Virginia’s Attorney General Admits To Wearing “Black Face” and Virginia’s Lt. Governor, Whose Face Is Actually Black Stands Accused Of Sexual Assault

My home state of Virginia just cannot get itself out of the news as it pertains to scandals. With three prominent politicians swept up in scandals, I wonder how many more will “come out of the woodwork,” so to speak.

Crisis in Virginia: Scandal sweeps up 3 Virginia officials

Attorney General Mark Herring issued a statement saying he wore brown makeup and a wig in 1980 to look like a rapper during a party as a 19-year-old student at the University of Virginia.

Herring — who has been among those calling on Northam to resign — said he was “deeply, deeply sorry for the pain that I cause with this revelation.” He said that in the days ahead, “honest conversations and discussions will make it clear whether I can or should continue to serve as attorney general.”

Then, within hours, Vanessa Tyson, the woman whose sexual assault allegations against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax surfaced earlier this week, issued a detailed statement saying Fairfax forced her to perform oral sex on him in 2004 during the Democratic National Convention in Boston.

Virginia’s governor Ralph Shearer Northam has already developed amnesia over a photo that surfaced depicting him either in “Black face” or in a KKK outfit. At first he stated that he was in the photo and then a day later, he stated that he “believes then and now that he is not in the racist photo.” And though many are calling for him to resign, as of today, he has not done so.

And now, Virginia’s Attorney General, Mark Herring, has stated that he too, wore ‘brown face’ and an AFRO wig to a party to represent a rapper that he loved to listen to. Now, if I liked say, Pink, I am not going to wear ‘white face’ and color my hair ‘pink’ to showcase my love for Pink’s music. Descendants of slaves celebrate holidays and we don’t go around buying up white shoe polish and spreading it all over our faces to depict our mortal enemy. But meanwhile, our mortal enemy is busy buying up black shoe polish to depict those whom they hold racist attitudes towards and think it funny and entertaining to do so. This is why I have often stated that we do indeed need to know who is underneath that hood and who is underneath that black shoe polish because how are we to retain any semblance of health if our doctor has just scrubbed off black shoe polish and then proceeds to don that white jacket and come at us with some medical advice? We need to know if judges have just taken off a white hood, thrown off their white sheet, only to don a judge’s robes and proceeded to throw the book at us because of their racist attitudes. We don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell because our enemies are not just ‘good ole boyz driving busted up pickup trucks and sporting raggedy ass mouths’, they are our doctors, lawyers who misrepresent us, judges who throw the book at us because it is their privilege to do so thanks to racism, prejudice, bigotry and white supremacy. Racism kills, racism imprisons, racism is why Black America is in the condition it is in today.

Governor Northam and Attorney General Herring are not the only two politicians in Virginia who are ‘guilty’ of being blatant, outrageous, unapologetic racists. Every single white face in politics and out of it is racist, bar none. And yes, I said, “Unapologetic,” because despite their ‘forced apologies’, not one of those flaming racists is sorry for what they are, not one! Rich white men never suffer consequences for being what they are; depraved, debased sociopaths hyped up on a fake euphoria of superiority. Those debased creatures are privately lauded for what they stand for even as they are publicly shamed. And so just as there is no need for Virginia’s governor to resign, there is no need for the Attorney General to resign for what will take their place will be no different and certainly no better.

As for Black-assed Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who is alleged to have forced a woman to perform oral sex on him, he may have to answer for that in a court of law seeing as how his accuser has been shopping around for a law firm. And though Fairfax has stated, for the record, that the sex act was consensual, apparently, his ‘victim’ disagrees.

