No “Merry Christmas” For Laid-off Sears Workers, But A $25 Million Dollar Stocking Stuffer Bonus For Sears Execs Who Are Helping To Cause The Collapse Of Sears Holdings (Sears, Kmart)

Americans are pissed off and they are not taking it anymore! Why……just look at the protesting that’s taking place all across America!

Oh damn! My bad! Wrong video! Below is the correct video, I am sure!

There! The above video has just got to be the pissed off former Sears and Kmart workers who would be well within their rights to riot and protest over the loss of their jobs and the affront to their dignity by having to read that Sears Holdings executives are to receive $25 million in bonuses that were approved by a bankruptcy judge while they were given the ole heave ho without even so much as a by-your-leave!

Oh damn! I forgot to read the title of the video since I just assumed that it was the former Sears and Kmart workers who haven’t anything better to do since losing their jobs. But lo and behold, those protesters are in France protesting the austerity measures they are having to contend with thanks in part to a rich  president who looks on them in disdain for their inability to pull themselves up by their bootstraps in order to head to ‘Billionaires Row’!

Why oh why did I think that Americans would ever grow a pair and go the fuck off??!!!

When Sheila Brewer heard Sears got approval to give its executives millions in bonuses, she felt sick to her stomach.

The 47-year-old dedicated 17 years of work to Kmart and was laid off in September as Sears Holdings, which owns Kmart along with its namesake brand, prepared to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Without a job for two months, Brewer says she was emotionally and financially devastated, struggling to make ends meet.

Last Friday, when a U.S. bankruptcy court approved a plan for the company to dole out more than $25 million in bonuses to hundreds of executives and senior-level employees over the next year, the news hit Brewer hard.

“Are you for real?” Brewer says she thought. “What type of world is this? How could the judge say yes?”

The judge who approved the bonuses and who has yet to be declared insane, decided that it was the prudent thing to do seeing as how the executives who were awarded the multi-million dollar bonuses are necessary fixtures at the helm of Sears Holdings because they are doing such a fantastic job and therefore, Sears Holdings needs to hold on to them because bankruptcy is something every company desires. Every single company that opens its doors expects to close them by way of bankruptcy. Employees simply need to get with the program that companies go into business with the hope that it will go bankrupt and so will pay those who caused said bankruptcy, multi-million dollar bonuses. That is how business works and the simple rank and file workers just don’t understand this basic business principle.

Americans simply refuse to get up off their apathetic and complacent asses and get with the program that they need to go the fuck off because no company executive, no judge, no president and no congress gives a shit about them. All you sad asses do is whine about the fact that you just cannot understand why companies are rewarding those who caused a bankruptcy with millions of dollars in bonuses. What is whining and complaining going to do about the situation? Those who have been awarded those multi-million dollar bonuses don’t give a shit for your whining and complaining because they are laughing all the way to Citibank depositing their ill gotten gains while you sit somewhere, chewing on your lip, wondering what you are going to do about Christmas this year. To hell with Christmas! You’ve got much more important things to worry about than some stupid day that comes around once a year preceded by much pomp and circumstance in the form of those same corporations that don’t give a shit about you, touting deep discounts and so come and get your shopping fix. With what? Your unemployment check?

Meanwhile your patron saint of racists, Donald J. Trump, has ordered more restrictions on food stamps.

Trump directs USDA to expand work requirements on food stamps

So, to those of you who have been given the pink slip by Sears and Kmart, better hurry up and get a job quick because if you are able bodied, Trump has stated that since he has accomplished what no other before him has ever accomplished in that he has taken the unemployment rate to the lowest its ever been, then there is no excuse in the world for you to not have a job. Flip those burgers at Sonic, McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s for $7.25 an hour and then go find a cave since boxes and spots to put them are at a premium and then pick up your $10 in food stamps. And don’t whine and complain because you voted for this. This is what you wanted because if not, why then is ‘Bankrupt Don’ the president of this shithole, “The Businessman of Bankruptcies?”

