What the Eyelash Ambush Says To the Black Collective

Support ‘Black-owned’ businesses and if you can’t find one, start your own even if it means washing hair in your own sink. That is what my hair stylist in Minnesota did when they closed the salon she was working at. She came to my home and styled my hair and she was Black like me!

Please, do NOT patronize migrant businesses especially when they hold us in utter and complete contempt and yet send their sons and daughters to college off our hard-earned dollars.

Whispers of a Womanist

If you have ever lived in or visited a black community, you’ve seen them. They occupy numerous corners. They accumulate countless black dollars. Dry cleaners. Chinese food restaurants. Nail Salons. Beauty Supply stores. These businesses remain staples of the black community, yet these merchants fail to mirror the hue of their customers. These merchants also regard their customers with an overt superiority.  This superiority  becomes obvious in the condescending demeanor to which these merchants speak to their customers and the violence that erupts in instances of misunderstanding.

This week a viral video of an Asian man kicking and choking a black shopper reminded the black community of the low regard in which many migrant merchants hold blacks.  This video depicts a confrontation between a young black woman and Asian store owners, over an alleged pair of eyelashes. In an effort to prove her innocence, the young lady can be heard…

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Is Assata Welcome Too?

“Is Assata Welcome Too?”

We ALL know the answer to that!

Whispers of a Womanist

Contemporary preoccupation with immigration proves an interesting discourse in contemplating racism. Following Trump’s Muslim ban, several of my coworkers posted flyers outside of their offices/cubicles. The flyer states that Muslims, immigrants, and refugees are welcome. Similarly, I’ve seen these posters in countless restaurants and businesses throughout Manhattan.

All this talk about who is and is not welcome in America inspires me to inquire:

Is Assata Welcome Too?

Queens native Assata Shakur remains in exile after suffering abundant injustices from the American legal system. In her own place of birth she endured discrimination and racism that labeled her guilty before she would stand trial. Shakur rightfully labels herself a “twenty-first century runaway slave,” as she had to migrate from a place that deems her a criminal for demanding what should be readily given.

Thus, the controversy surrounding whether Muslims, immigrants, and refugees are welcome in America, overlooks a crucial point. Immigrants journey to…

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And ‘They’ Say, “Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep!”

For The Beautiful Dark Ones!

Do not hate your beautiful dark skin tone,
for it is all the rage at the white man’s beach.
You see, he has to risk skin cancer and wrinkles
to get what some of you want to bleach.

You can go outside, be it winter or summer
and never think in a million years of getting burned.
But you see, the white man must hide from the sun
and this lesson is one he has never, ever learned.

In the waiting rooms of Dermatology, there they sit,
with moles that have turned on skin that’s fried.
And never will they let go of tanning beds and beaches,
not until skin cancer is the cause of why they died.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2017 Shelby I. Courtland

The woman in the above picture would like some of you to know that “The sun is not your friend!” And I think we all know to whom she is speaking when referring to the sun not being your friend. She most definitely was not talking to me since the sun has always been my friend. It’s where I get my Vitamin D; the healthy way. Now, let’s find out why she wants some of you to know that the sun is not your friend.

‘The sun is not your friend’: Woman’s painful tan warning goes viral

A 45-year-old mom hopes sharing photos of her painful treatment for precancerous lesions will serve as a warning to others.

Margaret Murphy frets that the world is seeing her at her worst, but that’s exactly the point of her warning about the dangers of tanning.

Murphy spent more than a decade living on Crete and tanning herself to “look good,” she writes on her Facebook page. She also spent summers “doing sunbeds” to get a tan in the less-sunny Irish climate. Sunscreen was not a priority.

Oh damn! I’ve never been in a ‘tanning bed’. My beautiful tan is natural. It never fades and I don’t turn pale in the winter and in the summer, my permanent tan automatically deepens while I am out for my daily constitutional and not only that, but I can go anywhere and I am tanned. And it’s free! Can ya believe it? I pay nothing for a gorgeous, year-long tan that stays with me, year after year after year.

