Americans Who Are Living And Working In China Now Want Out Thanks To The Coronavirus

It is not just Americans who want out of China. Hundreds of foreign nationals want out of China but because of the situation are unable to leave and since I’m in America, I will focus on the Americans who took themselves to China to work and live and now because things have taken a turn for the worse, want out, they also want someone to front the money to enable them to get out and they want sympathy from friends/family and a place to live when they get back to the states. They ain’t asking for much, are they? Serious sarcasm here!

First up, we have a Georgia teacher who is desperate to get out of China with her two children who she says were having the time of their lives in China until the coronavirus emerged. Now, she wants out.


Georgia Teacher Desperate to get home from China as Coronavirus spreads, Says U.S. Embassy has offered little help

DaVina Jackson and her children currently live Nanjing, China, where she works as a preschool teacher. Jackson, who calls Fort Valley, Georgia, home, told Atlanta station 11 Alive that the outbreak has ravaged the Chinese city,  leaving her family stuck inside their apartment for days.

Jackson and her family are desperate to return home. The Georgia mom said she contacted the U.S. Embassy in China but was told there was little they could do. Her only way back to the States, she said, is to fly through South Korea or Thailand.

And so of course, the next step was to start a GoFundMe page to pay for the expense of travel from China back to the states even though Ms. Jackson stated, “I don’t have a home to go to when I return and will have to stay with friends/family until I can find a job and a place to stay permanently.” This was posted on Ms. Jackson’s GoFundMe page.

So let me get this straight, this woman took her family over to China and though she was a single mom and struggling, her children were happy until shit happened. Well, shit happens. Good times don’t last forever. In life, you have to take the good with the bad and you always know that bad things are going to happen, but you cannot just jump ship because the shit hit the fan. Why would anyone in Ms. Jackson’s family want to, potentially, sacrifice their health and safety and that of their family by hosting this woman and her children in their home for who knows how long, especially since she has stated that she will not have a job when she returns and who in their right mind would hire her when they find out that she is a preschool teacher fresh out of China? Seriously??!! Ms. Jackson’s family/friends did not make the decision to leave America and head to China, Ms. Jackson made that decision and she made the decision for not only herself, but for her children as well. Their well-being is her affair, not her other family members and if I were a family member or friend of Ms. Jackson, I would tell her, and in no uncertain terms, “Hell no! There is no way that I would fund plane fare for you and your children to come stay with me. I don’t know what the hell you’d be dragging from China into my home and so, you are on your own. The fallout from this mess should letup at some point and so just wait it out. You made your bed, now lie in it. But I will not risk the health, safety and well-being of my family because of your decision to head over to China. Good luck!”

And why would Black-assed Ms. Jackson think that the American embassy would come to the aid of her Black ass? This shithole doesn’t even want you over here in America in the first place and so why would you think that they would pay for you to drag your ass back here? How in the hell is this woman a preschool teacher and yet, is dumber than a bag of rocks? America shows descendants of slaves, each and every day, that they don’t want our Black asses over here and yet, this woman leaves the country and expects this shithole to go to bat for her in bringing her ass along with her children back to this shithole? For real? Why does she think NO terrorist group in the world would kidnap Black asses from America and hold them for ransom? That would be laughable and ALL terrorists groups know that American descendants of slaves would not even elicit a disdainful glance from the U.S. government if some group stated that they would start chopping off the heads of captured American descendants of slaves if the U.S. government did not hand them over such and such amount of money in return for their Black-assed hostages. HA! That shit is indeed, laughable! And yet, Miss Dumbass thinks that the American embassy could give a rat’s ass for her plight. If she thinks she’s alone, then I suggest she speak with the woman in the next story.

Austin woman says she’s stuck in China during one of the country’s most viral outbreaks in history


AUSTIN, Texas — Ashley Jenkins is running out of options on how to get home to Texas. She’s a teacher in China and she’s been stuck in Nanjing since last month.

“Just think about having your passport stolen, your phone stolen, being in China during the coronavirus. You literally are not able to get help and I have not been able to get help,” said Jenkins. “I’m an American and I’m stuck in China. I don’t know, it’s been 17 days now, and I don’t know what to do at this point. I put a video on Facebook to try and get help because I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Jenkins said she filed a police report with the police in Nanjing when her passport and phone were stolen, but she’s having trouble getting any help from the U.S. Embassy in China because of the language barrier.

She hopes someone has answers for her soon.