What I am not understanding is why they are just now calling this, “A Crisis In Virginia,” since there has always been this crisis in Virginia since Virginia is loaded down with stomp down racists and sexual predators. This is nothing new. This is not shocking news. The history of this state proves that. Streets are named for Confederate generals, statues commemorating the confederacy are everywhere. Confederate flags are seen more than the national flag, which stands for the same thing the confederate flag stands for and so why two flags, I don’t know since they are one and the same. Who’s fooling who? Because if descendants of slaves are to pick which flag is more racist, there is no contest, both are equally racist. We don’t have to physically live on Confederate Boulevard, but we know we do because our history up to present day proves that we do. We don’t have to live on Plantation Lane to know that we still live there because we never made it off the plantation. We don’t have to walk the Confederate Trail because the confederacy is all around us. We live and breathe the confederacy every single day of our miserable lives, made miserable by ‘good ole boyz’ like Governor Northam and Attorney General Herring. We are systematically murdered by racists in white coats in hospitals and medical centers all across this shithole. We are systematically incarcerated by racists in black robes all across this racist shithole. We are systematically herded into ghettos every single day thanks to gentrification put in to play by racists all across this shithole. There is no aspect of our lives that is not controlled by racist shits like Northam and Herring and we know this and so no, this is not a ‘new crisis’ for us. It is an ongoing crisis that is a direct result of culture of systemic racism perpetrated against us by the most vile and deviant filth to ever suck air! It is a crisis of invention; a crisis of intention, the intent is to eradicate us even as ‘so-called’ fun is being poked at us. How sick is that???!!!!

I Am Cursed!

Definition of Nubian:  a member of one of the group of dark-skinned peoples that formed a powerful empire between Egypt and Ethiopia from the 6th to the 14th centuries.
Definition of Nubian:
a member of one of the group of dark-skinned peoples that formed a powerful empire between Egypt and Ethiopia from the 6th to the 14th centuries.
I don't mind being Black as long as it is only for a holiday. Wouldn't want it be for a lifetime, now would we?
I don’t mind being Black as long as it is only for a holiday. Wouldn’t want it be for a lifetime, now would we?

Confused yet?

Confused yet?

I bleach my skin to make it light!

This Black must come off! I want to be white!


I hate myself because I am hated!

Why is my skin so underrated?


My complexion is on trial, I object to my skin!

I am Black and degraded. I was born not to win.


Take this dark pigmentation that so destroys me!

Every tear that I shed is a heart wrenching plea!


I look at your skin; so white and so pure.

Give it to me! Find me a cure.


I am cursed with such shame that I am black.

My skin is a nightmare and that is a fact.


How many whites have ever loved my race?

I am the one who should paint my face.


 You with your filthy, black stained brush,

and you with that brilliant, red colored blush.


You lie in the sun and bake until you’re brown,

and when you’re Zwarte Piete, you’re a ‘black face’ clown.


Give me your ‘face’ and I will give you mine.

If black is so beautiful, why am I last in line?


Stand next to me, we’ll be black together.

You’ll know what I know; hate and anguish forever.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

What a dilemma! We have those who because of the dictates of society, have found themselves to actually hate their dark complexion to the point where they will use skin bleaching crèmes and lotions to lighten or ‘whiten’ up. When I was in college, I chose an assignment relating to this issue and when I was giving my presentation on my findings. A ‘Black’ student raised her hand and said to me, “Shelby, of course you can speak against skin lightening crèmes because you are ‘light’. A friend of mine bleached her skin and now she is as ‘light’ as you.” I must say that I felt quite the fool because I never considered what hellish nightmare Black people are living each and every day when someone can look at me and state that their friend, strove to have my complexion when in grade school, I was considered one of the ‘darkies’ and thus relegated to the ‘b(l)ack’ row in the choir and for plays and dances. My mother threw hellish fits when she saw the performances for the PTA that she attended. She knew what was what. I had been innocently unaware of anything untoward. It was only after she stormed through the school that I was made aware that I had been considered too many shades too dark for the first and second row.

We ‘humans’ are sick and depraved when we can make people hate themselves over something that they have absolutely NO control over whatsoever!

On the other hand, we have people, who because of some holiday in the Netherlands, deliberately paint themselves ‘jet’ black to ridicule and make fun of ‘Black’ people and then have the nerve to think that no one should get offended when we already have people who because their skin is dark are affected by racism, bigotry, prejudice and hatred to the point where they are desperate to do ANYTHING to fit in. What a fucking fucked up world we have created! And people have the audacity to tell me that there is hope for this shit. Really? On THAT, we will agree to disagree!

