers and workers in action, building huge bridges and tunnels, connecting one of the poorest countries in Asia, to both China and Southeast Asia, erecting hospitals and schools, small factories for the rural population, airports and hydro-electric powerplants or in brief: putting the great majority of Laotian people out of poverty by providing them with both livelihood and infrastructure.

China does precisely this all over the world, from the tiny South Pacific island nations to African countries, plundered for centuries…

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The Rose of Black is Sacred music by swo8 Blues Jazz Lyrics by Shelby Courtland

I collaborated with Leslie on this song years ago. It was initially meant to draw attention to the deaths of so many Black people at the hands of cops in America. I was hopeful that things would get better, but I have lost count of how many times Leslie has posted this to mark the death of yet another Black person killed by police who was innocent of any wrongdoing.

I was sincerely hoping that this song could just gather dust on a shelf, but alas, it would seem that this song is going to continue to gain in popularity since cops are going to continue to shoot and kill Black people, first and sort it all out later. The claim is that there was a Civil Rights Movement. That claim is a lie! We have not moved one single millimeter from square one and it would seem, we never will.

Apparently, the lives of Black people are NOT sacred as witnessed by the numerous times this song has been posted. And so this song was posted for 21 year old Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. of Hueytown, Alabama, was killed by police on Thursday. So much for a “Happy Thanksgiving” for him and Emantic Fitzgerald and his family and friends.


It saddens me to post this but it came to my attention today from our newspaper (The Globe and Mail) that a young black man, 21 year old Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. of Hueytown, Alabama, was killed by police on Thursday. 4:17 min.

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Is the US Forest Service too busy flying cocaine in its planes to fight forest fires??

“Is the US Forest Service too busy flying cocaine in its planes to fight forest fires??”

Yes, yes and yes! Drug running is big business. What do you think kept the banks afloat during the 2008 financial crisis? Newsflash! It wasn’t a stimulus package. It was laundering drug money. The U.S. government is the biggest drug cartel in the world, bar none.

So, with a choice between fighting fires to save the homes and businesses of Americans or amassing billions and even trillions in drug running? They’ll take “Drug running for $1000 Alex!”

flying cuttlefish picayune


CIA and Subsidiaries Exposed in Court Documents As Active Drug Smugglers Using Military Aircraft Washed Through Forest Service

2013 – Marines’ Deaths Linked to CIA Narcotrafficking

“The US Forest Service’s C-119s were grounded in 1987 due to safety concerns. In need of aircraft to fight forest fires, the US Forest Service organized a deal with DOD and the GSA to exchange the grounded aircraft for C-130A and P-3 Orion aircraft for C-119s.

Gary Eitel, a Washington lawyer and Vietnam pilot who flew CIA missions in the late 1980s, blew the whistle on the aircraft swap program by filing hot line complaints with USDA and a qui tam lawsuit (A qui tam lawsuit allows private citizens to sue on behalf of the government). Eitel alleged that the swaps were illegal and the former military aircraft were used by the CIA in covert operations to fly cocaine into the…

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