And here we have yet another American who went to China to teach in Nanjing and now that the shit has hit the fan, wants to bring her ass and potentially the coronavirus, back to America. Sit tight! You chose to go over to China, so now deal with the choice you made and stop whining that there is now some bad stuff going down and you want to leave. This is why Americans are some of the most wimp assed shits on this planet. At the first sign of any unpleasantness, they want to jump ship and they want ALL the help their arrogant asses request and/or demand. This woman probably could not have cared less that her passport and phone were, presumably, stolen until the coronavirus came along. She is just now reporting that both were stolen because she wants to leave China because the shit is getting too much for her to handle. Well, handle it and stop expecting other people to endanger their health and safety for your dumb, clueless ass.

Once again, for the dumb as all hell crew, don’t expect that others are responsible to fix your fucked up shit. Don’t think for one minute that your moans and whines should get you help out of the shit you got yourselves into. If the shoe was on the other foot and someone was sitting somewhere asking you for help in potentially bringing back a killer virus, you would be telling them, “Hell no!” But since it’s your ass that needs the assistance, you think that everyone should be bending over backwards to accommodate you. Think again! I just read that polls show that many Americans are stating that they have no desire to congregate in malls, movie theaters or anywhere else for that matter. Airline executives are almost swooning because Americans are also stating that they are putting their travel plans on hold at this time. Likewise, cruise ship reservations are down especially since cruise ships have been likened to petri dishes. Who in their right mind wants to be huddled up with some sick ass shit on an airplane or a cruise ship, especially when cruise ships have been turned away at multiple ports even though the ship had no sick person onboard? Even those who take trains and buses are scaling back their travel plans via those modes of transportation. No one wants to take any chances with this virus because it has also been stated that a vaccine is, at best, twelve to eighteen months away. And good luck with that seeing as how the flu vaccine is usually hit or miss since millions of Americans have contracted the regular strain of flu, never mind the coronavirus, and have died.

But yet, these two women with their “woe is me” stories are sitting somewhere expecting people to sympathize with the decisions they made and now that those decisions have some consequences they don’t want to deal with, it is now time to turn to social media and crowd funding to drag their asses back to America and with no prospects for a job or a home, they want to land on the doorstep of friends or family members who did not make the decision to up and go abroad and deal with all that entails. Get your shit together in China and figure it out! Stop with the mass hysteria. Millions of Chinese are dealing with the shit and no embassy is helping them get out of China and so, sit on your ass and wait it out and if you make it through without dying from the coronavirus, then I guess you’ll learn your lesson; no one is responsible for the decisions you make other than you. No one should have to deal with the consequences of the decisions you make other than you. Next time, make better decisions and maybe, just maybe, you won’t find yourself stuck at ground zero of what has the potential to turn into a global pandemic. None of us are safe if this shit gets totally out of control and with the ‘leadership’ we have in the states, if it hits here, you’re probably better off sitting your asses in China. So stop whining and begging other people to put themselves and their family members at risk for you because they shouldn’t. I wouldn’t and that’s a big ass fact!


Thanks To Coronavirus, It Looks Like You’re Going To Have To Go Back To The Barter System. I’d Become A Bit More ‘Neighborly’ If I Were You.

The news on coronavirus is not looking very good today. The stock market is down as I type this by almost 1,000 points. And now that  coronavirus cases have emerged in South Korea and Italy, they’re now sounding the alarm.






S&P 500


Crude Oil


Analysis: Coronavirus is fast becoming an economic pandemic

The emergence of hundreds of coronavirus cases in two major economies outside China has dashed hopes of a speedy recovery from an epidemic that has already wreaked havoc on global supply chains and hit company profits.

Uh oh! Can’t have that, now can we? The World Health Organization had already damn near declared coronavirus a pandemic for obvious reasons, but now capitalists are  sitting up and taking notice of this virus and the damage that it could potentially cause to GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAINS and COMPANY PROFITS.

Who cares about the sick? Well, they’d better start caring because sick people cannot stand on the assembly line and make a damn thing. Sick people are not out shopping for something that no sick person could produce and so what does that do for company profits? Puts them in the RED. Uh oh!

The number of infections in South Korea, a major producer of cars, electronics and machinery, has shot up to more than 830. Italy, which started the weekend with a handful of cases, now has nearly 220 and five confirmed deaths. With Japan already reporting hundreds of infections, four of the world’s top 12 economies — representing about 27% of global GDP — are now scrambling to contain the virus. A fifth — Germany — is teetering on the brink of recession

So what’s next folks? Because it would appear that coronavirus is going to do what floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and tornadoes couldn’t do, bring capitalism to a screeching halt. What are you going to do when Walmart, Target and Amazon are no longer able to stock their shelves and warehouses? Who is going to deliver something to you that hasn’t even been made because those who make the item you want are sick? What are you going to do when factories remain closed and the ‘goods’ in the stores start drying up? I mean, it’s not going to be like what occurs during a hurricane when the hurricane moves offshore and the cleanup efforts begin and soon the supply trucks are back in town.