Businessmen are for what? Businesses. And they don’t give a shit for those who make up the rank and file. Just ask the former workers who used to work at Trump casinos in Atlantic City. You can find them aimlessly walking the streets in search of someone, ANYONE who could possibly spare them some change.

Trump’s Taj Mahal had gone through five(5) bankruptcy proceedings; that’s FIVE! And get this, the employees who had a stake in the success of that casino lost their health benefits and their pension and so does anyone wonder why statistics state that Atlantic City, NJ has one of the nation’s highest foreclosure rates? 

By the time businessmen like Trump, who are at the helm of these large corporations finish with this collapsing shithole, there won’t be enough left for an ant to tote to its hole in the ground. Meanwhile, ‘illegal’ tent cities will continue to form, typhus and hookworm will continue to be problematic, hungry people will be forming long lines at empty food banks and homeless shelters will have signs on their doors stating, “NO Vacancies!” Americans, since you’ve been cowed and neutered, just dig the goddamn hole already so that whomever’s not yet succumbed can just roll your ass on over into it!

America! The land of the stupid and the home of the afraid!

‘The Rich Got Richer’

There is a new report out today( that should come as no surprise to many, the ‘rich got richer’. For the rich, the good news just keeps on comin’. Is anyone thrown off guard by this bit of news at all? I ask because on previous posts, I have already been stating this. Who knows, maybe they took the hint from me although I’m certainly no economist or expert on the stock market. I just tell it like I see it.

For many Americans, there has been no recovery and no recovery is likely forthcoming as they’ve not had anything to ‘recover’. Having lived all their lives in abject poverty, it would be pretty amazing to recover riches they’ve never had. The estimated 49.7 million Americans living in poverty have no skin in the ‘rich got richer’ game. They do not have a stock portfolio to keep track of. They can barely put food on the table, keep a stable roof over their head and pay medical expenses. Having this bit of ‘news’ about how the rich got richer is a slap in the face to those who are working and who helped to make this happen, the rich getting richer, that is. You see, with the low wages that corporations pay their workers, thus cutting their bottom line, the rich can afford to get richer. Without having to hire any new workers due to working a skeleton crew until they become actual skeletons is beneficial to costcutting. This has been the scenario for decades. It’s just gotten worse. Not to forget, cheaper foreign labor. No need to adhere to labor laws here in the U.S. when you can ship the jobs overseas and cut out benefits, performance raises and bonuses. After all, bonuses(in millions) are for corporate executives of companies too big to fail when their companies got bailed out by the rank and file taxpaying American citizens. Lest we forget, here’s a bit of a recap:
The American International Group, which has received more than $170 billion in taxpayer bailout money from the Treasury and Federal Reserve, plans to pay about $165 million in bonuses by Sunday to executives in the same business unit that brought the company to the brink of collapse last year.
The payments to A.I.G.’s financial products unit are in addition to $121 million in previously scheduled bonuses for the company’s senior executives
And here we have Wall Street engaging in fraud but since the companies were too big too fail, what’s a little fraud? Now, getting caught with a dime bag of weed, that’s a whole different ballgame altogether! It’s best to engage in ‘white collar crime’. Let me tell you! You get richer and a free ‘never go to jail’ pass.

Ted Kaufman: Wall Street Prosecutions Never Made a Priority
Well, we found out there were loads and loads of people that did things to feather their own nests.

So, who just can’t wait to hear this good news for the rich? The homeless person looking for shelter tonight? Or the hungry person turned away at a soup kitchen? How about the unemployed person who has exhausted their unemployment benefits and just received an eviction notice? And what about the person who needs a $50,000 medical procedure that is not covered by insurance? Or maybe, the person who just filed bankruptcy due to a medical bill that they just couldn’t pay?

Yes, the rich get richer and the poor get…well…they get to continue to be poor. Bottoms up! Or is that ‘trickle down’?