The Hypocrisy Of ‘White’ Vegans And Why I Am Opposed To ‘Veganism’ As Defined By Them


Decades ago, I never heard so much about vegans and veganism. It was only in recent years that the concept of veganism has grown. And though white vegans would have us believe that there are still too many people who eat animal flesh, the movement is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, many companies are now producing commercials that tout their products as ‘vegan’ friendly.

Now, what I take exception to regarding ‘white’ vegans is the fact that they believe that they should be heralded as some sort of savior to the animal species of this planet. They are taking the high road in as much as they believe that they actually spearheaded the movement against eating animal products and that because they are vegans, they have somehow transcended beyond racism. For who can love animals enough not to eat them and still be a racist? We are all sentient beings in the eyes of a ‘white’ vegan. They tell themselves that lie a million times and still, vegans are just as racist as non-vegans.

In reality, white vegans are lying to themselves as they seek to ignore the fact that ‘whites’ are the reasons why billions of people are consuming animals even as they seek to forget that it was those who look like them that, as usual, have engaged in the mass killing of their so sacred sentient beings; animals. Shall we take a look back in history? Yes, lets. When The Europeans arrived in North America, bison herds thundered across this land. There are estimates that as many as 50 million bison lived until the Europeans came and slaughtered the vast majority of them. It is believed that this occurred largely to starve off the Indian population to make it even easier to steal their land. And indeed, it worked. As vegans like to refer to animals as sentient beings, so were the Indians who were killed off, but no vegans are running around screaming that raising a hue and cry over the plight of the few remaining Indians should also take precedence. Their hypocritical stance is that they are the true warriors for the animal existence on this planet. Au contraire.

You hypocritical shits and those who look like you are why the few remaining bison had to be relocated to protected parkland and that is why people can go to Yellowstone National Park and view bison today. Not to forget that it was also due to railroad expansion that the bison had to be killed off after millions of Indians had been killed off due to starvation, diseases they contracted from the white man and from the poison the white man supplied them with in the form of alcohol. But you won’t hear ‘white’ vegans talking about that. Oh no! Because they must puff out their chests and assume a swagger that is beyond hypocritical just because now that they have reduced the animals of this planet to mutated, toxin-filled specimens for consumption, it is now time to declare war against the annihilation of said toxin-filled specimens for human consumption.

Now, let us fast forward to mass food production. Who owns the slaughterhouses that kill animals for human consumption? Who owns the trucks that deliver the animals not only to slaughterhouses but also to supermarkets all across America? Yeah! Who owns them and let’s stick with America because America leads all other nations and countries on this planet in abuse of any and every being; four-legged or two-legged, makes no difference.

You ‘white’ vegans sit on your sanctimonious, holier-than-thou asses and pretend as though you have all the answers, that in fact, you are the answer when you and your kind are responsible for the desecration and murder of your so beloved four-legged ‘sentient beings’ throughout history up til present day. You want to pretend that you are different from the rest of those who are just like you when you are one and the same. You’re no better. You pretend to have some sort of awakening that makes you feel superior to the others of your kind who still eat meat. You are not the vanguards; the protectors of animals. You have just decided that now is the time to recognize that so-called humans are in fact, dying because they are eating mass produced toxic animal products and so to reduce the prescriptions in your medicine cabinets, you are now attempting to detoxify your bodies even as you would have us believe that your predilection for non-animal food means that you have a greater sense of awareness of the value of all beings on this planet. Not true. You are still racist down to your core. It is in your DNA. It is what makes you a toxin to this planet. We are ALL walking toxin factories thanks to your white ass!

Veganism; another definition of ‘white privilege’ or is it by virtue of ‘white privilege’ that you can practice veganism? Yes indeed, one day, you just decide that you’re not going to eat animal products anymore and then you are going to preach to others that they should do the same and if someone who happens to not be ‘blessed’ with white privilege and who hates whites because of their racist ass ways, then they cannot include themselves in your exalted circle of white privileged hypocritical vegan shits because they just don’t have the right pedigree. They must love your white privileged ass and if they don’t, then according to you, there is no way in hell that they can have enough compassion and empathy to be a ‘vegan’ for they must love all ‘sentient beings’ and those include racist whites. To hell with that!

You and your kind have brought disease and death to every single cultural group you have ever come into contact with and now, you want to take the high road by announcing that you refuse to eat animals. Too fucking late! The damage has already been done and it is irreversible and what’s more, you know this. You have become so demented in your obsession over not eating animals, that you ignore the fact that innocent humans are treated worse than those animals you so abhor eating even as you keep animals in your homes as pets for what home that has a ‘white’ ass in it does not have a pet of some sort?

You ignore racism and if you don’t outright ignore it, then you castigate the person who is on the receiving end of it, even as you try and subtly state that no one who can hate a group of people who have oppressed them from hell and back can maintain that they are ‘vegan’. According to you, they would embrace their racist oppressor and turn the other cheek because they must love all ‘sentient beings’, even those who oppress them because of the color of their skin, even if they are oppressed by the same type of ‘white’ shits that killed millions of bison just because they wanted  to wipe out another group of people and steal their land. Yes, I can hate because the same type of people who enslaved my ancestors are still at it today and they look like you. I can hate because racism will never endear me to those who practice it with relish! I can hate because I am not of your kind who graduated with honors from the school of barbarity, depravity, brutality, sadism and murder. Your kind is why you are now referring to yourself as a vegan. Your kind is why though you may not eat animal products, you are no better than the others who do and who look like you. It is far too late for you to wear a mantle of righteousness for not one single ‘white’ piece of filth can ever aspire to humanity; you are all pure, dead ‘white’ filth. Now, chow down on that!