But I must say that when I pass by a Dermatology clinic, I have yet to see a Black person sitting all up in there wondering about that suspicious mole on their face. I just cannot comprehend how people who hate us for the color of our skin, will go to such lengths to get our skin tone even when it means, death. Oh well, let the woman in the above picture be a lesson for you to learn; those of you who need to learn it, that is.

The most natural way to get vitamin D is by exposing your bare skin to sunlight (ultraviolet B rays). This can happen very quickly, particularly in the summer. You don’t need to tan or burn your skin to get vitamin D. You only need to expose your skin for around half the time it takes for your skin to turn pink and begin to burn.

No worries here, I don’t belong in the ‘pink’ skin club. And for some of you, consider this post, a Public Service Announcement. Aren’t I ever the helpful one?

Another Day, Another Blog Fight!


I just cannot let things go. And I know that I cannot go on a one woman ‘set the record straight’ crusade, but on the other hand, I just gotta call out mess when I see it. And so, without further ado here is another chapter in my never ending quest to awaken the brain dead.

I was reading a blog post titled, “Is The Media The Real Enemy of America?… Take a Closer Look…” and I took exception to some of what I read and I posted a comment. And as usual, things deteriorate after I comment. I wonder, why is that? I really don’t. I know why. That was rhetorical, of course. But before I digress any further, this is what I took exception to.

Reince Priebus, White House chief of staff, firmly suggested we take seriously Trump’s authoritarian statement of the media being the enemy of America. In actuality, these journalists who Trump so routinely lambasts, the result of his fantasy notion of a dark covert operation enacted to depose him as the reigning king, are in fact, not our enemies at all.

Seriously? “The media is not our enemy?” I almost broke down and wept over this little jewel. Since when has the media spouted anything other than recycled garbage? The media, as we know, is owned, lock, stock and barrel by a few corporate moguls who are quite determined that the American populace should remain clueless and unaware of what is really going on. We have been fed fake ass news for decades. It is only with the advent of the internet that we have been able to, thanks to alternative news sites, get some idea of what is actually going down. The ‘mainstream media’ has never been our friend and for once, Trump was right, the media is our enemy!

Below is the comment that I posted to the blog.

This entire post is absolute hypocrisy and an absurdity. The media is anything but fair and balanced. The media is owned by a handful of corporate moguls. There are no independent, unbiased newspapers, TV news shows and the like and I just love the last sentence:

“we must discern between what our country has always stood for since the day our forefathers set foot on our golden shores, as opposed to Trump’s vision of America”

You mean when some men and their women who were fed up with paying taxes in England embarked on a journey to find another land to lay claim to, kill off the majority of the original inhabitants and then go in search of free ‘slave’ labor to build up said stolen land? Is this what you meant by ‘our forefathers set foot on golden shores’? Because my forefathers were slaves and this shore was not so ‘golden’ to them since the ‘forefathers’ you speak of were themselves, slave-owning hypocrites who loudly spoke of ‘living as free men rather than die as slaves’ all the while brandishing a whip over the heads of their slaves. Talk about hypocrisy, this is the very definition.

I have never seen so many ‘white’ people up in arms over what epitomizes them in all my days. Trump is every single last one of you if you were to be honest. Look in the mirror, Trump is staring right back at you! And this is why when you look at pictures of the protests, hardly any ‘Black’ faces are in the crowds. We deal with all of you ‘Trumps’ on a daily basis and see no need to protest Trump. What would be the point? He is everywhere we turn and not just in the Oval Office.


Of course, all hell broke loose after that! And below is the response to my comment.