The coronavirus is going to cause worldwide havoc and shutdown factories in every corner of the globe, not just in China. And those of us in America are already fucked because there is absolutely nothing made in America except our stupid asses. We’re even running out of masks and gloves and goggles because the Chinese over here have been walking around with those on hoping that people will stop looking at them cross-eyed, but that seems to only make things worse, according to them.

But the fat is in the fire since Wall Street is now finally, taking this virus seriously because before today, the stock market largely ignored news of the potential spread of this virus and the impact that could cause. Those greedy assholes that make up Wall Street truly believed that they existed in an entirely different realm from the rest of us and that nothing could impact their ability to continue to trade non-existent money and shift faux money from one faux entity to another. Well, this coronavirus may make a believer out them in that their fake shit can tank just as well as our shit has been tanking for some time.

So the scramble to contain the virus is on for real now. I guess everyone was just assuming that the virus would stick to kicking back in Asia and leave the rest of the planet alone. With air travel? With cruise ships that have been likened to a ‘petri dish’? Really? Too bad we had to go forth and invent shit that makes the world more interconnected while at the same time making us think that we have worldwide friends and helpmates while not even knowing who lives beside us. Too bad we’re not still getting around via horse and buggy because if we were, this virus could be contained because there would be no airplanes and fast ships to see to it that it arrives on every shore in record time. We would still be growing our own food and making our own garments and shoes and other items that were exchanged by those who needed something from someone who had what they needed and vice versa. We would be dependent on those who are closest to us and not on those who live in other countries that produce what has to be shipped here and there to fulfill a worldwide demand because we tossed aside community based barter systems and instead, embraced multinational corporations that have caused more harm than good.

But we’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, so we good, right? I mean, those platforms are going to come through for us when the impact of coronavirus truly begins to be felt. We can ask our ‘friend’ in Indonesia for help if we live in Omaha, Nebraska and so forth and so on, is that right? Who needs next door neighbors? In fact, who are our next door neighbors? We’ve not really cared because we’ve got so many friends in cyberspace. I mean, just scroll down your Facebook page and tell us how many ‘friends’ you have. Also tell us how many live close to you and can help you when the shit hits the fan because you see, the shit is going to hit the fan for them as well and nine times out of ten, they don’t live anywhere near you. So, who you gonna look to then? Better find out who your neighbor is and I’d I hop to it if I were you because coronavirus ain’t going nowhere no time soon. You should have listened when I told you that “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” And believe me, you haven’t. I am ever the one for the bearer of ‘good’ news, I know. Yes, this is good news to me because it would have to take something of this magnitude that has the potential to wake you all up from your deep and hypnotic slumber because otherwise, you’d just stumble on in your own little, insulated world thinking that nothing could pop your bubble and clue your ass in. Well, you can kiss ignorance and cluelessness goodbye since you will have no other choice. And though many of you will never acknowledge your role in why this is all playing out, know this, you are to blame for man has been the worst landlord of this planet and man is getting what he/she rightly deserves. Agree with it or not, but it is the truth.

Man Is The Worst Landlord!

No more thoughts run through my head
  of hospitals filled with the dying and the dead.
I have become immune to the suffering
of all the sick who aren’t recovering.
I immerse myself in fun and games
as I ignore the world as it goes up in flames.
For why should I put forth an effort
when I’d rather traverse a hot and arid desert
than think of man as he withers and dies
from all his atrocities, wars and lies?
No virus could be too severe;
no pandemic would I fear.
For man is the worst landlord.
And upon his death, this world could be restored.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2016 Shelby I. Courtland

We all know that ‘man’ is the worst landlord for this planet. For what has man done but his damn best to destroy it? Would that man could destroy himself without destroying what was once a paradise that could have sustained us all. Now, we have greed, hatred, intolerance, endless, senseless wars and fake ass assertions that we are ‘good’ and seek only peace and prosperity for all when nothing could be further from the truth. We shoot each other every single day and if we are not shooting and killing each other in our own neighborhoods, we are suiting up to shoot and kill people in their neighborhoods across the sea and absconding with everything that’s not nailed down. We can’t even contain our arrogance and thirst for blood on a local level; we must spread our evil, far and wide. And so now, a new virus that has the potential to kill millions is being spread, far and wide. Coincidence? You tell me!