The next time you drive by a supermarket, don’t forget who owns it and who supplies it with meat. They look like you. When next you read the news that hunting season is about to start, remember who loves ‘shooting’ defenseless, helpless animals with their big ole rifles. They look like you. Remember who flies over to Africa  to go ‘big game hunting’. They look like you. Remember who killed off the bison in order to starve the Indians. They look like you. Remember who corrals the animals for slaughter just as they corralled my ancestors in slave pens. They look like you.  I will continue to call out you worthless white assed motherfuckers for what you are and I don’t care what you call yourselves. None of you are any good. You’ve never been any good and what’s more, you can’t stand the truth all up in your pasty-faced, hypocritical, self-serving, ugly ass mugs. Too damn bad! The truly innocent people of this planet were living in harmony with it before you pasty-faced assholes showed up. It was you depraved pasty-faced demons who thought of yourselves as gods and who decided that instead of living as one with this planet, you would destroy it to gain money and power. And now, you’re ‘vegan’ and self-righteous? Get the fuck out of here with that blatant, bald-faced bullshit! You are much too goddamn late to pull that card out especially since it was YOUR kind that is responsible for the condition your beloved animals are in today; on land and sea.

It is your kind who tested atomic weapons in the Pacific Ocean and what the fuck do you think happened to the oceanic life? But now, not only are you ‘vegan’, you also want the simple life. Every other group WAS living the simple life until you deranged, sadistic killers arrived on the scene and fucked that up. But, you’re vegan. No, you’re nothing but a goddamn sorry ass bunch of leeches who’ve sucked the life out of this planet and now that everything is tainted by you, you want to chow down on some bok choy and trail mix and you think that by doing so, you get to  tell others that they cannot consider themselves to be ‘vegan’ if they can have hate in their hearts for racist ass whites. Hypocrite that you are, you don’t get to say a goddamn thing because you are too busy being THE problem that you’ve always been and always will be. Now, kiss my ass! It’s ‘vegan’ friendly!  

Slaughtered: Men in the mid-1870s pose with a mountain of buffalo skulls soon to be ground into fertilizer, the sad remains of an animal that once ruled the American plains.
Yes indeed, ‘whites’ cared so much about the plight of animals. Doesn’t it show?


Man pulls gun on neighbor in Hawaii and screams, “Get Off My Fucked Up Piece Of Paradise!”

Weary from the ongoing flow of lava from the Kilauea volcano, 61-year-old John Hubbard, went berserk and pulled a gun on a neighbor and fired several shots as the lava flow is getting hotter, more fluid, and faster, covering about six football fields an hour. During the four-week crisis, molten rock has spread across four-and-a-half square miles of the Big Island – more than three times the area of New York’s Central Park causing tensions to rise among those in the affected areas who have chosen to remain in their homes despite officials insisting that they evacuate as the spreading lava has the potential to cutoff their only remaining escape route.

From looking at the video, it would seem that things are heating up in Hawaii in more ways than one. Sixty-one year old Hubbard is seen in the video pointing a gun and shooting at or near another man who seems to be trying to explain to him that he lives just down the road, but outraged over the lack of ‘paradise-like’ conditions, Hubbard is having none of it. Fortunately for his other neighbors, Hubbard has been arrested and accused of opening fire and allegedly assaulting a neighbor.

Hawaii’s police department has long been trying to urge residents of this area to leave due to the rapid approach of lava and if incidents like this one continue, the police will have an easier time of getting these people to leave by merely arresting them. And from what I can tell from the video, there has been not one Hawaii Native yet to kick up a fuss and get to shooting, however, whites seem to have no problem shooting it out as the going gets tough, hence the reason they flocked to Hawaii in the first place; to experience ‘paradise’. Who would have thought that ‘paradise’ came with its own issues? How is it even possible that whites should be inconvenienced by a volcano erupting and spilling massive amounts of lava thus covering their homes, vacation rentals and hindering their ability to traverse the terrain around an active volcano?

This island, Honolulu, Hawaii, was touted as ‘paradise’ and by god, ‘paradise’, it should be! What need has ‘paradise’ for an active volcano spilling lava, cooling and then forming massive molten rock walls with lava still flowing between them? It is just too much for whites to take and so it is no wonder that, as usual, guns are the answer to solve the problem of fury over volcanic eruptions. Homelessness is something for the Native Hawaiians to have to deal with, not the whites who usurped the rights of the Native Hawaiians, rendered them homeless and who are now shooting it out amongst each other over ‘Paradise Lost’.