Since you have chosen to turn my blog into a racial issue, I feel it only fair to respond. I do have to ask first. Is this what you always do? Sounds like maybe. Contrary to your belief, I do not see Trump when I look in a mirror. I see the opposite or I would not be so adamant in my stance against virtually everything he stands for. It would appear to me, since you have lumped me under your single myopic category of “all white people”, perhaps you are the one who needs to spend some time in self-reflection. You’ve made your racial overtones quite obvious even though the intent of the article had nothing to do with racism. Yes, I fully understand there were slaves in early America, just as there were in Africa, the UK, and throughout Europe, but to hear you explain yourself, every white person alive today is somehow responsible for these atrocious sins of the past. I agree the actions of our forefathers were inhumane in this respect and it makes me quite ill to think that any human, anywhere, possessed such a high level of immorality as to enslave another human, regardless their color. Did you realize that many of the Irish were also held as slaves? Some of them were my relatives so I guess I should lash out at people living centuries later as well. But I won’t though. I am astute enough to realize these people had nothing to do with that, and I am certain if I were to ask them, they would agree how horrible it was.

I prefer to think the world has moved forward since those days, but some people can’t seem to get past things that happened way before they were even born. Our forefathers were wrong. So was the rest of the world at that time. Despite the fact, they came to America to escape what they could no longer contend with in their countries of origin, and yes, because of the historical times they lived in, slavery was an unfortunate part of that. It took many years to right the wrong of slavery, and many “white people” died in the battles for their unconditional freedom. In fact, most of the soldiers who gave their lives for the abolishment of slavery were white.

I served in the military for 14 years and fought side by side with people of all colors. We had each other’s backs and we never questioned where we individually came from, what our religion was, or where our ancestors were born. None of that mattered. We were simply people, united together for the same causes. We had no vision of black versus white. Most veterans don’t, but I’m sure you never served so you probably don’t realize that.

As far as the media goes, as I have written about before, they all lean either left or right which is why it is so imperative to read more than one sources take on something before determining an educated appraisal of the truth. They all report about the same things so it shouldn’t be all that difficult for you to do.

Please. Next time you choose to respond to one of my blogs, how about staying on topic and not taking things where they were never intended to go. Trump does that.

And just so you know, I, or anyone else for that matter, cannot change the color of our shoreline.

Peace to you and yours. And I truly mean that.


And the blog author did not finish there. Another post was put up titled, “Racial Tension in Trump’s America. What Are You Going To Do About It?” and I got an honorable mention. I am feeling quite humbled. I am such an inspiration to many, it would seem. I just love it.

In a previous blog, I made reference to America’s golden shores as being the landing place of our forefathers, using a description I have heard repeated many times throughout my 65 years, not giving the phrase a second thought. However. America’s forefathers were not the focus of the blog, and it had not a thing to do with our shoreline. It was about the media. Who to believe. Who not to believe. It’s a question on all of our minds.

As has become increasingly the norm in this year of your higher power 2017, one reader chose to hang on the words “golden shores”, using this strictly literary phrase as ammunition for twisting the media related blog into a racial onslaught. Needless to say, I was caught way off guard.

I declare, I seem to catch people off guard all the time! I am SO bad!

This person stated how the golden shores were not so golden for slaves who arrived chained and shackled in the hulls of huge sailing vessels. How can anyone with half a heart disagree? I certainly can’t. Maybe Ben Carson can since he believes these “immigrant” slaves were so full of hopes and dreams they were about to burst. The person’s response did not stop there, as you will read in a direct quote below. All this being said, I can in no way assume responsibility for the sins of anyone’s past.

No, he cannot be responsible for the ‘sins of anyone’s past’ but he can be responsible for when the present is a reflection of the past and there really is no difference between the two. So, I shall just post my response to this.


Well, I guess I should thank you for the honorary mention but there has been racial tension in America long before Trump stepped foot inside the Oval Office and if anyone is not aware of this, then all they need do is to unbury their head from in the sand. Racist drug policies are responsible for why 2.3 million mostly Black men and women are cooling their heels in ‘for profit’ prisons.

When crack was first introduced into ‘Black communities’ decades ago, there was no hue and cry over this. It was decided that a ‘War on Drugs’ would be declared and those who were addicted would be locked up along with those who sold the drugs. Now, along comes heroin in rural ‘white’ America, and now, the addiction of white folks is a most horrible ‘medical’ epidemic. It is now time for the CDC to investigate and report its findings on what is killing ‘white’ folks all across America; especially in areas that normally are not perceived as problematic, unlike the inner cities. Heroin has been problematic for the city of Baltimore for decades and no hue and cry was raised over this because of who resides in Baltimore; namely Black people. But everyone gets their panties in a bunch when drugs start killing ‘whites’ and don’t lock them up, get them some help.

