The United States Government Is Harvesting Organs Of Detainees!

dick with detainees heart

Breaking news! The story that the MSM refuses to cover has been leaked. A former CIA official, who shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons, has come forward with the claim that the U.N. has documented proof that the U.S. has been systematically ‘disappearing’ people from nearly every country on the planet in order to harvest their organs. The claim that these detainees are terrorists is ludicrous and in fact, the Obama Administration has authorized the harvesting of the organs of these prisoners. Dick Cheney is an actual recipient of a heart from a ‘disappeared’ detainee.

With secret prisons or so-called ‘black sites’, the Obama Administration through the use of an executive order has been detaining thousands of innocent people without due process and who have not been charged with a crime. Although, the ‘official’ version has been that these prisoners were on the ‘terror watch’ list, this has never been confirmed. The real reason is that the elites that are opting for a New World Order, in spite of practicing devil worship, have been unable to raise their numbers from the dead and, therefore, have come up with a viable alternative to reducing their dwindling numbers by harvesting organs. They are not going out without a fight. And as many of us are aware, they are the behind the scenes puppet masters.

The U.S. government has long taken the stance that the harvesting of organs is a crime but has that stopped the U.S. from drone striking innocent civilians or invading sovereign nations without just cause or initiating coups to topple democratically elected leaders? The Obama Administration has just announced that Venezuela is a national security threat. Watch what happens next. It is time for regime change and another coup will be attempted. And so the assertion that the United States government is harvesting organs of detainees is not just another conspiracy theory but is in fact, reality.

Updates will be posted as they come in! Stay tuned!

Move Over Thanksgiving Day!


I thought that I would be sad,
when I lost all that I had.
But I’m not shopping mad,
and for that I’m so damn glad.

Look at all those gifts we give.
For material things, that’s why we live.
We say we hate, but we forgive,
every corporate executive.

When is capitalism a crime
if I’m down to my last dime?
My credit gives me time,
but out of debt, will I ever climb?

Move over Thanksgiving Day!
Get it past and out of the way!
I need a shopping holiday.
‘Cause “giving thanks” is an old cliché.

Those Indians, what did they know?
Not one was a shopping pro.
That’s why they had to go.
They delivered to capitalism, quite a blow.

Just how thankful should we be,
such as an Iraqi refugee?
Oh, they love you and they love me,
since we came and made them flee.

Those in Ukraine are thankful too.
They’ve got Nazis with a swastika tattoo.
Thanks to that ever so helpful coup,
arranged by the good ole red, white and blue.

Americans are stupid and that’s for sure.
Their hearts don’t beat and their souls ain’t pure.
Compassion and selflessness will never endure.
They can’t be found in a Macy’s brochure.

So, hit the malls and department stores.
They’re selling their wares like strung-out whores.
When the gates open, feet pound the floors.
It never ends, those shopping wars.

You got hacked and now you’re back.
We assure you, we’ve stopped the attack.
Buy everything that’s on this rack.
This time next week, we’re shooting for Black!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Don’t Worry, We Got This!

economic doom

All around the internet, I see people wondering if Americans will wake up before it is too late. Save your breath because no matter what you say, it will fall on deaf ears. Americans cannot nor will they see that their situation is already beyond help. Even when millions cannot find a job and when food stamps have been cut for millions of Americans, Justin Bieber would have to tell them that the U.S. government tried to fuck up Ukraine and spent $5 billion doing it and still, it wouldn’t even register. The fact that Americans are lied to every single time a politician opens up his or her mouth is of no consequence when they tell Americans that there is no money to fund needed programs and that we must deal with austerity because of the deficit and yet, money can be found to initiate a coup in another country. Americans respond with, “oh dear me, another trip to the food shelf.” When Americans are told that cutbacks in education are necessary, this is met with, “damn, uze gist gawn be dum Jawny!” Translation, “you are going to be a dumb motherfucker Johnny and with no goddamn skills other than burger flipping, so get at it!”