It matters not where whites eventually end up, the solution to every single one of their ‘problems’, ‘inconveniences’ and volcanic eruptions, is to grab a gun and shoot the ‘problem’ or ‘inconvenience’ or volcanic eruption away. I would not be surprised if they did indeed, try to take a gun to the fast moving lava in an effort to cause the flow to cease and desist so that they can, once again, relax on the lanai with a refreshing, alcoholic beverage in hand, while their housekeeper, Native Hawaiian, of course, is busy cleaning up after them. Is that not what happens everywhere white people wash up? Ecuador, Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Aruba, The Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda and the list is endless? Make use of the natives as cooks, maids, gardeners and housekeepers? That ‘cheap’ labor thing, you know.

I wonder where the whites will take themselves to next after they lose their homes in Hawaii thanks in part to Kilauea? Just stay put and do not expose innocent people to your penchant for guns, violence and exploitation of the natives of other lands. Haven’t they already put up with more than enough from you?

And lastly, the image of the white man holding a gun on another white man is indicative of their nature. Forever the warring type with an inability to even get along with those who look like them, much less others. But people have the nerve to wonder why others would consider it a favor if whites did not show their faces on their land bringing with them such as this. I don’t wonder. I pity the natives of every island nation or country that was colonized by the likes of these aberrations who desecrate the native peoples and their land and then claim superiority. If only what is pictured below was coming after your white ass! If only!


Roseanne Barr‏: ‘I’m Not a Racist, I Never Was & I Never Will Be Even When I Call Black People, “Apes!”

Roseanne Barr took to Twitter after she had decided to leave Twitter when her tweet went viral likening former President Barack Obama’s top aide, Valerie Jarrett to an ‘ape’.

“muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj”

Upon her quick return to Twitter, Barr stated,

‘I’m Not a Racist, I Never Was & I Never Will Be’ so there!”

Donald Trump weighed in on what Barr said, and as usual with Trump, he made it ALL about him.

President Donald Trump has broken his silence on the cancellation of “Roseanne.”

In a tweet, Trump noted that Robert Iger, who is chief executive of ABC’s parent Walt Disney Co., called Valerie Jarrett to say the network wouldn’t tolerate Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet about the former Obama adviser.

Trump wrote that Iger never called him to apologize for “the HORRIBLE statements” that have been said about him on ABC. Tweeted Trump: “Maybe I just didn’t get the call.”

Of course Trump would stand by one of his favorite racists especially since Roseanne Barr is everything Trump needs in a supporter; racist to a T!

Meanwhile, people are wondering what Valerie Jarrett had to say about all of this. Jarrett stated that she had been too busy to even know that Roseanne Barr had tweeted about her, but when asked for a response, had this to say, “

I feel “fine” but I feel concerned for people without “friends and followers who come right to their defense” who experience “ordinary examples of racism that happen every single day.”

“I think we have to turn it into a teaching moment.”

Unfortunately, as Roseanne Barr claimed her fellow cast members threw her under the bus, she also tried to throw the makers of the sleep aid, Ambien, under the bus by stating that she was “Ambien tweeting” while sleepless at 2:00a.m. when, apparently, racism took over. The makers of Ambien,  fired back with: “Racism is not a side effect of Ambien. Though drugs have side effects, racism is not one of them with Ambien. That shit’s on you!”

And now that we are all distracted by that gutter trash and her racist tweets and whether or not her hillbilly, redneck, white trash show has been canceled or will be tweaked, we can forget about all the horrors of what is going on in the world, what with floods in the south, a volcano erupting on the mainland of Hawaii, storm systems forming early in the Atlantic Ocean that does not bode well for areas that were hard hit by severe storms last year and about the fact that the government lied again about the true numbers of Puerto Ricans who died thanks in part to Hurricane Maria. The government’s tally was 64 and anyone with more than two brain cells connected and working should have known that that was just a bunch of hooey. A new study by a group of independent researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and other institutions estimates roughly 4,600 people died, many from delayed medical care.

We ALL know that racism is alive and doing extremely well and will never be on life support in AmeriKKKa. We ALL know that Donald Trump is racist as hell! We ALL know that shows like Roseanne appeal to a certain base even though I have heard that the show focuses on poverty and other social ills. I can only go on what I have read since I have never sat down and watched one episode of the old version of Roseanne, nor have I watched an episode of the reboot. I would not even if someone paid me to watch the likes of Roseanne Barr. Nevertheless, here in America, our lives revolve around what we see on TV and that is why I guess that every Black Friday, Americans can be seen beating each other up to purchase yet another TV so that they can watch a racist appeal to Donald Trump and those like him all the while disguising this with attempts to portray the lives of people in poverty who are trying to survive job loss, a lack of health coverage to cover major illnesses and other societal ills.

Many real people are on the verge of homelessness. Many real people have health problems and no health care coverage. Many real people go to bed homeless at night. Many real people will soon join the dead in Puerto Rico when new hurricanes form and lay waste to island nations while we sit somewhere and scream obscenities and racist remarks back and forth on some stupid entity like Twitter. This is indeed why I no longer despair FOR U.S. I despair OF U.S. When will you people ever learn that distractions distract you for a reason?

On May 29th, Starbucks closed their doors for four whole hours so that workers could be brought up to speed on racial bias which resulted in a new bathroom policy; anyone can use a Starbucks restroom even if they don’t buy anything and I am quite sure that we have heard the last of any racial bias issues coming from Starbucks. Yeah! I am that naive and right after that Roseanne Bar tweets, “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj” It is quite obvious that we have grown to embrace diversity! And if you believe this, then once again, I have some nice beachfront property located smack dab in the middle of a desert! It’s beautiful! And cheap!