Everything in America IS about race and there is no escaping that fact, if your head’s not buried in the sand, that is. You cannot escape this. And I also noticed how you go on and on about your military service. I would never, ever thank anyone of any skin tone for their so-called ‘service to this country’ because what service would that be? Heading over to foreign lands to kill people who have personally done you no harm? Operating a drone from thousands of miles away from a target that’s been declared, a ‘bug’ and watching a ‘bug splat’ once that drone has struck its target and those surrounding it which has also included innocent women and children attending wedding parties in Yemen and Afghanistan?

And if anyone is unsure as to why America’s military is still in Afghanistan, then, please feel free to read any one of my many posts about the fact that poppy production has skyrocketed in Afghanistan since U.S. and NATO forces arrived and took over. Please feel free to read my post, “The War In Afghanistan Is Not Over!” and please, don’t stop there.

I suppose you have never heard the word ‘gentrification’ and so you don’t know what that means. Gentrification is when rich ‘white’ folks declare an inner city, that once housed mostly Black folks, to be the new ‘promised land’ for them and so they promptly increase rents by building high-end condos, thus making it impossible for those who used to reside there to continue. Washington, D.C. is no longer known as ‘Chocolate City’ for this very reason. The Black people who used to live in D.C. have had to either become homeless or flee to southern states and I do know that many of them did head south and right into even more deep-seated racism because I am from the south and so I know about this, first hand. The Black people who remain in D.C. are in homeless shelters because D.C. has always been their home and they cannot think of going anywhere else. Besides, what would be the point when gentrification is rearing its ugly head everywhere?

The Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Brotherhood and other skinhead groups did not just start up when Trump was elected. And who instigated the racial tensions that result from Klan marches through main streets in cities in America? If slavery and all it entailed is over and done with, then why was there a need for a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and his non-violence stance of marching to gain Civil Rights for Black people? And who shot him? If whites were not so racist and racism was actually annihilated with the so-called ending of slavery, then there would have been no Jim Crow laws on the books. There would have been no ‘colored only’ signs and Selma-to-Montgomery marching, Black church bombings and I suppose Dylann Roof is just a figment of my imagination, but isn’t he the one who went inside a church and shot it up and killed nine Black churchgoers? I do believe this happened long before Donald Trump was residing in the White House. And Tamir Rice was gunned down two seconds after ‘white’ cops showed up as he was playing with a toy gun in a park and yet whites take their children to gun ranges and it has been reported that a white child shot the gun range instructor, but no one shot a white child holding a gun, did they? But I suppose you think that Tamir Rice would have been just fine if he had taken his toy pistol to a gun range. Yeah, I’d buy that.

So no, I’m not the one who is perpetuating racism, bigotry and prejudice. We all know who is but you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror and that is not on me. You own this and you know it. I cannot deny you a loan because I don’t own a bank. I cannot deny you housing because I don’t own an apartment building. I cannot experiment on you because I am not a doctor. But all of these things happen to us because we, ourselves were owned and as we all know, the slaves were kept dumb on purpose and what has changed because even you must have heard of the school-to-prison pipeline whereas inner city children are being sent straight from the classroom to a jail cell because education in inner cities is sadly lacking and that is why private schools are all the rage among whites who can afford to send their children to those schools, Black people cannot because we are busily fighting against discrimination in the form of loans at banks called ‘predatory lending’ whereas Wells Fargo deliberately steered prime mortgage loan borrowers who were Black to subprime mortgage loans even though they qualified for prime mortgage loans and those who worked for Wells Fargo called the Black customers, ‘Mud people’ and called the bad loans they gave them, “Ghetto Loans.” Now, how is that on us? I could go on and on, but some people, like you, refuse to see what is right in front of you because when you do, you must then acknowledge your role in all of this because believe me, those who enslaved my ancestors, their progeny still have that same mindset today. You are one and the same. And I stand by that statement.

