Black Woman Dies Because White Ambulance Attendants Refuse To Take Her To Hospital


Once again, Florida is making headline news for ALL the wrong reasons!

Fla. paramedics tried to convince woman she couldn’t afford ambulance, mom says

Four Florida paramedics, accused of refusing to care for a patient and racially profiling her, will face a disciplinary hearing on Tuesday. The Hillsborough County fire responders allegedly failed to check Crystle Galloway’s vital signs. “They never took blood pressure. They never took her temperature. They never checked any of her vitals,” said Nicole Black, Galloway’s mother. Black said she called 911 on the morning of July 4 after finding her 30-year-old daughter slumped over the bathtub, drooling through swollen lips, reports CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan. Galloway had given birth via cesarean section just days earlier. “Exactly what happened now?” the 911 dispatcher could be heard asking over the call.

Let me get this straight. The deceased woman’s mother called for an ambulance because she found her daughter, who had just given birth via cesarean section, slumped over in the bathtub, drooling through swollen lips. The ambulance arrives, refuses to take the woman’s vitals and then proceeds to ask her if she wants to go to the hospital, whereupon the woman responds, “Yes!” and the paramedics place her in her vehicle instead of in the ambulance and the attendants then proceed to question the woman at length as to whether or not she really wants to pay $600 to ride three blocks in an ambulance to the hospital. The paramedics absolutely refuse to place the woman in the ambulance. So much for the Hippocratic Oath. This Black woman received the “Hypocritical Oath!”Eventually, the woman’s mother has to drive her to the hospital where she later slipped into a coma and died five days later.

But there is not a goddamn thing wrong with this, is there? Just another dead Black woman and so what’s the fuss about? Is that about right? The fuss is about the fact that this woman was a human being who was suffering and in serious need of medical attention and the system of white supremacy treated her like she was nothing! I won’t say dog because whites treat their dogs better than they treat humans and most certainly better than they treat Black people. I bet a goddamn dog could have gotten a ride in that ambulance and no questions asked if it was lying in the middle of the road, hurt and whining. And a GoFundMe page would have been set up to pay for its care and you skank ass whites know this because you’d pull money out of your ass to make sure Fluffy and Fifi receive the best of everything, but a Black woman? Ha! She can just drop dead, which is exactly what happened to Crystle Galloway, who had just given birth five days previously. I am also betting that this woman was put out of the hospital before she should have been because I just read an article that revealed that America is the worst country to give birth in. Go figure! This shithole is ‘The Mother of ALL Shitholes! Never doubt that fact!

America is the most dangerous developed country to give birth in

More than 50,000 American mothers are severely injured giving birth every year. About 700 end up dying. And about half of those deaths and injuries would be preventable if hospitals simply provided better care, a USA Today investigation has found.

Those drastic numbers make the U.S. the most dangerous developed country to give birth in. But it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint how things have gotten so bad, USA Today reports. Hospitals are falling short of recommended standards, and there’s no national system to track their incompetence and hold them accountable.

USA Today looked at more than 500,000 hospital records and examined 150 disastrous births to reveal failing maternal care is a national crisis.

This shithole, whose president called other countries “shithole countries,” cannot even get birthing right! How the hell is it that someone in the Congo stands a better chance of delivering a healthy baby and living through the birth while here in AmeriKKKa, more and more women, despite the medical field touting advancements, are dropping dead by the hundreds each year because make no mistake, America isn’t even as ‘developing’ as the Congo? That doesn’t even make any damn sense! This bears repeating, “America is the most dangerous developed country to give birth in!” ‘Developed’ my ass and let that sink in since don’t forget, Americans are now getting hookworm as well which had been eliminated mere decades ago and is now back with a vengeance and hookworm is only found in DEVELOPING countries. Is this now a ‘developing country’? ‘Developing’ doesn’t even describe this filthy, putrid shithole! The homeless epidemic in AmeriKKKa is bringing hookworm back! Sweet, ain’t it? American asses are dropping hookworms all over the place while Black women are dropping dead from childbirth. If that ain’t a sign of the goddamn times, I don’t know what is! Are you AmeriKKKans even getting a clue as to how fucked you are? But you’ve got Donald Trump to the rescue, right? That’ll be the day! That ‘white supremacy’ shit won’t save you! Embrace  it all you like, but it will not stop what’s coming.

And if men were able to give birth and were dropping dead by the hundreds because of it, something would have been done about this already. But I suspect that it is mainly Black women who are dropping dead after giving birth and so why keep records? Why track incompetence? Because it is not incompetence when it is intentional. And it is! Since Crystle Galloway didn’t die at the hospital while giving birth, she most assuredly was allowed to die by being refused an ambulance ride back to the hospital which may have saved her life. We will never know because no one took her vital signs or cared about her enough to think of her health and safety as opposed to whether or not a seriously ill Black woman could pay for the ambulance ride to the hospital.

This fucking country is going to continue to sink further and further into hell. There is going to be no relief from unrelenting wildfires, volcanic eruptions, massive flooding, severe weather patterns, hurricanes, tornadoes and every imaginable disaster known to man because this country needs to be wiped off the face of this planet and eventually that is going to happen. In fact, it has already started and I for one, am glad! Fucking glad, I say! And for each and every single innocent descendant of slaves who has been killed, there will be a reckoning. Count on it! White folks, even as I type this are watching their homes burn to the ground thanks to wildfires in more states than I can shake a stick at, are watching their homes and SUVs float down the goddamn street thanks in part to massive floods and even their vacation homes on an island paradise are buried underneath igneous rock. Thank you Kilauea! Keep erupting! Send their fucking asses packing from ‘paradise’! Yellowstone, you’re up next!