Stupid Black Man Dies After Trying To Save Lying White Woman’s Cat During Ellicott City, MD Flood!

On the local news last night, there were reports that the body of a man had been found who had been holding a door of a building shut in Ellicott City, MD against raging flood waters, when a woman came up to him and asked him to find her missing cat.

On the National news, the story had changed. The report read: “Man who tried to save woman from drowning was washed away by flood waters in Ellicott City, Md.

Every single news story from all local stations were stating the first scenario until someone realized that this would not go over well with everyone once it was discovered that a Black man had lost his life over trying to save some white woman’s cat. Every single report had at first stated that National Guardsman, Eddison Hermond, was holding the doors of a local Ellicott City, MD business closed against flood waters when a woman approached him and asked him to please find and rescue her missing cat and that is when he went out into the storm and was swept away by the raging flood waters.

Now, the white woman who asked this man to save her fucking cat, has changed her story to this:

Kate Bowman, who owns Clipper’s Canine Cafe, said Hermond was trying to help her when he disappeared into the flood waters. Bowman said she had escaped from the window of her flooded shop with her cat. The water was above her waist when she saw Hermond across the Tiber tributary.

“I could barely see anything and I could barely hear anything” because the waters were so loud, the 41-year-old Bowman said through tears on Monday night. “He stepped over the ledge to try to get to me, and he was washed away.”

Earlier Monday, county Police Chief Gary Gardner said Hermond had gone missing while trying to help a woman find a missing cat. Bowman said the situation “had nothing to do with my cat.”

And if this video isn’t enough for you, watch the next one!

So, who the hell is lying? This pasty-faced white bitch who claims she only asked the Black man to rescue her and not her missing cat or the officials in each video who maintain that the woman asked the man to find her missing cat? And by the way, since she claims that she was escaping with the cat and only needed him to “help her over a ledge,” where is the goddamn cat?

This lying white bitch cost this man his life! She did not need him to save her, she wanted him to save her goddamn Fluffy, the cat, and apparently, he was struck with stupidity and actually ran from relative safety out into a raging flood and promptly drowned while this racist white bitch lives on to lie on him.

I wish this bitch had come up to me with that goddamn foolish ass nonsense, she would have gotten a fucking earful. Now, a son, a brother, possibly a father, uncle, and cousin is gone all because he was asked to help a fucking no good piece of shit white woman find her goddamn cat! Some Black people got shit for brains since they will risk their lives for whites or what they fucking own! Damn it if that’s me! So, don’t you white motherfuckers EVER ask me to even give you a sip of water in the fucking Sahara Desert, because you’d drop dead of thirst first and damn sure as hell don’t expect me to run out into a raging flood to try and save a fucking cat that you think more of than you’d ever think of my Black ass and for Black people to not even know the truth in this, is just too ludicrous for words!

Stop risking your lives for those pasty-faced bitches and bastards! Those goddamn demons ain’t fucking worth it! They frown on programs that help humans while their fucking pets are in ‘pet hotels’ wearing cashmere, eating Fancy Feast, and yet, they only call on you to save their goddamn pet and then lie and say they called on you to save their no-account ass! Somebody ought to slap that pasty-faced, lying bitch right in her motherfucking mouth! This shit is just beyond the end of enough! Yeah! Ask me to fucking help your white ass and see what you get for your efforts! You and your pet would be deader than dead can ever be dead! Now, come on up in here with some fucking bullshit! I fucking dare you!

White Cop Punches White Woman In Her Head On The Beach! Gotta See This!

As long as cops were manhandling Black people, it was okay, but I wonder what the fallout will be over this!

We’re off to a great start for the Memorial Day Weekend, folks! It does not get much better than this; a cop beating a woman in the head for underage drinking.

Emily Weinman 20, of Philadelphia, was on a beach in Wildwood, NJ, celebrating Memorial Day when cops, who apparently, through ESP, sensed that she was underage and had alcohol in close proximity to her, pounced on her and ordered her to take a breathalyzer test, which she passed, but for some reason, the incident escalated to what we see in the video; a white cop beating the shit out of a white female on a beach.

How ironic. When I first started drinking, the age to consume wine and beer was 19 in my state(hard liquor, 21) and believe me, I had jugs of red wine stashed in my closet awaiting my pleasure. I guess the laws are different in different states but at 20, it seems to  me that a person should be able to drink if they are so inclined because after all, the recruitment age for the military is 18.

The federal law that can be manipulated in a case by case basis states that the minimum age for enlistment in the United States military is 17 (with parental consent) and 18 (without parental consent).

In a few hours, it will be Memorial Day, a day we honor those who were killed in service to this country and I am pretty sure that there were those who died at age 18. Why is it that we can die for this country at 18, but we cannot drink until age 21? Americans can be carried home in body bags after having been blown to bits in war and never see age 20, much less 21 and we have no problem with that, but a woman must get her head bashed because she is suspected of drinking on a beach at age 20. Something is really wrong with this just as something is really wrong with nearly everything about this country that we call, America, where young people, as young as 18, are sent off every day to foreign lands to either shoot someone or get shot at and that is perfectly fine, but they’d better not drink on a beach at age 20 because they risk getting exactly what Emily Weinman got, fists pounded into their head and arrested.