You titled this post, “Racial Tension in Trump’s America. What Are You Going To Do About It?” and so am I to believe that my comment on one of your previous posts is the reason for this? I am not that naïve.


Let me just add that I don’t go looking to get into arguments. I really don’t. And I am not at all trying to be confrontational. What I am tired of is the fact that when we look around us, we cannot help but see that many of our problems stem from the fact that the more things change, the more they stay the same. If ‘white’ people were in fact any different from those they are descended from, would this country be in the condition it is in today? Slavery did not go anywhere. Prison is the new slave pen and cops are the slave patrols because there are millions of Black people locked up behind bars and for what? Because they got high? Because they sold a dime bag of weed? Uh…no! It is because the ‘whites’ still maintain that Black people should toil for nothing. ‘Whites’ still maintain that Black people are not truly human. And why to this very day, do ‘whites’ have a problem with our identity? They cannot figure out if they should call us niggers, negroes, colored, African-Americans or Blacks. Why is that? How many labels or identifiers have the whites had in the past four hundred plus years? We are still dealing with labels and identifiers but we are to believe that we are being treated equally because the ‘whites of today are so different from their ancestors?

Why is that if we have come so far since the first slave ships arrived on the shores of this stolen land? If today’s ‘whites’ are so different from their ancestors, then why has the Klan not disbanded? Why are we still watching Klan members march down main streets in ‘post-slavery/racial’ America? Why is it that every day some ‘white’ cop is beating the shit out of an unarmed Black man, woman and child? Why is it that every single time the U.S. Department of Justice gets off its ass long enough to investigate police departments all across America, the U.S. Department of Justice comes back with a ‘scathing’ report that states what we all know; that the police department investigated was rife with legitmate police brutality complaints, police misconduct, racial profiling and the list is endless and these ‘crimes’ are overwhelmingly against descendants of slaves? Which brings me to another point, if you want to call me something, then call me what I am, a descendant of slaves because that is exactly what I am. But you won’t do that because it reminds you of how I came to be here and you want me to believe that my ancestors immigrated here alongside yours. You’re even trying to re-write history books to include this. Just ask Mc-Graw Hill textbook publishers.

So, yeah…let’s keep spreading the lies that slavery is over and racism exists only because I want to blame all ‘white’ people today for what their ancestors put into play hundreds of years ago. No, I am blaming you for continuing to perpetuate what your ancestors put into play because if you weren’t still doing it, then why is there a school-to-prison pipeline? Why are those cops who are your brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, mothers and fathers killing mine? Why is there gentrification? Why was crack just fine when it was introduced into Black neighborhoods and incarceration was touted as the cure but now that ‘whites’ are overdosing and dying of heroin, that is a medical condition that needs some understanding and rehab? Why are the slave patrols, now known as cops, not found guilty of murder when they kill innocent Black men, women and children? Why are millions of Black men and women sitting in ‘for-profit’ prisons? Why is TV ‘whitewashed’ just as (HIS)tory is? Why are Black people the continued subjects of medical experimentation? Just ask Johns Hopkins Hospital why they are being sued for a lead paint study whereas they only used Black inner city children and this occurred recently? And why did they conduct experiments on Henrietta Lacks’ cancer cells without her knowledge? Why? Because she was a Black woman, but in the eyes of today’s ‘whites’, she was still not human and her relatives are also suing the hell out of Johns Hopkins Hospital. So, don’t give me any bullshit about my throwing you lot in with each other because if you did not belong there, we would not be in the condition we are in today, still enslaved!

And one final observation, why throw in that little message about there having been slavery in Africa, the UK, and throughout Europe?

 Yes, I fully understand there were slaves in early America, just as there were in Africa, the UK, and throughout Europe

That does in no way negate the fact of slavery in America. I am not in Africa, the UK or Europe,  I am in America and so my scope is limited as to what I can speak of  in Africa, the UK, and throughout Europe. So, I guess what you are saying is that since there was enough slavery to go around, why shouldn’t America take it up as well? Oh, we all know the answer to that. America was damn sure as hell not about to take the ‘high road’ and still hasn’t!