And finally, to those of you whose skin complexion is not to your liking, lightening it or attempting to ‘whiten’ it will not make you feel any better about yourself. Love what you see when you look in that mirror. Make every effort that you can to not buy into the bullshit that is shoved down our throat, day in and day out. I realize that ‘beauty’ is not portrayed as the ‘dark’ skin but why do you think that so many so-called ‘whites’ will lie in the sun for hours risking skin cancer to get what you were born with? Do not let them make you hate yourself, you are too beautiful for that. Love that gorgeous face and body that you were blessed with, believe me, it is envied by those who have you hating that which is what they desire!! Believe me! I know!





This Is Just Side-Splitting Funny! Well…Isn’t It????

Dutch Facebook Page Aims To Save ‘Black Pete’ Tradition That Features Clowns In Black Face. See:

zarte pieten

Apparently, this is a tradition and is not deemed ‘inappropriate’ by those who participate or by the majority who uphold this caricature depicting whites in Black face with afro wigs and clowning around, playing the fool as they celebrate SinterKlass/Zwarte Piet.

SinterKass on his horse

SinterKlass surrounded by his Black clown subjects as he rides into town on his pure white horse with his so-called white skin and in all of his pure ass purity. For those whose skin is actually Black, think nothing of this, just get into the spirit of things and ignore the painful images. We are finally recognizing you, be grateful and thankful because for the most part, you are all but ignored except when we call you “allokhthon”, and means “found in a place other than where they were formed”. But no non-Dutch white person living in the Netherlands is referred to as allochtoon, only non-white people, Dutch and otherwise.”

Yes, SinterKlass or Santa Claus is coming to town. He is the jolly white man bearing gifts to all children, Zwarte Piet in the Netherlands and Black children in America and all around the world. He is the benevolent saint who loves all children, even the ones who are the brunt of jokes, it is all in fun. And to think that Black people embrace this shit that white people have shoved down our throats for centuries. Just as we have taken to believing in their white, blond, blue-eyed ‘god’ which was never a belief of those who were in Africa. Not one Black person in America would be worshipping some false fake ass idol depicted as a white man hanging on a cross if not for the fact that the so-called ‘Christian heathens’ dragged their ancestors across oceans to become slaves. Yes, let us celebrate the coming of the oh so benevolent jolly white man bearing his goddamn gifts that Black people have to work so much harder for to provide for their children then whites do and then turn around and have their children give praise to the white man for their hard work and struggles. No fucking thank you!!! Let us sing the Christmas songs, “Oh Come All Ye Faithful!” “Silent Night!” “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem!” Again! No fucking thank you! Black folks, you better wake the fuck up and realize just what the hell you’re doing. You are doing exactly what the white man wants you to do, give him ALL the goddamn glory that you worked too damn hard for and earned through blood, sweat and tears. Not only your forefathers who slaved to build this godforsaken ‘godless’ country, but those who followed are still being worked to death or starved to death while these ‘godless’ heathens profess to spirituality and to love and kindness. Piss on that!!

And now, one good turn deserves another. Who will find this to be funny?

Well now, isn't this perplexing? Shampoo for a dog or a white female model?
Well now, isn’t this perplexing? Shampoo for a dog or a white female model?
Dog hair or human hair? Doesn't matter! Use Sleeky Dog Shampoo and get the same results as your dog!
Dog hair or human hair? Doesn’t matter! Use Sleeky Dog Shampoo and get the same results as your dog!
On one side, I used Sleeky Dog Shampoo and on the other side, I used Pantene. Can you see and feel the difference? No! They both work wonders for the hair. Love your hair with Sleeky Dog Shampoo!!
You and your dog can get this hair using either Sleeky Dog Shampoo or Pantene
You and your dog can get this hair using either Sleeky Dog Shampoo or Pantene
Can you believe it? All three of us can use the same shampoo!
Feature me in the next Pantene shampoo commercial. Such luxuriant hair just gets you noticed!
Feature me in the next Pantene shampoo commercial. Such luxuriant hair just gets you noticed!

Funny yet???!!!! Don’t forget to check out the video. You’ll really think that’s funny.