If you cannot understand that we have no rights, then something is wrong with you. If you can suit up and protect such as this, is it really worth it? Because when you suit up in that camouflage outfit given to you by the U.S. military, you are aiding and abetting the ‘elites’ who control this country and this world. You, along with cops all across America are making sure that Americans and the rest of the world stay in their place. America’s cops make sure that we don’t get any ideas that we are free in this stolen land just as the U.S. military grunts make sure that the world knows that it is not free from American hegemony.

We are about to celebrate the deaths of so many who died in vain. They died to protect a dying empire that should have died already but because they fill you with patriotic bullshit, you gladly give your lives up for something that doesn’t even exist and never did. America was founded on the blood of dead Indians, built up on the backs of Africa’s people and on Memorial Day, we are to celebrate the continuation of spilled blood, stolen land, terrorism, capitalism, police brutality, war crimes, corruption, lies, depravity, racism and murder. And they have made you ignore all of that by touting patriotism. Patriotism should be displayed for a country that stands for human rights, justice, liberty and freedom for ALL her citizens and that is not America, never America!

America’s flag is drenched in blood, her national anthem honors slavery and her people are castrated, indebted slaves to corporations and subject to brutality at a whim. Tell me, where is the honor in dying for this? There is none!

Millions of people have been murdered because of the color of their skin. Millions are imprisoned because of the color of their skin. Millions are hated because of the color of their skin. Is all of this because America’s founding fathers believed in liberty, justice and freedom for all? All would have included every shade of color from darkest Black to palest pink. But those of the darkest hue were never included in America’s founding documents; The U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights. No matter that you can overlook a country so mired in evil and find something to be patriotic about, you are lying to yourself when it comes to the truth about this nation. Wave that flag of hypocrisy. Sing that anthem of slavery and boast about our military’s might, but there are those of us who will look on and think how foolish you are in your willful blindness because we know the truth of what this nation really stands for.

And finally, 20-year old Emily Weinstein, according to America’s laws, had no right to drink an alcoholic beverage on a beach, and the cops were well within their right to try and beat her head in for that, but if she were 18, she would have every right to join the U.S. Military and die in a foreign land. Which is worse? Drinking an alcoholic beverage on a beach at 20 or dying in a foreign land at age 18 because you joined the U.S. Military to protect the mistreatment and murder of millions of people?

Fake Ass Black Woman Charged With Welfare Fraud!

I just cannot make this shit up!

Rachel Dolezal, former NAACP leader who posed as a black woman, accused of welfare fraud

Rachel Dolezal, the former Washington state NAACP president thrust into the spotlight after media revealed she was a white woman posing as black, is facing welfare fraud charges.

Dolezal, who legally changed her name to Nkechi Diallo in 2016, could face up to 15 years in prison after authorities say she received thousands of dollars in public assistance. She’s accused of welfare fraud, perjury and false verification for public assistance.

Bank records indicated she had deposited about $83,924 into her bank account in several monthly installments between August 2015 and September 2017, without reporting the income to the DSHS, according to court documents.

The bravery displayed by this woman who got herself up in Black face and curly-permed hair in an attempt to redefine Blackness should be heralded as a hero especially since everyone knows that Ronald Reagan said, “Only Black women are lazy, Cadillac driving, free-loading, welfare queens who can’t keep their legs closed and who misuse and abuse taxpayer money by sitting all up on the dole,” and so Rachel Dolezal aka Nkechi Diallo, should not have been charged with welfare fraud because she is, fortunately for her, actually, WHITE! Now, throw away those charging documents because Ms. Dolezal’s parents will be down at the courthouse in no time flat to produce their daughter’s birth certificate which will not state that she is “colored,”, “Negro,” “African-American,” or just plain, “Black!,” because thanks to Ronald “hope he is roasting in hell” Reagan, everyone knows only Black women are ‘welfare queens’.

What is this world coming to when we have posers who are being charged for doing nothing more than engaging in FEE(Fraudulent Ethnic Exchange)? Why can’t she exchange her ‘white privilege’ for an ethnicity that’s been on the receiving end of slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow, police brutality, mass incarceration, mass homelessness, income inequality, low wage jobs, ‘The War on Drugs’, and gentrification? What is wrong with folks who cannot understand that ‘white privilege just comes with too many strings attached. The appearance of affluence must be kept at all cost. I mean, how else could Ms. Dolezal have found a way to feed her hungry children even as she collected $83, 924 since we all know that it is extremely expensive raising children these days, without resorting to making use of welfare? Welfare is to take up the slack when there is a need and everyone must eat, even those who have engaged in FEE(Fraudulent Ethnic Exchange).

Why…I don’t blame her one bit! She had every right to public assistance because it should be nobody’s business what is in her bank account. If she said she needed welfare, then by gawd, I am quite sure that she did. This woman knew that she would be frowned upon when she went, with cap in hand, to the local welfare office, just a begging and a pleading for some food stamps especially since she only received $8,747 in food assistance and $100 in childcare assistance from August 2015 through November 2017. Who would deny her ‘Fraudulent Ethnic Exchange kids’, food assistance? I tell you, only the most heartless folks alive!