Americans are hung out to dry by their representatives every single damn day and all they do is, “yawn.” You see, it’s just another bright, sunny day in this here fool’s paradise, in this rich man’s dream, in this poor man’s swamp where the needs of the needy are of no consequence and the desires of the rich are catered to. Let me put it this way, homelessness has become so damn much of a norm here that we just make up laws in order to feed them to the for profit prison industrial complex and then we forget about them. You know the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind, problem solved.” That is our solution to everything that we don’t want to deal with. Keep it out of my sight. Do whatever you have to do, but just get it out of my sight. Lock it up. Throw it away. Hide it. Make it disappear. Give me the illusion of Utopia. If I don’t see it, then I cannot become it. Fill my vision with glitter and glamour and all things bright and beautiful. Keep the ugliness at bay. I don’t want to deal with it. Give me a pill to keep me happy. Give me a pill to take away the pain of reality. I don’t want to deal with it, see ‘cause it ain’t hardly no fun. And that’s what it’s all about; fun, good times, laughter, high living, the surreal and not the reality. You see, Americans don’t do reality real well, oh not at all. The real deal, they can’t stomach. So, they must be continuously intravenously fed if need be, lies, half-truths, disinformation and they will eat that shit up and sit down and belch it out and still manage to produce a rose. That is how good Americans are at ignoring what they don’t want to know. Oh, Americans ignore quite a lot of shit. On a good day, Americans couldn’t even tell you what color the sky is, not on their own, that is. They must first check an app and please don’t confuse them by asking them for change. You’d only get a blank stare. And if a remote control can’t get it done, chances are, it ain’t happenin’.

So people, please stop wondering when Americans are going to realize that something is really rotten in America because they never will. Nothing is wrong. It is all in your mind. The lights are on in the gated communities and the lights are on in the prison industrial complex and therefore, all is good! We got this! We’re in control of our own destiny and never you doubt us good old Americans, not for a minute. You outsiders, pfft!, whaddayou know?

Like I said, “don’t worry. We got this!” Uh…on second thought, you might want to worry just a teensy weensy bit!

What the Hell??!!!! A billion in aid headed to Egypt?!!!

f16fighter jetsegypt militarysuez canal
President Barack Obama has delayed the delivery of four U.S. F-16 fighter jets to Egypt.

Now, let me get this straight! All hell broke loose in Egypt. The U.S. has already sent eight fighter jets to Egypt because…let’s see…because every country should be armed by the U.S. because it is the ‘humanitarian’ thing to do? Fighter jets feed people, food is not necessary? War is good, peace is not? Destruction is good, sound infrastructure is not? The U.S. is in such great shape that we don’t need the money that U.S. taxpayers paid for those jets that were already sent to Egypt and the ones that they will eventually get depending on if and when the U.S. government can figure out just who is in power in Egypt and whether or not they will remain in power what with the ongoing conflict in Egypt and can they keep it together since we cannot quite figure out if Egypt’s democratically elected President Morsi was ousted by a military coup? Are you with me so far? Because, this is deep! The Egyptian military has stated that elections will be held(although, I don’t think that means much since Morsi was ousted and he was democratically ‘elected’)and Egypt has already received more than 200 F-16 fighter jets anyway! So, why the hell not just send the four slated for Egypt to Egypt? What difference is four going to make compared to the over 200 that have already been delivered? What is the point?

Washington’s annual $1.5 billion aid to Egypt has been under the spotlight since the July 3 ousting of elected President Mohammed Morsi by the country’s military.

Apparently that $1.5 billion in aid that the U.S. has been sending ‘annually’ to Egypt must have been for the military, it could not have been aid to help ‘feed’ the people of Egypt since….

Regardless of who runs Egypt, the country’s economy is in desperate need of support.
The country has less than two months’ supply of imported wheat left in its stocks, Morsi’s minister of supplies told Reuters on Thursday – revealing a shortage more acute than previously disclosed.

Unbelievable! The people of this country through our tax dollars have sent an annual gift of $1.5billion to Egypt in the form of fighter jets and this is called ‘aid’ and yet Egypt is running out of food because fighter jets are more important than feeding the people of Egypt???!!! The people of this country, the United States of America are in “desperate need of support” and we’re not getting it because we have to send fighter jets to Egypt? We have to supply the rebels in Syria with arms? We have to make sure that our nose is in every country in the oil rich middle east regardless of the fact that American citizens are being seriously, adversely impacted by the ongoing sequester, food stamps are being cut so that even more children will go to bed hungry and seniors are already feeling the effects of program cuts. Those who were homeless were told that there was no funding to help them with housing due to the cuts and yet the Obama Administration is flip-flopping over whether or not to send four more fighter jets to Egypt??? What the hell??!!!!!! We’ve just got to be in on that oil even to the detriment of the most vulnerable of our own because even though Egypt does not produce much oil, it controls the Suez Canal, the quickest route to get that oil out. So, yes…give Egypt the remaining four fighter jets because even though the people of Egypt need ‘wheat aid’, since they are short on wheat, fighter jets are what they are going to get! As for the citizens of the U.S., we need more program cuts because we just ‘ain’t’ suffering enough!