Is Ben Carson On Crack???!!!!


And if not, then what the hell is wrong with him? Because according to Ben Carson,  Trump’s newly appointed HUD(Housing and Urban Development) director, the slaves were immigrants.

“That’s what America is about. A land of dreams and opportunity,” he[Ben Carson] said. “There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less.

“But they, too, had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters [and] great-granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.” – HUD Secretary Ben Carson

What the fuck??!!! Even Samuel L. Jackson weighed in on this incredibly dumb as all hell shit!

Samuel L. Jackson blasts Carson’s slavery comment

“OK!! Ben Carson…I can’t,” he tweeted. “Immigrants? In the bottom of SLAVE SHIPS??!! M—-F—- PLEASE!!!”

Okay, I’m with you, Samuel L. Jackson. “Motherfucker PLEASE!!!”

So, let me get this straight, this man, Ben Carson is a brain surgeon? Really? For real? And yet, imbecilic shit like this comes out of his pie hole? “Immigrant slaves were in the bottom of slave ships just a dreaming of prosperity and happiness in a new land where they would work harder for less? Slaves were not and never will be, immigrants! Slaves did not work for less! They worked for nothing; that is most definitely NOT less, they worked for nothing! And yet, this ‘brilliant’ neurosurgeon comes along with this outlandish stupid shit and now he is also heading up HUD? I have heard of some whacked shit, but this takes the cake!

There was not one goddamn slave in the hold of a stinking slave ship dreaming about a goddamn thing. The slaves were not in a position to even think about dreaming about a ‘better life’. How in the world is this nutcase, a brain surgeon when it would seem that he should need someone to tie his own damn shoestrings for him? But then my guess would be that he only has shoes in his closet that can be closed with Velcro. These ‘house negroes’ cooning for Massa get on my last damn nerve what with their stupid ass bullshit!

I can only say that as plagued with issues that HUD has always been as well as being a cesspool of corruption, the situation at that agency is only going to get worse with this retarded piece of filth masquerading as a brain surgeon  walking the halls of Housing and Urban Development mumbling infantile gibberish. Did he attempt a lobotomy on his own damn head? Yes, would be my guess! And quite frankly, he is not the first Black political figure to spout this utter foolishness. Former president Barack Obama pretty much said the same thing.

Obama also referred to slaves as ‘immigrants’

In December 2015, then-President Obama made similar comments during a naturalization ceremony at the National Archives.

“And perhaps, like some of you, these new arrivals might have had some moments of doubt, wondering if they had made a mistake in leaving everything and everyone they ever knew behind. So life in America was not always easy. It wasn’t always easy for new immigrants. Certainly it wasn’t easy for those of African heritage who had not come here voluntarily, and yet in their own way were immigrants themselves. There was discrimination and hardship and poverty. But, like you, they no doubt found inspiration in all those who had come before them. And they were able to muster faith that, here in America, they might build a better life and give their children something more.”

Again, what is wrong with these idiots? One, a brain surgeon and this moron; a graduate of Harvard and a former president. For the love of !!!!! Obama is actually saying the same thing as Carson in that slaves immigrated here in slave ships just a contemplating a better life that they would give to their children who were taken away from them and sold while their parents were not just facing ‘discrimination, hardship and poverty’, but were facing whips, chains, shackles, rape, pedophilia, molestation, auctions and seeing their own children sold off away from them. Why is even so-called ‘Black’ people taking up the ‘Africans immigrated’ to America as opposed to being dragged into slavery? We all know that textbook publisher Mc-Graw Hill called slaves, ‘immigrants’ and because someone called them out on that bullshit, has had to recall the textbooks and reprint that shit, but here we have two Black assed motherfuckers who should know better stating that very same thing. I am beyond fed up with this blatant outrageousness! Everyone seems hell bent on shoving this ‘whitewashed’ and revised version of HIStory down our throats and telling us to choke on it and like it. Well, I for one refuse to swallow this load of shit!