Let me tell you, when Ms. Dolezal applied for public assistance, she had to take a class that included watching a video featuring Ronald Reagan as he indefatigably droned on and on about what a horrible Black woman she was for not pulling herself up by the bootstraps her slave ancestors bequeathed her from their death bed among fields of cotton and rows of vegetables. Ms. Dolezal was also told that she must seek a job at McDonald’s or amass a shitload of student loan debt to get her into school or her assistance would be cut off without further notice and her ‘Fraudulent Ethnic Exchange’ kids would starve. Even though it is has been stated that Ms. Dolezal declared that it was wrong to punish her children for her fraudulent claims of reporting herself as Black, the court charging documents insist that she could have claimed ‘white privilege’ and saved herself from having these charges brought against her and that if she will only retract her confessions of belonging to the ‘Black Sisterhood of Free-loading, Cadillac-driving, Welfare Queens’ Club of AmeriKKKa, her legal issues would vanish. Ms. Dolezal declined. Charges are pending.

So, let this be a lesson to ‘whites’ who dare try and defraud the government by declaring yourselves, ‘Black’, and who accept public assistance. You will be treated as a Black and you will be made to pay for your crimes of having been dragged to AmeriKKKa by getting your ass kicked by the KKKops because your public education was worth less than the price of a candy bar and only paved the way for your burger flipping job at McDonald’s that paid you $7.25 an hour, 20 hours a week, thereby sending you through the doors of a welfare office near you. That ain’t Dolezal! But hell! She states that she can change herself into a Black person and so who am I to deny her a day in court over her choices? Whites who engage in (FEE)’Fraudulent Ethnic Exchange’, the new welfare queens! Somebody! Anybody! Dig Reagan’s ass up and give him the news!

Whites Made Homeless In Hawaii Thanks To Kilauea Volcano Eruption! How Does It Feel? Ask Those Indigenous To Hawaii. They Already Know!


On January 31st of this year, I re-blogged a post from a fellow blogger regarding the fact that Hawaii’s indigenous population has been made homeless thanks to the Europeans moseying on over there and taking control of every piece of Hawaii, from Hawaii’s infrastructure to political representation thus rendering the voice of the true islanders, null and void.

Homeless in Hawaii

Pu’uhonua O’ Wai’anae village is Hawaii’s oldest and largest homeless community. Most people who live there are Native Hawaiian. The unofficial mayor of this community, Twinkle Borge, had this to say, “How is it that the Hawaiians are struggling? You came here and took our land from us and we are struggling.”

A third of Hawaii’s homeless population are Native Hawaiian. And the white folks who went to Hawaii and apparently made it big off the tourist trade now own multi-million dollar homes and are demanding that local and state politicians continue to enact laws that make it illegal to be homeless in Hawaii and yet another law was enacted making it illegal to ‘sit or lie’ down on the sidewalk.

What was done to these people is worse than a disgrace and those of you who are of European descent have much to answer for, too damn much and yet, you are immune to the suffering that to this very day, you are the cause. How can you even think that you can call yourselves, “human?” Because it is quite obvious that the majority of you have no conscience to bother you at all.

The average house in Hawaii costs $700,000 and it has been stated that most people have to work two jobs just to pay for somewhere to live. And yet while the native islanders are homeless, in this video there were tourists who were having wedding photos taken at the same time that people whose land this was originally are trying to find water and who have no electricity in their homeless encampment.

These are the times when I am so very glad that I am not ‘white’ or otherwise of European descent because when the time of reckoning comes, I won’t have to worry, you will! And how! And hell would be too good for the likes of you!

The Most Revolutionary Act

Now fast forward to today and the news out of Hawaii is most gratifying.

Hawaii volcano’s 3 weeks of hot lava and toxic air — with no end in sight

Gov. David Ige said the volcanic eruption and its aftermath have spread fear and uncertainty. Volcanic vents, or fissures, have cracked open across the area and gobbled up dozens of homes and vehicles.

Several fissures, or cracks in the ground, are pumping out lava that’s threatening a local geothermal plant. If lava gets in the wells at the plant, it can release hydrogen sulfide, a dangerous gas.

Yes indeed, let’s come up with a brilliant idea to build a geothermal plant on an active volcano and expect the best possible outcome. What ‘brilliance’ was behind that decision? Now, the geothermal plant workers are supposedly working furiously to cap the wells so that no other gasses are mixed with the poisonous gasses released from the volcano that is costing Hawaii’s pasty-faced population millions in tourism dollars while the mainstream media would have us believe that now is the best time to visit ‘paradise’.

While Native Hawaiians have been suffering mightily since the Americans arrived, all the focus has been on what a toll this volcanic eruption has taken on those who have no business there in the first place. At least if the island had been left to the Native Hawaiians, there would be no need for worry over a geothermal plant meeting up with flowing lava.

The arrogance of whites will result in the destruction of us all while everyone else is expected to bemoan their fate from what they put into play. Those whites in Hawaii who have been impacted by Kilauea erupting can just cry me a river because I will save my anguish for those who are their innocent victims like Twinkle Borge, who is working tirelessly to aid the indigenous population to deal with homelessness that they were experiencing long before this latest volcanic eruption. And what she said about what the Americans have done to her and her people bears repeating.

