Join The Movement!


When the parasites have sucked us dry and evil rules the day,

we’ll turn upon each other as the ‘Hunger Games’, we’ll play.

One by one, we’ll be picked off; the lords will slap their thigh.

The ruling class will drool as they watch the peasants die.

We need no drummer’s beat, this is no marching band.

No dress rehearsal needed, the final act is planned.

Before the day is done, will our numbers shrink or gain?

Or will the movement grow just like a spreading stain?

Fear is not our friend, it’s the enemy don’t you see?

They want us to give up, and never to be free.

Some have lost it all, they’re hollow-eyed and gaunt.

Others lie in graves; their spirit’s on the haunt.

Need we all succumb to the lords’ decree for us?

When they throw a hungry victim underneath another bus.

The battle will be long and there is no way to know

if we will be victorious in vanquishing our foe.

There soon will be no option as it all comes to a head.

Either we engage the enemy or we will join the dead.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

The American Mindset:Complacency And Apathy

What I cannot understand is what happened to the American Spirit, the American Drive, that great American Force that was to be reckoned with. Where has it gone and can we get it back?

I am going to be brutally honest here. We Americans have nothing to be proud of because we have become a nation of ‘wusses’. We have sat idly by and watched the erosion of our rights. With barely a whimper from anyone, we are now radiated and ‘felt-up’ in order to board a plane. We are wire-tapped, our emails are checked. Our every move is recorded and we never even raised an eyebrow. What that says about us is that our complacency and apathy is the rule and not the exception. We love to speak of how and why this country was founded. We will talk until we are blue about how the War for Independence was fought by mostly farmers with some muskets, pistols, rifles and bayonets. How the British were driven from our shores and how the American Colonists declared their independence from Great Britain. I cannot tell that the Americans of today are even remotely related to the firebrands of that era. Would they have stood for this mess? Highly doubtful. Would they even recognize the attitude that is prevalent in the American mindset of today? I don’t think so. We simply do as we are told because we are a fearful group of people. We fear everything. We have become so soft, that without our creature comforts, what the hell would happen to us? Many of us think that we are struggling, but we don’t really know what struggling is. Not yet, but we’re getting there!

Our government continues year after year to play games with fiscal cliffs, debt ceilings, government shutdowns, sequestration and we re-elect these fools every year to the point where we have ‘career politicians’. Then we in turn, whine when we cannot tour the White House? You want to know why we cannot take a tour of the White House? Look in the mirror and say this, “I voted for that shit that represents me and who is getting not a damn thing done in Washington that is for the benefit of this country. I am to blame for the sad lack of leadership and the irresponsible behavior of the thugs I helped to elect and sent to Washington, DC and who have taken my tax dollars and spent them irresponsibly to the tune of more than $16 trillion dollars, add interest on that and I am so screwed and loving it because why else did I vote for that shit?” I am serious! Please do just that. All of us. We are all guilty, even those who do not vote. It is also our fault that we have let our election process get so out of control, that money is the deciding factor in who gets elected, it is not based on the merits of the individual running for public office, or because he or she is devoted to the wellbeing of ALL Americans, he or she is elected because they raised the most money, had the biggest corporate backers, the most ‘on air’ time. For us it is business as usual. Playing with our smartphones, ‘liking’ each other on Facebook, tweeting, texting, sexting and driving around in our SUVs being distracted because we’ve got our toys so we don’t sweat the big stuff.

Let me state it more plainly: When you didn’t speak up when they hauled that man away because he refused to give up his right to peacefully protest, when you didn’t speak up when they hauled that woman away for protesting about unfair labor practices on her job, when you didn’t speak up when a man was jailed because he had no where to live and urinated up against a building since he was denied entrance to use a restroom, when you didn’t speak up when you saw people who were lined up at a soup kitchen being turned away, when you didn’t speak up after seeing a cop beating, stomping and kicking a handcuffed woman, when you didn’t speak up after you saw an elderly lady being abused in a nursing home, just who do you think is going to be left to speak up for you? Apathy and complacency? And how well do you think you will fare when those two come to your rescue?!