Read this and read it good! People from Africa were dragged to this shithole that whites called, ‘ America’, that was stolen from the Indians. Slaves did not immigrate here in an attempt to find a better life for themselves or their children. Get that! They were kidnapped, chained in stinking cargo holds, barely fed, were whipped and many never even made it to this hellhole. And the ones who did certainly did not leave the ship  once it arrived on these shores and head for greener pastures. They were forced to stand naked at auction to be poked and prodded and have their finer points pointed out as well as their ‘blemishes’. They were sent to plantations where they were branded, shackled, whipped, chained up like dogs, lashed and worked from sunup to sundown and they never got a dime for all the work they did; not one thin dime. And who do you think benefitted from their slave labor? They sure as hell did not! Every white foot that’s walking around today is still benefitting from what our ancestors did; they are still benefitting from that free labor that everyone is now declaring to have been from ‘immigrant involuntary servitude’. ‘Immigrant involuntary servitude’, my goddamn ass! The slaves were not indentured servants and you can try and spin this shit any way you like, but the facts will never fade next to this made up bullshit. You CANNOT ‘whitewash’ this foul ass vile shit anymore than I can erase who my ancestors are. They are slaves. I come from slaves! Get that? Not indentured servants, not immigrants who willingly climbed into boats and upon landing at Ellis Island, got processed and sent on their way, nor am I descended from Irish indentured servants, Black or otherwise. I am from slaves, SLAVES!! And that is THE reality!

The next time you want to tell lies as outrageous as the ones about how my ancestors immigrated to America as opposed to having been dragged here in the stinking holds of slave ships, bring your ass on up in here and I will be more than happy to refute those vicious lies and in no uncertain terms. Now, publish this in your textbooks, Mc-Graw Hill! Mention this post in your next speech to your employees at HUD, coonhead Carson and whatever the hell coonhead Obama is up to now, you can bet your candy ass that he is still somewhere cooning for “Massa, yes sir Massa sir!” You can give a motherfucker a goddamn college degree, but you cannot force stupidity and cooning out of him by propping his ass up as the head of Housing and Urban Development or by propping his ass up as the President of the United States, formerly! So, again, come on up in here and I will be most happy to disabuse you of the notion that slavery is by definition, immigration!

A Day Without Women? Try a Life Without One…

“A Day Without Women? Try A Life Without One…”

Excellently done C.C.!

Whispers of a Womanist

In solidarity with the traditional means in which America conceptualizes women, as a non-male white, the western world implemented “A Day Without Women.” This holiday asks women to take a day off from quotidian activities to illustrate the void that exists in their absence.

This demonstration requires a professional and economic privilege consistent solely with women of the majority and those of the one-percent. Thus, this holiday in its pseudo attempt at inclusivity illustrates the exclusivity of the woman concept. In their absence, women of the majority and the one-percent produce a day without female contribution. This contribution may come in the form of leadership or creative presence, or a loving and supportive female presence. Those compartmentalized by the western world as women make a contribution to the Western world that fuels feminism or the right to enjoy western privilege in the same manner as white men. For the marginalized female…

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Okay, so…

I cannot argue with this! Sound points! Why are our family members siding with ‘The State’ against US? I would certainly love for someone from the military or the police to answer that question. And how would they feel if they were not on the police force or in the military and they were facing down those who are? What if the shoe were on the other foot, so to speak?

This is most definitely ‘food for thought’!

Rethinking Life

Here’s the thing.  What exactly are the of jobs of the police and military?  Are they there to “protect” us, or kill and control us?  See that’s what’s so creepy.  They say they work FOR us but if the hate mongers in DC tell them to control, or kill us (Standing Rock and a million more examples), they turn on Americans and see/treat US as enemies.  How does that work?  You can’t work to protect people and beat and kill them at the same time, just because a moron tells you to do that.  How can our CHILDREN, AND LOVED ONES, who work in those fields DO THAT TO US?  What is wrong with them?  JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS?  That’s what they said in Germany and it was the wrong answer then.  The Democratic Convention in Chicago where our lovely mayor had the cops beat and beat and beat unarmed, peaceful…

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Contemplating Kalief Browder, The Young Man and his Documentary Portrayal

I have only heard of this young man in passing. I did not know what had actually happened to him. I do know that the Black man, woman and child are born struggling to breathe and it only gets worse. Why the majority of us are not mentally ill is a complete mystery to me.