“How is it that the Hawaiians are struggling? You came here and took our land from us and we are struggling.” – Twinkle Borge

Yeah! How is it that her people are struggling while you pasty-faced devils stole those peoples’ land right from underneath them, but yet, you are the very ones who are now wailing and moaning because lava is now covering your houses and you’re sitting somewhere in a Red Cross shelter expecting pity and talking about how bored you are. Fuck you! I sincerely hope that every single dwelling that houses an American pasty-faced piece of shit from the mainland manages to come into contact with hot ass lava flows and is incinerated. Then sit your nasty ass down somewhere with a tent over your head and find out how it feels to live like Twinkle Borge and thousands of other Native Hawaiians.  You’ll get no damn sympathy and pity from me because as far as I am concerned, you don’t have a plight. You’re about to come into contact with red hot karma and ain’t she a bitch??!!! Now, bitch and moan about that! And then take your pasty ass on over to the Virgin Islands and deal with the ongoing devastation of those islands thanks to last year’s hurricanes. And remember, hurricane season starts June 1st. You’re just in time for a relaxing time on yet another island ‘paradise’. Running out of ‘paradises’ are you? Well too fucking bad! Because this planet ain’t done with you pasty-faced shits yet!

Kilauea, fucking burn their shit up over there for the next ten goddamn years!!! You nasty white bastards never think that you’ll ever get your due, but when the innocents of this planet are not able to beat your pasty-ass back, this planet can, will and is! Throw your money and credit cards at Kilauea and see how much of a difference it makes to Kilauea if you’re pasty-assed and rich!




While We Are Being Distracted By British Inbred ‘Royal’ Pomp And Foolishness, Millions Of Americans Don’t Earn Enough To Pay For Basic Expenses!

Originally posted on © blogfactory: More than 50 million households in the United States don’t earn enough to pay for basic expenses, including housing, food, health care, transportation and a mobile phone, according to a new study. Combined, these 50.8 million households make up 43 percent of America’s 119 million households, according to the data released…

via Over 50 million US families can’t afford basics like rent and food — The Most Revolutionary Act


This article brings home the fact that there are over 50 million households in the United States that are having a time making ends meet enough to keep a roof over their family’s head while the mainstream media ‘feeds’ us bullshit about an already divorced half breed and her dysfunctional trailer trash family marrying into inbred ‘royals’ in England.

When will we get a clue that there is real suffering here in the States instead of pursuing entertainment that is meant as a distraction from what is really going down? With the Trump Administration proposing cuts to social programs left and right, the impact will be felt by America’s children. His entitled brat won’t ever have to worry about heading to his elite private school on an empty stomach, but millions of America’s children do just that!

I understand that Americans are ever ones for distractions, but there must come a time when we take off our rose-colored glasses and take a really good look around at what is happening and realize that all of us are headed in the direction of those who are already there; in deep, unrelenting poverty. How many of us can put together $500 for an emergency? A thousand? Why not? Because millions of Americans are working low wage jobs and with rents skyrocketing, how the hell can anyone save a dime? Millions more will soon be joining the ranks of those who have bottomed out.

And quite frankly, 50 million is not even close to what the true numbers are because the homeless were not included in this estimation, nor were squatters who live in abandoned, derelict buildings, nor were the people who live out of their cars or who live in RVs. Count them and the numbers are even more astounding!

But meanwhile, we’re somewhere looking teary-eyed at Meghan Markle’s stupid meaningless marriage ceremony since she’d already taken vows to love, honor and yada, yada, yada til death do her part with her first husband. If we are not distracted by fake African kingdoms, dumb ass amusement parks like Disney World, we are distracted by what inbred, redundant ‘monarchs’ are doing across the pond. Find some way to get tunnel vision so that you can focus on what will soon be impacting you!


Stop Letting Racist Trolls Leech Your Energy

Never bog yourself down with racist trolls. They are definitely not worth it and most of them are quite probably just another internet shill.

The Eye Wall

I remember when I was used to “duke it out” with insensitive and empathy-less racists in the comment section of various sites.  I actually used to browse through site like aka, vanguard, and storm front solely for the sake of batting down racist comments expressing kudos to anti-black propaganda material–comments of agreement that was based in no data, logical, or context. 

The exchanges would normally become visceral, with either I or the other party(ies) resorting to vulgar name calling, and I used to be of the mindset if I got that last word in or got the person to block me it meant that I was the victor of the “debate.” 

I felt I was, on some level, really making progress in the name of racial equality by hurting the feelings of or embarrassing these random white supremacists in a public internet space.  

Around that time in my…

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Trump Won’t Say It, But I Will! “White Males, You’re ANIMALS!”

But first, let me apologize to ALL dogs, cats, giraffes, zebras, cougars; the innocent animals.

Donald Trump stated just a few days ago that Mexicans were “animals!”

WASHINGTON — President Trump used extraordinarily harsh rhetoric to renew his call for stronger immigration laws Wednesday, calling undocumented immigrants “animals” and venting frustration at Mexican officials who he said “do nothing” to help the United States.