But then, it would seem that many of us are because where I live now, there is a psychiatric clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital and in it, on any given day, you will see scores of Black men and women heading inside its doors to receive their injection of anti-psychotics and yet, those who are administering these drugs to their Black patients are all to a one, white. How in the world can I go to my enemy and expect him to help me? I cannot. And yet, that is just what we are doing.

I cry for us as I don’t know what else to do!

Whispers of a Womanist

I could not watch the Kalief Browder documentary when it first aired on Wednesday night. In both life and death, Kalief made systemic injustice real and seeing his face—hardened by the realities of an unbalanced system—rendered my sentiments into a state of heartache. Suddenly my problems became minuscule and I felt guilty for not caring enough about the Kaliefs of the world prior to hearing his story.

When news of his death surfaced, my sunken heart broke into a million pieces, reflective of the millions of other lives shattered by the invisible but pernicious wrath of white supremacy. His death? A murder by lynching, suffocation, and strangulation where his black body bore the systemic burdens of his white oppressors. I remember seeing Kalief on the news and on the Rosie O’ Donnell Show. I even remember reading an article about Kalief in the Times. This times article referenced a computer gifted…

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Devil’s Punchbowl — An American Concentration Camp So Horrific It was Erased from History

“Like so much about the history of the United States, sadistic acts perpetrated by officials acting on behalf of the government have been criminally downplayed to lessen shame and facilitate collective memory loss.”

SIGH! Why am I not surprised???!!

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: Devil’s Punchbowl — An American Concentration Camp So Horrific It was Erased from History

March 4, 2017


Say the words concentration camps, and most will surmise the topic surrounds World War II and the Nazis; but the hard labor, constant threat of death, and barbarism these microcosmic hells presented weren’t unique to Adolf Hitler — in just one year, around 20,000 freed slaves perished in the Devil’s Punchbowl — in Natchez, Mississippi, U.S.A.

After the Civil War, a massive exodus of former slaves from Southern plantations trekked northward in hopes of reaching a location of true freedom; but embittered soldiers, resentful the people considered property were now free, had other plans.

One tiny town’s population mushroomed twelvefold from the influx, as researcher Paula Westbrook, who has extensively studied Devil’s Punchbowl, noted,


“When the slaves were released from the plantations during the occupation they overran…

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Remy V. Nicki Minaj: Rap Battle or Self-Destructive Technique?

Why the ‘Black collective’ as a whole would look to the entertainment industry to validate them is a complete and utter mystery to me. I have never once heard one note rapped by either of the two mentioned, nor do I even have an idea of who they are, but if what I read here is evidence of their dubious contributions, then I am the better for having been subjected to none of it!

Whispers of a Womanist

Last weekend, much of the contemporary world became consumed with Bronx rapper Remy Ma’s diss track directed at rapper Nicki Minaj. Remy Ma’s vulgar and non-restrictive bars received abundant praise, many claiming that Martin “killed” Minaj with her verses. Remy’s verses proclaimed her as the Rap Queen and within seven minutes attacked Minaj’s credibility, her “ass” ets, promiscuity, earnings and even her affiliation and support of her brother who acquired sexual- assault charges last year. Many inquired “where to send flowers” referencing Nicki’s lyrical “death” following Remy’s track. However, I write to discount this feud as a smokescreen implemented to distract the black community from the more pertinent issues plaguing our community. Here are three reasons why this “rap battle” aggravates a wounded black collective.
1. Dismissing Fact for Fiction

Remy Ma released her track hours before the fifth Anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death. This proved disappointing because not only…

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