“We have people coming into the country or trying to come in, we’re stopping a lot of them, but we’re taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are,” Trump said.

“These aren’t people. These are animals.”

Now, I don’t know about any of you, but I have seen pictures of crying mothers being torn from their little children’s arms by ICE(Immigration and Customs Enforcement)officials and they certainly did not look like animals to me, but then I am no hypocrite. I leave that dubious distinction to Trump and his White House mouthpiece, Sarah ‘Hulkinghorse’ Sanders, who doubled down on what ole Orange Gelatinous Mass of Putrid Flesh already said. Sarah ‘Hulkinghorse’ Sanders stated, “I think the term animal doesn’t go far enough.”

But I just cannot wait to hear what Donald Trump and his mouthpiece ‘The Hulkinghhorse’ will say about WHITE MALE Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, who just shot and killed students and faculty at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas. According to reports, ten people have been confirmed dead, killed by this latest mass murdering Nazi wannabe who had posted on Facebook and Instagram, pictures of Nazi emblems and of course, this was not deemed suspicious enough to elicit scrutiny by the FBI. It would appear that if you want to escape the attentions of the FBI and other government spy agencies, post Nazi emblems and the Feds will just bypass your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, but if you post “Black Power!,” they’ll be knocking on your door any minute. Meanwhile the Nazi wannabes will be shooting up schools, movie theaters and churches. That’s how AmeriKKKa rolls! Let the good ole boyz play!

Pagourtzis, 17, shared chilling photos on his – now removed – Facebook of a ‘Born to Kill’ t-shirt shortly before Friday morning’s massacre.”

“Born to kill,” and don’t that say it all? Indeed! White males have shown since time began that they are indeed, “born to kill!” While Mexicans and descendants of slaves are called ‘animals’ and ‘thugs’, white males are considered to be ‘good people’, especially when they are wearing a white sheet and a hood because not a one of them has ever been considered to be ‘animals’ by other whites. Not even by whites whose family members have been killed by those white male animals.

What is funny is that Trump is most intent on dumping on so-called Mexican ‘immigrants’ when not one ‘white foot’ should even be on this soil, but because Europeans have always been hell bent on finding others to kill, they have traveled far and wide bringing with them disease, hatred and genocide all while proclaiming that those whom they killed were inferior. And by inferior, they mean that those people were just too soft to do what dead white filth has done for centuries past up to present day and that is to take, destroy and kill with relish all while claiming how benevolent and humanitarian they are.

And so we come to yet another school shooting, this time at Santa Fe High School in Texas, a mere three months after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that resulted in seventeen deaths and seventeen injured while the only solution to that was ‘thoughts and prayers’ and oh how they did work, apparently, according to the governor of Texas who just issued the same lame solution to yet another mass murder by a white male. “Thoughts and prayers are the answer people, thoughts and prayers are the answer.”

The students at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida can certainly relate to the stories of the survivors of this latest school shooting since it was but another in what will be a long list of school shootings by white males because white males must be treated with kid gloves. Isn’t that the reason why white male mass murderers are always considered to have been mentally ill and so that right there absolves them of being likened to ‘animals’ when they commit heinous crimes?

Trump and his mouthpiece and damn near every ‘white’ person in America, would have us believe that mental illness is a fundamental flaw in white males that causes them to amass a shitload of weapons and go on a killing spree with those weapons and that if we had a better mental health system in America, all would be right as rain. Cut the bullshit! White males and their other half are why we are seeing this mess play out time and time again. White females produce this dead white filth and look the other way when they see a roomful of Nazi emblems, guns and bombs….that is, until a knock at the trailer park door, or a knock at the McMansion door from the authorities informing them that their depraved offspring has murdered multiple people. And of course, they just knew nothing about anything. Their offspring’s collection of guns and Nazi emblems was just not a problem until it became someone else’s problem. No blame there!

AmeriKKKa is armed to the teeth and has always been seething with hatred, madness and killing fever, for if not, why has AmeriKKKa been more at war than it ever was at peace? Killing is what this ‘country’ was founded on and who were its so-called ‘founders’? Why, white males, of course. White ‘slave-owning males. And so what else could possibly come from that? Depraved killers, that’s what!

So continue to mourn the dead. Continue with your useless thoughts and prayers. Continue to be distracted by an AmeriKKKan half and half marrying some inbred British bloke while Mother Nature, bless her heart, is trying her damn best to cause chaos over in Hawaii thankfully resulting in millions of lost tourism dollars and displacing white folks who’ve no business there in the first place, while we here on the mainland are dealing with yet another mass murder by yet another white ‘mentally ill’ male with Nazi-inspired tendencies who was once again, overlooked by those who are paid to spy on us. The FBI and the CIA and the NSA just cannot stop dropping the ball on people who are hell bent on trying to be stopped but because they are never seen as a threat except to descendants of slaves, they are given a free pass.

White folks! You mean, you don’t understand yet that even to those who look like you, “White lives DON’T matter!?” Ask those who dropped the ball on this latest mass shooting. They’ll tell you, “Just keep those thoughts and prayers handy because you ain’t done hearing about the need for them yet! Not by a long shot!” They’ll not do you any good, but it’s something to say because nothing else will be done about white male mass murdering animals!